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Amazing lol…

Seems like just yesterday I made my first post….

Its hard to imagine 60k comments.ย ย  Especially when about 80% of them are manually approved with all the spam filters we have.

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  1. Harald Johnsen


    Oh, and I checked out your first post, btw. Seems like dupe content to me, dude, cause I’m SURE I’ve seen that post some other place before.

    Well done, though.

  2. Lyndon

    That’s a lot of comments!

    What plugin are you using that gives you a running count on how many comments your site has?

  3. Ash

    A lot of manually approved comments then. 60K is a great achievement though. Only a few more months till 100K

  4. ajaz

    Wow! That’s a lot of comments to review and approve. How much time do you spend each day approving comments?

  5. seven grain salad

    My first comment showed up pretty fast in a few minutes, and subsequent one immediately. That’s some fast manual approving.

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  7. Travis

    Do you have to set up your site on a load balanced system? There aren’t many mega WordPress sites out there, and they all seem to have custom solutions for handling the volume.

  8. Enkay Blog

    Depends on what version of wordpress your using Lyndon. If you need any help just follow my link to my contact form and I’ll assist you.

  9. Enkay Blog

    It usually does specially with that many comments marked as not spam. I wonder what his AKISMET spam count is. I’m at 500,000 for that but then again im really popular in terms of Spam!

  10. Randomly Writing

    …and 90% are people that are just trying to get Macbooks ….. (pointing to himself)

  11. Web Marketeer

    60,000 comments is indeed quite an achievement. Congratulations, Jeremy, and may the second 60,000 come in half the time! It took you just shy of three years to achieve this. Impressive indeed!

  12. Web Marketeer

    Went to check pout the first post too, and this is what I got when clicking the link…..
    “Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!” I am sure that wasn’t the first post, please help me out here!

  13. Web Marketeer

    Averaged out. Recently the numbers are higher. A graph showing the growth curve would be nice. Now that Jeremy is running contests I’ve definitely noticed an increase in comments posted, and lots of new “faces” on this blog too.

  14. Agent Magenta

    Wow, that’s a lot of comments. I notice that is just the approved comments, if you add in the spam/removed comments how many would that be? Manually approving comments is hard work, but it’s the only way to ensure quality – automated filters will never be as smart as a human being.

  15. Sohan

    We’ll have to wait for him to post it, if he does. I don’t know, I have more respect for shoemoney, but john looks like he gets more traffic.

  16. Rajaie AlKorani

    My site still hasn’t even broken the 1,000 comment mark, but congrats on the achievement! And Geiger, if you want to know how many comments John Chow has, just look at the number at the end of a comment you posted in the URL


    Average of 150 comments / post

    2 posts / day

    100 – 60 = 40 k

    40 000 / 300 = in aproximately 133, 33 and for the % of error let say he will have his 100K during the next 6 months ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Lyndon

    I’m good, but thanks for the offer :)

    Didn’t realize it was added to 2.6, since I have upgraded yet. But I will be doing it soon.

  19. Tim

    It’s really amazing how many of them have the same tone of voice and spelling errors too. We must all think alike! Your really amazing tho and a very funny guy.

  20. Geiger

    Over 110,000 for John. I wish you guys would leave your posts open for comments longer. You would definitely have a lot more.

  21. Joe

    Dang shoe, that is alot of comments.

    I agree with the guy who just posted. you write you just hit 60k comments, and you get another 100. But then, just about anything you write is worth that many comments.

    Have you figured out how much each comment is worth to the value of the income of the blog?

  22. Mayank Rocks

    haha nope. Forum Posts and comments can definitely not be compared. Posts are way too fast than comments. Even a comparison is like woah, too much hehe.

  23. Mayank Rocks

    Blogs gets LOADS of spam thats why. Everyday 100s of spammy porn comments with full of links. I hate it. My blog is not even popular and I get 100s daily…

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