Win a $3,000 Apple Laptop … Maybe

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Tonight I was talking on Twitter about how I thought it was kind of lame how Jason Calacanis did a twitter challenge where he was going to give away a MacBook Air if he became the most followed twitter user. He never was the #1 user but got like TONS of followers.

Anyway I shot my mouth off and said if it was me I would have given it away just to thank everyone for being so cool and following. Then Chris Winfield called me out saying if I got 15k followers would I give away a macbook pro Then went on to even state if the deadline was by the first of the year…

Everyone knows I am a gamer so I accept. But its not going to happen. I am at like 6300 followers now its not like its going to gain 8700 in the next couple months.

But I will keep my word and even put some sugar on top. If I should have more then 15k twitter followers on @shoemoney on January 1st 2009 I will buy the winner whatever pimped out mac laptop you want (AIR, Macbook, Macbook Pro) up to $3,000.00 and send it to you.

So how will we decide the winner?

Simply guess below what you think the total number of followers I will have without going over will be on jan 1st. Make sure to include your twittername. You must be following to win.

Example guess would be like twittername – @shoemoney 17523 followers

Again this is silly to think this will happen but I am a gamer and love contests so lets see what happens.

I will leave guesses open for a bit but not too long.  All guesses must be in comments ones over twitter, email, im will be ignored.  1 entry per person or both will be canceled.

322 thoughts on “Win a $3,000 Apple Laptop … Maybe

    1. Steven-Sanders

      He said he’d give away the Mac only if he went over 15,000 followers, so why are you two guessing lower than that? It only means you aren’t going to be the winners.

      I’m gonna guess an even 15,000.

      1. Zeeshan

        A lot of people seem to be stating a number below the threshold and also failing to actually following Shoemoney on Twitter to qualify.

        Looks like a lot of people skim read this blog entry :-\

      2. Legit Work From Home Jobs

        You can’t just go around waving an offer like that in people’s faces and not know for sure! :) Yeah, but seriously, that would be a good win! I didn’t know that laptops could cost that much. For crying out loud, $3000. I could use that to buy a car.

  1. PimpDaddy

    Oh you a sly one there Mr. Shoe, yes sir, sly as a fox. If I was a bettin man I would bets you will make well over $3000 on this new project. I don’t know hows yet or what you angle is, but I will figure it out soon.

  2. Ben Adkins

    @benadkins I think your 100% wrong Jeremy.
    I’m gonna guess that you’ll hit 15,500 by January 1st.
    If I were to win, however….I don’t want the Laptop. I want a permanent link on the front page of Shoemoney :) .

    I’m guessing that isn’t a possibility, however, so I’ll settle for the MacBook if I win ( If I must! :) )

    Dr. Ben

  3. Casey Yandle

    My guess is 15,108 should you get passed 15k followers on twitter. What about just giving it away period to anyone who can guess the number of followers you’ll have by then? :)

  4. PimpDaddy

    Looky looky, everyone wants to be Shoes buddy now.

    Like flys on a turd, look at em all.

    I finds it sad you gots to buy you friends and traffic this way. It really shows the ugly in folks, and I be seein allot a ugly here tonight.

    1. Tim Allard

      Dont be like that on Shoe. I dont see you doing anything like this. Its called smart marketing and offering something cool in return for people who read his blog.

  5. Loganet

    Epicview – @shoemoney 16243

    Sorry, the way the text reads makes people think it says, All guesses must be in comments over twitter. Email, (and) im will be ignored.

    Especially, if you first saw this contest from twitter! ;)

  6. William Rock

    Great Idea,

    It looks like you are on your way to success with 6,554 followers already you will have 168 comments within 1 day… that would put you ahead of your number by Jan if this stays at this rate. If Twitter is as big as people say it is there are tens of thousands of subscribers out for enticing to hit that simple follow button, the only way I can see this promo going a stray is if the comment section closing and there is no incentive for them to follow you anymore. Other than that you can win this game

    twittername: williamrock my Guess is 15,001

  7. domainpubber

    @domainpubber – @shoemoney 15,001 followers by Jan 1, 2009

    Gonna be tough but looks like you already gained 250 followers since this post so I’m bullish. Probably gonna be ties so what’s the rule in that case? You have to share the Mac with the other guy or what? LOL

    BTW – what kind of bribe does it take to get @shoemoney to follow @domainpubber ????

    Jeremy, you did a tweet several days ago about how you thought you should post here on HOW you use Twitter. That would be a great post I’d love to see! Ciao

  8. Mike Huang

    So if you don’t get those followers, you won’t give away a MacBook to any of your followers? There should be a least some incentive for following you…maybe give away like 100 Shoemoney t-shirts. Of course you will gain A LOT more followers than that.


  9. Specks

    bishopofbattle – @shoemoney 9745 followers

    I’d put you on my follow list but apparently Twitter is broken at the moment. I’ll keep on trying.

  10. Zeeshan

    I have to say, this is an excellent form of link bait, albeit in Twitter form, and I’m hooked!

    You’ve got 6,634~ followers as of 23/10/2008 23:35pm GMT so I’m going to set my guess at:

    zeeshanm – @shoemoney 15,300 followers

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  12. Nate

    @ncleveland im going to guess @shoemoney has 16,463 followers at the first of the year.

    should be interesting to see how this pans out.

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