10 Reasons I like Staying At The Stratosphere In Las Vegas

As I wrote the other day I often stay at the Stratosphere when I come to Las Vegas by myself.  Here are the reasons why:

  1. Automated Check in – You know those machines you check into the Airport with and they spit out your boarding passes and your good to go without waiting in line.  The Stratosphere has these machines in the lobby and you just simply slide your credit card through and get your room keys.  You also can pick where you want to stay and even be presented upgrades. It makes the check in process super fast.
  2. Inexpensive Rooms – As I said the other day I can get a 2 room suite at the Stratosphere for less then 80$ a night.  It also comes with a full size fridge I can load up with protien drinks.
  3. Quick Room Access – One of my pet pieves with the nicer hotels like the Bellagio, Caesars Palace and to some extent even the Wynn is that you have to walk a mile to get to your room.  This sucks.  At the Stratosphere no matter what door you go into your about a 50ft walk to a elevator.
  4. Bigass Needle – Las Vegas is a crazy place and when I go on occassion I have been known to drink a bit.  Believe it or not last year I thought it would be a good idea to walk home 2 miles to the Stratosphere from another hotel and was easily able to find it without any directions because of the bigass needle.
  5. Cheap Food – On the 2nd floor of the Stratosphere is a food court which includes McDonald’s.  And this McDonald’s has a 99cent menu too.  Seriously… how many times have you ordered 50$ worth of room service only to take 2 bites and pass out.  They have lots of other places in the food court but I think I have only purchased from the 24/7 open McDonalds.
  6. Nice cab system – I have never ever had to wait for a cab ever at the stratosphere.  They have a super efficient system with many lanes to hustle people in and out.
  7. Its On The Strip – Sure not that big of deal but its still a nice plus to stay on the strip and be close to everyone else at your cheap ass price.
  8. Credit Card Accepting Pop Machines and ICE Machines everywhere. I love loading up on sodas and its super nice to swipe my credit card then hit diet coke like 6 times so I can put it in my fridge of my suite.
  9. No Mini Bar – This might be a negative for some but for me its I dig it.
  10. The Layout – from the nice large oval bar in front to the tucked away poker room with easy quick access to bathrooms (so you don’t miss a hand) I really like the layout of the Stratosphere.

So Tell me where you like to stay in Las Vegas and why?