Ses Recaps Day 1-2 Charity IM Party ROCKED!

I am getting a ton of messages from people who want to meet up for dinner or lunch or what not. I am pretty easy to find and I like to just go with the flow of the conference. During the conference you will be able to find me either at the tables outside the conference hall or in the expo hall depending on the days. In the Expo hall I will most likely be near the Best Of The Web Booth as that is usually the hub of networking in the expo hall. I would love to chat with you about what you are doing if you see me feel free to introduce yourself and pull me a side for a bit. I don’t normally schedule any static events that are not open to everyone because normally we roll with a pretty big entourage and grab food/drinks all together so unless you want to buy for all its best you just roll with us 😉

We got into San Jose Sunday night and had a great time at the Fairmont hotel bar. Lots of people were trickling in including my friend Marcus Tandler who just got in from Germany. I was laughing so hard at Marcus’s lime green suitcase when he arrived and had to take a photo:

Then Marcus called me out saying how my AuctionAds shirt matched his lame suitcase…. Funny stuff.

Anyway on Sunday night people retired pretty early.

Monday morning woke up had some breakfast with Dillsmack then went over to the conference hall to register. Got all that taken care of then sat down at a table and started hanging out. Before long we had a bunch of people in the industry stopping by saying hi or whatever and had some really awesome discussions with people in the industry. Its really great to see all these people move on from SEO to build great quality services/sites.

For lunch I met with the ShoeMoney Tools board of advisors and we discussed a lot of the future items for the project…. We came up with several new tool ideas that we will be incorporating within the next couple weeks.

After lunch headed back to the hotel to freshen up a bit and found lots of old friends down in the hotel lobby area.

So then onto one of the most anticipated SEO/Internet Marketing events of the year the IM Charity event. This was public dinner and then a open bar. The dinner was unreal. One of the best steaks I have ever had. Then open bar until midnight which everyone had a blast. I think the event raised a ton of money for their causes. Here are my pics from the event:

First off the Anti Hair Club For Men Greg Boser, Me, Brent, and Dave

Search Engine Journal Founder Loren Baker, Me and Aaron Wall

Susan Esparza (@sesparza), blogger from Bruce Clay

Layne from

There are a ton of other pics in the gallery

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