Win a $3,000 Apple Laptop … Maybe

Tonight I was talking on Twitter about how I thought it was kind of lame how Jason Calacanis did a twitter challenge where he was going to give away a MacBook Air if he became the most followed twitter user. He never was the #1 user but got like TONS of followers.

Anyway I shot my mouth off and said if it was me I would have given it away just to thank everyone for being so cool and following. Then Chris Winfield called me out saying if I got 15k followers would I give away a macbook pro Then went on to even state if the deadline was by the first of the year…

Everyone knows I am a gamer so I accept. But its not going to happen. I am at like 6300 followers now its not like its going to gain 8700 in the next couple months.

But I will keep my word and even put some sugar on top. If I should have more then 15k twitter followers on @shoemoney on January 1st 2009 I will buy the winner whatever pimped out mac laptop you want (AIR, Macbook, Macbook Pro) up to $3,000.00 and send it to you.

So how will we decide the winner?

Simply guess below what you think the total number of followers I will have without going over will be on jan 1st. Make sure to include your twittername. You must be following to win.

Example guess would be like twittername – @shoemoney 17523 followers

Again this is silly to think this will happen but I am a gamer and love contests so lets see what happens.

I will leave guesses open for a bit but not too long.Β  All guesses must be in comments ones over twitter, email, im will be ignored.Β  1 entry per person or both will be canceled.