How To Get 80% Off Your Air Travel

As many of you know I live in Lincoln, Ne.  My partner in ShoeMoney Capital,  David Dellanave,  lives in Minneapolis and also we host all of our servers there. Once a month either I am traveling to Minneapolis or he is flying here.   Northwest has a hub in Minneapolis so we are able to get direct flights there and its only about a 40 minute ride so its a nice direct flight.

Unfortunately for this round trip 40 minute flight it costs usually about $800-1200.  Crazy huh?  Then 2 years ago when we started working with 9 time welterweight champion of the world Matt Hughes I started to fly to St. Louis and to my amazement it only cost $180 to fly from Lincoln Nebraska to Minneapolis to St Louis.  I quickly looked up the exact same flight from just Lincoln To Minneapolis and it was $1170. 

Let me show you an example:

Yesterday when I wrote this I was looking at flights to Minneapolis today (and also inspired me to write this post).

(click to enlarge)

As you can see here it costs $1,004.66 for a round trip ticket.

Lets look at the same exact flight but adding a EXTRA leg to St. Louis:

Thats right its only $603.72 cents. A savings of over $400 by adding on the extra trip to St. Louis.

Now I know what your thinking… this is a last minute booking and something weird happens… Ok I will show you one with plenty of time and with more “normal pricing” that we see.

In this screenshot you can see its a month

The price : $805.59

Lets add the same flights again but with a extra leg to St. Louis:

$165.58 That is like a 83% discount!

So basically I have been doing this for 2 years and have saved atleast $20,000.00. All I do is not take the leg to St. Louis. So when its going from LNK -> MSP -> STL I just stop at msp and on the way back when it goes STL -> MSP -> LNK I just get on at MSP (Minneapolis). Northwest has never once canceled our flights because we have not gotten on.

What is going on here?

I am actually pretty proud of myself for finding this loop hole but because I have a big mouth whenever I find talkative flight attendants I tell them what I am doing. You know what? They tell me they tell their friends to do the same thing! They say the reason it works is because the Northwest hub is located in Minneapolis they totally gouge all the direct flights to and from MSP. They also tell me its a huge problem because they end up with a lot of flights with empty seats.

What about other airlines?

So its probably just Northwest that does this? WRONG. I do the same thing with United. A direct flight from Lincoln to Chicago costs about $900 but lets say I goto NYC its only $350. This is again because Chicago is a hub for United.

Now with united every time I have tried this they have canceled my return flight BUT they quickly rebook it when I tell them what I did (and the look at me all pissy).

So check it out from your area especially if you are flying direct into a major hub for an airline and you might find a massive discount.