Come To The SEO ThinkTank 2008 ON ME!

Seo ThinkTank 2008

SEO ThinkTank  THE Seo event of the year takes place in San Diego on September 26th, 27th and 28th.   Its a fantastic event filled with no bullshit Internet Marketers and Business Owners who have built successful companies, having a fun time, partying and networking.  Its not your typical conference with 1,000 SEO’s working for agencies bragging about their clients trying to impress each other…   The ThinkTank attendees  are mostly made up of top notch self made entrepreneurs who actually know what works because they do it every… single… day…

Anyway I was talking with DK and we were talking about how much value there is in an event like this.  Its just something you have to experience.

I love to give back and give people this kind of experience.  I feel it can really be a life changing event for the right person….

 SO….  I would like to give one of YOU that experience!   Thats right!  I will pay for YOU to attend.

This contest is pretty sick. Three days hanging out with the crew in San Diego, scoring great food, and free drinks. SureHits is sponsoring MMA training by Shawn Tompkins. Epic Advertising (Azoogle Ads) is throwing an awesome sunset BBQ on the beach on Sunday. SEO Intelligence is sponsoring an amazing online game using and winning real money and also sponsoring a killer Sunday Brunch for everyone. SEM Journal is throwing a pool party and a Mongolian Stir Fry in the park looking over the surf.

Well now, here’s the catch. Most of these guys attending are my friends, and I don’t want to give this prize to someone who is just going to take, take, take all weekend and be a pain.

The whole event is about helping each other, solving problems, make money online and giving tips so we can all be even more successful. It’s for high end guys only, or those on their way there. Invite only by the way.

Write a blog about how you can help the other guests at the Purpose Inc ThinkTank. I know you will learn a ton, and hang out with the biggest names in the business by the beach, playing games, trading secrets and on and on. But what can you offer the other guests? 

So write a blog post about yourself and what you have to offer to the attendees of the 2008 ThinkTank.

Ping me or leave a comment below with the url.  There is no lame link requirements… thats it.  Just tell me why I should shell out $4000.00 to send you to this event.

I’ll pick the winner and announce it here on Friday September 12th.

Here’s what the winner gets.
– A plane ticket from a major airport near you in the continental U.S. to San Diego and back
– Transportation from the San Diego airport to the ThinkTank
– The $2499 entry fee to the ThinkTank.
– A room Fri and Sat night at the Del Mar Motel right on the water (The original hotel sold out).
– Transportation from the ThinkTank to Pacific Beach.
– You also get Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights free hotel, after the ThinkTank at the Surfer Beach Hotel right on the water in Pacific Beach, a cool beach town in San Diego.

A total Value of $4100.

* If you’re under 18 I’ll buy a plane ticket for one of your parents and they have to come along. If you are under 21, you won’t be able to drink.

Best of luck to those who enter!

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