What Is Sticking Your Pecker Out?

by Jeremy Schoemaker on September 10, 2008 · 122 comments

Yesterday I wrote that I thought one of the best way to get users and keep them was by sticking your pecker out.

So just what do I mean… well there is a few different things.

Having opinions

Whether its your political views, religious views, whatever… if you want to write about it then do it. I have written about so many different things and honestly it can be a bit nerve racking.

At times I can be childish, immature, obsessive, and volatile all at the same time. That can make for some interesting blog posts =P

From the heart

Not to get all mushy but the posts I have felt the most uneasy about publishing were the ones that were straight from the heart. This is really sticking your pecker out there.

Lets face it. Any monkey can be anonymous and re-write 10 ways to make $$ on the internet 50 different ways… but if in between you have thick enough skin to expose your weakest moments it can have quite a reward.

No conference ever goes by without at least 5 people talking to me about how I used to be fat and how they have a very similar experience and thank me for sharing it.

Another very popular from the heart post I made was one that was inspired by a good friend Barry Schwartz where I talk about things I wish I would have done differently in my life

And recently I wrote about the very close call we had with our daughter Joslyn being born with Meningitis.

And there are a ton more….

I really want to end this on a good note but I would not feel right if I did not also warn you about what happens when you reach 40-50k unique people per day (between website/email/rss/twitter) you also reach some fruitcakes. I have had people threaten my family… my kids… bomb threats to venues I was speaking at. They were all forwarded to the proper authorities and we have had to beef up security at our house from a few weird close calls but the danger of weird people out there is real and its there.

So you want to be a bigtime blogger?

full disclosure

About the author...

– who has written 2896 posts on ShoeMoney.com.

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1 Moneybites

Opinions can keep or drive people away, but mainly people like something different or “fresh”. If you’re opinionated people will read the blog because they want to read what you write, not just the general consensus on the matter.

In terms of from the heart. Again this builds personality into your blog. It lets others see you as a person and relate to you

2 Chris

I agree. Great points. Opinions and Heart pull the readers in, and validates your reasons for writing the blog in the first place.

3 Ryan McLean

Being honest builds relationships, this is what keeps a blog going strong…good relationships. that is why I am completely honest on my blog.

4 Lawrence

A good blog starts with a character

5 Goran Website

yeah, I guess the more you’re sincere on your articles, the more you’ll gain great trust and loyalty from your readers. As you are real with them and not just putting on a fake blog visage.

6 Digital Photography Tutorial

I’m not one that likes things sugar coated. I think that by being honest with people you are building up a relationship and gaining their trust.

7 Eric D

I am really surprised I have not seen more political oriented blog entries. Of course most of the blogs I hang out at are SEO or MMO oriented, but still political remarks can ignite a firestorm of conversation. Now that I think of it I wonder how much traffic a political / religious forum would generate, especially during an election year. I bet that would be a moderator’s nightmare.

Maybe I need to learn to blog more from inside instead of being so factual and let it rip someday. Good advice as usual………thanks……..eric

8 Blogging Millionaire

There would be no way to moderate this. A political forum would be like hell to keep running. All the attacks on each other that do not have the same views would be the worst.

9 Myrtle Beach Rentals

I have a small blog that i wrote a post about what canidate would be best for the real estate industry. That single post constantly gets spamed andhad people making pretty negative remarks and this a blog that is lucky to get 50 hits a day

10 Jewellery

They attract their trafifc during those periods and then they dramatically decrease after the election periods.

11 Paula

Wow, I really didn’t think becoming a big-time blogger would attract that sort of negative attention. That’s pretty amazing stuff. Would be interesting to see how many other big name bloggers are in the same boat. I guess any type of notoriey is going to attract some unwanted attention at some point.

12 Dennis Bjørn Petersen

Hmmm. I thought all bigtime bloggers did was sleep 3 hours a day, speak at conferences, attend various receptions, pat each other on the backs and enjoy free stuff from different companies.

The last part of this post was pretty scary. Why on Earth would anyone threaten a blogger?! As you say, there are a lot of fruitcakes out there.

13 stevewrightaz

Seriously. Its a pretty lame move. Theres no need.

14 Dave Fowler

I’ve to to say I don’t like the sound of the loonies who make the threats. One problem with the interent is it makes you easily ‘findable’. Don’t like that at all.

15 Goran Website

Yup I totally agree Dave. It’s some real F#*ked up sh!t.

16 Digital Photography Tutorial

Not a very comforting thing, but…Thats what a nice alarm system and my good buddy Remington are for.

17 Goran Website

you’re lucky you can afford good security.

18 Craig L

Being confronted by the fruitcakes come with the territory of becoming famous. If you want to be famous you have to be prepared to face people coming up to you all the time.

On Sunday here in Toronto at Virgin Fest, a “Crazed Fan” got up on stage on Tackled lead guitarist Noel Gallagher of Oasis. He was alright he only had a couple small fractures but it’s that sort of thing that happens being famous.
At least with the internet and blogging celebrity life you only have to deal with people face to face at events where they would know you.

Most people dream of being famous, but for me I’d just rather be rich and anonymous.

19 mrkbsm

I would agree with that – rich and anonymous would be the way to go. But in some ways that probably takes more work than being rich and well-known!

20 Custom T-Shirts

I saw the video of the guy pushing Noel, crazy stuff. I’m surprised he even got up there to do it.

21 Craig L

Well they say that he must have been backstage for a long time and thought this out really well, or had a pass being part of another band. They never really say who the guy was.

22 BenSpark

The fruitcakes are what I’m most worried about. I’ve heard that sort of thing from a few other big time bloggers. Whack jobs are everywhere and I guess you can’t stay afraid and succeed.

23 Rich

Anything with large exposure will end up reaching one or two weirdos. Just look at this whole LHC jazz going on lately and people thinking the world is going to die etc. Scientist in that have had death threats also! (A bit pathetic really when we have had server HC systems before and none had batted an eyelid)

But onto blogging, its something I’m worried about also. If i ever did become big time, will it affect my family and loved ones? I love talking about things that have happened to me *Ego* (business or personal) but could it bring the ‘wrong’ kind of attention?

Its just the negative points of being successful.

24 mrkbsm

I think it’s pretty safe to say that anyone who is famous, or even just relatively well-known, will encounter loonies. Given the availability of information on the ‘net it’s hard to keep those people from finding out more about you. But if a blogger sees that as a primary concern and never speaks about personal matters, their blog feels like reading some unemotional trade journal.
Publicly voicing opinions is easy to do anonymously while commenting on other peoples’ blogs and forums – it’s another thing entirely to voice them on your own blog and tie those comments to who everyone knows you to be.
Neither one is easy, but Shoe seems to have found a good mix – a good example to follow. hmmm… I think you need to start marketing some “What Would Shoe Do?” bracelets :)

25 Chris

I’m not sure if I agree with this one.. :)

26 John Loch

I must say that posting ‘from the heart’ is difficult enough, but to do it with your real identity exposed, along with so much information about you available through your site.. well, lets be brutally honest.. it takes guts to do it (irrespective of intent), and I actually respect that, but on the flip side, you have only yourself to blame for the fruitcakes.. you’ve simply divulged too much info (like your address etc) for the profile you have.

It’s difficult to strike a safe middle ground, especially when you started out from home.

I for one (as is pretty obvious) never use my true identity, be it posting a comment like this, or through any of my sites. My nicknames change from forum to blog, even my domains are registered under ‘the manager’.

I hope these nutcakes are far and few between. No matter who you are or where you’re at, when it lands on the doorstep its too close to home.


John Loch.

27 mrkbsm

I’ll admit I’ve toyed with the idea of going anonymous with registrations, etc but none of the work I’ve done so far is anything that will get me huge public attention so I haven’t bothered. So do you skip blogging yourself then, or do you blog with an alias? Just curious.

28 Steven-Sanders

Wow! I know there are some crazies out there, but that’s nuts that people have threatened to bomb you.

I’m in the military, and at one point there was the danger of the armory I use to work at being the target of a bomb. It’s scary thinking that you could go home or come into work one day and that be the end.

29 Tushar Dhoot

I know what you mean. It’s really sad that people are so jealous or so out of it that they have nothing better to do than threat people.

30 meethere

thats usual with any celebrity…
I would not like to be a big.. happy with low $

31 jim

Authenticity is one of the most important things on the web (and life, when you think about it), if you aren’t true to yourself then no one else will want to hear what you have to say.

32 Scott Paterson

I’ve got over a million users too and had one person threaten violence against me at an event I was attending… It happens. Another good post.

33 Goran Website

Well let’s just hope that most of them are just idle treats.

34 Borgo7

Posting needs time. Time is money. Posting is money. So I need to write good topic to have good revenue. It’s easy! $_$

35 Allen

DR. Martin Luther King said it perhaps more eloquently, but with the same message http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/2008/09/04/stop-rationalizing-and-make-hard-decisions-learning-from-dr-king/

36 James

You must teach me how to effectively stick my pecker out.

37 Moneybites

Read the post?

38 Goran Website

I was about to ask James the same question.

39 Justin

Maybe a new section is order here. Nutjobs, the Best of? Everyone enjoys pulling the curtain back on insanity.

40 ZK@WebTrafficROI

People will love you for being honest , for being the real you ..its not about all post being on the MMO theme. Its also letting your users know the real you , the internal Shoemoney as he is

41 Nimic

You’ve pretty much summed up why I read your blog, and not the 50 million other “how to make money online” blogs. You’re a real guy, and anyone who reads this blog regularly can see that.

It’s a shame people have threatened your family like that. That’s probably one of my worst fears.

42 Sean

no I don’t want to be a big time blogger. blogging sucks. I would rather create something for bloggers to use.

43 Static

Just shows how much more authority you have Shoe. However, those that fail to outstand and live through the “hard” and “complex” moments won’t ever get big. Although this may sound ironic, I think it’s just an indicator that you did really well on what you were trying to do.


I agree with the premise; but it may not work depending on they kind of image you are going for. My blog, for example, links to my professional life in a big way. I can’t just spout off any time I want with a rant and expect zero consequences…

45 web hosting rebates

you are so right about what you said. I really liked the posts you made in the last days

46 Momentum

Although sticking your pecker out is important to get noticed. Once you’re noticed on a large scale and really build your brand, it’s rather important to keep it in your pants.

Just look at any large company that is on a truly corporate scale, they spend millions of dollars to NOT take a stance on anything and to make everyone as happy as they can.

47 Tushar Dhoot


It’s sad cause it’s true. Don’t know if it applies to big-time-bloggers though, because they need to have a personality.

48 SEI Design Group

Good post. That is incredible that you have to deal with loonies like that. Pls take care.

49 Zack - Amer1can Paratrooper

Guess that having run-ins with ‘the crazies’ is part of the territory from being a successful entrepreneur.

50 Goran Website

Wow! It’s amazing how your blog becomes your life. And getting treats??? Damn, now that’s hectic. You’re quite a big brand, so I guess that will attract a lot of attention with good and bad outcome.

I enjoyed this post Shoe…;-)

51 Alexander M Zoltai

“Sticking Your Pecker Out” is what adolescents do…

I found this blog because of its page rank and visitor numbers.

Just proves PR & VN are not guides to people who don’t act like adolescents…

52 TYCP Entertainment Magazine

That’s a shame about the fruitcakes, but sadly not surprising. I know someone who went through the same thing & even ended up buying a gun [legally] because it just got worse.

53 David

Great advice for someone who is just starting to blog.

54 Freeman

I really enjoyed this! You stuck your pecker out for this one! I really enjoy reading your more personal writing!

55 Workplace

Gurus and big time bloggers are the ones who are enjoying online. Not the beginners.

56 cheap used cars

any time you aren’t being honest and yourself you are wasting not only your time, but the time of anyone in earshot.

57 Goran Website

True that man!

58 Tushar Dhoot

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

59 Richard Farrar

Glad to see that you stick up for what you believe in and haven’t let the fear of the loonies on the fringe intimidate you into taking the safe and boring options. I admire your strength, particularly when your family is threatened, you kept going.

60 Paul

Great post I have never read the one “things I wish I would’ve done different in my life”. I really like these kinds of post.

61 Nebraska SEO

“Lets face it. Any monkey can be anonymous and re-write 10 ways to make $$ on the internet 50 different ways… but if in between you have thick enough skin to expose your weakest moments it can have quite a reward.”

I don’t think this has ever been a problem here as long as I’ve been reading. Many bloggers will tell everybody to take a flying *&%! if anybody has a problem with their poor spelling and grammar, but that’s as far out on the edge as they go.

62 Email Savant


You call it like you see it. That’s all there is to it. Gratz on all your success.


63 Ways To Earn Online

Interesting post. I would love to be a better blogger and even giving some of my opinions on stuff other than money. I cant believe you had threats like that. I guess people take things a little more serious. Great post.

64 Dick

There are such things as greed and rage. They will always be.

65 MouthyGirl

Just today I thought, Self, you’re not sticking your neck out like your URL suggests you will. So it’s time for MouthyGirl to get busy being Mouthy and stop worrying about what my readers will think….I think they expect it. And of course you would write this and just affirm that decision of mine….

66 Rekzai

What’s a pecker? Nose??

67 Rich

Its whatever you want it to be ;)

68 Tushar Dhoot

Google is your friend. Although I don’t recommend image search.

69 stevewrightaz

Youve definitely got to be passionate and not afraid to let it out. Like Howard Stern says, ‘You cant hold back’.

70 Cheryl W

You are absolutely right. The best bloggers are the ones that let it all out there!

71 Sohail

Just be yourself and be honest is the best advice.

72 Country Music

Wow can’t believe people made threats against you just because of your opinion on a blog. I see how people get mad politically when someone is doing something such as that but I mean come’on a blogger doesn’t effect your life if you don’t want to read it don’t come.

73 AffiliateObsession

I guess that is as good of explanation as any LOL

74 Patrick

Definitely. People can also make these to a no-name blogger, what’s the difference? Yes, it makes you think about it and be more cautious, but you can’t let it stop the business.

75 Storm

The nutters out there is one of the reasons I still have WhoisGuard, against your “How To Get Advertisers Or Sponsors For Your Website: 9) The whois information about your site is anonymous (or in your case not yours)”.

Until I can use corporate or office address that isnt my home ofcourse.

76 David G.


When is the deadline for the contest, Come To The SEO ThinkTank 2008 ON ME!. I’m trying to stick my Pecker Out, it keeps getting caught it the zipper of fear, doubt, and questioning my abilities.

I’m loaded with desire, Ideas and talent, but lack in grammar and public speaking parts. I Just started a blog for your contest and have deleted the post about 20 times, sounds like a 9 year old wrote it. Anyway check it out http://www.dgvito.com/blog and let me know.

For the record I’ve only been doing this internet stuff for about 10 months.

77 Nick Stamoulis

Interesting viewpoint of the “big blogger” experience. I’m sure with many of the perks, the dangers are also a bit daunting. Just keep doing what you’re doing and be smart about it as you have been doing and hopefully the good will outweigh the bad *always*.

78 Reid

Well glad we got this cleared up? No but really very well stated!

79 Scorpiono


80 Micah Jamison

Thats what i love about internet blogging is it removes the “filter” of other forms of communication and people often say whats they are really thinking without reservation.

81 Melvin

thats why even chow’s blog has become popular…

82 Douglas

Of course I do!

83 Ryan McLean

I never thought it would be dangerous being a full time blogger. That is crazy that you have had to increase security. I never thought that would happen.
I like what you said about ‘from the heart’. I tried to ‘fake it to make it’ in the MMO/Entrepreneur niche fora while and I threw that away and started being completely honest on my blog and since then things have been booming

84 shifka

Great post. I understand around 99%.

85 David

I never thought of being a blogger full time would do that to you. Some interesting information overall.

86 James Broadfoot

This is true and it’s one of those areas where vulnerability and fear come into play and it transcends the internet and blogospherel. When you really put yourself on the line regardless of the consequences, the results tend to be more meaningful.

87 Dick

This situation is normal in human society. It can occur in any sphere. -(((

88 den

I’ve been reading your stuff here and on twitter, you walk the walk. The game addiction piece you did not too long ago was awesome dude. You really put it out there, or like I tell my salesmen every day…

“Rock Out with Your Cock Out!”


89 ajaz

It’s sad there are some people who are so disturbed they would threaten your family over what you do here.

90 Myrtle Beach Rentals

I’d like to read about some of these crazy people. I didn’t know being a blogger would be so hazardous

I have a medium/small business in my area, nothing near as public as your blog and I have delt with crazy people before.

I have had people make crazy threats before. Once you seem to start doing well, you don’t even have to be successful just better than someone else, but somebody will be upset because you are doing better than them.

thank god the crazies only make up about 1/10th of a percent, unless its a full moon. If you don’t beleave a full moon effects people, come spend the week with me during the next one

91 Amanda (DrifterMama)

I agree 100% you and John Chow’s blogs are more interesting to me because you don’t just talk about blogging. You talk about your everyday lives, your families, etc.. It makes you more personable and your readers feel a closeness to you.

92 Tinh

Thanks for interesting post. I can get 80% of what you say :-)

93 Eva White

pecker is slang, right? what does it stand for?

94 Nebraska SEO

I wonder how many people had this thread about peckers sticking out get blocked by company firewalls.

95 HSD


96 Dick

Bad people can meet anyone. I believe in God and do my job.

97 thatedeguy

I think that it’s important to have a personality to your site. If it’s all news and info, it’s no different from any other news and info site. Shoemoney makes this site Shoemoney. Without those personal “pecker-sticking-outer” posts, it just wouldn’t be the same

98 Nimic

Looks like it should be an easy win. You already know his strategy!

99 SEO Tips

Yeah, I think the same. It should be easy to win.

100 PTC Blog

“Sticking your pecker out” is a great strategy when trying to get attention to an established site! I am unsure how good of an idea it is for a new site, you don’t want your site to be known only for its pecker use!

101 nishagun

I dont think that this idea going to right.

102 nishagun

i do not appreciate this pecker thing

103 SEO next

I hope one day i am able to reach a point where people consider me an authority in the SEO field …

104 mathew

isn’t that common to anyjob that deals with the general public, for instance if 1 in 1000 people are loonies youare going to get your fair share!

105 CultureMob.com

You are so right- it is the hardest things to write about that gain the most true attention. Writing with your dick out, so to speak!

106 Erica

Wow…. I am new to your blog and I have to say that was some pretty tough stuff you were talking about…i can’t imagine anyone wanting to threatren someone’s life because you say your opinions and speak from the heart…but

maybe that is what is wrong with the world now in days. No one speaks from the hart becasue they are so brainwashed with crap that don’t matter. People are so narcassistic (i’m sure I mispelled this) that they won’t take the time to pull their faces rom Facebook, Myspace or the gossip page to see what is really going on in the world… or maybe Perez Hilton goes through the exact same thing :( But keep your head up none the less.

For more information on how make money from home and increase your sales by copywriting, visit: http://www.copywritingincome4life.com

Sincerely, Erica

107 icq

i do not appreciate this pecker thing

108 Richard Vanderhurst

Very interesting story… There are truly lots of risk when you became a big time blogger… It’s almost as close as you were in politics.

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