The Screw Google Mentality

2 weeks ago in my keynote speech at IzeaFest I had Screw Google as a bullet point in one of my slides.  When the slide came up it got a big reaction from the crowd.  Now I have traveled a bit since – blogworld, and then last weekendi n San Diego – SEO Thinktank.

Various people at times made remarks about “screw Google” so  I wanted to make a post about what I was talking about.

First lets set the correct context.  My slide was about how to be a successful webmaster and I said one of my best tips I can tell anyone is to adopt a “Screw Google” mentality.

Basically if people pretended like Google never existed or like they were blacklisting in Google its the best thing they could ever do.  This applies from many things Google…  From SEO to AdSense.

I have talked to so many people recently who are asking questions about SEO or niche keywords before they have even started building their website.  SERIOUSLY?!?!?

The most successful sites I know of have a screw Google mentality.

They are successful because people want to use them…  People bookmark them….  People recommend them to their friends.

Now people will read this and think its another anti-seo post …. and thats pretty silly…    I have always been a student of SEO and respect it (even though its much less important and will not matter eventually).

And as far as Google Adsense goes…. if it wasn’t for Google Adsense I would not even have this blog or a lot of my company.

So the point of this…  Just ask yourself what would happen if your site was suddenly blacklisted in Google.  Could it survive?