ShoeMoney Tools Preview


A lot of people have been asking about the ShoeMoney Tools system, so I put together video showing a couple of the tools:

Obviously at this stage we are purely focused on functionality and not so much about design/interface.  We will be accepting some beta testers this week so if you interested please submit your name on the form on the site.

84 thoughts on “ShoeMoney Tools Preview

  1. baloot

    im in jeremy. already submit my name, email n url at

    this gonna be interesting and makes my work easier…

  2. JamiesB

    The ad generator looks amazing. Actually all the PPC tools look awesome. You can see why you are such a leader in the industry.

  3. Matt

    Interesting stuff Jeremy. Is there any limits on the number of times you can use the tools in a given period (with API calls etc)?

  4. Myron McDaniel

    The tools look great! So whats the monthly cost? As a marketer I know you will be selling a subscription to use the shoemoney tool.

    If a beta is open I would like to be in on the testing.

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  6. Marco

    So to use the Domain Marketplace tool I have to pay a monthly subscription for the Shoemoney tools ‘package’, yet the domain tool itself is still totally useless until I make a further payment to find out a specific domains information. Then I have to go register it elsewhere & pay the appropriate fees involved with that process.

  7. Craig

    These look great, what was the tool you used to import the ads & keywords into your AdWords account?

  8. Static

    The tool looks pretty sharp and powerful in my opinion. Can’t wait for the beta testing reviews to roll out or if I can get a spot as a tester, can’t wait to try all those tools out.

  9. jnash

    when is this available i need a good domain my buddy keeb is working on a two page mini and i dont have a domain picked for it yet,

  10. jnash

    hmmm (twopagemini.dotcom) how’s that sound naw it dosen’t work for me, lol
    wait do guy’s say that on this blog?

  11. Movies

    got the link last night from your twitter account…even if I don’t have a twitter account I still manually follow some twitter’s accounts.

    The tools seems impressive at first look.

  12. Rekzai

    I’m just now getting into the adwords stuff but when I start to get the hang of it ill sign up for this, it looks really useful!

  13. Popular Wealth

    I’m in, if accepted, I love testing new tools.
    A suggestion, set the subdomain to read “” instead of just if you want to better compete for the term “blog tools”. Otherwise you’ll be declaring war on mechanics websites everywhere.
    Looking good!

  14. feel reality

    I’m sure based on the other relevant site copy Ggoogle will piece it together. By the way they are really PPC and Domain equity building tools, not blogging tools.

  15. Dwarf Shrimp Blog

    All the tools look good except for the domain tool… I dont know that I want to pay for a tool, that makes me pay for information on something I would have to pay for!

    Just my thoughts!

  16. big jason

    send me my access already or my “cats” …. I mean bunnies will be paying you a visit. seriously looking forward to checking it out AND the affiliate program 😉

  17. Andrew

    Those are some great tools and they will definitely make it easier for a lot of people. You did a great job of explaining how they work in the video.

  18. Andrew

    I think that is one where it’ll be a “early bird gets the worm” type of thing. Whoever gets first pick will get the best ones.

  19. dktrooper

    Sounds great there! Unfortunately I am on a slow dial up connection and unable to load your video. Some one give me some screenshots? Anyway I will be registering as a beta tester in seconds..

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  21. Popular Wealth

    I realise that, but nobody searches for “domain equity building tools” so you need to go with whats accurate and searched for at the same time. Can’t wait till they’re ready.

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  23. John Loch

    That domain tool.. you’re just flippin expired domains right ?

    Or is it an actual marketplace.. ?

  24. PPC

    The Shoemoney suite of tools. Look forward to playing with them, the preview has certainly perked my interest.

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  27. atlanta wedding photographer

    Although I have generated some pretty nice visits for my site that I just started with a niche on relationships (I am a wedding photographer). It seems that I need to start focusing on SEO work. There are a few options like RankSense that I saw on Chow. Funny how branding works here. I read of your tools before ranksense so shoetools are at the front of my mind and has more leverage.

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