ShoeMoney Tools Assembles Board Of Advisors

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ShoeMoney Tools

The one thing we are going to build with ShoeMoney Tools is the most advanced, ultimate set of internet marketing tools anywhere ever assembled. We have already incorporated a lot of the tools that were use here at ShoeMoney Media INC and from the initial feedback so far and judging from the amount of use the site is getting from the existing tools we are off to one hell of a start.

But we know there are a ton of experts out there much better in their niche so we thought we would form a board of advisers , who will also be part owners, to help us put together a dream set of internet marketing tools.

Current Advisory Board Members:

Social Media ChairMuhammad Saleem Muhammad is one of the most sought after social media consultants and has a arsenal of ideas to help users with social networks.

PR Chair – Chris Winfield When it comes to PR for internet marketing Chris Winfield is the Rev Pimpdaddy. He also has been great on feedback and given us a lot of direction.

International SEO Chair - Joost DeValk Not only a very well respected SEO but a great PHP developer as well. A great addition to the team! Joost was our first pick for obvious reasons.

SEO Chair – Todd Malicoat Todd was one of the first SEO’s I ever met. I originally told him about my idea for the domain finder 4 years ago and he gave me a lot of help from a seo perspective on what to look for. Since then I have enjoyed working with Todd on projects. He is one of the old school SEO’s who does not talk a lot but just gets results. He is a very welcomed member!

We also talked to several affiliate networks and asked them who we should talk to about being our PPC and affilaite char people. The same 2 names came up pretty much everywhere. You do not know who these people are… they do not have blogs and have zero online presences. The only way you would have ever meet them is by attending some of the private “top affilaite” functions where I originially met them. They are both welcomed members of the board of advisors and we welcome their input.

A lot of people have been sending me emails about when the price will go up. Basically we intend to keep the price 99$ until we are out of beta… I do not see us getting out of beta for a bit. We squash bugs as fast as we find them but we are making new tools so fast that there will be some bugs in them.

If you want to sign up for the beta you can here. Please keep in mind it is beta and a lot more is coming. We are working on the toolset everyday.

IF you are on the border line of signing up now or waiting until it is out of beta I would recommend you wait. While the tools are functional, they are very advanced and most people new to the industry will be lost if they do not have quite a bit of experience.

If you still want to sign up for the beta you can here:

Register Now

40 thoughts on “ShoeMoney Tools Assembles Board Of Advisors

  1. TheHustler

    Shoe how come you do not want people to sign up for the beta just so they have to pay more later?

  2. ShoeMoney

    Actually I thought I was pretty clear…. Beta = not finished. It does nobody any good if people signup and then have a bad experience.

  3. browie

    The tools do look pretty darn sweet. What’s going to happen when Beta is up? $99/mon will stay with those that got in early? Things like that.

  4. ShoeMoney

    Those who signed up at $99 will always get that low price. We still have a lot to figure out before coming up with the post-beta price points depending on resources and all that… but it will probably be 250-299$ range


    Muhammad Saleem i saw that name before , when ever this guy make a post it goes to digg home page lol

    from his digg profile : 1,680 Made Popular whenever you are on digg homepage there is a post for him or makimaki

    Great choice shoe , you know how to choose

  6. Erica DeWolf

    Board of Advisors is a great idea- more feedback is always a great idea and can’t hurt. Good Luck!! Seems like this will be an incredibly successful endeavor!

  7. KingMyron

    I can’t wait for this to fully roll out. I am not much a beta tester. I like something to work the first time no problems. But hey atleast you know I’ll get it once you roll out the final verison!

  8. Vince

    Shoe thanks for providing us these wonderful tools.

    One thing though, I dont need these tools right now but will indedd need em in the near future, would you be able to give us a heads up before you decide to end the beta version…



  9. Craig

    These are awesome tools and I plan to have a whole team using them soon, can we assign users to an account or would they all have to have their own seperate accounts?

  10. Berry

    I think that is a good idea to have Board of Advisor, and the result will assist all of blogger s to get better future.

  11. John Loch

    OK, so whats your unique selling point ?

    What sets you apart from the others ?

    What is it that you’re doing that hasn’t already been done ?


  12. Justin Cook

    I foresee great things with this tools suite :). I’ve found a couple of bugs which were promptly fixed, and suggested a new feature which Jeremy assures me is soon coming.

    I’ve purchased a couple of domains, but the whole concept of resurrecting an old domain is a whole new thing for me. If any of you have done it successfully i welcome your tips. Otherwise, I’ll do what I can, and put together a step-by-step… tutorial based on what I learn.

  13. Chris Abernethy

    Seems to me like ease-of-use… The tools provide functionality that is available elsewhere (or via custom coding), but for many it makes more sense to pay to use them rather than spend the time to develop the same tools. It’s all about what your time is worth I guess…

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