Use Direct Navigation for Affiliate Marketing

This is a Guest Post By Andrew Allemann, publisher of Domain Name Wire.

Paying Google to send traffic to your web site or affiliate program links is a great way to get traffic. But those clicks charges add up.

Another option to buying search traffic is to own the traffic by buying domain names that get type-in traffic. The domain industry refers to this as “direct navigation traffic”. Depending on who you ask, type-in traffic represents 5%-25% of all web site traffic today.

For example, let’s say you are promoting a car extended warranty program. If you own, you’ll get a steady stream of people showing up on your web site every day who bypass search engines and simply type the domain name into their browser’s address bar. The best part is that type-in traffic converts very highly; often better than traffic from Google. Even better: once you own the domain name and its traffic, you don’t have to pay Google to keep sending traffic your way.

Obviously isn’t available for registration. Almost all good domain names are registered, but many can be purchased at surprisingly reasonable prices. Some of the more popular sites for buying already registered domain names are,, and

Here’s some math to show you how buying a domain name may be better than buying Google Adwords. Let’s say gets 10 type-in visitors a day. The number one position on Google will cost you about $5 a day for this keyword. If you get 10 type-ins to the domain name, that’s a $50 value every day. If you pay $18,250 for the domain name then you will have paid for it within a year. After that it’s like getting free clicks.

There’s another bonus to owning a good domain name like this. If you advertise for “Extended Warranties” on Google, people are more likely to click on your ad that uses the domain name than competitors’ ads that use domain name like

If you want to try using generic domain names to get traffic, a good place to start is one of the major domain name sites mentioned earlier. You can also try Domain Tools’ search engine, a meta search engine to find domain names for sale that are related to your keyword.

Andrew Allemann is publisher of Domain Name Wire, a popular blog about domain names.

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