Motive Interactive Releases Advent 2.0

Motive Interactive is releasing their new version of their advertising platform called Advent 2.0.  The system was developed to increase advertisers ROI and to maximize publishers profits.

I have never worked with Motive Interactive, but I’ve been seeing a lot of information popping up about this new release.  And after I was contacted by them to check out the system, I thought I’d detail my thoughts about the new release in a post.

At first glance, I’m really impressed.  The interface is fast loading and easy to use.  They have a a great selection of offers, lots of which are exclusive to them.  One I’ll discuss in more detail later.  But overall, I have no idea what Advent 1.0 was like, but 2.0 looks pretty sweet.  I guess it’s ran off of an ajax system, so everything is running off of one page.  Very nice.  Advent contains features other platforms can’t touch, like multiple payout support including commission based sales, individual publisher and advertiser allocations and lead routing to multiple advertisers and buyers.

Once I logged in for the first time, I wanted to check out the stats section to see what that was like.  They have probably the most detailed statistics I have seen from an affiliate network.  That’s a huge plus in my opinion.  And is a huge selling point for any publisher.

They have a really good demo video you can see the system for yourself:

I also noticed, they have a rewards program that is paying 2%.  Most are around 1%, so obviously these guys know the value in rewards.  The payouts are below:

Commissions – Rewards
$1,000 – $10
$2,500 – $25
$5,000 – $50
$10,000 – $100
$15,000 – $150
$20,000 – $200
$25,000 – $250
$30,000 – $300
$50,000 – $500
$100,000 – $1,250
$150,000 – $2,000
$200,000 – $3,000
$500,000 – $10,000
$1,000,000 – $20,000
$1,250,000 – $25,000

They also have the highest referral commission around, with 5.5%! But they do state “The referred publisher must continue to generate commissions without a lapse of twelve (12) calendar months in order for the referrer to continue receiving the 5.5% commission from that publisher each month.”

Overall, Motive is making a big step with Advent 2.0.  If they weren’t a top affiliate network before, they will be after people check this system out.  They have some really cool offers like this:

And exclusive offers like this one I found that can be run in search and email: