Harrison Gevirtz – Super Affilaite 16 Year Old Superstar Interview

by Jeremy Schoemaker on August 23, 2008 · 114 comments

Harrison took a few mins to talk with me at the show. We talk about the show… The benefits of having a Amex Black Card… and becoming Google Adwords Certified.

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1 meethere

OMG, A 16 years old superaffiliate :eek:
never heard about him..
Interview is inspirational..

2 Chris Abernethy

Cool interview… I’ve been reading his blog for awhile (http://www.cpashare.com), so its nice to see an in-person interview.

3 harrison

Hi Chris,

I’ve posted a couple new items on ad networks– on both shoe and cpashare. Let me know what you think.


4 Chetan

This is the first time i am watching something related to Harrison! Lemme watch it after commenting.. Excited so first commenting.

5 Justin

Nice with 16 years a superaffiliate…

6 Start Blogging

Impressive! Whoever was filming though started to make me a little dizzy.

7 Storm

I have a SatNav that was half price because it came in an off pink colour, removed and sprayed the housing, sorted.

Little off topic, but there you go.

8 Discount Digital Camcorders

Very inspirational, nice to know there are kids out there spending their time valuably

9 14yr old Super Affiliate Has Big Balls

awesome success at a young age. why are high schools not changing already?

10 Linda Tong

That is awesome. So it sounds like he has some sound advice and strong opnions of Best of the Best web directories. I wonder what kind of cliental he truly has. And wow exclusive black Amex. The dues for the 1st year are incredible…Geez.But I guess it isnt that bad compared to other countries that are allowed the black Amex. But dude – Shoemoney – Pink Camera – Thats so chique. I like men who arent afraid of Pink…..Very bold business decision – Go economics.

11 harrison

Linda, you asked about what kinds of clients we have– check out leaderclicks.com and gevirtzmedia.com.


12 Patrick


13 Douglas

WOW, IF he can do it, then I can. He’s my new inspiration. What exactly does he do?

14 April

Nice! I’ll have to show this to my 15 yr old son who wants to start an online business.

15 David Turnbull

@Douglas – I reckon that’s a pretty naive thing to say. If he was an idiot then sure, that’d be fair, but you’re assuming because he’s young he doesn’t know much, which is pretty stupid on your behalf.

16 Lawrence

he first started with selling diamonds and coins online…

of all things, how in the hell does a 14 year old start with Diamonds and Coins??

you’d think by selling off his unwanted comic books or video games

17 Le Melon

Nice video – was pretty interesting!
Do you know what age he started at?

18 cheap used cars

smart kid, very polished for his age.

19 Zack - Amer1can Paratrooper

Wow, what a young kid to hit the mainstream scene and be very successful to boot. How awesome. Watch this guy!

20 العاب شمس الدين

this boy is really smart for his age . i wish i can do the same .

21 harrison

You can— just start doing it. No magic required. Get off the sidelines and roll your sleeves up!


22 Otooo

That’s gonna be me in 1 year from now :)

23 Jonathan Volk

Yea. Harrison is legit and a really cool guy. Smart little son of a gun.

24 River Girl

Unreal. What are his websites besides his blog?

25 Myrtle Beach Rentals

i’m intrested in this same thing, I make decent money off of websites, but its definatly not on affiliate marketing and a blog? I would like to see what else he is doing

26 harrison

Folks— check out BlitzLocal.com, LeaderClicks.com, and GevirtzMedia.com. If you’re going to make outsize returns, then you need to do something DIFFERENT than everyone else. In thisd case, we know arbitrage well and maximize it with our our ad serving.


27 Hustle Strategy

Nice use of the f’ bomb… great interview though.

28 sean

How is he making his money?

29 NaldzGraphics

wow he is young.very impressive.

30 SawanM

How fun, how much do you have to earn to get an amex black card?

31 Myrtle Beach Rentals

Evidently way more that I do :)

32 Online Dividends

That is impressive. When i was 16 I was daytrading stocks..

33 WebTrafficROI

I wish the net was around when i was 16

34 Melvin

Wow… 16 yr old super affiliate? when i was 16 all i did was play basketball and surf multiply, wtf!

35 techdude

Congrats to Harrison on being successful at 16, Nice to see he has the black amex card, My uncle first showed it to me and was all like “you know what this is, I’m like a credit card,then he explained it was a “black card” lol, my uncles got one too, I can only hope for it one day!

36 Lowongan Kerja

I wish I were him when I was young… :D

37 Bulbboy

Amazing how some 16 year olds are wastes of space, then there are other like Harrison who accomplish so much.

38 CashCow


39 meethere

lol.. Shoe is himself telling “Best of the web”
Self praise is not good :D

40 team ray

i respect the guy hustle

but this kid spammed the hell out of my email with useless info

41 erick

awesome ……gerat……

42 Young Blogger Dot Net

I’ve heard of Harrison before. He is a year younger than me and wow, he can serve as an inspiration to everyone. He seems like a pretty cool dude.

43 harrison

Young Blogger (Russ)—

Don’t let your age be a perceived impediment– the only thing stopping you is yourself. And places like AdWords don’t give you an advantage for being younger. You’re only a year older than me– but I don’t let age get in the way. Being young, you don’t have a family to pay for, a mortgage, or probably any significant responsibilities. So if you want to beat the “adults”, it’s not that hard– you have the time to outwork them– and have a brain that is probably more malleable and amenable to learning new things. Want to try out blitzlocal.com?


44 My Awesome Blog

Can someone here explain exactly how he makes money? Does he buy google ads and send them to landing pages which hopefully convert to moola?

I understand the need for secrecy, but wtf!

By the way, congrats, Harrison! Subscribed to yo blog

45 harrison


I’ll tell you that I DON’T do what everyone else does. If all I did was direct link AdWords traffic to offers, I’d be competing against thousands of others. Not trying to poo-poo those who do make a killing on that, like Dan Murray of Ravenwood Marketing– but if you’re going to make an outsized return, you gotta be doing something sorta different.

What do I do? I have my own ad server, have many offers direct from the advertiser, and have learned a lot of techniques from running an agency that services a couple Fortune 500 clients. Most affiliates don’t have that breadth, so there are certain types of insights they miss from not being able to connect the dots in that way.

Not sure if that helps you– main point is to spend time doing and learning something a bit different. Find out what that is for you. It could even be a niche you have special subject matter expertise in.


46 Agent Magenta

Great stuff, just goes to show there are no barriers to being successful. I wonder where he will be in 5 years time?

47 harrison

In 5 years time, I will be 21 years old and celebrating the ability to purchase alcohol. Seriously, who knows? I would think that we’d find a way to kill the yellow pages— shift that money small businesses waste into real performance advertising via PPC, SEO, email, and other methods. We hope that blitzlocal.com is the solution and that’s where I’m placing my bet.


48 Instant Community

Wow only 16 eh, that was surely very inspirational to many of us readers here at Shoemoney .

Best of Luck Kid

49 Nick Throlson

When I started i was 16 now 19 wish him the best of luck in affiliate marketing!

50 MoneyBlog

wow smart kid,do you know what age he started at?

51 Dick

Star interview in 16 years…. it is undeniable success.

52 Roschelle

Wow. This kid is a phenom! Kudos to him for a job well done.

53 web hosting rebates

very impressive..He achieved so many things and he is only 16

54 Adil

He is really a superstar, achieved such a height at only 16 is inspirational. Good luck dear for future endeavors.

55 Gossip

Amazing, Incredible, I love this interview !

56 Gossip

Hardly remember when I was 16 … Envying him !

57 Oozzl networking

He’s a great example for kids, he should be giving speeches at schools.

58 SawanM

He’ll become a millionaire very shortly in my opinion,

59 harrison


A million dollars doesn’t buy what it used to. And if you’re not a millionaire yet (but consider yourself to have made it), then you need to set your goals higher! Pesky inflation.


60 Agent Magenta

yeah, being 16 was a long time ago for me as well. Almost as far back as the good old days when we had threaded comments…

61 JumboCasher.com

A very well deserved interview for an outstanding super affiliate.

62 Custom T-Shirts

Wow, Amex black card at 16. That’s the dream!

63 Kyle Irwin

Ya know he owns jewmoney.com?

64 Wii Downloads

harrison with his black card crazy stuff wish i would have started when i was 16 i could have retired by now

65 Russ

Simply a firebrand for the affliate community. Right on.

66 Harrison Gevirtz

Hey Guys,
I Saw a lot of you ask HOW i make money. Well, Check my blog i answered the question a little bit…

67 poor jokes


how cum some people hav inborn talent

68 Scorpiono

You made him a star.

By the way Shoe, are you getting a bit chubby again ?

69 Storm

Black Amex at 16, I would have been so naughty with that!

70 Reid

well I am 17 so he has got me beat, but i’d really like to know how he does it!

71 Myrtle Beach Rentals

I’m 27 and don’t have a black Amex card, Actually I don’t even really know anyone who does?

72 Mark

Great interview. The kid has it. I guess we can all listen. Think about how much Adwords budget he can spend with that black card.

73 harrison

For those who don’t know one of the secrets of PPC– you earn MAD miles. Some of us trade gift cards because we have more miles than we know what to do with. You think I’m paying for those trips all over the world?


74 Gary

This guy is amazing. Talk about an all out genius. He is a true motivator that shows all is possible if one sticks their mind to it. Did you hear him? He said he had a platinum card and it was going to be a black card by the end of the year. And they don’t just give away black cards, you know? Now, that is dedication.

75 Justin Chelf

Ya, I have never met the kid but I have been reading his blog for a hella long time. and jon volk says he real so it must be…. haha

76 Eva White

Wish we had these advantages as kids. Great interview, makes you wish you could do more.

77 Kronok

@SawanM – I believe it’s a $2,500 fee per year plus you have to have at least $250,000 cash flow going through it.

78 Justin Cook

OK, this makes me just a little bit…. angry. I gotta get smarter with affiliate marketing, if this kid can do it!

79 Agent Magenta

Getting a little bit angry and competitive is a great way to get motivated. Reading the post and watching the vid certainly helped get me moving again!

80 harrison


Don’t get angry! You want to make more money? Get more traffic to your blog site by taking down those ads. Unless you need that money or it’s a lot of money, focus on writing great content that will draw in traffic. I have no ads on my blog.

Of course, you’re probably running other stuff– but thought I’d mention. Drop me a link bud!


81 sergio.dares

Quite impressive

82 Dick

This is a great event for a child in 16 years. I hope he will make the right conclusions.

83 jim of Blueprint for Financial Prosperity

That is pretty pimp… good to see he’s doing well.

84 Jan Alvin

Well, I know someone how makes money at an age of 13 years old. Although its not that much as this kid.

85 Deviled

Wow his parents must be proud! I’m ashamed to say that at 39, this is the first I’ve ever heard of an AmEx black card.

86 CV

That guy is amazing. Do you guys realize he pulls in over $200,000 per from for PPC marketing? Unreal for 16 yrs old…

87 LetUsReviewIt

I have been following him for a short time now and he is very impressive for his age and just in general with age aside he seems like he has a good head on his shoulders.

88 Blim

Erm…….what exactly does he do? He has clients? For what?

89 Noobpreneur

Darn lucky 16-y-o guy…

@CV – woot! that’s pretty much unreal for the rest of us, too! :D

90 TYCP Entertainment Magazine

That is pretty impressive. Good for him. It’s nice to see that some kids are doing worthwhile things with their time. If he keeps it up, he could end up being a billionaire by the time he’s 20. He would have Mark Zuckerberg beat.

91 harrison

Don’t focus on the money– if you’re about the money, the guy who is passionate will beat you every time. He’ll outwork you because he truly believes in what he’s doing. I’m not trying to beat Zuck. I have my own goals, which only partially involve money— with that being mostly a yardstick to measure success.


92 Rajan

That is impressive. I think the age is just going to get younger and younger with these super affiliates. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

93 terminator69

Damn this cant be my dream for much longer, ill be 17 in a few weeks.

94 Reid

I still wish I could get off on the right path… I am only 17 so I have time but this just goes to show there are “kids” that can make big money too…

95 Big Ben Patton

Personality and Passion are your fuel. Content and aesthetics are your vehicle. Constant Vigilance your driver. With these and a little elbow grease for good measure you will realize your life’s goals.

This applies to internet marketing, blogging, and affiliate sales. Never show weakness, never back down and always be willing to adapt to the new market.

I’d say he will have a bright future.

96 harrison

Thank you— I heard someone once say that the harder they worked, the luckier they got. I think that’s true for me. Sometimes the best kept secrets are the most obvious things.


97 iPod fan

I’m in shock. Hats of to him. Inspiration to all children (and adults).

98 SEO Tricks

I wish I was at his place.. I am also 15 ATM.. Working hard to be famous :P

99 LunA

Very impressive… What did I do when I was 16?

100 Dustin Cucciarre

Damn Harrison is def inspiring, it just goes to show that hard work does pay off.

101 Gossip

I think this young guy is promising!

102 Fredrin

Nice Johnny Cupcakes T. Money and style

103 Abro

^^ SEOfm said he is 20 … hell …

104 jack

I wonder if he has a girlfriend , lol

105 Harish

obviously a super star affiliate marketer

106 Matt Helphrey

Oh to be a 16 again….and rich! Nice interview

107 blazin

Outside the box hurts my head. I htink I need a hole drilled.

108 zone alarm suite

This guy was good.

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