Under Cooked Shrimp

undercookied shrimp

My favorite place to eat in Lincoln was Shogun. Shogun is like this teppanyaki Japanese steakhouse that does all the banging around with the knives and stuff and cooks your fried rice with like a pound of butter.

Anyway I loved this place. I have eaten there twice a month for at least 3 years. Seeing the average bill is about $120+ Its probably safe to say I have spent about 10k+ at this joint in 3 years.

Last week I went with my wife and we had dinner. I got my normal fillet and scallops and my wife got shrimp.

The dude did the whole show throwing stuff around and what not and dishing us up. After he had left my wife had me try her shrimp and when I bit into it, it was super nasty. Like all jellified and raw. And by raw I don’t mean like cocktail shrimp raw I mean like nasty raw.

I immediately got sick to my stomach. Went in the bathroom and puked. Now its messed. I cant even think about eating there without getting a sick feeling.

The owners seem to be pretty nice people and they will probably never even know why I wont be eating there ever again but not only will they be out my money I have probably already told about 20 people this story. And with this post about 100,000 more (but not many more here in Lincoln, Nebraska).

Anyway In the last week I kind of thought about it this a lot. Its amazing how one chef could ruin a business that the owners have worked so hard to build. Just because he was in a hurry or running late.

It got me thinking a lot about how businesses work. Serving undercooked shrimp which are 85% done does a LOT more damage then what the modulus would make you think. It would have been much better if they would have done 0% and not served us at all.

So do you have people serving undercooked shrimp in your business? If so get rid of them…. now! They can do much more damage then you think.