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Been scouring the net reading posts and watching video for tonight’s event.

Here is the press conference video courtesy of

I noticed in the video that Lesnar is a lot classier then normal. I wonder if Dana White kind of sat him down and told him to quit being a jackass and this is not the WWF

So pumped!!!

Here is the official weigh in results:


-Randy Couture (220) vs. Brock Lesnar (265)

-Joe Stevenson (156) vs. Kenny Florian (156)

-Gabriel Gonzaga (256) vs. Josh Hendricks (238)

-Demian Maia (185) vs. Nathan Quarry (185)

-Dustin Hazelett (170) vs. Tamdan McCrory (170)

-Jorge Gurgel (155) vs. Aaron Riley (156)

-Jeremy Stephens (155) vs. Rafael dos Anjos (155)

-Alvin Robinson (155) vs. Mark Bocek (155)

-Ryan Thomas (170) vs. Matt Brown (171)

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          By the way, how much is this fight tonight? I can’t seem to find it anywhere?

          Taylor and Lacy is looking pretty nice for a freebie.

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  1. Jimmy Ramos

    Lesnar definitely was classy during the press conference. *IF* he wins – I wonder if he’ll be able to contain himself and remain classy.

    I really hope Couture wins, but it really seems like Lesnar has a good chance of taking it.

    Aww man… can’t wait for the fight to start!

  2. Garry Conn

    I went through a little phase where I was glued to watching UFC. I thought that Randy Couture retired. I remember like two years ago after his third fight against Chuck Liddell. What happened with that? Why did he say he was going to retire but he is still fighting? Sometimes I think there is a little soap opera stuff going on with UFC just like you see with fake wrestling.

    1. Static

      I’m sure that to some degree it is a soap opera. Sometimes fights alone can’t attract visitors, although this one definitely is a bit different. πŸ˜‰

  3. JeffGomez

    If Couture wins tonight it puts him in a precarious spot b/c fighting the winner of the Silva/Mir fight would be a step back. Only fight left for Couture after tonight should be a matchup with Fedor….which we’ll never see. I’m hoping for a Couture victory, but Lesnar is such a beast.

    As far as Kenny Florian is concerned, a victory tonight puts him in line to fight either a BJ Penn or a GSP (although, he’d need to go up in weight).

  4. Jacob

    Brocks hands are *huge*. I really want Randy to win, but dang… Brock is big, strong, fast monster. Based on his history, I would never ever bet against Randy, you are destined to lose some dough, by I’ll be surprised if he can pull this off. After whacking Herring a few months ago, Brock sort of made us all realize he may be legit. Randy is old and wise, though. Wow, I’m excited to see this one!

    1. BusinessX

      I am writing this post fight, and it is interesting you mentioned Lesnar’s hand size, as that was a (the?) factor. Good call.

      Even Couture mentioned Lesnar’s size was a factor.

  5. mohawkdonkeydotcom

    well it looks like I was wrong about the fight. I thought for sure Randy would pull this one off. He might be down by 45lbs but he makes up for it with experience. Oh well. I’m just glad I didn’t have money on the fight. Then me and Randy both would have lost. This way it’s just Randy who lost.

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  7. Political Disgust

    I was surprised that Lesnar has actually won anything in the real fighting game. He is huge and was a champion college wrestler, but as we have seen time and time again, these guys seem to be flashes in the pan and then gone. Even though Lesnar won I am not sure he will be champ that long. he really has not shown very much other then if he connects with a punch and gets on top of the other guy. It will be interesting to see what happens when he gets in trouble with someone who can hold onto him and punch with him.

    Finally, I DO AGREE that he sounds MUCH better and more professional speaking now then he ever did with the WWE

    Political Disgust

  8. MakingMoneyForLife

    Yeah Brock Lesnar was a lot classier. When he won his last fight he did act like a jackass but despite that it was an awsome fight. Like you said it’s not the WWF. I know id I was Dana White I would of sat him down for sure. Brock Lesnar is a powerhouse that should be in the top of the UFC for a while. His size and control he has over his opponents is incredible. I feel his only downfall and way to beat him is submissions. Going toe to toe with him I don’t think would be good game plan for anyone. Cant wait to see the fight, wonder who wins?

  9. Brent Crouch

    This would have been a great victory for Captain America. I wished it would have turned out differently.

    When Lesnar gains even more experience, who will be able to beat him? The guy is so powerful I can’t think of a single MMA fighter that can stand toe to toe with him. Look how he man handled Frank Mir….

  10. BusinessX

    UFC is a business, first and foremost. And pushing Lesnar is a smart move. If he was given time to develop a record and “earn” a title shot, any number of things could take him out- a poor record, injury, legal issues, etc. Look at Kimbo Slice, one loss and his marquee value plummets. Why risk that when ticket sales, PPV orders soar now? This builds a Mir rematch. Or imagine a Kimbo Slice transfer? I predict that PPV sales would be at record highs for a Lesnar/Slice match- challenging any previous records of boxing, WWE, or concerts. And those sales would have nothing to do with earning a match, but all about star power. It’s not personal, just business.

  11. Political Disgust

    As much as I wanted Kimbo to be good, I believe the last DISASTER of a fight pretty much guarantees that he WILL NOT get a title fight any time soon, even for ticket sales. The ONE THING the UFC has to do is keep looking LEGIT. That currently is the one thing they hold over all the other leagues in my opinion.

    Political Disgust

  12. sean

    The Couture/Lesnar fight was great. I really thought Randy had him worn down until that shot to the back of the head. Even though Randy was able to spin around during the final pound and ground, Lesnar was clearly going to continue until Randy was hamburger.

    Despite weighing in at 265, Lesnar looked closer to 285/290 during the fight.

  13. Game News

    I loved the fight. Brock Lesnar is my new favorite UFC fighter. I have been watching him since his UFC debut. I really like him because well he really reminds me of my “Biological Father” (I don’t call him Dad) and well I look like my real dad and also he is the same size as me and his fighting style is the same as mine. Pulverize the enemy!

  14. Brent Crouch

    @Game News – Hey dude, since you guys are the same size and have the same fighting style it should be a good match up. You should call Dana right now. :)

    When I was looking at you tube for post fight info, I ran across a guy that posts about the UFC called Reggie Warren. Has anyone else seen this guy? He is hilarious!

  15. Local Price

    I was hoping you’d have a new post about the msnbc special on the history of UFC and where it is going. It was well done and not as critical as you would expect from main stream media. The special is very balanced (and it’s not even on Fox).
    It’s worth watching if you can find it online or it airs again.

  16. w c pikey

    Shane Carwin, who won the interim heavyweight championship by defeating Frank Mir at UFC 111, will face current heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. The two were originally set to face each other at UFC 106, before Shane Carwin won the interim heavyweight championship, but Brock Lesnar pulled out of the fight due to an illness that kept him from training.

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