What Would You Spend $500 At Kmart On?

by Jeremy Schoemaker on December 2, 2008 · 482 comments

Disclosure: I received compensation for writing this post.

Kmart and Izea are having some fun this holiday season. They choose a few high profile bloggers to write about their experiences shopping at Kmart. I happened to be one of the chosen few!. They sent me a $500 Kmart gift card and asked me to share on my blog what I purchased. They also said I could give away a $500 gift card to a ShoeMoney.com reader!

First we started in the bed and bath dept. Found a nice comforter for my daughter:

Little Mermaid bath set:

Fishing Pole and Net for my dad :)

Hmm we need a dart board:

In the sporting goods section they had these pink tennis balls in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (last month):

Spiderman Scuba set for only $3 WOW!

Scouting for more deals:

Oooo workout rings:

Awe ya now we are talking! Amazing prices on media.

They still sell VHS tapes? Guess so!

Man no computers section? Kind of weird. Just a bunch of small electronic stuff:

Lots of Flip Video accessories. Wonder why I need a bunch of these =P

HAHAH ELF I love that movie. “SANTA I KNOW HIM”

Movies! I love movies!

Always good to have a plunger around:

Awe ya its jam time. Juliet is going to love this:

What is it with elmo?

I love UNO!

Candy… my nemisis:

Pickup this driver for my father in law.

My wife and I sponsor a soldier who is in Afghanistan. He told us they desperately need long underwear.

I picked up as many as would fit in the cart. Good thing they are 50% off!

So now what you have been waiting for. How can you win a $500 gift card to Kmart? Simple!

In the comments below leave what you would purchase with sku numbers that would add up to without going over $500.

You can also enter via twitter:

In twitter just say:

“RT @shoemoney is giving away a $500 #Kmart Gift Card on his blog – simply tweet or comment to enter http://urlbrief.com/d9366c”

For official rules see here

Click Here

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1 Logy Laps

Man I need one of these so badly:
Kmart item# 012W804958950001
Element 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p)

Hope I win!

2 Lottery Winner Webcam

I wouldn’t shop there, period. Slave laborers.

3 SEO Tips South Africa

You do have a point there, as responsible shopping entails knowing where and how your purchased goods have been manufactured. In todays tough climes it is difficult not to go for the bargains though, quite a vicious circle all in all!

4 Collin - Feed Flare

I can’t believe Kmart is still around. I think there is one still where I live.
Walmart has completely killed them. Plus I have always found them to be a dirty store too.


slave laborers…what are you talking about.

6 Sophia

I could use some new shoes and a coat!

7 Mubin

Kmart item# 020W3312691
Kmart item# 018W677925110001

Does the email address need to be sent to you privately as well?

8 DamnSmiley

thats really so cool…and them pics are crazy shoe!

9 Ryan

Wouldn’t mind one either.

Kmart item# 012W804958950001
Element 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p)

10 SEO Tips South Africa

I also want one of those! Spoilt Jeremy got to shop for $500 and share the experience. There’s merit in being a blogging rockstar!

11 Goran Website

Wow, y’all even know the codes of the products.

12 Michael Henry

If you go to the KMart website, it will give you the codes for the products.

13 VaBeachKevin

This is an easy one for me. My grill is on it’s last leg and I was looking at picking up a new one before the spring time, so I would get

Kmart item #028W787678110001
Kenmore Gas Grill – $469.99

along with

Kmart item #028W891588110001
Kenmore 3 pc. Barbecue Tool Set – $24,99

14 jtGraphic

I second that

15 Ryan

Need a TV for my “man cave”.
Olevia 26″ LCD #018W794829110001
Monster Cables #250THXV100-CV16N


16 Carl - Imagemoo.com

Well I want a rubber duck, a collection of flowers and a nice little Garmin StreetPilot, weee! The rest after my purchases would go on buying items children this christmas who are homeless, they need it more than we do!

Shopping for the win.

- Carl

17 Carl - Imagemoo.com

Oh the sku numbers, well I could do it two ways.

Use it in one go: #012W804958950001 all but a cent!

Or 5 x #1030000000781860 Great fun :)

Good luck!

- Carl

18 Just one dollar links

I would buy alcohol and snacks for a big-ass party! Fo shore

19 Michael Henry

Does k-mart sell alcohol?

20 Goran Website

yeah, does it?

21 Walt

I’d buy two of the Logitech Labtec WebCam Pros ($30 x 2) for my sister and brother, who both live a few hours away so we could do some video chatting rather than just over the phone

I’d buy the Weslo Cadence Ct 5.8 Treadmill ($300) because I’d love to set up a treadmill workstation.

And I just moved into my first house (alone) so I still need a bunch of random household stuff (I don’t even have any pots and pans yet!), and I’d pick all of the up with the remaining $140.

22 Kevin

Clearly I would start with a PS3 (018W963975110001), then pick up LEGO Batman for PS3 (05896365000) and Wall-E on BluRay (UPC 78693677543). Then I would need a 2 GB PNY memory card (00337441000) leaving 3.04 left. I would probably just use the next $3 to buy a Coke and a candy bar!

23 BusinessX

Let us know more on how we can “adopt” or help a soldier. Did you go through a not-for profit to get matched up?

Here is my Dear Santa Izea:

Sylvania 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV
Kmart item# 018W67792511000
As of today the price was $429.99
We still have a CRT and am anxious to move to HDTV before February. But I may just wind up using it as a monitor.

The Godfather Trilogy – I, II & III
Kmart item #1260000007780202
Priced $16.98
Favorite films

Fruit of the Loom Big Men’s Wardrobe Brief – 2X Black/Gray 5 pack
Kmart item# 9990000035970115
4 packages @ 10.99 each
If you only knew… Never think to get new ones, but now I can ask Santa for new skivvies!

24 gendut

travel bag from crocodile skin………..hem

25 Seo Creations

Nice shopping Jeremy. You have shop almost everything that you need :)

26 Dick

Yes, I agree. I really liked the photos! -)

27 Lance

Well….I could use a new tv for our basement rec room.

Sylvania 32″ LCD: 018W677925110001 $429.99

And…I could use some more dumbbells for the weight room:
40lb Adjustable grip dumbbells: 080W166108110001 $59.99


28 Ganesh

I’d love a Flip Mino. Is it there? If not, then I’d go for a web cam.

Man! You’ve bought a lot of stuff at Kmart. Wondering what is the bill..

29 Daniel

I would need a new TV, mine is giving up…colors are all messed up no fun watching TV anymore…well I watch to much anyway :-)

30 Michael Henry

With the digital switch, a new tv would be a good idea at this time.

31 webgeekalpha

Kmart item# 012W804958950001

32inch tv

32 Ian


Flip Video Ultra Series 60 minutes for baby…
Kmart item# 105FVULTRA60MINW

Kenmore 7 qt. Slow Cooker for wife…
Kmart item# 999000005226

Xbox 360 System Hardware
Kmart item# 9990000042317511 for me! :>

33 Frank DiMaggio

Been dying to be able to watch my shows while she’s watching her shows…in HD of course…. So, LCD TV for the Bedroom!!!

SKU# 018W67792511000

34 Josh

I would get two Memorex 19 in. Class LCD HDTV with HDMI Input
Kmart item# 018W805721110001 Mfr. model# MLT1921

35 Jay

I’d actually use it at their pharmacy to give my mom a break with those expensive ass meds she has to take and let her give her grand children a decent x-mas. :)

36 chenenko

I really like the donation idea. I’d buy bicycles and send them to Africa. $500 would buy 3 Mongoose Men’s Spire bikes at $150 each – Kmart item# 080W981238110001.

37 Bill

I’d go for the HIgh Def TV. Under $500!! Just!

Kmart item number 012W804958950001

Normally i’d like to shop around but seen as this is time sensitive, i’d happily take the telly :)

38 faryl

Hi ! I’m doing the coat-hanger-instead-of-rabbit-ears with a tv from the 90′s – so I’d want to get this so my bf could actually SEE the football when the game’s on!
Sylvania 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV
Kmart item# 018W677925110001 Mfr. model# LC320SS9 (on sale for $429.99)

and then this for my nephew:
Kmart item #103000000956166D (24.99)

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command – The Adventure Begins

* Kmart item #1260000007084898 (14.99)

Radio Control Space Shuttle
Kmart item# 1030000000488729 (19.99)

Disney Toddler Boy’s Cars Rally Hangdown Tee
Kmart item # 024W01003812000 ($6.99)

If I had to hit $500 exactly, the balance would go to a chocolate bar or two for me!

39 MegaMania

First of all this is my first time i am commenting on this blog. I was like what an offer to start with.

If i won then i would buy

Viewsonic 22″ Wide 1680×1050 Black LCD
Kmart item# 105000000VA2226W Mfr. model# VA2226W


Apple 32GB iPod® Touch Digital Media Player – Black

* Kmart item #018W929092640001


Apple 8GB iPod® Nano™ Digital Audio/Video Player, Silver

* Kmart item #018W426645110001

lol i hav to much to demand .. A really nice place to buy indeed

40 mark

item# 018W677925110001 429.99
item# 020W331269110001 69.99

41 iusefirefox

Thanks for this shoe! I’m trying to jump start my media company so most of the things below would go towards that.

1. Flip Video Ultra Series 60 minutes
Kmart item# 105FVULTRA60MINP

2. Sylvania 20 in. Diagonal LCD DTV
Kmart item# 012W804681850001

3. iLounger Chair – Blue
Kmart item# 1030000000742752

42 Luke

It may be cheating a little, but I’m VERY MUCH in need of a flat screen t.v. (my CRT is on its last legs) so I would put the $500 towards a Samsung 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p) – KMart item #012W652770480001 and just shell out the remaining $150 myself.

If that’s not allowed, I would settle for the Sylvania 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV, which is currently on sale for $429.99 (KMart item #018W677925110001) and use the extra $70 to buy the necessary HD cables.

Good luck to meee

43 Stefanie

Disney Wheel of Fortune – $19.99 – 1030000000715831 – For a cousin.
Flip Video Ultra Series – $149.99 – 05FVULTRA60MINN – For my little sister, who is hopelessly jealous of my Flip.
Sportcraft The Quasar Multi-Game Table – $129.99 – 080W7576521 – For my mom and dad’s house, because we could use some entertainment when we all go home.
Sony 7.2 MP Digital Camera – 020W684513110001 – $179.99 – For my other sister, because she’s still using a 2 Megapixel camera from 2001.
Air Supply, The Ultimate Performance – 1260000010853436 – $9.99 – For myself, because I’ve been cursed with awful taste and I just can’t help myself.
Raging Rapids Game – 1030000000457013 – $9.99 – For a younger cousin, because it looks like something I would have liked at that age.

44 Joe

easy! Element 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p)
Kmart item# 012W804958950001 Mfr. model# ELCHS321 $499.99

45 Nate

With 500$ I could do all my xmas shopping! Here’s how I would do it.

First of I would buy a space heater for my freezing cold bedroom:
Kmart item # 9990000084127411 (59.99)

Then I would get my father a massage pad for his favorite chair so that he can rest his bad back:
Kmart item #038W787822110001 (99.99)

My mother would get a foot spa to use after a long day of being on her feet working with kids and running errands:
Kmart item# 038W654901860001 (59.99)

I would get my Grandparents Monopoly for their Wii since they loved playing it at my Aunt’s house over Thanksgiving:
Kmart item# 255WIIELA1905401 (39.99)

I would then get my aunt this glider chair with ottoman since she just moved and has no real living room furniture, plus she gave me her old futon for my apt. last year:
Kmart item # 021W566920110001 (159.99)

I would then get my younger brother some workout gear, namely the perfect pushup system Kmart item# 080W940883110001 (19.99) and this rolling duffel bag so that he doesn’t have to be carrying his clothes home from college in a dirty laundry hamper any longer Kmart item #080W120492110001 (29.99)

That all comes to about $470 before taxes, and would make a for some awesome one-stop xmas shopping!

46 Joe

easy! Element 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p)
Kmart item# 012W804958950001 Mfr. model# ELCHS321 $499.99

47 Joe

that was a dup comment – sorry – overzealous with the “refresh”!

48 Justin

Craftsman 6.25 Torque Rating (190CC) 22 in. Deck 3-n-1 Mulch-Bag-Discharge Rear Bag Mower
Kmart item# 9990000050853011 Mfr. model# 50853011-0


Kmart item# 10800000DMCLZ10K Mfr. model# DMCLZ10K


49 Lynne

2ct tw 3-Row Diamond Band 10K
Kmart item # 10200000338551S8 Mfr.model # 104604
Ring Size: Ladies, size 8 (on sale for $449)
Smoky Quartz with Cubic Zirconia Pendant in 18K Gold Over Sterling Silver
Kmart item# 1020000243310000 (49.99(

50 Todd Mintz

Lots of Xmas Gifts, lots of kids clothes, office supplies / media, new pots & pans for my wife (and perhaps other household things to make her life easy :.) .

51 Seo Creations

Yup, it’s nice that he is buying so many stuff.

52 Dwayne

I would use it toward the purchase of item # 2320psaf3uow900v for my little girl. That what would really make her day.

53 River Girl

Into fitness training, so to support that:
Everlast Training Gloves Kmart # 080W704215830001 $34.99
Apple 32GB iPod® Touch Digital Media Player – Black
Kmart item # 018W929092640001 Mfr.model # MB533LL/A $399.99
Century 10lbs Medicine Ball
Kmart item # 080W344889110001 Mfr.model # 2484-900010 $27.99
Century 6lbs Medicine Ball
Kmart item # 080W339554110001 $23.99
Total $486.96

54 Todd Mintz

OK…maybe I should read the rules:

Element 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p)
Kmart item# 012W804958950001 $499.99

55 Darren

Sure…I’ll take one of these for the bedroom.
Element 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p)
Kmart item #012W804958950001
Mfr. model #ELCHS321

56 ClarkeW

I’ve got a baby on the way so I’d probably get a glider rocker for the nursery and a camcorder as well.

Kmart Item # 021W566920110001
Kmart Item # 018W689249110001


57 Michael Henry

Nice choices. We bought one of those style gliders when my son was born and used it for me daughter, too. If its your first, a rocking chair is one of those must have things. You’ll really appreciate it at 1 or 2am when trying to calm a fussy baby.

58 Justin

I would get:

Craftsman NEXTEC™ Drill, Multi-Saw and Worklight Combo

* Kmart item #010W802505150001 $149.99
Craftsman 5 Drawer Homeowner Tool Center with Riser and Parts Bins

* Kmart item #005W911315110001 $139.99
Craftsman 137 pc. Mechanics Tool Set with Easy-To-Read Sockets

* Kmart item #9990000031878411 $129.99
Craftsman 12 gal. 5-peak hp Wet/Dry Vac

* Kmart item #9990000032724611 $79.99

Total : $499.96 & And I have my start to a nice tool collection.


59 Mickey

We’re traveling 800 miles in a few weeks with our two little girls, so these would help:

Garmin – 018W673371110001 – $199.99

iPod Touch – 05791319000 – $299.99
(my five year old loves the apps on my iPhone, so I’d love to get her one for herself)

Total — $499.98

60 kidpurple

I’d probably get this: Sony 19 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p), BRAVIA® (018W809619110001)

61 Mark - The Niche Store Builder

Good shopping Spree Jeremy!

Since our Christmas Shopping is already done, I would be greedy and spend it on myself! I have a goal of getting back into shape, so I would head to a few specific areas of the store…

Weslo Pro Elliptical – Get in Shape!
SKU: Kmart item #080W106406110001

Sportline Solo 900 Unisex Heart Rate Watch – Make sure I dont die while doing so!
SKU: Kmart item #080W890380110001

My Stop Smoking Coach With Allen Carr – Gotta put those down too!
SKU: Kmart item #255NDSUBI1648701

Since I would LOVE to record my progress and publish via a blog, I would also get the:

Flip Video Ultra Series 60 minutes
SKU: Kmart item# 105FVULTRA60MINP

I know, I went a bit over… buy hey, its all for a great cause, and the prices were pretty good too!


62 Keith

Kmart item# 10800000HPW2408H Mfr. model# HP W2408H

I really need a monitor to dock my laptop.

63 Dan

First Thing I would buy is the
Sylvania 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV
Kmart item# 018W677925110001

Next would be:
Quik Shade 10 ft. x 10 ft. Shade Tech 64 Canopy
Kmart item# 9990000022407811

Great stuff for home, and for camping!

64 Rachel

I would purchase:

Sylvania 20 in. Diagonal LCD DTV
Kmart item# 012W80468185000 $299 – TV screen went black after 5 years and I haven’t budgeted enough to buy a new one

Flip Video Ultra Series 60 minutes
Kmart item# 105FVULTRA60MINW $149 – To start filming my bar tending classes and expand my business

Huffy Ariel 16in Girls Bike
Kmart item# 999000005811901 $22 (on sale) – To donate to one of the Christmas bicycle drives in my area

65 Peter Davis

#004W757480110001 $67.49
#25500WIIRVLRRFNE $89.99
#25500WIIELA19092 $79.99
#020W678422110001 $139.99
#105000MX300PIXMA $99.99

66 Dave Johnston

$500 anywhere is a great Christmas gift, but I would hesitate to spend it all on myself or my ‘in decent shape’ family in this type of economic climate.

3 to 2 seems like a good balance, without being self-righteous.

On that note:

Apple iPod Nano 16GB Orange – 018W929088490001 – $199.99 (For Fun)

Qty 3 – Holmes Convertible Tower Portable Heaters – 9990000013916511 – Total $239.97 (Donated to Local Families via Reputable Charity)

Qty 1 – Holmes Quartz Tower Heater – 9990000060046311 – $59.99 (Same as Above)

Plus tax…

It’s really damn cold here in Indianapolis right now, and it’s easy to take simple warmth for granted.

Thanks Shoe

67 Peter Davis

#004W757480110001 $67.49 Dora Designer Dollhouse
#25500WIIRVLRRFNE $89.99 Wii Fit & Wii Balance Board
#25500WIIELA19092 $79.99 Wii,Rock Band Drum Set
#020W678422110001 $139.99 Kodak Digital Camera
#105000MX300PIXMA $99.99 Cannon Printer

added descriptions…

All stuff for my kids. :)

68 Tony

Kmart item# 018W677925110001 with expedited shipping. :)

69 ruby

must be the tv and you want it fast—lol

70 brian hawkins

My Kid would go nuts for Power Wheels Car to cruise around the back yard.

Kmart item #004W695039110001 $299

Then take on the
Little Tikes Jr. Quad – Pink
Kmart item# 1030000000781860 $99

Radio Flyer Little Red Roadster

Kmart item #1030000000109203

Radio Flyer Turbo Turtle

Kmart item #1030000000715779

Kmart really got it goinig on with the cross offers from Sears to Lands End. Plus free shipping and two $5 coupons to sign up for an email system. Not bad……

Come On Kmart, send that blue light special this way and PIMP MY KIDS RIDE!

71 Josh Smith

Black & Decker 5 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Red
# 011W837411110001

Depend Underwear Extra Absorbency Extra Large 16 Count
* Kmart item #038W277460110001
$12.00 x 10= $120

72 Balkhis

I would probably buy Christmas gifts for family. So that includes from bunch of dolls for my sister, to soccer ball and other sporting goods for my little brother. Maybe a Basketball for me. I am pretty sure that will hit the $500 pretty well. If not then candies are always a plus :P

73 MLDina

Jeremy- Those are the funniest pictures EVER. I think you guys should do a weekly shopping trip. You can go to Walmart, Target, umm…well, I’m sure there are other stores. I like the idea of buying gifts for the troops. Here’s what I’d buy with $500:

SKU 046B401624110001
I guess that’s about 100 pairs?

74 Michael Henry

I wonder, did you have to ask permission from the store to take the pictures? I know first hand that Walmart has an issue with it.

75 Jamie Simmerman

Luckily, my Christmas shopping is done. We went light on the gifts this year. :)

But I did get an email last week stating the local food banks are all empty. EMPTY!

So I would buy lots of canned goods and such for the food drive. (Our K Mart has groceries, too)

Oh! And I would get one of these:
Sesame Street Elmo Live!
Kmart item# 004W957431110001 Mfr. model# L9049

for my cousin’s baby. Just because it’s so darn cute!

76 ways to make money online

Great post, you seem hilarious and to be walking around with a cart full of stuff snapping pictures in the middle of k-mart is funny as hell. It seems like you went there at night, I don’t see many people except for that dude wearing the AMP jacket.

What I would get would be a laptop cause I’ve always wanted one (maybe I’d get more shit done while not on this hoopty) or a 32″ lcd tv because this DTV transition is killing me.

Good job with the long johns though – That has to be way more then $500 in that cart especially after the hoop.

77 ways to make money online

After doing some reconsideration, I don’t think I would go with those lavish goods. I got a pc, so why would I want a lap top. The TV, sheeshh who am I kidding, I’m not Tony Montana.

I would try to find a copy of Adobe Photoshop and then with the leftovers…Well I don’t know about you but I got a grocery section and a food court in my k-mart. With the little food I have, I’d be munching good for a couple weeks.

78 DetoxCleansing

Shoemoney, you should to get an acting job in addition to your Internet businesses.

79 Sillimanster

I’d like to have these items for my planned website’s contest:

one $399.99 Apple 32GB iPod® Touch Digital Media Player – Black
Kmart item# 018W929092640001 Mfr. model# MB533LL/A

four $15.99 PNY 4GB USB 2.0 Flash Memory Drive
Kmart item# 018W822441110002 Mfr. model# P-FD4GBATT2-FS


80 Melvin

also want to have Olevia 26″ LCD #018W794829110001

81 Jan

might sound cheesy, but the best way to spend your 500$ gift card would have been to invite someone who really got nothing and let them buy all their christmas presents. would be cool to see their eyes light up like candles. You look a bit bored while spending it in contrast. i would guess none of us really needs to blow 500 Bucks for stuff that is not really important. for sure i would like a 500 dollar plasma screen, but i don’t really need it to be honest. as i said cheesy, but that would have been pretty bold.

82 Kris

Kmart item# 108000000IPAQ211

83 Michael Jensen

XBox 360 Elite #018W710255110001
360 Madden Football #25500XB3ELA15600

84 Jason

I guess I don’t have anything in particular that I would buy, but I would basically spend 250 on my kids for christmas and spend 250 for the christmas drive.

That would probably be the most fun.


85 Freeman LaFleur

That is a wicked plunger! ahahaha

86 imnotadoctor

I need to get rid of my old school 32 inch giant tv! I live a small one bed room apartment and this would rock!

Kmart item# 012W804958950001 Mfr. model# ELCHS321

87 Shanker Bakshi

Jeremy used to be a FAT MAN – look at the picture no. 12 from above – He is getting all his old skin back.

Hey Jeremy -Start spending some time at Gym.

88 Bill

I’m reminded of something my old ma used to say to me, it started with something like “if you’ve got nothing nice to say…..”

89 Local Price

This is easy.
Element 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p)
012W804958950001 – at $499.
I’d buy a snickers with the last dollar.
Of course I could also a new phone for my house since my baby boy tossed the last one in a tub of water.

90 Julie

Our TV recently died so I would get this: Kmart item# 018W677925110001

Our baby moniter didn’t survive the first child so I would get this too:
Kmart item# 024W949562110001

I would then round it out with this ear thermometer: Kmart item# 9990000014521612

91 Rush

I would trade my Kmart gift card and swap it in for a cooler gift card, like Best Buy maybe. swapagift.com

92 rik

ok, i’m going to have to go with the simple on this one:

Element 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p)
Kmart item# 012W804958950001

been trying to convince the mrs. to pick one of these up for a long time. =]

93 Justin Chelf

Element 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p)
Kmart item# 012W804958950001 $499.99

Am I late? I’d love another tv shoe lol

94 Thiago Prado

My wife is bothering me because we don’t have a TV and I think this is the one:

Element 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p)
Kmart item# 012W804958950001 $499.99

95 Bill

It’s odd that when I posted my initial comment, there were only 9 comments. Not however (excluding threaded comments) my comment is number 22. I hope I don’t fall outside of the 25 before you do the draw!!

96 Denise

I might get some Rokenbok parts for my kids. Been looking for these forever! Thanks!!!
#1030000000701125 curved beams 14.99
#1030000000701094 s beams 14.99
#1030000000701111 beam set 14.99
# 1030000000701123 Block set 9.99
A train table with a storage drawer!! Get all those wooden trains and tracks a place to live!
# 05286701000 80.00
Hmm then something for the eHermit..
What no bluray players.. ok never mind
A nice throw in the pocket digital camera then
# 020W377312110001 119.00
For me..
Flip video!
#105FVULTRA60MINW 179.00
A tripod for it
#020W730235170001 14.99
And a waterproof case just for fun!
#020W730235130001 49.99
That should do it!

97 Tyler Ingram

I don’t think they have Kmarts here in Canada anymore…

98 Shelby

I would really like to give my parents a new TV this year.

Kmart item #018W67792511000

99 Ali

I retweeted as well (from @Aliwicious)

I have a baby on the way, as well as a 1 yr old, so I am broke and desperate for essentials.

So we can ditched our used mattress:
Sealy Baby Crib Mattress Kmart item #9990000027318212 $79.99

To keep the new mattress nice and clean:
Sealy Stain Protection Crib Mattress Pad Kmart item #024W826742110001 $19.99

Cause otherwise baby #1 has no bed once she is kicked out of her crib for the baby#2 due in june:
Heritage Collection Wooden Toddler Bed-Natural item# 9990000006826512 $42.00

To keep the stink out:
Diaper Genie (II) Refill item# 024W923738110001 Qty: 10 = $59.90

To keep the hooligans contained:
Summer Infant Super Wide Custom Fit Gate item# 3460000000007160 $109.99

To keep them entertained:
Chicco Butterfly Spinner item# 1030000000121354 $12.99

So I can kick the hooligans outside:
Step 2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse item# 1298480000776900 $129.99

To keep them entertained some more:
Blockway Show item# 1030000000520380 $39.99

For a grand total of $495.

Seriously though, please, gimme.

100 Emily

I would give it to our Humane Society! That would keep them in critter food for ages. Do they still have the Martha Stewart stuff? We don’t have a Kmart near us anymore (which is why they make kmart.com I imagine), so I am really commenting to see where you got your soldier? My old one got married and is back in the US.

101 Erin

probably clothes, professional, like # 027W703295110001

102 weight loss tea

does kmart sell weight loss tea?

103 Chris M

I am not entering the contest, I think it said first 25 comments? In any case, kudos for sponsoring a soldier. That is just one way that us stateside citizens can do our part, regardless of our views on the war.

Seems to me that sacrifice is never asked of us nowadays. Remember back in the 70′s when we could only fill our tanks on odd/even days? Anyways, thats a nice thing you are doing.

104 Emma

Kmart item #018W929085370001- A green Ipod for my 13 yr old son who is doing so good in school and being a great big brother $149

Kmart item #018W929086350001- A Black Ipod for my husband because he commutes an hour both ways to work every day and needs something on the bus. $199

Kmart item #1030000000353604- A horse stable for my 3 yr old because I have horses coming out of my ears and she needs a place for them $99

Kmart item #004W805994110001- My little Pony Scootaloo pony

Thanks! This would make my year!


105 marsha roof

What would I spend $500 on? I would purchase the full value of $ in dog/cat food and donate to a local animal shelter

106 corrin
107 corrin

Their website says that you can now buy major appliances at Kmart, so I would definitely buy a new washer (no products or SKUs listed on the Kmart site). Ours bounces around like it’s trying to break free of the laundry room!

108 Steven-Sanders

You managed to get a lot of things with $500.

I think I’d have to spend it all on my daughter. Great boost for Christmas.

I’d just let her wonder through the store picking things out, then wrap them up for her. She’s to little to know any different this year. :)

109 Steven-Sanders

Now that I think about it, I think I’d only use half of it for my daughter, then use the other half to donate to the toys for tots drive that’s going on right now.

A great way to give to those who need it.

110 Ian

Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite System
Kmart item# 018W710255110001

360,Star Wars The Force Unleashed (Releases 9-16-08)
Kmart item# 25500XB3LUC33276


111 Takumi86

Oww man what a lot of stuff you just bought there

112 BlogAngry

I would give it as a reward to whoever find the people that killed that poor guy on black Friday. http://blogangry.com/black-friday-is-it-worth-it/

113 Jana

I would buy CLOTHES & Shoes for my kids!!

And I’d love to have this too!

Kmart item# 012W804958950001
Element 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p)

114 Laura Clough

I’d buy this for my husband:

Craftsman 5 Drawer Homeowner Tool Center

And this because my kids are little and my current camera takes too long to recycle so I always miss the moment:

Nikon 10.0MP Digital Camera

And then I’d buy a Coffee Table because we don’t currently have one:

Martha Stewart Everyday Mission Bungalow Coffee Table

115 Lawrence

I’d buy 5 of these $100 digital cameras:
Kmart item# 020W673502110001

116 Georgie

Fair play on sponsoring a soldier, how do you go about doing that?

117 Endure Graphic Design

Fantastic Idea! If I had a $500 gift card from Kmart… these would be on my list:

Kmart item# 018W220084110001
Kmart item # 018W673371110001

118 Karl Hadwen


119 Brent

Samsung 19 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV $379.99
Kmart item# 012W652770350001

Altec Lansing 640085 FUNkit DJ Animated iPod Speaker System $99.99
Kmart item# 2320000000640085

Craftsman 13 pc. Black Oxide Point Drill Bit Set $14.99
Kmart item# 9990000037185711

120 Jason Isaac

I would buy a ton of Blue Light Specials and some Wranglers – YEE HAW

121 Dan Hutes

#080W857381110001 (inversion table, good for the back and hips after a heavy “legs” day at the gym) 109.99

#080W106441110001 (Tower Power) great for basement workouts, throw in a ‘ring’ workout to round out the day. 99.99

#011W783503110001 (Toaster) how long will it be before there are room for 6 slices?34.99

#1880000000007100 (food dehydrator) i really want to make my own jerky 49.99

#195000000000WC12 (koolatron wine “celler”) Something for the wife to enjoy. she works really hard and needs a glass/bottle of wine at the end of some days 170.00

It isn’t a total of $500, but close, I would probably buy some gum, maybe a movie, but I dont want to commit to too much.

122 Rowell Dionicio

I think too much about myself. Time to give more this season. Times are tough but I can do it!

123 dan hutes

#080W857381110001 (inversion table, good for the back and hips after a heavy “legs” day at the gym) 109.99
#080W106441110001 (Tower Power) great for basement workouts, throw in a ‘ring’ workout to round out the day. 99.99
#011W783503110001 (Toaster) how long will it be before there are room for 6 slices?34.99
#1880000000007100 (food dehydrator) i really want to make my own jerky 49.99
#195000000000WC12 (koolatron wine “celler”) Something for the wife to enjoy. she works really hard and needs a glass/bottle of wine at the end of some days 170.00

124 bob

well….need a computer ….so put me in for that

and what is this about adopting a soldier?
you mean we sen dthem over there with no underwear ?…I mean ‘they’ send the guys over there with no underwear….must not be much money in those or they would be on someone’s contract for iraq

sorry ..cynical when it come to bubment

125 xHumanHealth

I love shopping, too :)

126 David

For my Mom: Microsoft Zune for $149.99 #018W966402110001
For my brother: Deadspace XBOX 360 for $59.99 #255XB3ELA1556401
For my Dad: Left 4 Dead XBOX 360 for $59.99 #255XB3ELA9856001
For my best friend: Apple iPod Nano for $149.99 #018W929084370001

And leave the remaining money on the card for myself

127 Aaron Todd

As greedy as I have been my whole life, I have changed. I just moved out to an apartment for the first time, and my life is changing. I am becoming a responsible adult. As much as I’d love a nice HDTV, I feel that giving the $500 to a Christmas charity would feel better then me enjoying a TV.

Christmas is about family and love. With the Kmart gift card, I’d buy up the toy section for the children who are less fortunate.

Shoe, if I win the gift card will you match the $500 and buy toys for the kids this season? We will both tape the experience, from buying to giving to the charity.

Some toys I’d buy are:

Cutie Cathy
Kmart item# 1030000000747960

Two-Sided Bean Bag Set
Kmart item# 1030000000493930

5-Piece 16″ Doll Clothing Set
Kmart item# 1030000000747278

K’Nex: Sesame Street – Elmo & His Piano Building Set
Kmart item# 103000000713328C

K’Nex: Sesame Street – Bert & Ernie Building Set
Kmart item# 103000000713328B

Kmart item# 1030000000749384

Learning Resources Animals on the Farm Classifying Cards
Kmart item# 1030000000681862

One thing I like about Kmart is they usually have 1-2 aisles of clearance toys. Most of my shopping will be done in them aisles.

I hope everyone gets to spend time with their family this season!


128 Shanelle

I would give the gift card to my cousin Hannah’s family. Hannah is 4 and was diagnosed with an untreatable brain tumor last month. She has already had 3 surgeries and is expected to be in the hospital for at least one more month. They gave her 3-11 months to live depending on treatment. Just 2 years ago we lost Hannah’s mom to cancer as well. The family is already financially strained, so I would give them the gift card to purchase things they need to help with the commute between Lititz and Hershey (where Hannah is being treated).

129 Patel

So that plunger picture, “Always good to have a plunger around” …You aren’t planning on starting ShoeMoney Plumbing right ? lol

130 Patrick

I would buy 50 Rubik’s cubes (@ $10 each) and give them out to locals.

131 drivenidealist

I’d give it to the office adoptive family. I don’t even know where a Kmart is located around here!


132 Joe Tech

Memorex 19 in. Class LCD HDTV with HDMI Input : $249.99

Pioneer CD Receiver with 2-Line OEL Display, USB Direct Control of iPod, and 7-Way Rot : $189.99

Route 66 Men’s Long Sleeve Textured Henley Tee : $12.00

PNY 4GB USB 2.0 Flash Memory Drive : $15.99

Case Logic CD Wallet, 128 Disc Capacity – Black : $24.99

Case Logic 6-Capacity USB Drive Shuttle : $6.99

Total : $499.95

133 Ellie Blunt

At first I would have said the two chairs I have been coveting, but then I thought I should have more Xmas spirit and ask for something that also gives to others as well.

To begin with, #1070000AZDECZ990 (a camcorder mic) would be perfect so I could do some video podcasting (my camcorder has terrible sound without one).

Then I would by six #25000000MP735-1G (video mp3 players) and load them with my podcast and self-hypnosis audios. These I would give to those who participate in my-for-profit venture I hope to establish involving people who suffer from abusive relationships.

134 Paul

Evenflo Big Kid Matrix Booster Seat item# 024W696745110001
To replace the one that broke.

Holmes Ultra Quiet Ceramic Heater item# 9990000084127411
Because winter is here and my bald head is cold

Companion bench vise item# 9990000092759111
The last tool I need

Fuzion Carbon Scooter item# 1030000000705713
Xmas gift

The rest would be clothes for the kids. (true, not a cop out) so insert multiple SKUs here:

135 Julie

I retweeted (http://twitter.com/JustJulie/status/1034801815)

The five products I would buy at Kmart, they are just under the $500 limit ;)

1. Haier 26L/.9 Electronic Convection & Rotisserie Oven (item# 13700RTC1700EBSS)
2. Quik Shade 10 ft. x 10 ft. Shade Tech 64 Canopy (item# 9990000022407811)
3. Coleman Table Top PPN Grill (item# 9990000047278911)
4. Martha Stewart Everyday Pieced Chino Complete Bed Set (item # 9990000020646313)
5. Kodak 7.2MP Digital Camera, EasyShare M763 (item# 020W686430110001)

136 Zac Johnson

That was a great post. $500 for you, and lots of pictures and details for KMart. Excellent idea on their and Izea’s part!

137 Jake

Kmart item# 012W804958950001
Element 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p)

For my daughter, cause her TV sux! :)

138 Erica M
139 Zac Johnson

Here’s my entry. If I wont the $500 gift card to Kmart, I would purchase a ton of stuff for the local animal shelters. I already have enough crap! Homeless animals need a good Christmas too! :)

I didn’t see much on the site for animals, but they did have a decent selection of animal beds and in-house doors.

Kmart item #1500000000089144
x3 = $209.97

Snapware 120 oz. Black Paw Pet Treat Container
Kmart item #011W015246110001
x10 = $79.90

2-Turns 2 Turns – 2 Colors Pet Bed – Chocolate/Pink 42″ Round with Baffle
Kmart item #1500000000089142
x3 = $209.97

Total Price: $499.84

140 Travis Megill

Metal Gear Solid 4 Kmart item # 25500PS3KOM20160

Mirror’s Edge Kmart item # 255PS3ELA1547401

Playstation 3 Kmart item # 018W963975110001

141 Text Lingo

Here are some items I would like to buy:

Kmart item #038W029423110001
Kmart item #1070000AIPDV5900
Kmart item #018W929085370001
Kmart item #1010000001930015
Kmart item #046W246100170001

142 AverageGal

Great contest – and some great deals at Kmart!

I tweeted this :)

143 Text Lingo

Phillips Norelco 8270XLCC Men’s Electric Shaver
Kmart item #038W029423110001

5.0MP Pocket Digital Camcorder, Aiptek DV5900
Kmart item #1070000AIPDV5900

TGE 512MB Digital Media Player
Kmart item #9990000010915811

Coleman 0-degree North Rim™ Mummy Sleeping Bag
Kmart item #1010000001930015

Basic Editions Men’s Polar Fleece Hoodie Jacket with Plaid Sherpa
Kmart item #046W246100170001

144 Peter Venkman

#018W963975110001 (PS3)
#255PS3SCE9812001 (Resistance 2)
#1630000000900022 (Remote)


145 Walt

This morning you wrote that we had to be quick to comment because the winner would be randomly selected from the first 25 entries.

Going from 1-in-25 odds to 1-in-hundreds kind of sucks. No offense, but changing the rules in the middle of a contest is crap.

146 alek

Awesome Post – I love the play by play … reminds me of my Black Friday experience a few days ago – please see http://www.komar.org/faq/black-friday/

Nothing major that I need from Kmart (sorry) … so I would just donate the $500 card to Celiac Charity.

147 ZK@Internet Marketing Blog

my pick below

Apple 32GB iPod® Touch Digital Media Player – Black

* Kmart item #018W929092640001

Element 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p)
Kmart item #012W804958950001
Mfr. model #ELCHS321

148 Garala
149 Melanie

Samsung 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p)

Kmart item #012W652770480001
Mfr. model #LN32A330J1DXZA
I would use cash for the extra or use the $500 to buy products for my new home. It will be empty and I will need the basics.

150 Trisha Lyn Fawver

Great stuff you picked up! Here’s what I’d get:

Home Styles Night Stand
Kmart item# 1400000088527342

Kenmore Serger Sewing Machine
Kmart item# 9998994181100000

Apple 8GB iPod® Nano Digital Media Player – Silver
Kmart item# 018W929084370001

151 Önder

WOW! Kmart love bloggers ha, hope in Turkey we can see some places like Kmart.

152 David

Tried to cover several areas of the house with the things we could use but are not top priorities, just thought we might have some fun while we were at it.

$249 – Need this for the Office area!!
Memorex 19 in. Class LCD HDTV with HDMI Input
Kmart item# 018W805721110001 Mfr. model# MLT1921

BBQ Pro 20 in. Square Charcoal Cart Grill w/ Tile Table
Kmart item# 028W841773110001 Mfr. model# BPTCA-2020M/D

Hamilton Beach Brewstation® 6-Cup Coffeemaker
Kmart item# 011W822968110001 Mfr. model# 48274

Smartparts 5.6 in. Digital Picture Frame – Black
Kmart item# 020W331269110001 Mfr. model# SP56M

Total : $477.98

153 Rita

I would use the $500 to buy my brother and the guys and gals in his Army unit – in Iraq right now – items they need. GOOD toilet paper, books, snacks, t shirts, warm blankets, etc..

I’d also buy a Big Wheel with the side brake for the little kid down the street. I hope they still make those!

154 john

Portable GPS: #121000000000C520 $399.99
Animated ipod speakers: #2320000000640085 $99.99

Cool idea!

155 Michael Henry

The iDog is pretty cool, isn’t it?

156 Leah

Here’s what I’d love to get at K~MART as a surprise to my sweetie:

BBQ Pro 20 in. Square Charcoal Cart Grill w/ Tile Table
Kmart item# 028W841773110001 Mfr. model# BPTCA-2020M/D $129.99

Craftsman 8pc Reversible Ratcheting Wrench Set, Metric
Kmart item# 9990000032607611 Mfr. model# 32607611 $99.99

Poulan 14 in. Gas Chain Saw
Kmart item# 9990000031931211 Mfr. model# 952802026 $109.99

Leatherman Blast™ Multi-Tool with Leather Sheath
Kmart item# 9990000030890111 Mfr. model# 830032 $65.99

Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))


157 Leah

And, I TWITTERED about this fabulous give~away…….user name: leahita.



158 abazatube

woow! brothers its interesting and beatifull websites

159 Terry

My daughter loves photography and has a good eye but has no camera to document her college years:
Canon Powershot #121000002510B001 $199.99

My son and daughter-in-law just moved into a new house and money is tight. They regularly open their home up to the various people they are involved with. Maybe they would enjoy some kitchen appliances to make it easier to offer hospitality:
Bunn BX-B Classic 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer, Black #1110072504077840 $99.99

My wife has a high stress job and has to put up with me. Maybe pictures of her children and favorite places would provide a quick mental vacation during the day:
Smartparts 8.5 in. Digital Picture Frame #020W266690110001 $99.99

160 Terry

oops. hit the add comment button accidentally, here is what the complete post should’ve been:

My daughter loves photography and has a good eye but has no camera to document her college years:
Canon Powershot #121000002510B001 $199.99

My son and daughter-in-law just moved into a new house and money is tight. They regularly open their home up to the various people they are involved with. Maybe they would enjoy some kitchen appliances to make it easier to offer hospitality:
Bunn BX-B Classic 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer, Black #1110072504077840 $99.99
Mr. Coffee 3Qt. Ice Tea Maker #011W067064110001 $19.99
(2) Helman Stainless Steel 2-Station Buffet with warming tray #011W106704110001 $39.99 each.

My wife has a high stress job and has to put up with me. Maybe pictures of her children and favorite places would provide a quick mental vacation during the day:
Smartparts 8.5 in. Digital Picture Frame #020W266690110001 $99.99

Total: $499.94 Cool idea for a post and I appreciate the opportunity.

161 Jonclaude

I love to have “office” from gervais.
I can’t find it in Paris.

162 jon

I would love to buy from Kmart the ‘FuReal’ dog.. and an 8gig iPod Nano. Thanks.


163 jackie sheeler

i’ve never set foot in a kmart in all my life. i don’t think we even have any in NYC!

164 Michael Henry

You have one right on Broadway!

165 Marita

If I’d win, I’d pick 3 Apple iPods


for a total of $487.09

and have a Giveaway! The winners could then use the iPods to raise funds for their causes, or simply keep them themselves :)

166 Nicholas Chase


Gift cards to give away.

Respectfully, Nicholas Chase

167 Nicholas Chase

nachase “RT @shoemoney is giving away a $500 #Kmart Gift Card on his blog – simply tweet or comment to enter http://urlbrief.com/d9366c” nachase

168 Scott Rouse

Somehow I’m without any sort of TV whatsoever. I’d have to go straight for the $499 Element 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p) #012W804958950001.

No question. Wish me luck.

By the way, I think I’d probably follow that purchase up with a new AppleTV…purchased elsewhere, I guess.

169 Russ

“I’m gonna let ya’ in on a little secret, Ray. K-Mart sucks. “

170 Michael Henry

“Boxer shorts”

171 April Barber
172 Turnip

Element 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p)

Kmart item #012W804958950001
Mfr. model #ELCHS321

173 Shari

My husband was recently diagnosed with a bad heart and I would get him things to help his quest to live longer and prosper with me:

An exercise bike to help his exercise program – Weslo Pro 10.8X Recumbent Cycle – 080W106469110001

To build memories – JVC MiniDV Camcorder – 9990000054797011

He loves big, fluffy towels. These would be great after a work out – Martha Stewart Everyday 5 Star Bath Towel – 30 in. x 58 in. – 048W031717130001
5.99 x 2

These will make him shreek. We can’t keep pasta bowls for very long. New “victims” would be held in high regard – 2520000000005189

Yay! With 3.05 to spare…I could never do this in real life! LOL
Good for you for supporting the troops. We sponsor a K9 and handler in Afghanistan. Love the doggies.

174 Raymond Chandler

Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite System
Kmart item# 018W710255110001

Why not

175 Parwanto

you look so cool with the shirt.

176 eric tan

I hope no one copies me: If I had the $500, I would buy twenty $25 “Snowboarding Santa” eCard giftcards (Kmart item # 063W103355230001 Mfr.model # 101349) and give them away to my readers in a Christmas Contest!!! =)

Looks like you had fun shopping man!

177 Eric DeLabar

I’d spend it on environmentally-friendly LED Christmas lights to decorate my house! My personal favorite best way to stimulate the economy and spread a little Christmas cheer!

LED Icicle Lights (009B684179110001P) x 31

My house will be visible from space! :)

178 Shannon

Awesome. I dont think there is a Kmart here….:(

179 Nicole P

Stainless Steel Emerson 0.9 Cu. Ft. Microwave Oven
Kmart item# 9990000030396911

Kenmore Canister Vacuum, Blue
Kmart item# 9990000056461911

Apple 8GB iPod® Nano Digital Media Player – Pink
Kmart item# 018W929086050001

Memorex 1-disc DVD Player with Coaxial Output
Kmart item# 018W375324110001

180 Deb

137000000HDP18PA Mfr. model# HDP18PAW Portable Dishwasher $299 It’s for the church. Every Sunday we have food after church – and I always end up washing dishes, by hand. 30-40 peoples’ worth of dishes. This would be so sweet!

9990000044370911 Mfr. model# 178134 Electric Snow Thrower $169.99 This is for me. I live out in the country. No garage. Long sidewalk and cement deck. Shoveling takes an hour (I have to take breaks)

12100SDDR107A10M, Mfr. model #SDDR107A10Maks, memory stick for my laptop $19.99 I write a lot, need to transfer info to another location – easier than carrying around the laptop or, God forbid, the desktop!


181 rpanella

#012W652770350001 (Samsung 19 in. LCD Integrated HDTV) $379.99
#020W266690110001 (Smartparts 8.5 in. Digital Picture Frame) $99.99

Both to give away as xmas presents :)

182 iPhone Extras

I would buy:

Leapster 2 for my daughter Item #1030000000

Ladies Elgin watch for my wife item #026W901397110001

Tom Tom GPS unit item #2320000001M00783

Total of $497.47

183 Jennifer Smith

I RT’d! TY!

184 Chivas

Many gadgets that is safe!

185 Michael Henry

You know, since K-Mart is virtually the only retailer that still offers LAYAWAY it would be an awesome idea to use the $500 card as a downpayment on a $2000 layaway.

Thats like a wii, xbox 360, PS3 and a bunch of games.

186 Michael Henry

I love kmart.

Having a $500 gift card would be great since I’m currently laid off.

If I have $500 from k-mart, these would be the christmas gifts to my family:

2 year old Daughter:
Mega Bloks: Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty’s Castle Tub – #1030000000741032 39.99
Sesame Street Elmo Live! – #004W957431110001 – 59.99
Radio Flyer Liberty Spring Horse – #1030000000127184 129.99

Five year old Son:
Spider-Man Classic Villains Action Figures: Venom – #103000000661962E 11.99
Spider-Man MP3 Player – #1030000000308552 49.99
LEGO LEGO Make and Create Town Building – #1030000000298398 $139.99

For my lovely Wife:
Elgin Ladies Oval Case Black Dial Gold Tone Watch – #026W915741110001 67.49 (on sale)

total: 499.43

187 Heather

I would buy these items:
Kmart item # 018W689249110001 Mfr. model # SC-DX103DVD – DVD Camcorder- $299.99
Kmart item # 027W776773110001 Mfr.model # 77638411 shirt- $8.00
Kmart item # 006W079548110001 Mfr.model # 7350 Bissell Prodry Carpet Cleaner- $189.99
Total: 497.98

188 sunghak

I have got good news for you
Im a gdi 10$ business man are you interested in internet marketing business?

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t… you are right.”

I hope that we’ll have a successful business venture together


189 Bill Fennell

07196996000 Charlie Browns Lonely Tree 17.99
1260000008799906 HOw the grinch stole christmas 12.98
027W132422120001 Joe Boxer Women’s Santa Baby Cami Set for MZ Claus 12.59
2940000000144079 Ulitmate santa suit 109.99
080W405501110001 air hockey 59.99
1010000001637739 dart board 129.99
1030000000707539 r/c helicopter 69.99
1030000000105652 lincoln logs collector set 79.99

a nice way to spread 500 smackers at Kmart!

190 LayupDrill

Very Interesting Giveaway. I honestly would donate my gift card to my church. I like K Mart, but I have everything I need, and have already completed my Christmas shopping, so in the spirit of giving, I know it could go much fartther in there hands than mine.

191 Angie @5vinezmonkeys.com

This would help us out so much with gifts for the kids this Christmas!

Here’s my wishlist:
2 – StreetFlyers SpiderMan 16″ bikes – Kmart item #080W473160110001 – $69.99 x 2

2 – Streetflyers Spider-Man Helmet Combo, Small – Kmart item #080W545119110001 – $19.99 x 2

Wii Fit & Wii Balance Board – Kmart item #25500WIIRVLRRFNE – $89.99

Wii,Lego Batman – Kmart item #25500WIIWAR38904 – $49.99

Wii, Spiderman:Web Of Shadows – Kmart item #255WIIACT8329301 – $49.99

Aiptek SD/MMC Flash Memory Camcorder – Kmart item #018W916185110001 – $89.99

Batman the Dark Knight Clipt! VGA Digital Camera, Logo – Kmart item #020W125898110001 – $19.99

Batman the Dark Knight Clipt! VGA Digital Camera, Batman – Kmart item #020W116922110001 – $19.99

Grand Total: $499.90

That was way too much fun! :) Thanks for the chance to enter!

192 Angie @5vinezmonkeys.com
193 Jean D.

I Twittered you! (name: nape9393)

194 Jean D.

Great contest! The #1 thing I’d buy is the White Kenmore Elite 2.0 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave w/Sensor Cooking Controls
Kmart item# 9990000052257711
Mfr. model# 52257711. (My microwave is from Target, circa 1983. My kids refuse to stand near it.) The Kenmore Elite costs $149.99.

Also, I’m afraid I’ll need that Yard-Man 8.5 amp Electric Snow Thrower. In fact, the weather report says I’ll need it by tomorrow morning.
Kmart item# 1020000015850000 Mfr. model# 0015850000 Price: $169.99.

And what the hey–Working around the house wouldn’t be fun unless I dressed up in the 1/4ct tw Diamond 5-Stone Journey Pendant and Earrings Set in 10K Yellow Gold.

Kmart item# 9990000044370911 Mfr. model# 178134. Price: $101.99.

And why not this, too? Oval Blue Topaz and Diamond-Accent Pendant in 10K Yellow Gold.

Kmart item# 1020005567260000 Mfr. model# 5567260000. Price: $77.99


195 Dick

Successful people attract money. Congratulations, Jeremy!

196 Adam & Wendy

What would be buy???
Well it’s a shopping SPREE.
So if we win, we’ll do the super market spree thing and just run down the isle grabbing as we go!


197 Local Price

I’ve always wanted to win one of those sprees where you run through the store with a buggy and fill it in ten minutes. My problem is I always win stuff like Brittney Spears tickets or Nascar or something else I’m not interested in.

198 David

Underwear, definitely underwear.

Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in and I don’t want to enter the contest…but seriously – underwear.

199 Goran Website

Lol! Underwear…. I’ll buy a whole box of underwear. LMFAO :-D

200 dawn

Hubby and dad get underwear every Christmas from their
moms so we are following the same tradition with
our boys…
Seriously, men need underwear..Lol.

201 Goran Website

Wow, that’s a lot of things one can get from kmart with $500. It’s a pitty that I’m in South Africa and don’t have kmart stores here, so I can’t enter. But goodluck to everyone who can and will enter! ;-)

202 Eric

Hmm, let’s see…I’d ditch my 19in blurry CRT and grab a nice flatscreen, probably sku: 105000000VX2240W, $365.99, and a nice digital camera, 1080000001393883, $129.99, which would make my life easier when trying to ebay stuff:)

That comes out to 495.98, before tax.

203 purposeinc

If you need me to send you the postage on the Spiderman scuba set, no problem. Thanks for picking that up for me!

204 Casey Anderson

sku 0 5679600385 5 quantity 10 baby formula

sku 0 3600052173 3 quantity 14 baby diapers

That is what we need, desperately! We live in Canada so our prices are more expensive, but guess what? we will be in Texas for two weeks just in time to use the K-Mart gift card!!

205 Goran Website

Underwear at 50% discount… I dig that! Lol! Would get my grand dad an entire box.

206 Ryan

So I guess the whole 25 comment limit was changed eh?

207 Concerned

I refuse to shop at kmart. Their merchandise was made by the lowest bidder at slave wages.

If you want some shoddy crap from overseas, made by slaves, then go ahead and shop Kmart.

208 kathie

thanks for the shopping adventure
DVD/vcr Kmart item # 10800000DMREZ28K Mfr.model # DMREZ28K
Kids pajamas Kmart item # 049W404975110001 Mfr.model # 40483311
Kids ear rings Kmart item # 237000000E70029L Mfr.model # E70029L.KM
kids ear rings Kmart item # 237000000E70029L Mfr.model # E70029L.KM
Kids body suit Kmart item # 024W857329140001 Mfr.model # 85732914
Ear rings Kmart item # 1020002111060000 Mfr.model # 80643011
Ear rings Kmart item # 1020000014042N-A Mfr.model #

209 kthomas

some TV of some sort, who knows? They CLOSED our KMart a few years ago, which had been open and loved by all since 1974. :-( I’ve not shopped for socks or underwear since. I refuse to go to Wal-Mart.

210 Anthony Quintano

Awesome I could think of so many things to spend $500 on at kmart

211 Amanda (DrifterMama)

If I had that gift card my daughter’s room would be updated to fit her growing. She still has lil toddler stuff in there and she’s 5 (going on 18) My $500 would consist of…

Twin Size Bunk Bed (#9990000004068211) my daughter is still in a toddler bed and is need a bigger bed and we need the extra bed for my soon to be step daughter so we can stop blowing up an air mattress every time she visits $189.99

Twin Size Mattress (#9990000025779411) x 2 for the beds $52.24 x 2 $104.48

Study Center (#1200000000034012) She’s also gotten to big for her small table and chairs set this is perfect since she loves lime green.. $139.99

Comforter for the bed since i’ll need 2 now (#048W825376110001 ) $29.99

Sheet set (#048W825335110001) $16.99 x 2… $33.98

That comes to $498.43

Still need a few misc things I would need to replace.. Toy Box (solid wood white) to replace the dora the explorer toy bins for one.. We have already started cleaning out her old baby toys to take to the donate to the salvation army for other lil kids.. Anyway that’s mine! :)

212 Sheena

I can’t even begin to describe how much thought I put into this.

$49.99 WII, Kung Fu Panda:Legendary Warriors
* Kmart item #255WIIACT8342501
(For my stepson who is getting a Wii from his mother.)

$97.00 Heritage Collection 3-in-1 Convertible Crib-Natural
* Kmart item #9990000013561512
(I had a baby two months ago, and all we have is a portable crib that was given to us. This could last her through high school because it can be used as a full size headboard! Planning ahead. AND it’s on clearance.)

$99.99 Martha Stewart Everyday 7ft Aspen Mountain Tree with 600 Lights
Kmart item# 009W673080110001
(Because last year we had a “Charlie Brown Christmas tree,” and this year we probably won’t buy one ’til after Christmas when all the holiday markdowns happen. We should have done that last year! Doh!)

$129.99 Canon 8.0MP Digital Camera, PowerShot A590 IS
Kmart item# 020W678161110001

(For my mom. It’s a pretty simple model to use and it would be her first digital camera. It’s hard to go wrong with a Canon.)

$99.99 100 Canon Office All In One
Kmart item# 105000MX300PIXMA

(Because we’re always going to the library or Kinko’s if we need to print something, and this could also do photos for those times I only need a few pictures and don’t want to go to a store for them. It would be a great gift for us to share.)

14.99 Martha Stewart Everyday 4-Piece Stainless Steel Steak Knife Set
Kmart item# 011W696713110001

(I don’t know how we’re getting by with only butter knives and a single butcher knife.)

7,99 Munchkin Baby Food Grinder
Kmart item# 9990000030151111

(So I can make my own baby food, because she’ll be on solids before I know it!!)

Total: 499.94

213 Joyce Barrett

With only 180.00 and 3 little boys to make Christmas for, this gift card would be truly a Christmas Miracle!

One of the things that our 9 year old has on his list is a remote control race car. This one at kmart would really surprise him on Christmas Morning:

Radio Control Audi R8
Kmart item# 1030000000644023, Mfr. model #644023

Thanks to all the bloggers, CreativeMedia and especially Kmart for the chance to win. Merry Christmas to all!

214 Charles

I would get my mom this GPS system for her car (Kmart item# 232000RF98092001) And we both can enjoy this tv! (Kmart item# 018W398742110001) Grand total of $499.98! :)

215 Joyce Barrett

If we win, I could get just about everything on the boys’ lists. The boys (8,9, and 10) haven’t asked for much, except our baby, the 8 year old. He asked Santa Claus for a reel golden retreever (his sp). I don’t think Kmart sells those, but the only the other things he wants is a workbench and a reel bumblebee toy. I was surprised to find the real bumble bee toy on their website. Even if we don’t win, I’ll have to get this one – he’s really cute:

Li’l Lewis Li’l Lewis Kids Pillow, Bumble Bee
Sears item# 01420172000 Mfr. model# 585

Thanks for the chance everyone!

216 Zipporah Sandler

For my son who calls me from 1500 miles away for directions -
Magellan Maestro 4210 Auto Navigation System ($279.99 0
Sears item# 05726487000 Mfr. model# 980-0015-001

For my dog (Clem) who insists on sleeping on MY bed –
Serta Serta Pet Bed – Light Blue 36″ x 27″ Rectangle ($54.99)
Kmart item# 15000000000C6017 Mfr. model# C6017

For my husband the “GOLFER”
15 ft. Golf Ball Retriever ($12.99)
Kmart item# 9990000027020611 Mfr. model# I99062
& lots of these (just in case the retriever doesn’t work)
Callaway HX Hot Golf Balls ($24.99)
Kmart item# 080W879260110001 Mfr. model# 640404012116

and for ME, a little peace & quiet…
AO Safety Safety Ear Plugs ($2.99)
Kmart item# 9990000032216811 Mfr. model# 32216811

217 Rebecca

I would get the Element 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p) Kmart item #012W804958950001 for DH. It is $499.99 . DH deserves a new TV for all the hard work he does, we don’t have HDTV and he would love to have one. Problem is, with three kids you know where the money goes and it isn’t to Dad! This would help to purchase him an awesome gift.

218 jason

Hrm… since most my check is going to the kids, think I’ll go for something for me. PS3! Best blu-ray player out there.
Kmart item# 018W963975110001 Sony PS3 $399.99

219 Melissa

I need more XBOX 360 games for the kids (and maybe myself)! Plus toys for the kids…I am also proud to be a complete Star Wars geek so if they had anything Star Wars-related it would be mine :-)

Pick me, dude! I need toys under my tree and some Martha Stewart towels…

220 Laurie

You certainly got a lot for your money. I’d spend it all in one shot:
Kmart item# 012W804958950001 Mfr. model# ELCHS321 – $499.99

221 Kristaman

I know what I would get, but this would be a great gift for someone who needs it:


$500-$259.99-$10.00 gift cards for signing up for e-mails=$249.99

Then I would do it all over again and give these to someone in need!

222 Corby

Is that the one on Vine Street? i was just in Lincoln for Thanksgiving and am feeling a bit nostalgic . . .

223 Penny Waldrop

What would I spend a gift card to K-Mart on? Wow, that was a hard one. I really wanted the TV, since the one we share in the living room is a 19″ tube style. Our bigger TV died a few months back and we haven’t been able to replace it yet. Then I decided that since the prices are so good at http://www.kmart.com I could probably do even better. So, I set out on a search and this is what I decided. I hope it’s good enough to win. I would replace my daughter’s bedroom furniture, since hers was used and given to her at the age of four (she is not 17 and way past this kind of bedroom furnitur). Believe it not, I was able to get a room full of furniture with the $500. Well, I will have to put about $20.00 plus tax in, but that’s nothing for a whole room full of furniture. Can you believe it? Here’s my list:

Headboard, Chocolate Kmart item# 187000003159-270 $79.99

5-Drawer Chest, Chocolate Kmart item# 187000003159-035 $139.99

6-Drawer Triple Dresser, Chocolate Kmart item# 187000003159-010

Mirror, Chocolate Kmart item# 187000003159-122 $79.99

Night Table, Chocolate Kmart item# 187000003159-062 $64.99

So, that’s it. My list for KMart. I hope I win! My daughter would be thrilled to get a new bedroom for Christmas.

224 Matt Helphrey

I’ll concede my ping pong table and foosball table to someone else…sadly. I don’t even think we have a Kmart in this town anymore

225 Amber @ Classic Housewife / Modern World

If I won I’d give my kitchen a SERIOUS facelift. Most of the stuff we have, we received when we married ten years ago. Check out my pretend shopping spree (which I would LOVE to make a reality!)

2 Martha Stewart Everyday Classic White 16-Piece Ceramic Dinnerware Set
Kmart item # 9990000023904411 Mfr.model # 103039

2 Essential Home Flair 4pk Cooler Glassware
Kmart item # 011W724696110001 Mfr.model # 72469611

Metro Colander 5 Qt. Contemporary, Red
Kmart item # 2520000000000192 Mfr.model # 0192

Jackson Basic White 9? Pie Dish
Kmart item # 2520000000005192 Mfr.model # 5192

T-Fal 12 Piece Signature Set Red
Kmart item # 011W107136110001 Mfr.model # 10713611

Metro Mixing Bowls S/3 Red Coated Exterior
Kmart item # 2520000000000116 Mfr.model # 0116

Chicago Cutlery Onyx 10pc Cutlery Set
Kmart item # 011W694360110001 Mfr.model # 1080764

2 Metro Canister Set S/3 Bistro Collection, White
Kmart item # 252000000000700W Mfr.model # 0700W

Proctor Silex Waffle Maker
Kmart item # 9990000035453911 Mfr.model # 176367

Kenmore 10 cup Food Processor
Kmart item # 011W710513110001 Mfr.model # 219103RD

Presto 22 in. Jumbo Electric Griddle
Kmart item # 2710000000007039 Mfr.model # 7039

Total $471.96 !!!

226 Sharla

I think I had almost as much fun watching you shop as I would if I actually won. One thing I’ve really been wanting is a Flip camera. item #105FVULTRA60MINP I’m going to twitter too if my computer will cooperate. Thanks!

227 Jane

My purchases:
1) Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite System – Kmart item# 018W710255110001 Mfr. model# B4J-00122 = $399
2) Smartparts 7 in. (Diagonal) Digital Picture Frame – Wood
Kmart item# 020W804418630001 Mfr. model# SP70BR = $89.99
3) Joe Boxer Men’s Ankle Length Thermal Pant = $9.99

Total = just under $500 :)

Tweeted about it (http://twitter.com/janetalkstech/status/1037624447) and blogged about it (http://janetalkstech.com/2008/12/03/strange-happenings-in-vista-land/)

228 Lori

32GB iPod Touch at $399.99 Kmart item# 018W929092640001
GE DECT 6.0 Skype Cordless Telephone at $79.99 Kmart item #9990000028300EE1


229 Heather in Beautiful BC

Cool contest! I’m going to retweet even though I’m not eligible to win since I don’t live in the good ole USA :)

230 Erica

I would get…

the Flip Video Ultra Series Kmart item #105FVULTRA60MINN

Flip Video Pink Pouch! Kmart item #020W730235110001

Memorex 19 inch HDTV Kmart item# 018W805721110001

Hope I win…

231 Jennae

I’m loving this opportunity. Here’s my wish list:

Wii Fit & Wii Balance Board
Kmart item #25500WIIRVLRRFNE Mfr. model #WII RVL R RFNE
Price: $89.99

Green Toys Recycled Plastic Indoor Gardening Set
Kmart item# 1030000000740700 Mfr. model# 740700
Price: $29.99

2X Cherry iPod Speakerdock
Kmart item# 1750000008000100 Mfr. model# 8000105
Price: $179.99

I could keep going, but I’ll stop there :)

232 That One Caveman

Here’s my wish list:

1/4ct tw Certified Diamond Stud 6-Prong Earrings in 14K Yellow Gold
Kmart item # 1020005560470000 Mfr.model # 157028

Jaclyn Smith Traditions Ombre Scroll Comforter Set
Kmart item # 048W685903150001 Mfr.model # CS6014LAKG-1325

Sonoma 48 in. Bookcase
Kmart item # 13900000ODL-3248 Mfr.model # ZH049

Studio RTA Mobile File Cabinet
Kmart item # 1200000000018581 Mfr.model # 18581

233 Peter Anderson

wouldn’t take me very long to spend it. I’d buy that new TV i’ve been wanting.

32″ LCD: Kmart item# 018W677925110001 Mfr. model# LC320SS9 $429.99
7″ Digital Photo frame: Kmart item# 020W334226110001 Mfr. model# DP-758 49.99

234 Shayna

I would get xmas/birthday presents for friends and family! And maybe some stuff for a families house that burnt down. We are blessed and I don’t even NEED anything :)

235 dawn

I need to finish what is left of the shopping for my kiddos:

My oldest daughter wants a digital camera….Soo…
Kodak 9.2MP Digital Camera Bundle w/ 1GB SD Memory Card
Kmart item# 020W377312110001 119.99

My oldest son wants a bike..he calls it a “trick bike”
Mongoose 20 in BMX RipCord Bike
Kmart item# 9990000036950411

I caught a great deal on black friday at Wallyworld so my two younger
sons would have new bikes – (29 Bucks ea)
But they need helmets…
Bell Recon™ (X3) 19.99 / 59.97
Kmart item #080W301366110001

That’s 359.95 so far..
The rest would go to socks, undies, and 3 or 4 warm outfits for my
youngest..(we have 5 kids)

236 Ben

Pretty awesome promo idea, would help me with the xmas shopping!

237 Rockstar sid

Just tweeted about the contest… *Crossed fingers* Hope I win something :)

238 Brian

Well I know what I would use it for but I think there is others out there that could use it more then me, I lost my job and so did so many other people and they have families so I guess I would most likely give it away to one of my friends who could use it but damn it would be nice to get a new tv I have had my big box of a tv since 1997 yeah way before HDMI and it only has one set of connections for A/V (red,yellow,white wires) Guess the 32in flat panel would be nice but It is the time for giving so I would give it away or maybe take a group of us who lost our jobs out and by $500.00 worth of items. Anyway there is no item number for that so I am making one up

Free shopping spree or give way = Kmspree1384
flat panel tv Element 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p) Kmart item# 012W804958950001

239 Pallab

Entered via twitter ( @indyan)

240 Velvet Hammer
241 Joseph Crawford

My girlfriend really deserves to have a nice digital camera for the holidays however we cannot afford one at this time. So many moments with the kids are lost due to not having one

This is what I would buy along with accessories for it.
Kmart item# 108000000DMCTZ5K Mfr. model# DMCTZ5K

242 Tina Lapadula

That is so cool that you got the thermals for the soldiers.The only thing I am trying to get for the family is the Xbox 360 item #Kmart item# 9990000042317511 Mfr. model# B4J-00001 so we can all have fun with it together.

243 Andrew Riley

Since K-Mart doesn’t sell pornography or hard liquor, and I couldn’t find any firearms on the website, I’ll go with a sweet iPod touch (018W929092640001) and the Guitar Hero bundle for PS3 (255PS3ACT9545101)

244 Karen

This would be so much fun to win! I would love to buy a new tv to replace the one I ruined when I tried to take the cable cord off the back. Who knew I shouldn’t just pull!
item# 012W652770350001 flat screen tv $379.99
Then I would like to buy 3 of item # 048W677621110001 sheet sets to donate to the battered women’s shelter. $22.49 each.

245 stacy moore

great giveaway.
i would first buy this tv, because mine is like 30 years old.
$349.99-plasma t.v.-012W804709360001
then with the remaing, i would buy,bed in a bag-9990000016693312, and last the smart cycle for my babygirl-004W070612010001. this is right around $500, give or take a few cents.
good luck, everyone!!!

246 Melissa

I would buy a comforter as well! The one my husband and I are using was one I got at 16!

247 amber

Items I would choose:
Kmart item# 018W929086050001
Kmart item# 018W929092100001
Kmart item# 1030000000274200
That way I could get an ipod for both my sister and i, and a toy to give as a gift to a little one.

thanks so much, the pics of you shopping for the toys was too cute!

248 amber

I twittered you also. Goodluck to all who enter!


249 Lisa Young

To kick off the family’s New Year’s resolutions, I’d get a treadmill like Weslo Pro Crosswalk 7.8 Treadmill (Kmart item# 080W112396110001) for $399.99. And end of year work stress is killing me so I’d also consider the Everlast Free Standing Heavybag Kit (Kmart item# 080W594781110001) $99.99

250 Jason

No local KMarts :( Good thing they sell online. I’d get:
Element 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p) (012W804958950001)

251 Kerri Anne

I’m digging:

Full/Queen Avalon Faux Leather Upholstered Headboard in Chocolate, item# 281KM774XXCHOC14 ($99.99)

Essential Home Sofa Sleeper, item# 021W736429110001 ($349.99)

Derry 3-Piece Rug Set, item# 070W053676110001 ($47.99)

Bringing my grand total to: $497.97

Who knew spending imaginary money could be so much fun?

252 Barbara Baker

I tweeted: http://twitter.com/barbarabaker

And as far as what I’d spend the 500.00 on, well, mama needs a new vacuum cleaner (me):
Bissell ProHeat 2X™ Select Floor Cleaner, in Purple
Kmart item# 9990000037514911 Mfr. model# 9200

The rest of the money would probably go to toys for the kids (such things like):
Precious Gems 23-Piece Doll Playset (this would have to be a definite for both girls age 5 and 7)
Kmart item# 1030000000720026 Mfr. model# 720026
for my 15 year old son I’d get:
Microsoft XB360 Live 12 month Time Card
Kmart item# 1630000000400061 Mfr. model# 400061

So, there you have it, anything left over would probably go to what ever floats my boat at the time and I’m sure I’d find things for the hubby too…can’t forget him!!!!

253 Kelley
254 Kelley

Kmart has Apple? Who new? Really, if I had not stumbled to this blog…would never have suspected. But… I would sooo get an I touch! Apple 32GB iPod® Touch Digital Media Player – Black
Kmart item# 018W929092640001 Mfr. model# MB533LL/A

At just $399.00… I would have a bit left over to pick pick up an Ipod for the hubby too… =)

255 Sara Bequette

I have three young boys (Anthony: 9, Nathan: 5, and Joel: 3) and Christmas is SO tight this year! I nearly cried at the thought of a $500 gift card for Kmart!

Anthony would absolutely love the ‘Orbitor 40mm Star Searcher Telescope’ (Kmart item # 1030000000388972.) He is a major science buff and this would get a lot of of use by both him as well as the rest of the family.

For Nathan, I would have to buy this ‘Fisher-Price: I Can Play Guitar Plug ‘N Play Learning System’ (Kmart item # 1030000000324408) He has loved his guitar since he was two and I would like to see him begin to learn how to really play one.

My toddler, Joel, has a love for the outdoors so, the ‘Chair-a-go-round’ (Kmart item # 1030000000422707) would be perfect for him and his brothers to play on.

The ‘8.5″ Widescreen TFT Portable DVD/CD/MP3 Player’ (Kmart item# 1030000000749870) would be the perfect gift that I certainly wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. Then, they’d be entertained on our long commute in the morning and evenings.

That would leave me with around one-hundred dollars to spend. While they may not make the most awe-inspiring gifts, I’m afraid I would have to spend the rest of the money on clothes. They each need jeans so I would definitely get them all a pair or two of those.

256 Hil'Lesha

Thanks for the great giveaway! :)

Dyson DC14 All Floors Upright

Kmart item #006W734090110001

257 Carol Pyles

Well heres the items I would get to finish off my list that i can’t afford now. :P

Playhut Spider-Man Deluxe Canopy Bed
* Kmart item #1030000000349677

Kodak KOD 1278829 Easyshare M1033 Digital Camera Silver 10MP, 3X OPT, HD, 3″ LCD
Kmart item# 1080000008228397

Garmin NUVI 205
Kmart item# 1210000100071740

Bammboard – Green
Kmart item# 1030000000734979

PNY 2GB Attaché USB 2.0 Flash Drive
Kmart item# 018W778777110002

Grand Total $499.95

258 contentpig

I need a new Grill

Kenmore 711 sq in. Total Cook Area Gas Grill
Kmart item# 028W787678110001 Mfr. model# B06W1B-28

259 melissa

I could use anything just to let my son have Christmas. We haven’t been able to buy not a single thing this year and we’ve already told our son we wouldn’t be celebrating Christmas this year. I was injured on the job and his father has cancer, so were uunable to do christmas. He was sad, but what kid wouldn’t be. Just my thoughts, and congratulations to every one who gets picked, just remember there are some kids out in there that don’t get a Christmas due to something they had no control over.

260 Chrysoula Holtzhauer

Heh! Kmart is 2 minutes from my house! woo hoo!

I retwitted this message at: http://twitter.com/druansha

1. Heart-Shape Mini Digital Photo Frame
Kmart Item # 1180000000011229
Pay: $36.99

2. Crochet Master Set Steel & Aluminum-Size 00-14
Kmart Item # 1990000000073270
Pay: $44.99

3. Memory Foam 6 in Thick Mattress
Kmart Item # 021W023386110001
Size: Twin
Pay: $149.99

4. Audio V Rocker
Kmart Item # 3260000000089756
Pay: $99.99

5. Large Purple Shiny Bean Ban Chair
Kmart Item # 3260000000089694
Pay: $46.95

6. World of Warcraft Expansion – Burning Crusade
Kmart Item # 1630000000187020
Pay: $29.99

7. World of Warcraft
Kmart Item # 1630000000018658
Pay: $19.99

* I’m not greedy! I don’t need to have all of these, but they sure would look good in my house! :)

261 Chicken Raiser

To be honest, tehre are many more needy people than me and if I was to win, I would send it to a family who is really in need. My wife wrote on her blog about a 18 yo boy who may be facing his last Christmas because his kidneys are failing. That is what i would do is give it to his mother to help him have a great Christmas.


262 Diane Hornbeck

I am so jealous! LOL But I am glad someone had so much fun! I’ve been going to “my” KMart since I was a kid and live right down the street. My husband is temporarily laid off and we are buying on credit right now, so my $500 card would go to produce, meat and dairy! LOL Not so fun or glamorous, but we have 8 kids, so that’s what I’d do!

263 Diane Hornbeck

I’d get a TV for fun, if I had to pick something! But food is first!

264 Diane Hornbeck

Kmart item# 012W804958950001 Forgot to give the item #!!

265 Michelle

I posted on Twitter!

266 Sarah

I would TOTALLY replace my camera that I dropped one too many times:

Item #108000000DMCTZ5A $349.99

267 Alyssa

I would use it to buy Christmas gifts for my family. My sister bought me so much compared to what I could get for her. A $11 vase that she wanted. I haven’t been able to get anyone else anything yet. =[ I can’t find a job anywhere. Not even McDonalds around here. It’s ridiculous. I’ve been looking for 5 months, and trying to pay a $200 car payment. So any money I get, goes to that. $500 would surely cover everyone on my list. That would definitely make my Christmas.
Congrats to you and those who won!

268 Tina

I have 3 kids and I can not get them what they would like, I am berly paying the rent! if I were to get the $500. it would be a great !! K Mart ia great!!02038816000 Hoover Upright Vacuum $99.99
018W929086050001 Apple 8GB iPod® Nano Digital Media Player -
Pink $149.99
011W837411110001 Black & Decker 5 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Red $22.99
1870000033838511 South Shore Twin-Size Mate’s Bed, Contemporary, Pure White
#080W900595110001 Razor E300s Electric Seated Scooter $189.99

269 Euroangel

wow great shopping escapades..i gues you had a great choice!!

i just wanted these digicameras for my 4 sisters who had been asking for months…guess it is a great xmas presents for them!!

4 X $129.99
Sony 7.2MP Digital Camera, S750 – Silver
Kmart item# 020W904869940001 Mfr. model# DSC-S750

thanks for sharing this great idea

270 Ruben Ricart

Hi just wanted to make sure I participate as well….

Kmart item# 018W677925110001 Mfr. model# LC320SS9
Kmart item# 006W897383110001 Mfr. model# V1310PT

271 Euroangel

guess you had a great time shopping!! and with good choices!!

decided to enter here… this is for my 4 sisters who have been asking me for digcameras…I guess it is a great xmas presents for them…

here they are..

4 X $129.99

Sony 7.2MP Digital Camera, S750 – Silver
Kmart item# 020W904869940001 Mfr. model# DSC-S750

hope to win here and my sisters can be happy too!! thanks!!

272 Metallman

Hey there. Man, you so scored! I’d use a $500 gift card to buy a TV for the living room. We have an old big screen (projector) and the color has been faded. I would soooo love to get something more with the time to go in the living room. Something like this Sylvania TV for $429.99 AND IT’S ON SALE!!!
Kmart item# 018W677925110001 Mfr. model# LC320SS9

273 Zarin Anika

Yay, I tweeted! I would like to buy $500 worth of food and pants =D

274 Damon

There’s only one thing I could buy for $500…

Element 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p)
Kmart item# 012W804958950001

275 Donna

I think that what you got the soliders is wonderful. Keep up the good work

276 Jody John

My sons both want leapsters and lots of games. 2 Leapsters #1030000000715626 and some games to go with them would start our Christmas off just nice…

#1030000000715770 I Spy
#1030000000128098 Nemo
#9990000054300611 Cars
#9990000031224311 Thomas

My daughter needs some baby toys and clothes…
Tropic Isle Gym 1030000000399736
Musical Zoo 1030000000715005

I guess that’s a good start…of course I would look for some jewelry and my husband probably some tools…that $500 wouldn’t last long…Please pick me!

277 K morris

I would spend the money on things for my new place to live. ive been homeless for 2 years now with my 5 children now im finally gonna move so that would be great.

278 Chickie

(3) 8 gb silver iPod nanos are on my wishlist!

279 Chickie

(3) 8 gb silver iPod nanos item #018W929084370001 for the kiddos and I!

280 fidget
281 Shelia

This is fun…this is what I would buy:

Nikon 10.0MP Digital Camera, S550 – Black
Kmart item# 020W904800480001
Price: $229.99

Kodak All-In-One Color Inkjet Printer, ESP3 SE
Kmart item# 018W351064110001
Price: $99.99

PNY 1GB Secure Digital Memory Card
Kmart item# 020W785416130001
Price: $9.99

PNY USB 2.0 Flash Drive, 4GB / Attache
Kmart item# 018W822441110001
Price: $24.99

GE DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone System w/ GOOG-411™ & Digital Answering System
Kmart item# 018W846037110001
Price: $69.99

282 Sadie

I’d love to enter! I could really use these items for my weight loss:

Kmart item #080W106406110001
Kmart item# 080W556735110001 (x2)
Kmart item# 080W556746110001 (x2)
Kmart item# 080W127261110001

Good luck to everyone! :)

283 U.S. Common Sense

Looks like you had a great time. Plenty of good Christmas gifts you have there in the basket . . . ON THE HOUSE! :)

284 Jackie

I would soooo get the PS3 for my husband for xmas!
Kmart item# 018W963975110001 Mfr. model# PS3 SCE 98006

285 Dionne Olton

Wow you really racked up! I would probably ending up buying things I could not necessarily afford but would like for my children if I won a gift card. lol Nonetheless, this is the wishlist I came up with:
Kmart Item#9990000051352611
Kmart Item#018W901918130001
Kmart Item#011W783503110001
Kmart Item#011W706891110001
Kmart Item#018W894752110001

286 Chew Jek Hui

Count me in for the following items
Kmart item# 018W677500110001 Mfr. model# 960-000010 ( $39.99)
Kmart item# 018W395949110001 Mfr. model# E3560 / 960-000213 ($29.99)
Kmart item # 018W929092640001 Mfr.model # MB533LL/A ($399.99)

287 Chew Jek Hui
288 Kathy

# 018W710255110001

# 2320000000VS3251

Sure would be awesome to win!

289 Jes

Wow love to have a:
PureHiTech Playboy Slim Camera Music Phone – Gold
Kmart item# 1050PB01A2AALUS1 Mfr. model# PB01A2AALUS1 for only 299.99 dollars, Nickelodeon SpongeBob Sea Adventure Sheet Set for only 14.99 dollars, Nickelodeon SpongeBob Sea Adventure Comforter for only 24.99 dollars, Sesame Street Elmo Live!
Kmart item# 004W957431110001 Mfr. model# L9049 for only 59.99, Sesame Street: Neighborhood Friends 4-in-1 for only 49.99 and Dora the Explorer – Junior Roller Skate Kit for only 19.99 wow i have lots already for only 500 dollars ahhaha i wanna win this game!

290 Connie

Here’s my list Santa:

Flip Video Ultra Series 60 minutes 105FVULTRA60MINP

Logitech Labtec WebCam Pro 1050000000961358 $29.99

WII, Star Wars The Clone Wars Lightsaber Duels
255WIILUC3346301 $49.99

Electronic Arts SIMS 2 Pets 1630000000600318 $19.99

Wii,Charging Dock 25500000INCG5647 $29.99

Elgin Mens Black Dial Round Case Gold Stones on Bezel Watch 026W901579110001 $104.99

Diamond-Accent 3-Stone Double Circle Dangle Earrings in 10K Yellow Gold 1020000016530000 $59.99

291 Cindy O

Cool! Here’s hoping…
Flip Video #105FVULTRA60MIN
Phone handsets #1080000KXTG4324B
Car stereo that will take my iPod # 10600DEHP6000UB

292 Deborah D

I’m a single mom. I have two young children. One is high needs. I work at home at night and homeschool during the day. I’d love to spend this on items for Christmas and just learning. Both kids love science and gardening. My daughter loves dolls and purses and lipgloss too (she is 6). My son is also a huge Lego and Star Wars fan. I would spend some of the money on school hands-on, fun kits, plants and toys. Spend some on a winter wardrobe (we are in California but my daughter only owns one sweater and one jacket and the jacket was my son’s last years’s. My son needs a jacket and some long sleeve shirts. I think after all that the money would be gone! Here are some sku #’s;

1030000000226016 x 2 (one for each child).
049W389407150001 x 2

After all of this (yes, I try to be a thrifty or frugal shopper to make the money last) I would have less then $5 left and I’d buy some lip gloss for my daughter (I can’t find sku #’s for it).
Happy Holidays!


293 Marcia

I am in desperate need of a real dining table and chairs, so I would buy the Farmhouse Dining Collection. Of course I would get 4 chairs at least. Then I would see what my local store had for nice table decorations.

Kmart item# 021W701625110001
Kmart item# 021W915795110001
Kmart item# 021W915798110001

294 ritchie

Very nice promotion idea… I wish their were KMarts or innovative sponsorships like this in Europe.

295 Taylor

ShoeMoney. This is awesome. Congrats on the gift. I heard about it through K-Mart. Next year you’ll see me getting the free $500.00 gift card also. ;)

296 witchypoo

I’ll pass on the tv. It’s monitor all the way.
Kmart item# 10800000HPW2408H Mfr. model# HP W2408H

297 Mandy

I am a single mom with three little girls and have done hardly any Christmas shopping at all. What I wouldn’t do to have this card!!! My daughters are 6,7 and 9 and the stuff below would blow their mind!!

Also since we have never had a Christmas tree over 4ft…I would probably start with a big beautiful tree and lots of ornaments and lights!!!

My 7 year old would love:
State Fair Roller Coaster Set
Kmart item# 1030000000278416 Mfr. model# 278416

My 9 year old would love:
Barbie Globe
Kmart item# 1030000000276978 Mfr. model# 276978

My 6 year old would love:
Fancy Dining Playset
Kmart item# 1030000000726792 Mfr. model# 726792

I think this would be the perfect tree:
Martha Stewart Everyday 7ft Aspen Mountain Tree with 600 Lights
Kmart item# 009W673080110001 Mfr. model# K-PCD044422

What a great contest!!

298 Joe R

I will take one of these:

Kmart item# 012W804958950001
Element 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p)

299 James Wilcox

I’d definitely get a new XBOX 360 #05891057000 so I can watch Netflix movies and play Rock Band 2 on the same console!

300 Dave G

will grab kmart item # 018W677925110001 – Slyvania 32″ LCD. thanks shoe & kmart!

301 Candy Cook

I’d get this > 018W677925110001 HDTV by sylvania!

302 onemotherslove

I could use some bar stools. I wonder if my kids would fall off these:
Kmart item# 1400000088599489 Mfr. model# 88599489
I twittered it, too.

303 Renée aka Mekhismom
304 Elle

I twittered the contest!

305 Elle
306 Aftercancer

I’ve been featuring a charity a day on my blog for weeks now encouraging my readers to help others during the holidays. In the same spirit I’d buy toys for my local charities toy drives
5 Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Home Phones item# 9990000066660711
5 Disney Micro Digital Camera, item# 018W941243110001
5 1GB MP3 Players item# 018W047391110001
5 LEGO – Bionicles item# 103000000216482C
9 Chess & Checkers Set item# 9990000054603911
6 Candy Land Games item# 9990000004491911

307 the Monetized Blogger

I don’t need anything from KMart .. except for this lamp .. and that’s all I need .. and maybe this chair .. my lamp and my chair that’s all I need .. ok … and this remote control … I don’t need anything else ..

Terribly sorry for the stupid post Jeremy .. I just watched the Jerk last night on TV and for some reason KMart made me think of that .. is there something subliminal in that? hmmmmm I don’t know

By the way thats great you are sponsoring a soldier. I just started a charity type blog for my local Kansas City http://communitybetterment.com/ .. 3 days since launching and 30,000+ pageviews .. I just threw a few affiliates on there one being a donation through the USO to give free phone cards to the troops .. couple hours later somebody donated $500 .. That was the best $500 I didn’t make for myself :)

308 Massive Traffic

I would probably buy a cheap laptop or something cool for my desk to make me happy when i wake up.

309 Josie

I would get my husband a playstation and my sister some cookware
Kmart item# 018W963975110001 Mfr. model# PS3 SCE 98006
2. Metro 7 Pc. Stainless Steel Cook Set
Kmart item# 2520000000000462 Mfr. model# 0462

310 Jeffrey W

I would get:

Orbitor 40mm Star Searcher Telescope
Kmart item# 1030000000388972

Chemistry Kit
Kmart item# 1030000000453868

Heart Anatomy Model
Kmart item# 1030000000649224

4-in-1 Petite Digital Microscope
Kmart item# 1030000000277198

Brain Anatomy Model
Kmart item# 1030000000649231

Snap Circuits Jr.
Kmart item# 1030000000453949

Westinghouse 7 in. Digital Picture Frame
Kmart item# 13500WES-DPF0702

WII, Star Wars The Clone Wars Lightsaber Duels
Kmart item# 255WIILUC3346301

Wii Fit & Wii Balance Board
Kmart item# 25500WIIRVLRRFNE

311 Nathan

I too remember the days of my Mom taking me to Kmart for back to school shopping. It was always a good economic decision and I remember the flashing blue light specials long before their *ahem* competitor that starts with a “W”.

Anyways, my wife and I just found out we’re pregnant with our first child so we would use the gift card to outfit our nursery with some of these fun items:

Disney Baby All-In-One™ Swing
Kmart item# 024W897570110001 Mfr. model# 53180LBF

Disney Baby Musical Deluxe™ Bouncer
Kmart item# 024W897607110001 Mfr. model# 25089LBF

Disney Baby Care Center™ Playard
Kmart item# 024W897564110001 Mfr. model# 05025LBF

312 Talina

What a great contest! Well, since I am expecting my first baby and we just moved 1500 miles away from all out family and friends I would buy all the stuff I need for the little one (since we aren’t having a baby shower).

Graco Pack N Play Portable Playard – Kirkwood
Kmart item# 024W898611110001, Mfr. model #9E00KWD $75.00

Grow with Your Baby Bag
Kmart item# 1030000000702201, Mfr. model #702201 $26.

Avent Newborn Starter Set
Kmart item# 9990000035778711, Mfr. model #35778711 $24

Munchkin Baby Food Organizer
Kmart item # 9990000015068611 Mfr.model # 15068611 $7.99

Summer Infant Zimbabwe Smart Solutions” Newborn-To-Toddler High Chair
Kmart item # 3460000000022090 Mfr.model # 22090 $109.00

Graco DuoGlider™ Stroller – Barrett
Kmart item # 024W954783110001 Mfr.model # 6L03BAR3 $139.00

Summer Infant Mothers Touch Infant Bath Tub by Summer
Kmart item # 9990000021031911 Mfr.model # 21031911 $10.00

Disney Baby Lights & Sounds™ Walker
Kmart item # 024W897480110001 Mfr.model # 04028LBF $49.99

Safety 1st Complete Health Care Kit
Kmart item # 024W949565110001 Mfr.model # 62403 $9.99

313 Ben Pei

Ha.. I love shopping trips like this..especially when you buy alot at once

314 Mommy Cracked

Garmin NUVI 205
Kmart item# 1210000100071740

Apple 8GB iPod® Touch Digital Media Player – Black
Kmart item# 018W929092100001

315 Justin

I would buy a Junior Grand Piano for my two-year old daughter. Kmart item# 9990000059733111 Mfr. model# 59733111 $99.99

Then, for my fifteen year old daughter, I’d scoop up the 16GB iPod Nano Kmart item# 018W929087900001 Mfr. model# MB913LL/A $199.99

For my wife, the Nerf N-strike Vulcan Kmart item #004W689218110001 Mfr. model #66857 $39.99
What? She likes shooting toys! This thing’s the ultimate!
Also for my wife, the Marquise Opal Ring, which is online only, so I couldn’t find an item number, but the price is $113.99

And last, for the household, I would get the Shark cordless hand vacuum for all those spilled Fruit Loops and Cheerios. Kmart item# 006W851068110001 Mfr. model# SV736 $36.99

Which brings us to a grand total of $490.95.

Not a bad haul. This is a great idea! I’m so glad that major corporations are understanding the value of social media, and I look forward to participating in contests like this in the future!

316 shy blogger

ooo. There’s no Kmart at My country..
It is pity I can’t win the gift..
But shoe $500 is it enough for your goods?

317 Jessica

First, a PS3 – 018W963975110001 – as I only have a PSX. Then I’d get new pruners for work, like the Felco Pruner No. 7 (142000719969).

Then I’d get cookies.

318 Professional Lab

1. Garmin Nuvi 255W GPS Navigator w/ 4.3 in. Widescreen Display
(Kmart item# 1210000100071820, Mfr. model #Nuvi 255W / 010-00718-20) – Price $349.99

2. Essential Home Leaf Wall Sconce
(Kmart item# 032W843190110001 Mfr. model# 84319011) – Price $14.99

3. Essential Home Mirror Tea Light Holder (Kmart item# 032W843187110001 Mfr. model# 84318711) – Price $12.99

4. Essential Home Tea Light Branch Holder With Tulip Glass
(Kmart item# 032W733209110001 Mfr. model# 73320911) – Price $12.99

5. Carson SkySeeker Telescope
(Kmart item# 2930000000JC1000, Mfr. model #JC-1000) – Price $99.99

6. Trim a Home Mrs. Clause Apron
(Kmart item# 048W150032120001, Mfr. model #15003212 Price) – $5.99

7. Trim a Home Snowman with Fabric Scarf Figurative Mug
(Kmart item# 011W021792110001, Mfr. model #2179211) – price $2.99

Total Price – $499.93 (very close to $500..eh? ;))

319 Shotgun Spratling

Cool stuff!

I tweeted and here’s what I’d get:

Panasonic 9.1MP Digital Camera
Kmart item# 108000000DMCTZ5K

& probably -
5.0MP Pocket Digital Camcorder
Kmart item# 1070000AIPDV5900

but I could mix it up somewhat to go with the camera. Just depends on what great deals they had that day.

320 John Santangelo

Kmart item# 018W963975110001

321 Loretta

I tweeted: http://twitter.com/retta719/status/1044139831

With hubby just home from the hospital & on disability for the next few months our budget is tiny so I’d definitely be shopping for our boys for the holidays. A $500 gift card is just enough to get them each a DS -OR- a bike! They’ve been wanting bikes since we moved this summer.

#080W350353110001 yellow for Noah item #080W115236110001 orange for Lucas #080W114328110001 blue for Ethan #9990000017514112 silver and blue for Dylan

322 Kristen Bui

Wow! If I won the $500 Kmart gift card, this is what I would spend it on:

1. Kmart item# 018W929092640001 Mfr. model# MB533LL/A . This is a 32 GB iPod Touch Digital Media/Player.

This is the only item she has listed on her Christmas list. As you can probably see why…the cost is extraordinary. It’s $399.99. Since I have a few bucks left over, I would throw in two more items below:

2. Kmart item# 10500000MC127036 Mfr. model# 050644356568 (Monster Cable iPod Travel Pack, and

3. Case Logic Fitted Case for iPod® Touch – Black
Kmart item# 018W909070110001 Mfr. model# ITC-1

323 Kristen

I’m reposting my comment since I just read the izea.com contest rules, and I don’t think my initial post met all the requirements. Anyhow, I’m glad I reread your article and reviewed the contest requirements. It looks like you can buy quite a bit from Kmart with $500. I revisited Kmart.com site to see if I can find something better than I listed in my earlier post since the item in the earlier post was much higher than $500. My new items are below:

1. Kmart item #018W929092640001
Mfr. model #MB533LL/A (Apple 32 GB iPod Touch Digital Media Player-Black).

2. Kmart item# 018W909070110001 Mfr. model# ITC-1 (Case Logic Fitted Case for iPod Touch-Black).

3. Kmart item# 10500000MC127036 Mfr. model# 050644356568 (Monster Cable iPod Travel Pack)

324 Greg

I would spend the gift card on the tomtom GPS, ONE 130 Portable GPS Navigation Device (#018W405439110001) and the Zune 8GB Digital Media Player, Black (#018W966512110001). Both would come in handy when traveling. I’d also get the Sony DVD Player w/ 1080p Upconversion (#018W686907110001) for movie nights.

Tweeted: http://twitter.com/mommydaddyblog/status/1044854898

325 LaDonna

Kmart item# 105FVULTRA60MINP Flip Video 149.99 For me

Kmart item# 9990000092061011 Martha Stewart Everyday Garden Victoria Three-Seat Swing 229.99 For My Guest

Kmart item #011W816979110001
For everyone 112.49

492.47 for those 3 awesome Christmas gifts!

326 tuesday

I tweeted! TuesdayGirl

327 AlpacaFarmgirl

I tweeted!

328 Leo (Healthy Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle)

Hey cool :)

329 Ashley Taylor

Something for everyone in the family. We need a new TV the color on ours is going bad. Hubby and I always like neat clocks. Baby alive is the must have item on my daughters Christmas list.

Sylvania 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV Kmart item# 018W677925110001 Mfr. model# LC320SS9

Chaney 18in Wrought Iron Wall Clock Kmart item# 9990000006630711 Mfr. model# 176764

Baby Alive Baby Go Bye-Bye Kmart item# 103000000731375B Mfr. model# 731375B

330 Takumi86

I just tweeted this

Also here’s the thing that i want to buy from $500 for my Christmas Eve, best present ever to capture your image during christmas eve

DMC-TZ5K Digital camera 9.1 Megapixel CCD 10x F/3.3-4.9 4.6-46 mm 3 Inch MMC; SD; SDHC Lithiumion Black


331 Elizabeth

I’m very lucky to be married to a man who builds furniture for us. So the first thing I would buy with the $500 would be this, because I know he needs one:

1. Craftsman 7-1/4 in. Miter Saw with Laser Trac™
Kmart item# 010W652764870001

2. My son’s MP3 player was stolen out of our car, so I’d buy him the Element 2GB MP3 Player w/ Video
Kmart item# 018W047446110001

3. I always have to borrow my Dad’s hedge trimmer, it would be great to finally own one!
Black & Decker 24 in. Hedge Hog Hedge Trimmer
Kmart item #9990000079683424

4. My daughter never stops moving, ever, so to help her burn some of that energy, I’d buy her this:
Jump Start Trampoline
Kmart item# 1030000000373462

5. And then, because I’ve worked so hard all year and really deserve it, I’d buy myself this: Blue Topaz Cushion and White Topaz 3-Stone Ring, 10K Yellow Gold , available online only so I don’t see an item number, but the URL for the page is http://www.kmart.com/shc/s/p_10151_10104_18205044ZA007000P?mv=rr

Man, I hope I win.

332 Jeff

Kmart item# 018W963975110001

333 Melinda

I would buy
item # 048W807751110001
item # 048W807811110001
item # 048W807696110001
item # 048W807791110001
item # 048W807809110001
I love this set!
…and maybe a few more items :)

334 paul

Mongoose 26″ Men’s Hooligan
Kmart item #080W974209110001

Xbox 360 System Hardware
Kmart item# 9990000042317511

335 Dale

K-Mart has been a staple in my life for ever. They do great things for our community as well. They let the Salvation Army ring bells, let the Boy Scouts sell their popcorn, sponsor Little League and Softball Tournments and many many more chartible gestures.

We have a mission in our community called The Lighthouse Outreach Center. One of the things I’m involved in is the feeding of the poor and elderly. They also sponsor a Children’s Christmas Program giving all kinds of toys and gifts to needy kids. Pastor Mel said becuse of the economy there are more kids and less donations. This would be a great opportunity to bless them.

That’s my wish list!

336 reica

This X’mas my family plans to visit the LA Mission. I will shop for the following which are on the Mission’s wish list: big size clothes – Joe Boxer Big Men’s Lined Zip Hoodie (15) 046W795200120001,Joe Boxer Big Men’s Fleece Pant with Elastic & Drawstring (15) 046W854381130001, & Fruit of the Loom Men’s Crew T-shirt – White 5 pack (10) 9990000013996015.
4 me? I just want throws for my kids: Spongebob Squarepants & Thomas the Train Thomas #1 Ultra Soft Toddler Blanket. Merry Xmas!

337 Anthony


sku# 018W963975110001

Portable GPS Navigator w/ 3.5 in. Touchscreen Display:
sku# 018W822342110001

338 Dianna

This is so easy, there are so many things I could buy. But I am going to concentrate on getting something for my wonderful husband on our 1st year annyversary :
Kmart item# 2320009800010R01 – so he can get home earlier without getting lost.
Kmart item# 187000003877-202 – because we literaly sleep in a mattres on the floor since we moved in
Kmart item # 139000BDC-2422-2 – to complete the room set
Kmart item # 048W101009130001 – He will love these
Thank you sooo much!!!

339 Akura

I think this is awesome
This is what I would Buy:
Kmart item # 9990000025876611 -for mu husband
Kmart item# 1020005567640000 – Mom
Kmart item# 024W534585110001 – for a beautiful baby
Kmart item# 9990000040934811 – for the entere family
Tnak you…
I really hope I win.

340 Temari

WOW just in time for the hollidays, this is great!
Sears item# 02629522000 we really need it

341 Dianna

This is so awesome. There are so many things I could buy. I this time I will concentrate on my wonderful husband on our 1st year anniversary:
Kmart item# 018W822342110001 – so he can get home early form work and not get lost.
Kmart item# 187000003877-202 – we literaly sleep on the floor in a mattress since we moved in
Kmart item# 13900600ZH043000 – to complete our room set.
Kmart item # 048W101009130001 – he will really love these.
Thank you soooo much!!!!!!

342 Kristen

Apple 32GB iPod® Touch Digital Media Player – Black

* Kmart item #018W92909264000

For hubby – his is almost 4 years old and is in need of an upgrade!

Thanks for the offer :)

343 Kristen

I’d spend the last $100 on bath towels. We are really in need of a new ones for the family!

Kmart item # 048W724496140008

344 maverick

wonderful shopping Jeremy!! is this valid for overseas shoppers?? Is there a online version of Kmart??

345 Houston Vanguard

Probably $500 worth of pillows.

346 K-IntheHouse

It’s interesting Kmart has it’s sight on Blogs to spread the word. Pretty cool in fact.

Here are my choices should I get lucky:

Martha Stewart Everyday Paprika Paisley Complete Bed Set
Kmart item # 070W725623130003 Mfr.model # 72562311 $99.99

Arachnid Arachnid Walnut Electronic Dartboard Cabinet
Kmart item# 1010000001637739 Mfr. model# 1637739 $129.99

Bed Head Nano Ceramic Straightener, 1 in. $54.99
* Kmart item #038W910220110001
* Mfr. model #BH200

Metro Cookware Set 7 pc. Hard Anodized
Kmart item# 2520000000000456 Mfr. model# 0456 $129.99

2/3 of Westinghouse Solar Lights, 8 pk.
Kmart item# 005W479935110001 Mfr. model# 79505 $29.99

A mix of stuff for me and the wifey. :-)

347 Jaden

Hey there! I tweeted this giveaway at: http://twitter.com/jadenbru/status/1049338391

my email is jadensmail at gmail dot com if I win! I hope I do cuz I could really use a nice big new TV :)

348 Regina

I was just at KMart yesterday scoping out the Joe Boxers holiday underwear for my son-they are hilarious and now a Christmas tradition, tee shirts for another son, clothes and toys for the grandchildren, more underwear for hubby. I would have no problem at all using up a gift card. Pretty Please!

349 Taris J

Nice post – I love it when there are a lot of pics to go with the story!!! And WOW lots of comments here!! No wonder you’re a champ of the blogging world!!

350 Maggie Smith

I would love the Dyson DC14 All Floors Upright
Kmart item #006W734090110001

Safety 1st Musical Talkin Potty & Step Stool
Kmart item# 9990000002042311 Mfr. model# 02042311

Sesame Street Elmo Live!
Kmart item# 004W957431110001 Mfr. model# L9049


351 MomneedsTV

If I were granted a $500 to KMart, I would purchase a TV for my parents, whom just recently were laid off, after being employed with the same company for 20 years. Unlike most, I would be taking some who are less fortunate into consideration, opposed to acquiring an ADDITIONAL television for myself.


Thanks for your consideration,

352 MomneedsTV

I attempted to post this once before, but it seems that it was unsuccessful. If I was granted a $500 gift card, I would purchase item 018W677925110001 for my parents, as both of them were laid off, due to the economy after being employed for 20 years. I would take into consideration someone, other than myself, whom needs or wants something this Holiday season opposed to acquiring an ADDITIONAL television. And since, I cannot afford to purchase them one, being that they don’t own one, I know this wouild make them happy.

Thanks for your considertion!

353 Lisa

I would get the Sony PLAYSTATION®3 40GB (Kmart item# 018W963975110001).

354 Teresa

I would buy christmas for some very needy children. 500.00 would buy a lot of gifts for several children who would not have anything this year.

355 justin Castillo

Man you’re on a roll. Those dice must be loaded with lead.

356 justin Castillo

Well here I go again on my own going down another blog I’ve been before. Like a shopper, I was born to go alone.

357 Karen S

I would buy this monitor:
Hewlett-Packard HP W2408H HP LCD Monitor
Kmart item# 10800000HPW2408H Mfr. model# HP W2408H

Thanks so much for the chance to win!

358 Marcus

Well if I was to win this contest, I would spend it on my daughter. Since it is Christmas. To explain, I got let go from my job about a month ago now. We had to use the money that we have/had, to of course pay bills and keep food in the house. So my wife and I are not able to give our daughter the Christmas we would like. Being I am buy for my daughter I would rather a Toys-R-Us gift card, but seeing this is for K-mart Here is the list I would get for my daughter. It will total to about $492.87 with tax. P.S. – If I do win, I would like to say I would be happy to send pics of her opening the gifts and a copy of the invoice to show we did use it for our daughter and this is not just a sad story to win.

Disney Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty Styling Vanity Interactive Accessories Set
Kmart item # 1030000000735565

Dora the Explorer Hopping Ball
Kmart item # 1030000000312722

Disney Princess Magic Wand Laptop
Kmart item # 1030000000722517

2008 Holiday Barbie
Kmart item # 004W067730610001

TeleStory Interactive Storybook Cartridge – Dora the Explorer
Kmart item # 1030000000711072

Disney Disney Sleeping Beauty Magic Lights
Kmart item # 004W697794110001

Mattel The Magical Cloud Kingdom Adventure Playset
Kmart item # 1030000000355405

Hasbro FurReal Friends Pony: SMores
Kmart item # 004W771642380001

Princess 9oz Tumbler – X3
Kmart item # 011W174152110001

Rub ‘N Color El Grande Activity Kit
Kmart item # 1030000000337239

359 Toby

I would take the $500 and spend it on Clark Howard’s Christmas Kids – a charity for foster children in GA. http://clarkhoward.com/topics/christmas_kids.html

Kmart item# 1030000000705691
Kmart item# 1030000000749870
Kmart item# 1030000000731136
Kmart item# 004W957431110001
Kmart item# 1030000000746773
Kmart item# 004W167157110001
Kmart item# 1030000000315487

360 Dwayne Haskell

I could definitely use a new TV:

Element 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p)
Kmart item# 012W804958950001

Then I would spend the remaining penny in the gumball machine….I don’t think the gumball has a SKU…

361 hubs

Man I need one of these:
Kmart item# 012W804958950001
Element 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p)

Hope I win!

362 Cynthia Phillips

1. 360,Chronicles Of Narnia Prince Caspian Kmart item # 25500XB3DIS00466 Mfr.model # XB3 DIS 00466 Price:$29.99

2. Electronic Arts Sims 2, The Kmart item # 1630000000715040 Mfr.model # 15126 Price:$19.99

3. Bissell ProHeat 2X™ Select Floor Cleaner, Purple Kmart item # 9990000037514911 Mfr.model # 9200 Price:$209.99

4. Bissell The Momentum?® Cyclonic Vacuum Kmart item # 006W023268110001 Mfr.model # 82G71 Price:$109.99

5. Conair 1 in. Infiniti Professional Instant Heat Ceramic Hair Straightener Kmart item # 9990000056198711 Mfr.model # CS31 Price:$35.99

6. Revlon 1875 Watt Ionic Styler Dryer Kmart item # 9990000056337711 Mfr.model # RV474 Price: $16.99

7. Act Cast A Spell Youth Cosmetic Travel Case Kmart item # 015W106482110001 Mfr.model # 10648211 Price: $14.99

Est. Pre-tax Total: $437.93



363 Cynthia Phillips

I tweeted this.




364 Bev

If won, i would like to donate the gift card to our local food shelf. They could use it to buy food and winter clothing.

365 www.CouponCorner.com

We would donate gift card.

You can save money by using coupons when shopping online.

CouponCorner.com also offer free printable grocery coupons!

366 Angela

For my nephews and sons.
Kmart item# 9990000054683011/ Kmart item# 9990000044473211
Kmart item# 1630000000715040/ Kmart item# 25500PS2CRA39960
Kmart item #1270000TB83330CR/ Kmart item # 049W079152130001
Kmart item # 049W148824110001/ Kmart item# 9990000021264111
Kmart item# 163000000700000K

367 Lucy

Dyson Root 6 Handheld
Kmart item# 006W765844110001 Mfr. model# 00099

My dog Rita and I thank you.

368 Christy

I’m dreaming of a new XBox and a soundtrack that I love,
Where Legos regenerate and people celebrate
And off to KMart we go…
Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite 120GB Bundle Sears item# 05891057000 Mfr. model# 52V-00015 $399.99
Mamma Mia Soundtrack Kmart item #1260000007540110 Mfr. model #7540110 $14.99
Lego Batman Kmart item# 25500XB3WAR38905 Mfr. model# XB3 WAR 38905 $49.99
Happy Holidays!

369 Lori

I would purchase Kmart item# 1050000000032320 to back up my pictures.

I would also be grateful to purchase Kmart item# 011W815811110001 Mfr. model# 81581111 since my daughter loses ours.

Since I am a single mom out of work, it would be very appreciated!

370 Susan

I twittered this contest – Thanks for offering such a great giveaway!

371 Brian " Cure Acne " W.

I would buy $500 worth of acne cream

372 Matt Iaci

I am definitely use the money to have some fun including purchasing
item# 018W710255110001, a brand new xbox elite system!!!!
That would be nice!

373 Tandra

Amazing all in itself.
Gift Card and what a amazing time during Christmas holiday.
I am not a selfish person and really would ask nothing for myself other than praying that someone recieve this award to be honest and true
and donate it to children in need of Christmas. I pray that this person has a big heart and has much faith in christmas.

374 JT

I would get this:
Sylvania 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV
Kmart item# 018W677925110001

It would definitely take a shopping spree for me to shop there though. We have one in town and I purposely drive 25 minutes away to get to Target! It’s a much more enjoyable (and cheaper) shopping experience there. I wish the Kmart in my area would realize that a dark store with no employees is not the way to grow a business.

375 Robin

Being as our Television went out a few months ago and haven’t had the funds to replace it I would probably get this.
Thank You

Sylvania 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV
Kmart item# 018W677925110001 Mfr. model# LC320SS9

376 desksec

i would buy a new bedroom set which is what i wanted to buy since i moved into my new place.
i would get these items:

Kmart item# 021C123457770000B

377 Jeremy

A swing for my baby
a vacuum
a toy for my baby
another toy

378 Tracy Kelleher

I would use the $500 to finish christmas shopping for my three daughters.It would be great,times are rough these days. .Happy Holidays,Thanks

379 Mae

Silvertone Citation Guitar & Amp Package, Liquid Black Kmart item# 1650SAKSS10PAKBK
PS2,Buzz Hollywood Quiz Bundle Kmart item# 25500PS2SCE97594
Square Enix Final Fantasy XII (PS2) Kmart item# 1630000000713020
Sony Dark Cloud PlayStation 2 Kmart item# 1630000000700109
Square Enix Radiata Stories (PS2) Kmart item# 1630000000713013
XSeed Shadow Hearts – From The New World (PS2) Kmart item# 1630000000714701
Sims 2 – Glamour Life Stuff Expansion Pak (PC) Kmart item# 1630000000197070
Mattel Scene It? DVD Game – Seinfeld Edition Kmart item# 1030000000759346
Seinfeld – Seasons 1 & 2 Standard screen Kmart item# 1260000010217825
Seinfeld – Season 3 – Standard screen Kmart item# 1260000010217856
Seinfeld – Season 4 – Standard screen Kmart item# 1260000010637319
Seinfeld – Season 5 – Standard screen Kmart item# 1260000011087014
Seinfeld – Season 6 – Standard screen Kmart item# 1260000011087045

380 Stephanie

If I could, I would get…

Sansui 19 in. (Diagonal) Class Widescreen LCD HDTV
Kmart item# 250000HDLCD-1900 Mfr. model# HDLCD-1900
$ 349.99

Apple 8GB iPod® Nano Digital Media Player – Pink
Kmart item# 018W929086050001 Mfr. model# MB735LL/A
$ 149.99




382 Sher

I would purhase a laptop for a Viet Vetran who lost his leg and is in a vets hospital in VA. These guys are mostly alone and this is their only way to get outside of the walls of the facility..No atte who you choose God Bless you and your decision

383 Darinda

I would take 200.00 and buy coats, hats, and gloves for kids in a shelter that need them. Then I would take the rest and spend it on my son, husband, nieces, and nephews. And if I had anything left I would buy myself a pair of shoes.

384 Fran

Hi, I love that you thought of others. In this season of giving and thinking of others I just haven’t seen much of that this year. With the world in a financial mess I still believe in the human race and faith that we are basically good. If I had the $500 I would spend most of it on my family. My husband has been out of work since July so this Christmas isn’t so much about gifts as it is about the spirit of Christmas and giving. My son and I have managed to scrape up enough money to buy a few gifts for the toys for tots program. Tomorrow I will go to the main drop off in my area to drop off the gifts that we have collected. That will give me a true feeling of the holidays.

385 Ian

I would get 20-40 pound dumbells, rollerblades, a helmet, knee and elbow pads, a skate board, a basketball hoop thing, a basketball, some new silverware, baking pans, a handball (sport), handball gloves, handball goggles, clothing (yes, I am deperate for that), and that should be good. Functional, and good. Although, I need my stress fracture (fibula) to heal up first, and I’d hope all my tendonitis-es (almost every joint at this point) would be at least somewhat healed up, too.

That, OR, I’d just buy stuff for my brother, mom, and dad for Chanukah. Especially, since right now, and possibly for a while longer I’ll be sidelined.

386 Jessica

Okay. I’ll take:

White Student Desk – $49.99
Kmart Item # 9990000021264411
UPC Item #29986076151

Modular Storage – $135.99
Kmart Item # 9990000021264411
UPC Item #29986076151

387 Elizabeth Dehart

Thank you,

I would love the Yard-Man 8.5 amp Electric Snow Thrower @ 169.99 = for me (Kmart item# 9990000044370911) and for the husband the Kenmore 596 sq. in 3 Burner Gas Grill with Side Burner @ $249.99 (Kmart item# 028W641215400001)

For the kids the Just Kidz 5 Pieces Drum Set (Kmart item# 004W152743110001)

Last but not least AO Safety Safety Ear Plugs (Kmart item# 9990000032216811)


388 Karin

I have never won anything in my life, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Kmart is the closest store to us, Walmart is almost 20 miles away. And an added feature that we need and appreciate is LAYAWAY. Thank you KMART!!!! They also have inexpensive toys that last! We’re a military family on a limited budget and this year we have absolutely nothing to give our 3 kids, age 17, 2 1/2 and 7 months. Yes, we know there’s a big gap in their ages. It would give us an opportunity to let our eldest daughter be the first of her friends to get something. We didn’t even do birthdays this year. DARN ECONOMY!! We’re praying for a miracle. And a miracle it would be if we were able to get the items below:
Sony PLAYSTATION®3 Kmart item# 018W963975110001 Mfr. model# PS3 SCE 98006, $399.99
car seat Kmart Item # 024W400851110001 Mfr. Model#22133CAD3 $49.99
Grave Digger Truck Kmart item #1030000000721111 Mfr. model #721111$29.99
Huggies size 4 Kmart item# 9990000076003420 Mfr. model# 76003420 $10.99

389 Bob

I would like to win these items for my wife;Memorex 19 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD HDTV with HDMI Input
Kmart item# 018W805721110001 Mfr. model# MLT1921 Black & Decker 4 Slice Toaster
Kmart item# 011W783503110001 Mfr. model# T4560B Wilson Hope Golf Clubs
Kmart item# 9990000020677611 Mfr. model# G6408
Thanks for the chance!

390 Kathy

Mr ShoeMoney,

I haven’t looked at many blogs before, but yours was quite interesting, LOL!!! I loved all the photos and the comments.

We have had a rough year this year. Hubby’s company has not come through with many promises they have made, and we have been living on our credit cards most of the year. I’m not trying to sound like a sob story, honestly. I am one of the most positive people you will ever meet. We WILL survive!!! I would use the gift card to buy essentials that our family needs to live on. I’m not sure these items have SKU#’s. This is a very kind thing that you and KMart are doing.

391 Kristi Gilleland

I’m skullaria on Twitter – I gave you a tweet!

Thanks for the contest. :)

392 Kristi Gilleland

I need a new bed for my son! He’s getting really tall.
I’d get this: # 021W023398110001 and let him pick out a matching bed!

393 Stitch

Our Holiday Wish List:

Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite System
Kmart item# 018W710255110001 Mfr. model# B4J-00122

Wii Fit & Wii Balance Board
Kmart item #25500WIIRVLRRFNE Mfr. model #WII RVL R RFNE

Thank you and good luck to everyone. ^_^v
Happy Holidays! :)

394 Vance

On my wishlist:

Sony Blu-ray Disc™ Player ($249.99)
Kmart item# 018W220084110001 Mfr. model# BDPS350

Flip Video Ultra Series 60 minutes ($179.99)
Kmart item# 105FVULTRA60MINW Mfr. model# FVULTRA60MINW

395 Ruben

Hook it Up ZD! (Zapato-Dinero)

I would like to purchase this for my Wifey :)

1/2 ct. tw.* Diamond Princess Stud Earrings. 14K White Gold $499.99

# 04421746000

396 Jess

Thanks for hosting the fun giveaway! I would get this toddler bed for my little guy
Heritage Collection Wooden Toddler Bed-Natural
Kmart item# 9990000006826512 42.00
Then I’d get this for my older son
Essential Home Pine Bunk Bed
Kmart item# 9990000025777711 199.99 plus two mattresses at 54.00 a piece

and this for all of us!
Nintendo Wii Music
Kmart item# 255WIIRVLPR64E01 49.99

This one looks fun too
WII, Hasbro Family Game Night
Kmart item# 255WIIELA1908901 29.99

Thank, this was fun!

397 Teresa Hall

Apple 8GB iPod® Nano Digital Media Player – Yellow
* Kmart item #018W929085540001
* Mfr. model #MB748LL/A $149.99

Wii Play
Kmart item# 25500WIIRVLQRHAE Mfr. model# WII RVL Q RHAE $49.99
Here’s my Kmart shopping list for Christmas!

Memory Foam 6 in Thick Mattress $229.99

GE 7.0MP Digital Camera, A735
Kmart item# 020W673380110001 Mfr. model# A735 BK $ 69.99

398 ethan

well, the parents just moved into a new and smaller house so…

Essential Home 5-Piece Pub Set
Kmart item# 021W147899110001 = $237.49

and one more piece of furniture for them

South Shore 5-Drawer Chest, Contemporary, Chocolate
Kmart item# 187000003159-035 = 139.99

399 Carl

I would use the $500 to purchase blankets and heaters and donate it to the Salvation Army. Simple.

400 Kate Braxton

I would appreciate a chance to go shopping at Kmart. I am so broke until I don’t know how I will give anyone gifts this year. I know the season isn’t about me but it is depressing not to be able to give my family gifts at Christmas.

401 Katja

Would love to win! This is what I’d pick:
Kmart item #1030000000814139 LEGO plane ($79.99)
Kmart item #137000000HPE20SS Espresso Machine ($89.99)
Kmart item# 018W351064110001 Printer ($99.99)
Kmart item #25000000000JP137 Digital Photo Frame ($94.99)
Kmart item# 018W929086050001 iPod ($149.99)

402 Chalry Chisum

WOW!!! This is awesome!! I would use this gift card for:

Wii Fit & Wii Balance Board
Kmart item #25500WIIRVLRRFNE Mfr. model #WII RVL R RFNE
Price: $89.99
5.0MP Pocket Digital Camcorder, Aiptek DV5900
Kmart item# 1070000AIPDV5900 Mfr. model# AIPDV5900 $135.00
Portable DVD Player (# 250000TF-DVD7006) $110
Little Tikes: Go & Grow Lil’ Rollin’ Giraffe (# 027W713788140001) $30
Yo Gabba Gabba Grooves Guitar (# 1030000000734588) $25 Spider-Man MP3 Player (# 1030000000308552) $50
Franklin Adjustable Soccer Rebounder (# 1010000000252592) $50
The total before tax would be: $489.99

403 Pam

Craftsman 179cc 4 cycle Single Stage Snow Thrower with Electric Start

Kmart item #043W971744260001
Mfr. model #88705

With snow in CO I would LOVE ONE!!!

404 Shaila

Element 32 in. (Diagonal) Class LCD Integrated HDTV (720p)

Kmart item #012W804958950001
Mfr. model #ELCHS321

We would LOVE one of these!

405 Jeanette

What would I buy with a $500 K-Mart girt card? Here’s my wish list.

For the new grandbaby, my first, Id buy the Disney Baby ProPack™ Travel System
Kmart item # 024W897553110001 for $139.99.

For the family when we go camping, Id buy the Century Tool Cook and Grill Stove (10,000 BTU)
Kmart item # 1010000001318308 for $74.99.

For my surprise 3 yr old whos birthday is on Christmas day, Id buy the Yukon Express 60-Piece Wooden Train Set
Kmart item # 1030000000785744 for $39.99.

Id also get him the Dora the Explorer Lawn Swing
Kmart item # 1030000000337541 for $64.99. He loves my yard swing.

Also the Step 2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse
Kmart item # 1298480000776900 for $129.99.

And last, Id get him the Micro Excavator Riding Toy with Helmet
Kmart item # 1030000000127167 for $49.99. so he can have fun playing in the dirt. Boys will be boys.

My grand total: $499.94.

Thanks and have a wonderful holiday.

406 ruby

I am sorry my list is SO long but I would try and replace essential items for a family(2 adults-4 children) that lost everything in a house fire last week–i know toys will be provided so i picked each one a suit of clothes then i picked things you have to have–so here goes
canister set 2520000000000689
8 pc storage set 9990000035335811
2 cp storage bowls (qnty 2) 9990000001206611
6 pc storage set 99900000353383
32 pc dinnerware set (qnty 2) 9990000040762711
toaster 011W782534110001
coffee maker 9990000022225711
can opener 9990000011858411
bath towels (qnty 10) 9990000010192522
25 pk wash cloths 9990000021809812
6 qt slow cooker 011W034237110001
metro 7 pc cookset 2520000000000462
quilt in-a-bag 048W072885110001
route 66 cord pants 049W132580320001
turtle neck top 049W16775780001
levi jeans046W799390140004
print shirt 046W085990120001
levi jeans 027W822594150001
sweater 027W263979120001
levi jeans 027W673614180001
sweater 027W334391240001
route 66 jeans 046W926774250001
route 66 shirt 046W825159170001
corduroy pants 027W403774170001
blouse 027W810053120001

it took me a very LONG time to look up all the sizes and sku numbers but if i can win a chance to help out this family it will be worth it–i would just buy the items but my husband has kidney failure and we do home dialysis so we are on a fixed income.

407 ruby

I can not find my post–put it on here –how and where do i find it-thanks for your help

408 Rekzai

Kmart item# 020W3312691
Kmart item# 018W677925110001

409 Jenn Walden

I haven’t shopped at Kmart in a while and I didn’t realize what great deals they had- I will be heading over there soon to check them out for myself!! Here’s what I would buy:

Kmart item# 108000000DMCTZ5S Mfr. model# DMCTZ5S for $349.99

DS,Lego Batman (Releases 9/23/08)
Kmart item# 25500NDSWAR38901 Mfr. model# NDS WAR 38901 for $29.99

DS, Star Wars The Clone Wars Jedi Alliance(Street Date 11-11-08)
Kmart item# 255NDSLUC3346101 Mfr. model# NDS LUC 33461 for $34.99

Bissell Little Green Compact Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Kmart item# 9990000060024311 Mfr. model# 60024311 for $79.99

Wow… it would be so great to win this one!!
Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!!

410 Jenn Walden

RT this post- {OneHouseSchool}

Thanks again!!

411 Karen

This is a great idea.
Since I have been out of work for almost 2 months, I would use the gift card to buy Christmas for my family and get the items they would really want.

GE Digital Camera A835
020W673502110001 $79.99

Camp Chef Dutch Oven
1010000001187919 $39.99

Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Hot Beverage Center
010073444910001 $29.99

Creative Labs Zen
10500000ZEN4GBBK $99.99

Plus clothes and stocking stuffers.
It would make for a nice Christmas.

412 Margot
413 Melissa

i posted on twitter. my id is melisaur

414 Dan

For my Mom who is doing a lot od driving for work in a new city:
- Garmin NUVI 205 (1210000100071740) $199.99

For a Non-Profit Camp that I volunteer at, and that is in disrepair:
- Craftsman 16 gal. Wet-Dry Vac, 6.0 Peak hp (9990000031946411) $79.99

- Craftsman 3 gal. Air Compressor, 1 hp, Horizontal Tank (9990000032739811) $99.99

- Companion Folding Hex Key Set, SAE and Metric (9990000058706311) $7.99

- Craftsman 7 oz. Curved Finishing Hammer (9990000032156211) $6.99

For my National Guard Unit to take overseas when we go back in 2009: (Help us relax during down time)
- Arachnid Cricket Master 120 with Heckler Option (1010000001146396) $79.99

- Halex Lasso Golf Game (9990490090188111) $24.99

415 BenSpark

I would buy a Boynq Sabre Stereo Speaker (Pink)
Kmart item# 1070000000BYQSFM Mfr. model# SABREFM For my wife or daughter’s iPods, but with $500 I could buy them each one. And new ipods Kmart item #018W929086050001. Buy two of each of those and Bam! $500

416 danielle

Great giveaway! My Kmart wishlist is as follows:

Wii Fit & Wii Balance Board, Kmart item #25500WIIRVLRRFNE, Mfr. model #WII RVL R RFNE $89.99 and
Kmart item# 018W963975110001 Mfr. model# PS3 SCE 98006, $399.99

For a grand total of $489.98

417 danielle

Great giveaway! My Kmart wishlist is as follows:

Wii Fit & Wii Balance Board, Kmart item #25500WIIRVLRRFNE, Mfr. model #WII RVL R RFNE $89.99 and
Kmart item# 018W963975110001 Mfr. model# PS3 SCE 98006, $399.99

For a grand total of $489.98 -

418 Katie

I would totally get the Weslo Pro 13.8 Elliptical (Kmart item# 080W106406110001). That’s awesome!

419 Colette S

I twittered: http://twitter.com/calliesan/status/1061564861

RT @shoemoney is giving away a $500 #Kmart Gift Card on his blog – simply tweet or comment to enter http://urlbrief.com/d9366c

420 Mike

Hey, thanks for the contest! I’d like a TV in my bedroom, and this 19″ Sony looks like a good candidate: Kmart item# 018W809619110001

421 Emily Albrecht

I tweeted this. One of the many items I would buy with this is:

Canon 8.0MP Digital Camera, PowerShot A590 IS
Kmart item # 020W678161110001
Mfr. model # A590IS/2566B001

Thanks. Happy Holidays.

422 Teresa Young

Sony DVD Camcorder, Handycam®
Kmart item# 018W684805110001 Mfr. model# DCR-DVD610 $299.99

…but I would really out the $500 towards the $509.99 JVC camcorder!

423 Sandra

I would love to win! Here is my wishlist:
Kmart item# 108000000DMCTZ5K Mfr. model# DMCTZ5K $349

2. Mio Moov 200 Portable GPS Navigator w/ 3.5 in. Touchscreen Display
Kmart item# 018W822342110001 Mfr. model# MIO MOOV 200 $129.99

Thanks !!!! & Merry Christmas to you!!

424 Colette S

Wii Fit & Wii Balance Board, Kmart item #25500WIIRVLRRFNE, Mfr. model #WII RVL R RFNE $89.99
Kmart item #25000000000JP137 Digital Photo Frame ($94.99
Carson SkySeeker Telescope
(Kmart item# 2930000000JC1000, Mfr. model #JC-1000) – Price $99.99
I would buy a Junior Grand Piano for my two-year old daughter. Kmart item# 9990000059733111 Mfr. model# 59733111 $99.99

My First Craftsman 68-Piece Workbench
Kmart item# 9990000058628211 Mfr. model# 773331

Cosco Home and Office Products 6 ft. Step Ladder, Aluminum
Kmart item# 005W211892110001 Mfr. model# 20-682 GAB $49.99
= $489.94

425 Bhav

Weslo Pro Crosswalk 7.8 Treadmill – $299
Kmart item# 080W112396110001 Mfr. model# WLTL37308

Flip Video Ultra Series 60 minutes – $149
Kmart item# 105FVULTRA60MINP Mfr. model# FVULTRA60MINP

Tekno Bouncing Puppy – $ 49
Kmart item# 1030000000678018 Mfr. model# 678018

$500 does go a long way there!!

426 Bhav
427 Chi

Garmin NUVI 205
Kmart item# 1210000100071740 – $199.99

Apple 8GB iPod® Touch Digital Media Player – Black
Kmart item# 018W929092100001 – $229.99

Youre In Movies (With Camera)
Kmart item# 255XB3MICLKC0131 – $69.99

$500 goes by so fast!

428 Lisa DiMona

Finding lots to admire here on the blog. I’d spend $500 on school and dorm supplies for daughter in college, for sure!

429 Mrs. Cox

I hope I twittered correctly!

430 Stephanie

So many items to choose from! I haven’t been in Kmart in ages, but the prices really are fabulous.

Here’s my “wish list”:
• Distinct Personalitites Pink Pop Sheet Set – full – $31.49
• Distinct Personalities Pink Pop Comforter Set – full – $44.99
• OXO spatula – Kmart item# 011W897773110001 – $5.99
• OXO 11 in. Good Grips Balloon Whisk – Sears item# 00836352000 – $7.19
• Sony DVD Camcorder, Handycam® – Kmart item# 018W684805110001 – $299.99
• Mr. Coffee 8 cup Thermal Programmable Coffeemaker – Kmart item# 011W515089110001 – $42.99

431 Marie

I’d love to win and would buy the following:

JVC 6 spkr. HDMI Home Theater System, 1000W
Kmart item# 018W542662130001 Mfr. model# THC40 $399.99

Creative Labs ZEN 2GB Black
Kmart item# 10500000ZEN2GBBK Mfr. model# ZEN2GBBK $79.99

432 Arfan

We use to have a K-Mart in Canada before I remember I bought my first nano from them brings back old memories. Then all of a sudden they closed down here. For 500$ if i can buy hmmm probally some toys for my little cousins

433 Beeb Ashcroft

I Tweeted this here:


My Twitter username is hardertobreathe. Thanks so much for the chance!

434 Payday Loan Reviewer

I would absolutely go for the PS3! When does it end? (I know, I know, I’m going to the rules now)

PS3 item# 018W963975110001

435 Payday Loan Reviewer

DAMN! Missed it by two days. NM.

(runs and hides in shame)

436 Payday Loan Reviewer

BTW- you should probably close or update this post.

437 Kimberly D.

Wow. I would love to win this! I have two small babies, and could buy a lot of stuff for them with that gift card. Kmart has great sales all the time. This would be a blessing! Thanks! :)



439 Timmy

I would get a new grill for the backyard with stainless steel utensils spring is right around the corner!

440 Gabrielle

As a single I love shopping at Kmart. As a matter of fact I bought my daughter that same exact princess comforter last year :D

441 Gabrielle

As a single mom I love shopping at KMart. As a matter of fact I bought that exact same comforter for my daughter last year.

442 Aman@BullsBattleBears

I would honestly put that GC on an auction site and sell it for close to its face value. Then just pocket the cash (being honest!) hehe.

443 SW @ Quality Squidoo Lens Service

For this kind of offer I think you should tell your visitors that this post is specially for their wife, girl friends, mom, sister.

In nutshell fwd this post URL to all those woman you known.

You will be famous within seconds because of this kind of post. Try this one … :)

444 debbie

If i would win i would buy xmas for my neices 3 little girls they are having a hard time this year and the girls are 6,7,8 she took the 6 and 8 year old in since their mother and father couldnt care for them now they are leagaly theres, and i would donate some toys to the needy.

445 LeAndrew Taylor

Our oldest son started his first year of college this past September! We’re very proud of him (He’s the first male in our family to attend college) and my wife and I would love to be able to get him a few items off his ‘Christmas Wish List’!

Thanks for the chance to win the $500 Kmart Gift Card!

If I was the ‘lucky’ winner of the Kmart Gift Card, I would use it to get the following items for my son:


Item #00386124000 $249.99

Model # EPC1005HAB-BLU


Item #018W137193110001 #249.99

Model # 52T – 00141

Once again, thanks for the chance to win!

Good Luck and Happy Holidays to all!

446 Bill McPhee

Hmmm, that would be fun, I think I would start with some LED light bulbs, they save money and are better for the environment that CFL’s (don’t have the mercury in them) Then I would buy a space heater and use it to heat the area around the tv room so I can space heat instead of heating the entire house. After that, practical things… used on a near daily/weekly basis ( I know boring but it would help save money)

447 Baby Bath Thermometer

Wow that looks like so much fun, I love UNO! Pics are awesome, love your blog SHoe :)

448 Erwin Brians

Amazing stuff as usual…

449 Shavon Woody

ohh…nice post but genuinely?/? :P

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452 Agata Grudzinski

Bunch of losers begging for cash!

453 Kacie Adkison

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455 Mitchel Senft

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