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Knol Knol Knol My Boat

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Google Launched Knol Yesterday… or what people are calling a “wikipedia killer”. Lots of people are trashing it but I gotta say I am pretty impressed. It has every component for success.

Here are some of my favorite things from the few hours I have been using it.

  • The WYSIWYG interface smokes Wikipedia’s. It accepts regular HTML too if you want to use that mode.
  • I love the ability of inviting others to help you with your articles.
  • Phone Verification – Google will verify your identity using your phone. This will add to the legitimacy of the articles.
  • Revenue Sharing – You can punch in your Google AdSense code and boom your making money if people read your article.
  • Licensing – You can pick from a variety of licensing rights on how your content can be used.
  • So I have a SEO CHALLENGE. Who’s SEO article on knol will rank the highest in Google? Will be interesting to see.

    Twitter Updates Follower Counts… Twits Erupt!

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    If you search for “lost followers” on twitter search right now you will see loads and loads of people crying about losing followers.

    I got 3 emails from people this morning who said my follower count had dropped to 3900. I was like wtf last time I saw it, it was like 2500 ?!?. People are nuts about this Twitter stuff!

    Twitter has confirmed there are some issues but its more related to losing people you follow. You can read the official update here

    I talked to a developer there this morning via email and he said people should be ready for their follower count NOT to increase because they do not remove the spammers from the count when they ban them. The update yesterday was the first time they had tried removing the spammers from follower counts.

    It will be interesting to see how it washes out.