The .me Registration Not Going So Well

I am hearing pretty bad reactions to .me registrations this morning.

Here is my experience:

Last night my GoDaddy Rep emailed me and asked what .me domains I was interested in and said he would register them for me right when the land rush started… cool…  I gave him a short list: ( was reserved but not (hey its funny)

I got into the office a little later this morning about 10:15 and checked my email… hmm nothing from GoDaddy yet… so I tried the API to register them… no dice for .me domains.  Then I went to their bulk registration page and pasted in the domains I wanted.  It said they were all available.  I guess thats bad news good news…

I purchased them all and checked out.   Here is my web receipt:

Then bragged on twitter that I got all the domains I wanted… in which I got hit with a barrage of replies saying they did too but then later got rejected… just then I got the email confirmation:

That made me feel a little better… but then I started getting the bad emails =(


Others around the blogosphere are writing about their frustrations as well. While it seems to be mostly aimed at GoDaddy I think that might be a numbers game as the few people I know who use Enom are reporting the same frustrations.

Bryn Youngblut has writting about his experience here (also great looking blog their Byrn)