What Is The Internet Marketer’s Drug Of Choice?

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Techcrunch had a interesting story today about lots Silicon Valley entrepreneurs being hopped up on Provigil.

Provigil (aka Modafinil) is marketed by Cephalon in the United States and is available by prescription only. It’s only approved use in the U.S. is to treat narcolepsy, a sleeping disorder. But since the main effect of Provigil is to keep you awake and able to concentrate, a lot of people who get their hands on it use it to be able to work longer hours, even though it has not been deemed safe for that kind of use.

Now I have a pretty diverse background in IT. Going back over the last 15 years or so I have seen a lot of drugs in the tech industry. Back when I was super into security and used to goto the Defcon conferences years ago (like 5+) it was not uncommon to see Cocaine floating around.

But most people I know in the Internet Marketing, whether its Affiliate Marketers, Search Engine Optimizers, Social Media people, and even just bloggers seem to prefer drugs that slow you down as opposed to those that speed you up.

Drugs that speed me up always scared me. My mind goes fast enough as it is. I sometimes need to take meds that slow me down just so I can sleep. I have admitted before in q&a that I have puffed a bit on some sweet cheebah every once in a while so I am not here to judge anyone.

So I am curious… Being many internet marketers read this site lets throw it out there completely anonymously. What is your drug of choice?


176 thoughts on “What Is The Internet Marketer’s Drug Of Choice?

  1. Craig

    “drugs are bad…”
    Caffeine has to be common one for most and for me it’s the #1 productivity enhancer. Mary J just clouds judgement and makes me tired so that’s a thing in the past.

  2. Marshall Kirkpatrick

    I think a fair number of internet marketers appear to be high on LSD :) No, I’m just cracking up at the idea.

  3. the Story Lady

    Caffeine does not do anything to me but I like the taste of good coffee. I don’t need any help to focus. I’m more focused than just about anybody I’ve run across. And I’m not in this biz to work 20 hour days either.

    If I need new angles or ideas I get on the Gazelle (sorta like a treadmill) and think/talk things through while walking.

  4. fake

    I tried to choose more than one. *looks over shoulder to see if friends coming to do an intervention*

  5. Dave

    Provigil FTW… totally works when needed. I take it when I have deadlines to hit and need to stay awake and focused. After words it just sits in the drawer till next time!

  6. Seanmag

    It depends on the activity. If it’s on page seo, I’ll go with 50mg Adderall, 10mg Provigil and a quintuple venti latte.

    If I’m doing some creative linkbaiting I’ll go with 2 hits of acid, 1 hit of ecstasy and a quick hit of the crack pipe.

    When writing content, I’ll typically mainline heroin while sipping on a grey goose martini, up with olives – very dry.

    But that just works for me. I suggest everyone experiment to find your own groove.

  7. Web Professor

    Ecstacy is my favorite. Runner ups would have to be pot and acid

    Although I haven’t done it in years.. becoming a daddy really ends a majority of that stuff

  8. Bryan

    Got a Capresso machine last year and can’t imagine a day without it now…..so yeah, caffeine

  9. Andrew

    It used to be a coffee and a cigarette for, but since I quit smoking long long ago, it’s just the caffeine that keeps me going now. I see that is what the majority have chose also.

  10. drugnerd

    Meth and opiates should be added to the list. I used to be a big druggie. I was addicted to GHB, meth, and benzos. Not all the same time but one replaced the other over the space of some years. Now I replaced all that stuff with working my ass off.

  11. Web Professor

    lol.. no I doubt they would.. I read it as a general question about drugs..

    Although when I was on the down side of drugs like that I a was very creative and a great worker.

  12. Stephanie

    I need a ‘none’ or ‘chocolate’ choice. I quit buying soda a long time ago to save money, but I can’t give up my dark chocolate for that quick bit of energy. I keep a bag of 60% Ghirardelli chocolate chips in the freezer for quick use, and often have 70% cocoa chocolate around in bar form.

  13. Rhys

    Where’s alcohol?

    Small glass of red wine never killed anybody. French live yonks and drink loads of the stuff :)

  14. Zak Show

    Nothing for now, I used to drink too much coffee, soda and energy drinks, but now and after a terrible accident I prefer to stay away from all these stuff for the moment I guess! Tomorrow, who knows!

  15. Zak Show

    yes I agree and you’ll lose all your earning and you’ll quick MMO to be a drug or arm dealer in order to have the cash for that poison!

  16. Zak Show

    Ohh Marijuana is in the second postion after Cafeine! lol, I didn’t know that Internet marketers are too addicted :) Weed man, that’s crazy, you’ll be sleeping and out minded all the time :p how you will find the time to work?

  17. cheap used cars

    praise jah! I don’t do caffeine or any kind of speed up drugs at all.. smoke weed pretty much constantly and drink socially..once every 3 years I might eat some x or shrooms :-O

  18. Jackie Johnson

    One day last week I had to skip my coffee due to a pending blood test scheduled at 9:30 am. By the time I got to the doctor’s office, I couldn’t even tell you my middle name. I actually bought a cup of coffee on the way there so it would be in my car the exact second I left the office.

  19. cheap used cars

    spoken like someone who doesn’t partake… i think THC affects everyone differently, some people have the incapacitated response, some get super focused.. *shrug* to each their own.

  20. DotDriven

    Just caffeiiiinneee! And has some prescribed drugs for pain but did whatever I could to get off those…even deal with the extra pain without them lol.

  21. Chris Edwards

    Comedy!!! I thought the purpose was to make sure we could stay awake not get high! *Hand Raised – Caffeine”

  22. Melvin

    wow… this is a useful find… me i take caffeine a lot… although many people feel caffeine would help them not fall asleep, in my case it’s a contrast

  23. Andrew

    Count how many cigarettes you smoke in a single day and then try to go down by one every day or second day. As you get down to a small amount of cigarettes per day, try to space them out evenly throughout the day.

  24. Dave

    I’d say lots of the silicon guys are trying to stay wake because they’re running on empty since their VC funds are disappearing. Espresso all the way!

  25. john

    Coffee to start the day then straight into beer by the night and straight back into coffee if I work all night. I may even throw a green tea in there to be healthy! Good post!

  26. Tim

    All of the above (almost…years ago). Very true that many programmers do a ton of drugs. I have seen that stereotype many times. Then the other half of them are complete dorks. Caffeine seems to be the best choice for me long term. And even that sucks sometimes. I used to know some programmers that would use speed and coke to finish projects when they had a big deadline. But then it led into other parts of their lives. Long term, a healthy diet, exercise, and plenty of sleep seems to be the best way to keep going. Drugs just begin to have very negative effects as one gets older. But ahhh, the good old days!

  27. Cassie

    I’m taking hydromorphone right now for chronic pain until I get my surgery, but I sure don’t mind taking it in the meantime :) I can’t blog when I’m on it most of the time though or I end up with completely bullshit posts.

    I have coffee once in awhile which helps a bit, and at night I go for a cigarette to mellow me out.

  28. dh006

    Caffeine all the way. Lots of Diet Coke usually. Maybe a few Nodoze here and there.

    Hard liquor and caffeine for the rough times though πŸ˜‰

  29. John

    I don’t use anything…I am a night person and have no issues staying focused until midnight or so….if i had to it would be Pepsi

  30. Goran Website

    Well put. MJ definitely stifles productivity and demotivates people. Coffee is a good get up and go, but good nutrition, exercise and adequate sleep is the best way of regualting one’s energy levels naturally.

  31. j Shepard

    Seriously I can only choose one, what kind of poll is this
    bottom line,

    Bolivian Yay for the morning and some good old BC Bud to go to sleep, I go through at least an ounce of blow every 3 weeks, and I have a pound of bud in my freezer at any given time, so Yes I know I have a serious problem, Whatever….

  32. varun

    Choclate really helps, with no side effects(except to stinking mouth) as compared to other drugs given in the list

  33. Brian

    No drugs, caffeine or nicotine in my system But, I have a wicked addiction to everything Google.

  34. Zenna

    Tooughyyyy! My drug of choice is illegal and I havent done it for 13 years :0 Speeding you up was its jobs slooooowed me down it did. Nutty I am!

  35. Simple Things

    i prefer to use nicotine… I know its very restricted, but for me, cigarete could do anything in 2-6 Am lolz….

    nice blog here… and nice to meet you btw πŸ˜‰

  36. Web Marketeer

    Marijuana definitely is an unwise choice when trying to be focused and productive. For non-thinking, repetitive manual type work it seems to do wonders, there is a road crew working down the road from the office and the cigarettes they smoke smell very grassy πŸ˜‰ Their workrate is intense though!

  37. Web Marketeer

    Some of the comments one encounters on blogs could well be put down to inebriated posters. Won’t recommend doing this too often though, just now you spill it!

  38. Web Marketeer

    That depends on the level you’re dealing with. Upper echelons prefer good whiskey. The rabble are generally the beer drinkers (suppose that makes me a big rabble….hahahah)

  39. PPC

    Have you seen the dangers of aspertame, the active sweetenening ingredient in Coke Zero and other diet drinks? Trust me, you’re better off having the sugar. Just beware, because the acid in cooldrinks eats away your tooth enamel. Nobody wants to see a salesperson or marketer with a bad smile.

  40. PPC

    Currently the poll has 36 nicotine users, versus 37 cocaine users. Surely more people smoke than use cocaine?

  41. Grady Zero

    A couple of notes I would add about Provigil It is very expensive. It will cost you about $ $10 to $ 15 per 200 MG dose. As a narcoleptic that has been on it for 4 years, I can tell you most insurance won’t pay for it so you are looking at about a $ 600 a month “habit”. (It’s not addictive, really.”) Also note that may users have reported a “paradoxal” reaction when they have used alcohol the previous day where they become extremely fatigued after taking it the following day. Researchers have not been able to explain this phenomenon. Also note there have been rare reports of heart attacks in normal doses in young people. Proceed with caution! My physicians are not familiar with all the side effects of this drug and most over prescribe the dosage. Many time as much a 4000 mg/day. It is most commonly prescribed β€œoff label” as an enhancer to common antidepressants.

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