Triggit – In Text Ads That Don’t Suck

Remember Triggit?  I wrote about it about a year and a half ago.  Back then it was a toolbar that would allow you to embed links to a select group of sources.

Now Trigged has really transformed the platform.  Now it is a in-text advertising platform but unlike Kontera it does not suck.  It uses caching technology so after it scans your page once it keeps a cache of the content and what links it wants to underline.  It also does not do any of the BS double underscore stuff.

I talked to CEO Zach recently at Blogworld about the new platform:

After I got back from Blogworld I thought I would give it a run and started sending traffic to  Its been one of the better PPC investments we have made.  I strongly recommend users and publishers get in on Triggit early.