10 Reasons I like Staying At The Stratosphere In Las Vegas

by Jeremy Schoemaker on September 25, 2008 · 121 comments

As I wrote the other day I often stay at the Stratosphere when I come to Las Vegas by myself.  Here are the reasons why:

  1. Automated Check in – You know those machines you check into the Airport with and they spit out your boarding passes and your good to go without waiting in line.  The Stratosphere has these machines in the lobby and you just simply slide your credit card through and get your room keys.  You also can pick where you want to stay and even be presented upgrades. It makes the check in process super fast.
  2. Inexpensive Rooms – As I said the other day I can get a 2 room suite at the Stratosphere for less then 80$ a night.  It also comes with a full size fridge I can load up with protien drinks.
  3. Quick Room Access – One of my pet pieves with the nicer hotels like the Bellagio, Caesars Palace and to some extent even the Wynn is that you have to walk a mile to get to your room.  This sucks.  At the Stratosphere no matter what door you go into your about a 50ft walk to a elevator.
  4. Bigass Needle – Las Vegas is a crazy place and when I go on occassion I have been known to drink a bit.  Believe it or not last year I thought it would be a good idea to walk home 2 miles to the Stratosphere from another hotel and was easily able to find it without any directions because of the bigass needle.
  5. Cheap Food – On the 2nd floor of the Stratosphere is a food court which includes McDonald’s.  And this McDonald’s has a 99cent menu too.  Seriously… how many times have you ordered 50$ worth of room service only to take 2 bites and pass out.  They have lots of other places in the food court but I think I have only purchased from the 24/7 open McDonalds.
  6. Nice cab system – I have never ever had to wait for a cab ever at the stratosphere.  They have a super efficient system with many lanes to hustle people in and out.
  7. Its On The Strip – Sure not that big of deal but its still a nice plus to stay on the strip and be close to everyone else at your cheap ass price.
  8. Credit Card Accepting Pop Machines and ICE Machines everywhere. I love loading up on sodas and its super nice to swipe my credit card then hit diet coke like 6 times so I can put it in my fridge of my suite.
  9. No Mini Bar – This might be a negative for some but for me its I dig it.
  10. The Layout – from the nice large oval bar in front to the tucked away poker room with easy quick access to bathrooms (so you don’t miss a hand) I really like the layout of the Stratosphere.

So Tell me where you like to stay in Las Vegas and why?

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1 James

Unfortunately I have never been to Vegas… :(

2 Melvin

neither do I… maybe 2 years from now, ill be there.. ;-)

3 Dividend Growth Investor

It’s never too late to go to Vegas. I am waiting for property prices to implode a little more and then I am going to start buying cheap property there..

4 Custom T-Shirts

I don’t think visiting vegas and living in vegas are the same thing :P

5 Dick

This is a very similar situation. I also was not in Vegas. -(((

6 Steven-Sanders

I’ll be there next year for whatever blog event is going on. Then I’ll let you know.

7 Zurpit

I never been there either but if I do go this would a nice place to stay

8 Moneybites

Sounds like a nice place to stay, how much was it a night again?

9 Melvin

so what of these things are not on a top notch place in vegas? anyway it seems you like mr.mcdonalds a lot.. ;-)

10 mrkbsm

Everybody likes McD’s a lot – some just don’t admit it in public :) Get me a #2 off the value meal and I’m happy!

11 Daniel Kemp

Man their Big Mac’s are wicked.

12 John

wow.. really?? $80/night in vegas seems to be pretty cheap.. !!
i love to go there for my honeymoon soon :P :D

13 Dick

Yes, the price is quite moderate. That is true. I thought that it would be higher.

14 Custom T-Shirts

For what he’s getting, that’s a great price!

15 SEO next

Its not the place for a honey moon… better go there once before you are married ;)

16 Tom

Yeah – I like the strat too though the poker room has now moved and is in a bit of a bad location (and only has small stakes games). Love the views tho!

17 JB

Is the Poker Room still next to the sports betting area?

18 Nathan Driver

Stayed there and loved it and you made some great points. The biggest problem I had was that it was away from everything else. Which was good and bad. I liked to walk up and down the strip and the stratosphere was so far away yet you felt away from the craziness at 4 a.m. ;)

19 Glen Allsopp

It looks like they will be getting a few more customers now, don’t expect the prices to stay low ;)

20 SEO next

I can bet it will be more than just a few…

21 Ms. Jami

But the Stratosphere is sooooooo far on the end of the strip. After a full night (ahem…day) of drinking, it’s a pain to walk all the way back from, say, the Luxor.

They have that train that runs up and down the strip, but even that doesn’t stop at the Stratosphere I don’t think.

Regardless, the PRICE is totally worth it. Save every penny for the roulette table, I say!

22 Clog Money

I really want to go to Vega, I’m there next year without doubt!!!

23 Chris

automated checkin would be nice.. still my favorite was when i stayed at the luxor

24 Clog Money

Vegas* :( Why is there no decent threaded comments with editor yet :( I’m going to have to make one myself!

25 frogstr

Looks nice and cheap, perfect for having fun!

26 SMM Guru

You could try reading your comment before you post it…

27 Santhosh

No Mini Bars? A great biz opportunity there- start Mini Bars, you will get some Super Affiliates to drink with you.

28 james

http://www.greenvalleyranchresort.com – for those that like to visit the strip but not stay on it. Hate crowds? after a more-resorty and less-casinoy casino?

killer pool, best steak house in the city, quiet. upscale. good poker.

29 mrkbsm

“Seriously… how many times have you ordered 50$ worth of room service only to take 2 bites and pass out.” – ummmm…. never. But that’s not to say it can’t happen!
The automated check-in sounds pretty sweet.

30 Brian Breslin

I have stayed at a number of hotels (harrahs, paris, bally’s, excalibur, mgm, am staying at TI for pubcon) and have to say the location of the first 3 is ideal (center strip), excalibur was the worst hotel i’ve ever stayed at (excluding motel 6 stuff). I think the MGM is a great hotel, but really you don’t stay in your room much in vegas. I’ve heard planet hollywood has some nice new rooms center strip. plus they have a mall right there, so your wife/girlfriend can shop while you gamble.

31 Dan

The planet hollywood does have very nice rooms IMHO. One part of the group I was with stayed there and another at New York New York and the Planet Hollywood was definitely much much nicer. But… New York New York had Coyote Ugly so…

32 JB

There is a mall at Strat too.

33 David

I’ve stayed at Excalibur, it wasn’t that bad, they are pulling it down soon though. We visited Circus Circus for fun – now that is one dirty, run down hole of a hotel…

34 Jeremy Waller

I didn’t think that Excalibur was that bad. It’s by no means the nicest hotel on the strip, but it’s one of the most economical. Plus, you don’t really stay in your room that much anyways.

35 browie

Thank you for that information as I will be going to Vegas for the first time in March. I’m going to start considering the big ass needle for our place to stay.

36 Ryan Gray

I’m a sucker for the Bellagio… Yea, every time you site down to eat be prepared for at least $40 (a person) , but the Casino is first class and the night club (The Bank) is unreal. I can’t wait until AS West in January;)

37 Bryan

$80 a night? I will need to stay there next time I head out to Vegas. I love the CC accepting machines too because its always a pain in the butt to try and gather change or walk to the front desk to get change for a freakin soda. Thanks for the tip.

38 Craig Farrall

I’ve never been to Vegas, but if I do, I will definately have to check out this place.

39 Eric

Hard Rock for the Rehab party on Sunday.

40 Patrick

Wow, I’m surprised, for only $80. Is this a deal that you get, or is it open to the general public?

41 SEO next

I guess its open for the public…

42 morgan thomas

I usually stay at the luxor cause I get everything comped, shows food room spa etc. I was just there this last weekend and my host took care of everything cept airfare. I mean you can’t beat 2 spa massages, 3 cirque shows, the fantasy show at luxor, and every place you eat at any mgm property comped. My host was excellent. Also on the 2nd floor they have a nathans, mc’d, little ceasers, and I think another ff place.

43 iBT

$80 for 2 room suite? it is cheap..I cannot even get that price at Richmond, Va. But cost add up when you using Cap 2-4 times a day..I like MGM or Bally’s(they are cheap, lots of young people, great food)

I just got email last week from Golden Nugget(downtown), $90 for 3 nights..but it is way too far out and too many local people..

44 egruve.com

MGM is my spot, howvever Treasure Island is also nice , I recently did a weekend getaway , they have awesome rooms check them out on your next visit.

45 SMM Guru

I like the MGM Grand as well, the Mirage might be my fav though.

46 JustinM

I stay at MGM atleast 3/4ths of the time. For being on of
the older strip hotels it is still a great place to stay. Their sports book is
weak, but the pools makes up for it. I can spend all day out there…

47 Rekzai

What’s a bigass needle?

48 Lisa

I’ve spent a lot of time in Vegas and never stayed here. I’ll have to check it out!

49 Dividend Growth Investor

I am all for the automated sign in. Good job Shoe!

50 Zac Johnson

Don’t forget they also have a 2, 3, 11, 12 table for craps.. haven’t seen that elsewhere yet!

51 JB

Explain? I remember them telling that they had this but I couldn’t really figure out why that was different that other crap tables or why that benefitted me.

52 Debby Phillips

Automated check-in would be nice! That’s funny you mentioned the McDonalds in your post. I heard you tell several people about that last weekend. I grabbed some McDonalds as we were about to leave The Palms Sunday night. There is something about greasy, salty food at the end of the night that is so good!

53 PTC Blog

I like to change it up every time I visit! It is more fun for me! BUT, if I had to choose one, I would pick Cesars. The price isnt bad, it is central on the strip, has a nice casino, and I have always got upgrades there. All in All, it is a good deal!

54 psujohn

TI – because it’s cheap and right across the street from Venetian which has the best poker room in Vegas. Given the size and layout of V you might be closer to the poker room staying at TI than staying at V. And if the V isn’t treating you well you can tram from TI to Mirage which has an under appreciated poker room. TI also has the bestest mattresses in the world.

MGM – because it’s cheap and has a good poker room that’s always in action

55 cheap used cars

I go to vegas a ton and it suddenly occurs to me I have never even been inside the stratosphere.. if its good enough for shoe I will have to check it out

56 Custom T-Shirts

Sounds like a hotel from the future!

57 Copywriters Needed- No Experience Required- Make $200/hr

Well, Las Vegas is pretty nice, but like i said before, I would never live there. I didn’t know that the hotels are so much, but in reality, that is a good marketing ploy. I mean, Las Vegas will still make money off of the casinos, food, night life, etc. They figure, if they offer the hotels cheap, more people will come.

58 Mets

Check this…Casino Royale is right in the middle of the strip and for $70/night. It’s more like a Motel, but it’s got 100x odds on craps, $1 (warm) Michelob bottles, takes only 2 mins to get to from your room to the street, and is right next to the Venetian!

If you want to feel how Cousin Eddy would do Vegas, go to Casino Royale!

59 SEO next

Looks like another good option ..

60 Brad

lol, off topic, but i love csi las vegas

61 Chris Jacobson

I personally prefer Treasure Island… right next to Fashion Show Mall and you can take the tram directly to the Mirage next door. It’s also sort of in the middle of the strip, so you can walk equally in each direction to get to where you have to go.

62 Bryn Youngblut

Wow I’ve never even heard of that automated check in. That’s awesome.

63 Mark - The Niche Store Builder

For myself, I like the low-down and dirty feel of Bills Gamblin Hall, right next to the Flamingo (Although i think its closed right now)

Nothing better in a dirty, seedy city, than staying with dirty and seedy folks, right in the middle of all the action!!

The last time i was there a few months ago, the rooms were as cheap as the as the call girls on the handout cards you are inundated with on every corner!


64 David

omg those guys drive me crazy – f#*kers!

65 Cheryl W

I think I’m the last person in America that hasn’t been to Vegas yet. How depressing!

66 mrkbsm

Not true! I haven’t been there either. Been quite a few places, just never Vegas. I vote for a support group. Anyone else in on this?

67 David

I’ve been to the Aladdin Hotel…it’s a bit pricey but well worth the stay. I’ll have to check out the stratosphere next time I can make the trip.

68 SMM Guru

I went inside there a few times on my last stay and did not like the atmosphere in there.

69 Michael Kwan

The Aladdin is now Planet Hollywood. FYI.



I like staying at Sunset Station!!!
You are talking 80/night … I’m talking $40/night, Yes I know people at Sunset.

It is off the strip, but for new rooms I think I can manage the five minute ride to the strip….!

Has some great restaurants too. Plus staying off the strip doesn’t really matter because once you are on the strip people don’t go back to their rooms every hour do they..?? yeah so Sunset station is mine.

71 wuttrain

I don’t know, I’ve never been there!

72 SMM Guru

Iv’e been to Vegas three times and stayed at he MGM Grand once, the Mirage, and the Venetian.

73 Amanda (DrifterMama)

when my website takes off and starts making me money vegas is the first place i’m going! so i’ll keep this one in mind haha :)

74 Daniel Kemp

Dude, you are very pretty.

Ya when I start making money I will make sure I visit Las Vegas. That Wynn Casino looks great.

75 Windy

i<3 vegas!

76 Forex Robot Reviews

I have only been 3 times, but have stayed at different hotels each time.

My favourite was the Luxor, very nice hotel with a great location, similar “beer scooter” bright light to guide you home and Ra is a cool club, if a bit pricey!

77 Zander Chance

Depends what I’m there for.. Last weekend when I was there for BWE, I stayed at the Hilton because of it’s location. The time before, I got a killer suite at the Luxor, and it was only $89/night during the week, and $119 on the weekend. It was SWEET!

The problem with the Stratosphere is that it’s so damn far away from the rest of the strip.. Sure, you can drive there, but then you’re dealing with the crappy traffic on the strip. But the McDonalds sounds good, as does the check-in process. (We waited nearly 45 minutes when checking into the Luxor, total nightmare!)

78 Daniel Kemp

What is the deal with people saying $89 and $119 for a night in a room is a good deal?

I got to start making money on this blog stuff like you guys.

79 Joe Tech

My in-laws happened to be staying with us the month of ASW08 and had never been to Vegas, so we dragged them along with us and booked rooms at the Stratosphere so they could be right on the strip. It was a good stay. I did enjoy the Hilton last weekend, too, but that could have had more to do with the mystery room upgrade.

80 Nick Stamoulis

I really enjoyed MGM and the Luxor but hated the Hilton. Glad to see the Stratosphere gets good ratings!

81 Cool Products

I’ve have yet to go to Vegas. Kind of sad I know. I will have to check out Stratosphere if you say it’s good. Assuming that I go sometime in my life.

82 Daniel Kemp

I haven’t got either. I think it would be cool. I saw that National Lampoons movie Vegas Vacation and it looks amazing there.

83 Shama Hyder

Okay, I’ll bite.

Top 2 Fav Places: Mandalay Bay (wireless and HUGE rooms) and Bellagio (the FOUNTAINS!)

84 Daniel Kemp

You’re a very hot lady.

85 Amar


vegas excites me always..

although i am india,, but once i have money..

it wont be far anymore :D

86 Scot

I’ve always wondered why most places don’t have CC on pop machines (maybe processing fees for such low amounts=no profit). That is cool that they do, and you can’t beat $80… or McDonalds, wow.

87 HSD

very niccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

88 Francois

Jeremy, do you have a picture of your suite? ya know, it’s worth a thousand bullet points :>>

Personally I’ve been quite disappointed by the Wynn indeed. Definitely not worth the premium. Next time when there’s no official hotel like for BlogWorld I’ll give the stratosphere a try. For PubCon I already booked at the “official” Treasure Island though…

89 David

Anyone got an opinion on Paris Paris?

90 River Girl

As I said before, I like staying at the Renaissance. Get upgraded to the Club level and you have breakfast, appetizers and dessert available if you want to partake. I like being able to go in and get Starbucks, cold drinks, etc. all day. Unless you are Platinum, it is a $40 upgrade, but includes the $12.95 wireless service in your room. Last year I got it complementary, but this year, had to pay. you can walk right over to the convention center and there is no smoking.
rooms and bathrooms are very nice.

91 Zac Johnson

The Hilton always hooks me up with free rooms and it’s right next to the convention center… but for as menu pluses they have… the casino sucks and it’s usually dead at night :(

92 Daniel Kemp

How do you get free rooms? There is some casinos by me and I would like to stay in them for free.

93 Michael Kwan

For me, when it comes to Vegas the most important thing is location. It has to be central and within reasonable walking distance to the places that I’d want to go. That’s why the Stratosphere has always been off my list, because it’s at the faaaaaaaarrrr end of the Strip. I wouldn’t want to be much further along that the Fashion Show Mall or the Sands.

If you can get a good deal on places like Bally’s, Imperial Palace, and hotels near that central part of the strip, that’s ideal. Realistically, how much time are you spending in your hotel room when you’re in Vegas anyway? So long as it’s clean, safe, and central, I’m pretty happy.

94 Michael D

Really liked Planet Hollywood (just there during blogworld) and haven’t stayed at the stratosphere. Remember when they were selling shares to that hotel in magazines years back? Gotta book for AVN in Jan and not decided where to stay yet.

95 Hyder

McDonalds is technically NOT food.

96 Daniel Kemp

Man. Have you ever had their Big Mac’s? They are amazing. I still like the Whopper from Burger King more.

97 jim

Automated Check in: I don’t know why more hotels don’t use these, it seems like it would speed things up tremendously.

98 JustinM

I’ve always been under the impression that the stratosphere is ghetto.
I guess that’s why you should always find out for yourself.

99 Anonymous

To be honest.. the last time I stayed at the strat.. (going to Affiliate Summit). It was a nice day.. so I tried to walk to the strip (it’s not literally ‘on the strip’) and was harassed by what looked to be crackheads for my money.. (on the way there AND back!) it’s a great hotel, but in a pretty shady area.. my 2 cents

100 Bret Frohlich

Back in the day, I used to attend COMDEX every year.

I used to like to stay at the Stardust because it was center-strip and you could walk to the convention center. In the 80s-90s, you could never get a cab at COMDEX.

Any way, I never considered the Stratosphere because it was way up the strip and I like to walk.

101 Mike Huang

WOW…for $80 a suite. That’s a huge bargain in Vegas.


102 Jason

I used to live in Vegas. I don’t anymore, so planning for PubCon is a whole new experience for me. Center Strip you have classics like The Flamingo and Caesars Palace. The Flamingo is on the monorail and you can take that all the way to the Convention Center. Plus, if your company prefers that you charge everything to your room, you have access to all the hotels and restaurants that are owned by Harrah’s.

Off strip, I agree with James about GVR. Actually, most Station resorts are top notch. You’ll get better, more personalized service at any Station than you would on the Strip. I’d also add the Silverton. Nice lounge, Bass Pro Shop, GREAT cheap food, and $5 hands at black jack. I frequented the Silverton almost weekly as a local.

Fremont Street: Great for downtown ambiance, cheap drinks and food, and bands like Cheap Trick and Doobie Brothers playing free shows. But I wouldn’t stay at any hotel there. I still recommend that anyone who goes to Vegas check out the Fremont experience at least once. We’re planning a drink off there on Tues or Wed night.

As to where we’re staying: we’re debating on the Hard Rock and the Renaissance for this trip. I think I’m going to cut out the Hilton. Still not sure though. HardRock is fairly close to the Convention Center and we’re definitely renting a car.

Best bar in Vegas according to this local: PTs on Sunset. I plan on frequenting that place during the trip. Man, I can taste their burgers now.

It’s only been six months since I moved, but I’m already looking so forward to this trip.

103 Ed Shull

I always avoided the Stratosphere because it didn’t look as nice as the hotels I like on the strip. I found the best values to be Monte Carlo and Mandalay Bay (best price for 5 star hotel on the strip). But you make some good points for staying at the Strat. I’ll give it a try sometime.

104 Dan N

I will keep this info in mind next time in Vegas, I usually blow enough money gambling that they give me the room for free. Good to know when my money runs out I can always hit that dollar menu :)

105 medya

LAs Vegas, i really wanna see this city one day, real paradise for gaming :D thanks

106 Brandon Eley

I never would have thought to stay at the Stratosphere because it’s so far down the strip, but you make a good case for it. I wasn’t that pleased with the Hilton… everything was just as expensive as one of the nicer hotel/casinos on the strip and less convenient (it wasn’t even that easy to get to the conference).

Next time I’ll seriously consider staying at the Stratosphere… thanks for the tip!

107 Dennis Bjørn Petersen

I usually prefer Luxor, but last year I stayed at THE hotel (Mandalay Bay), of course I didn’t pay for the room myself.

Perhaps I should give the Stratosphere ago next year.

108 Action Sports

I’ve always liked staying that the Orleans, great place to gamble if you don’t like losing all your bankroll

109 Daniel Kemp

Dude man. $80 a night is a lot. I would have to find a cheaper place to stay.

110 Ari - Laberinto Social

eh, its the palms all the way for me… putting all of the super business items aside, i’d rather have a good time and stay closer to the action at the palms… young, hot, what else do you need

111 Tamish

I have had been in Vegas for less than 50$ a day and the rooms were AWESOME.

112 Harish

Hmm great man its good one

113 Vimto Kid

a minor point but self service check in at the Strat is no more apparently

114 Las Vegas Managing Editor

Stratosphere Las Vegas is often overlooked, which is unfortunate. If I may add to your list:

* Short 2 block walk to The Sahara, where you can catch the monorail to many points up and down the entire Las Vegas Strip (15 minute ride all the way to MGM Grand at the south end of The Strip).

* Close to Fremont Street Experience and downtown Las Vegas hotels and casinos. No, not walking distance, but an inexpensive cab ride or cheap (and quick) bus ride on the city bus that runs the downtown/strip round 24/7 every few minutes.

Great post!

Ted Newkirk
Managing Editor

115 Andrea

I agree all the way that the Stratosphere is a good place to stay. I just stayed 5 nights there last week and was very happy with the room. We had a studio room for $41 a night. Four picture windows overlookig the strip and mountains that you could look out of in bed, on the 22nd floor. Was spacious and had a fridge. Decent sheets and blanket. Bathroom was very basic, but clean. I loved their toiletries they give out from their salon. TV was not great, but who watches TV when you are in Vegas? They had a special where for $20 a day you can go to their buffet as much as you want. Definately try the Top of The World restaurant when you go. The views while you eat were amazing as was the lobster mashed potatoes and duck appetizer. The Sahara is only a block away to catch the monorail. We rented a car though and didn’t find the traffic bad at all and the other hotels had free parking. I will definately stay there again.

116 Martin Horvitz

I’d be inclined to consent with you here. Which is not something I typically do! I really like reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to speak my mind!

117 Mrs H

I have been to Vegas 4 times, soon to be 5!! Yeahhhh!!!! Have even brought the kidlets once and they loved it all because it’s so visual. The first 2 times we stayed in the Sahara and for quaint and nostalgic reasons loved the shabby chicness of it, but sadly it is no longer ;(. We then went to the Strat and its perfect for our needs, everything is easily accessible with no map needed to find the elevators after check in lol. It’s also the only casino on the Strip that is actually in real life Las Vegas, all the others are in Clark County…. Interesting factoid. The truth is though, coming from the uk the flights are a killer on the purse strings and the Strat allows us to live out the Vegas fantasy that anything is possible. Whilst the rooms and casino may not be the swankiest they are far superior than anything we would get at home or on a generic package deal, the deuce stops right outside but if your hardcore like me you can attempt to walk all the way to the sign and back stopping at everything and everywhere in between ;/. I have never made it all the way to dessert at dinner and have eaten like a godess for pennies. Love everything that is Vegas, was Vegas and will one day be Vegas, no place like it on earth!!! 49 days and counting, soooooo excited!!!!!! Can you tell?

118 Joni

My husband and I have gone to Vegas 30+ times but this time we are taking our 21 year old babay girl Melissa. We have never stayed at Stratosphere and are excited to do so. Thanks for the heads up… loved it!!!!

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