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Remember Triggit?  I wrote about it about a year and a half ago.  Back then it was a toolbar that would allow you to embed links to a select group of sources.

Now Trigged has really transformed the platform.  Now it is a in-text advertising platform but unlike Kontera it does not suck.  It uses caching technology so after it scans your page once it keeps a cache of the content and what links it wants to underline.  It also does not do any of the BS double underscore stuff.

I talked to CEO Zach recently at Blogworld about the new platform:

After I got back from Blogworld I thought I would give it a run and started sending traffic to  Its been one of the better PPC investments we have made.  I strongly recommend users and publishers get in on Triggit early.

115 thoughts on “Triggit – In Text Ads That Don’t Suck

      1. Goran Website

        Yeah, Shoe should target links to a new window because I’ve also noticed how all his external links open in the current window. Shoe, use the [target= _blank] to your links on articles referring to another site.

        Cool, ;-)

    1. Nashville4U

      I am with you on that one. I was hoping someone would build something better because I hate Kontera they have to be the worst looking advertisements. I would never put one on my websites but might have to reconsider if it doesn’t mess up the whole look and quality of the website.

  1. andrew

    agree with you there. Kontera sucks. I had to remove Kontera ads from one of my sites only because of this, the pages were loading so slowly that I was receiving complaints regarding loading time from my visitors.

      1. Ben Adkins

        I’m certainly not on the triggit train yet…..but Kontera has
        been awful for me…. the ads are ugly and they don’t convert
        that well in my experience.

  2. Fresh Sneakers

    The service look good.

    But you didn’t write about this a year and a half ago Shoe. It hasn’t even been a year yet. Not a big deal but I remembered reading that post and I thought for a second time was passing by much too quickly. ;)

  3. Amit Bhawani

    It would gain popularity if –
    Ads would really load Quicker
    Higher Pay Per Click compared to 4cents/click of other in text ads
    Quicker Paypal Payouts than Net45/60, something which is instant like Chitika
    I have just set up these ads on my blog lets see if it beats other networks or is this just another network!

  4. Thai Girl

    Awesomeness. I’ve been having kontera on my site forever now. And in a word, they SUCK. Hopefully this will do better. I hated that double underline anyway. Wonder if Chow is gonna catch onto this as well.

    1. Ben Adkins

      I agree… The double underline completely defeats the purpose…..
      I think readers get accustomed to seeing the double line and then just skip over it……. Not to mention that it ticks a good percentage of readers off when they see these.

    2. Daniel

      I completely disagree! Kontera for me is nothing short of AMAZING! I earn $40/day with non intrusive ads on a blog network with only 20k hits a day. Infolinks for me was a disaster when I tried it!

  5. Find a Job!

    I was just wondering, are you having the same issues that others bloggers are facing with the whole google banning websites for paid links? I was just wondering because this whole Google thing is making me scared to even deal with anything as far as text links.

    1. Daniel

      Adsense is a contextual banner/text block advertiser, Kontera/Chitika/Infolinks/Triggit is text-scanning inline ads.. Completely different!

  6. Nick

    Cool, I’ll be checking them out. I’ve been searching for alternatives to Kontera, so hopefully this is a good one for my site!

  7. George

    Sounds interesting. I might try out next time I look at new monetization methods for some of my sites. I have found with Kontera advertising that the ads are only relevant on product related sites. Otherwise, in text ads (Kontera in particular) can make the site hard to read. On product sites, the in-text links can actually be useful.

  8. Steve

    And, how is this service different from Kontera? I assuming the only improvement would be to send the text link clicker directly to the advertiser’s site, as opposed to Kontera’s on-site popup ads.

  9. Reid

    awesome, I feel like your site is more a news site than anything. I learn about so many sites/companies that look great, and I would have otherwise not heard of them! Thanks

  10. Gary R. Hess

    It sounds pretty cool. I used Kontera for about 6-months and absolutely hated it. The pay was good for the first 2 months, then it completely bit the dust after. It just wasn’t worth it.

    I’ll have to give Triggit a look sooner or later, I think.

  11. Vijay

    I am all set for some extra coins… that is why healthy comptetion is always good. End users win and the all those who provide better service.

  12. mark desy

    I’ve been using Kontera on my site for months and have been pleased with their performance. I tried Chitika and they were a failure. I tried TribalFusion and they didn’t last more than a month.
    I’m keeping my site where the consistent money is — plus I tend to trust the opinions of users more than reviewers — no offense to Shoe.

  13. Descartes

    I tried Kontera and found it to be a too annoying. I have not been a fan of Kontera when I have found it on sites I visit either. I will be giving it a look and see how it works.

  14. Michael

    Just got back form triggit….I don’t kow if the site is having issues but I got irritated with it an left. I’ll have to check it out after a bit.

    1. Robin Majumdar

      Ditto that. Way higher eCPM through direct relationships (ok, somewhat more direct) through affiliate progams than with contextual services. Note that Jeremy mentioned way above in a comment reply that he would never use in-text ads. Revealing, I would say.

  15. Daniel

    I think both you Shoe and John Chow might be underestimating how pissed users get when that damn ‘join this and get rich’ popup shows..

    I visit less..

  16. Craig S. Kiessling

    Wow. I’ve always been a bit fearful of these types of programs; worried that I would lose control over my own contextual linking, etc., but now I think I will give this one a shot and see how it works. Thanks for the heads-up!

  17. Arun

    Triggit is great. But I have seen that most of the time ads are not contextual and get very low CTRs.

    Our startup (that is in private beta right ) not only allows publishers to insert whatever they want (ads or content) in the hover window, but also allow full control over look & feel of hover bubble with various themes, onhover or onclick, link customization etc. It will probably change the way hyperlinks are expected to behave :)
    Hold on…and you will hear about it soon enough…

  18. Billy

    We use InfoLinks. Similar to Kontera BUT much faster loading and a hell of a lot better eCPM. Might give these guys a go as well to compare.

  19. Kootosh

    I found their links and they are… SLOW. Wow, the pages take forever to load because the Triggit script was stuck… True, Kontera sucks, but there are better alternatives (Infolinks, Vibrant…)

  20. IronBlogger

    I have just installed this new program and am just waiting for it to implement on my blog.I recently tried Kontera but they weren’t making me enough money so I had to get rid of them.

    Hopefully Triggit will be alot better.

  21. Sergej

    Very interesting – will check it out. But where’s your implementation of the Triggit stuff? Watched the video but do not see the same links on this blog?

  22. Mark C

    Triggit seems to be having issues. It seems to let you set up a campaign when you sign up, but doesn’t allow you to set up additional ads. When I try to drill into the site to view my existing campaign I get this message: “We’ve Failed You We apologize for the inconvenience. Please lower expectations and try again later.”

    Guess I will try again later…

  23. BloggingBanks

    Some people are annoyed by text ads, while others know how skip them. The incremental revenues might be worth it however, as you are monetizing space that wasn’t earning you much..

  24. 40 Dollar Blackberry's

    I installed Triggit on one of my blogs and so far I’m not all that impressed. Only one post is showing ads, and it’s for words like “True” and “Want”. If you click on them it takes about a minute for the page to load. I’ll wait and see if it fixes itself before I blow it out.

  25. Ben Adkins

    I installed it and I must agree with some of the comments above…. Having trouble… I’m not saying that it’s triggit’s fault…I’m just having trouble getting it rollin.

    Any advice?

  26. Danny

    Well i signed up as an advertiser and nothing seems to work. Almost 24 hours now, and there are just errors in the interface. Thus far it looks like a real joke.

  27. Daniel

    So far an Epic fail for Triggit. Uninstalled on 4th day with no ads implemented and errors in the admin panel. Not installing again without Seriously positive reviews!

  28. Mark C

    Hopefully I can get a refund on the money I deposited. Site appears to be completely non-functional at this point.

    I guess it is better than Kontera in that I didn’t lose any money on my spend :)

  29. OrovoDetoxExpert

    I like triggit more. I just tried it and the link came out in 10 minutes. It did not slow down page loading considerably at least for now, not like ppp(pay per play) ads.

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