WordPress 2.7 Preview

On my dev box I upgrade via subversion every night to the latest version. Its what is called “bleeding edge” and not considered stable (or even beta for that matter) but I love to dink around with what is coming.

It should be noted wordpress 2.7 is scheduled for release on November 10th (more then 2 months from now) and I suspect these things will drastically change.

There was a lot of speculation of new things coming in wordpress 2.7. Threaded comments, subscribed comments and lots of other interesting things have been thrown around.

2 things have been implemented that got my attention.

The new dashboard is super slick.

I really love the new design. 99% of the time when I log in its to make a new post and the new dashboard has plenty of options to do that.

Another new feature that got my attention was the “inbox”.

Not much is known about this new inbox system but it looks like it could be a message system of some sort between bloggers.

I will let you know as I see new features implemented in the bleeding edge.