What Is Sticking Your Pecker Out?

Yesterday I wrote that I thought one of the best way to get users and keep them was by sticking your pecker out.

So just what do I mean… well there is a few different things.

Having opinions

Whether its your political views, religious views, whatever… if you want to write about it then do it. I have written about so many different things and honestly it can be a bit nerve racking.

At times I can be childish, immature, obsessive, and volatile all at the same time. That can make for some interesting blog posts =P

From the heart

Not to get all mushy but the posts I have felt the most uneasy about publishing were the ones that were straight from the heart. This is really sticking your pecker out there.

Lets face it. Any monkey can be anonymous and re-write 10 ways to make $$ on the internet 50 different ways… but if in between you have thick enough skin to expose your weakest moments it can have quite a reward.

No conference ever goes by without at least 5 people talking to me about how I used to be fat and how they have a very similar experience and thank me for sharing it.

Another very popular from the heart post I made was one that was inspired by a good friend Barry Schwartz where I talk about things I wish I would have done differently in my life

And recently I wrote about the very close call we had with our daughter Joslyn being born with Meningitis.

And there are a ton more….

I really want to end this on a good note but I would not feel right if I did not also warn you about what happens when you reach 40-50k unique people per day (between website/email/rss/twitter) you also reach some fruitcakes. I have had people threaten my family… my kids… bomb threats to venues I was speaking at. They were all forwarded to the proper authorities and we have had to beef up security at our house from a few weird close calls but the danger of weird people out there is real and its there.

So you want to be a bigtime blogger?