Have You Read The Dip?

The Dip by Seth Godin

The Dip by Seth Godin

I was listening to the book “The Dip” – by Seth Godin, on the way back from Vegas when it hit me how much this book has played an influence on my my life. It hit me so hard that I felt compelled to write Seth a note and thank him. In the email I gave very specific examples to Seth about how many times his book “The Dip” greatly influenced a decisions I had. And many times these decisions turned out to some of the biggest turning points in my business(s).

I was not expecting any response from Seth. I kind of wrote the email more for me then him. I think you guys know what I mean by that.

When he did respond I was very nervous to look what he had said:

From: Seth Godin
Date: November 12, 2008 7:25:35 PM CST
To: Jeremy Schoemaker
Subject: Re: Your Impact On My Life

holy smokes

what a fantastic note Jeremy

that means a lot. You get all the credit for your success, but it’s great to know you!

I thought maybe this week I would kind of do the same on my blog. I know many people who have read the book “The Dip” but I don’t think they really comprehend it well. Also a lot of people think “The Dip” is just about powering through tough times. Its MUCH more then that.

I listen to the book at least once a month to keep it fresh in my head.

Anyway this week I will probably making a few posts about how the dip has effected my life. If you have not purchased it yet… its only 9$ on Amazon and it will change the way you look at things.