Win a Macbook AIR – Comment Contest

by Jeremy Schoemaker on July 13, 2008 · 464 comments

macbook AIRI love contests and had the idea for a comment contest for a while. Basically every at 11:55PM CST a automated job would randomly pick a commenter as the winner for that day. The daily winners will win a free ShoeMoney T-shirt and we will ship it anywhere in the world that we can legally. Winners will all be notified by email and also posted on the contest page. You must reply to the email within 48 hours. Most of the emails are getting flagged as spam or bulk email due to the contest wording so make sure you white list if you plan to participate.

Then at the end of the month we would have a drawing for a grand prize which the system would automatically choose from all the daily winners.

I somewhat soft launched the comment contest system last week and as you can see some days have more then 1 winner.

A couple of companies noticed also and asked about sponsoring the grand prize. I tried to fend them off for now saying it was in beta and I was not sure what we were going to do for prizes.

acsThen Neil Patel made me a offer I could not refuse. He said he would give the winner a Macbook AIR for the months of July and August. So on September 1st we will draw from all the daily winners and the winner will receive a Macbook AIR courtesy of ACS Consulting.

Again open to anyone anywhere in the world as long as its legal for us to do so.

Hopefully if it works out we will continue the contest after september 1st ;)

Good luck!

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Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of the ShoeMoney Blog, Elite Retreat Internet Conference, & the PAR Program. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 Amazon Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. Jeremy currently lives in Lincoln Nebraska with his wife and 2 daughters.

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1 funkysouth

oh the sexy apple. drool drool

2 AffiliateSupportTeam

Very inovative Jerremy! Good Luck on the Contest.

Btw, I see three Mac Books AIR in that picture, are you keeping one for yourself ;)

3 Artur Kim

Good luck to everyone! (:

4 Ryan.

Great! I love it. I would love to win a Shoemoney Tshirt or a Macbook Air or Both!
Thanks Shoemoney

5 Stefan

Very nice! You have small numbers for Shoemoney Tshirt ?

6 underworld

Nice competition – you know I should blatently win the macbook air – because then I would sell jokes!

7 Rich Hill

Shoemoney is King of Contests too!

Thanks for the chance.

Rich Hill

8 InfiniteMac

Great Contest and the grand prize is even sponsored by an amazing company! Thanks a lot Mr. Shoemaker, no doubt, I’m participating.

9 Hoo

Hey Shoe,

Go ahead and deliver the Macbook Air to me in Korea :).

Thanks in advance.

10 Chetan

Am already on a spree :D Luckily won 3 t-shirts already :) Thanks.. Would try to be active whole of the contest.

11 Christian Flickinger

I think the Shoemoney tshirt is more valuable than the macbook air (but MBA is still freaking sweet)! :-P

12 Chris Bartow

Just when I read that I need a Mac with an Intel processor to use the SDK for the iPhone, you announce this. I guess I need to start spending more time on your site. ;)

13 Casey Yandle

Great contest to have! You always have great original ideas!

14 Chetan

Winning prizes(whatever it might be) is always fascinating :D And am lucky in this case.

15 shamess

Anywhere legal? Is that just Canada and the US? A lot of competitions are restricted to just those countries (I’m not sure why though…).

16 Joan Dajer

A Mac Book Air…. men you take this thing seriously…i will watching the site…..

17 Zealot

Great contest, and greater picture….it looks like you standing over an Apple hamster cage after a long weekend. “Look dad..they had BABIES!!!’

18 Greenovni

I think this is a pretty cool way to generate more traffic to your blog and reward users who interact with you. Great Idea!

19 Kevin L

That’s what I call a “call to action.” Comments should go way up. Most other gurus would make you join their list. Nice change of pace doing it this way…less junk mail.

20 Chetan

No, i won already and Jeremy assured that they are going to be shipped internationally :)

21 Daniel

I hope anywhere except Iran, Iraq, N. Korea, and such is ok…
By the way: won’t this contest lead to excessive spam? ;)

22 varun

Nice contest Jeremy. I am also joining in..

23 Wouter

Cool contest, saw this post via twitter, I’m going for the tshirt, but a MacBook Air would be nice too! :)

24 ThomasSchmidt

That’s a really good point starting commenting. I would never comment if there wasn’t this contest. Sounds like an opportunity to me! Great!

25 Start Blogging

Awesome! I have horrible luck but maybe I can win one day!

26 EntreBlast

This is cool. Will be commenting more often. :)

27 Wesley

Great price, I’d love me some macbook air :)

28 SEO writer

I would like to win your Tshirt. My birthday soon, so your Tshirt could be a great surprize for me!

29 Wouter

Do you have a bigger chance of winning if you make more comments?

30 Sumesh

Wow cool – I want one too. I wonder if there’s a shipping charge ;)

31 sohail

wooow m i a lucky one :) tell me i m

32 Hendric

I would love to win both!
I would hoist the shirt as a flag in the Himalaya on our roadtrip from Germany to Australia! :-)

33 Umar in Dubai

Hmm… would love to have that toy… for free

34 pascal

I hope that I have chance to win :)

35 wickedn

wow chetan, you must be damn lucky. 3 wins in 4 days. Btw, why are there 3 winners on the 10th?

36 Dustin

Great contest! T-shirt would be awsome! So would a mac book air to go along with the new iPhone 3g! Thanks for the contest Shoe.

37 josh

Very nice. I wonder how many comments a person would need to leave to gain a statistical advantage…

38 Pyjammez

Awesome :) I’d love a mac book air.

39 Hendric

I´d love a macbook air and would also hoist your shirt as a flag in the himalaya on my roadtrip

40 Eze

I am dying for a Mac Air…Don’t have enough money though :( I hope i win it here. :)

41 Ian Fernando

shoe hows life – hope everything is great with your new born and too bad we could not chill more while at TAC – but it was great while I was there

42 Enkay Blog

LOL, I’d actually be happy with a ShoeMoney shirt as I already have one but its 2 sizes too large!

43 Cigar Inspector

Sounds like a really good idea. Jeremy always comes up with something more original :)

44 Tagliaerbe

OK, let’s try.
(i have already the Black T-Shirt… but i’d like to receive the white one! (and the Mac Book Air, of course :-D )

45 Eze

Hope i Win…I am Dying for the Mac Air…don’t have enough money though :( here is a great chance. :)

46 Steve

Sweet. Count me in.

47 Eze

Count me in. :) Im Dying for a Mac Air, though dont have enough money. Hope i Win.:)

48 Jeff

Very cool, I always wanted a AIR, but can’t justify buying one…winning one however that is a different story.

And great idea on the contest every day. That is one awesome way to get people talking on your site

49 Dorm Room Biz

Awesome contest Jeremy! I’m sure you will see a lot more people commenting daily on the site!

50 FreeKill

Awesome idea. The fact that it is entirely automated definitely helps you maintain it over the long run…

51 Ryan J. Parker

Very cool Shoe. I doubt this’ll add much spam, seeing as how the top commentators typically do that plenty enough. ;)

52 Felix

Awesome contest Jeremy!
love you :P I always wanted a macbook air

53 Ingoal

Awesome! Good to see that you always find someone willing to put up the cool stuff….MAC Book Air…I would LOVE to have one…but a t-shirt would be a good start, too ;-)

54 Hyder

So does the amount of comments you leave UP the chances of winning?

55 Dana Mark

Your brain must never stop trying to come up with new ideas. This idea will obviously get a lot of people interested. Thanks for offering a contest where a lot of people can at least win something, like a cool t-shirt! I love free t-shirts.

56 Tom

Wow Shoemoney, talk about a way to increase comment activity on your site. You will now have people coming back day after day and making a daily comment just so they can win a shirt and/or a bigger prize. Is there any criteria about the quality of the post? Also, can a person win more than once and thus have multiple entries into the bigger drawing?

57 sohail

m i the luck one……….nice idea:)

58 Chetan

Yep this idea is really unique and the script is also his own, selecting one winner daily automatically. And Susan Baron, from Shoemoney Media Group is good at replying to winner’s emails :)

59 Shreedhar

Hi Jeremy,
I had been watching ur blog since a month now and am really impressed with the design and ur presentation.
By the by congrats for ur baby .
Only thing that bothers me is since I am from india I cannot take part in any offers or competitions which u sponser.
well better luck me next time.

60 Jim Symcox

I noticed you mention this on Twitter so obviously we’re getting cross-fertilisation going on…

61 Make Money Talks

Looking great, t shirt and air mack would be nice prize!

62 Jonathan Radande

Believe it or not, this is my first time entering some type of contest online. Hope to win.

63 Glenn

Awesome contest idea, I love it!

64 Make Money Talks

Just one question, i saw my name on daily prize winners for 09.july.2008 but i never got any email, i just checked my inbox (nothing in spam two). Is this going today (emails) or i miss chance to get tshirt because “48 hours gone”? Thx!

65 Charles

Wow again. so tempting. wish wish wish. Hope i will be lucky this time. :)

66 jim

That’s awesome man, great to see Neil/ACS is sponsoring the comment contest. That Cheta fellow isn’t going to need to do laundry ever again at this rate. :)

67 John

Now that is a great prize and so easy to enter.

68 jim

hahaha you would know, having won three shirts so far! :) in all seriouness, she’s very responsive and courteous

69 Christian

It’s a great contest idea with a grat price!

70 Ben

This is some great news for all of us ;) I like the idea of a contest!

71 jim

Oh, I remember reading a news article recently about how a specific state’s department was suing a contest (offline) because “games of chance” (where winning depends on chance and no amount of skill) are considered gambling and subject to restrictions in certain areas. That’s why so many contests say “Void where prohibited” as a blanket disclaimer. You might want to put that somewhere.

72 Zak Show

Awesome Idea and great easy contest, I love it! And I hope that I can win something!

73 Zak Show

Chetan, You’ll be able to open a Shoemoney T-shirt store soon :P JK!

74 Chetan

Yep! Anyways congrats to you too to win a t-shirt in the contest :)

75 wuttrain

I love mac air!!!

76 Chetan

I think you missed it, as i checked that and also shoemoney pinged me on twitter and asked to check the bulk folder, and i found it in the spam box.

77 Zak Show

I have a question and sorry if it out of the topic. Why I don’t have my picture in the comment avatar space even I have mybloglog profile open and cookies enabled?

And how the system will pick me if my comments are anynomious, Nobody can know that Zak Show is commenting as I don’t have something referring to it in my comment space.

Im not asking for something but Im confused about this from long time ago and I think it’s the right time to make it clear for me :)

78 Web Hustler

great contest shoe… also great to see other sponsors getting involved. hope i win something… :)

79 Web Hosting Rebates

Great contest idea and a great prize being offered! This should have some great positive implications for your site – encouraging people to visit the site, instead of just reading the RSS feed, encouraging more active commenting, and making the blog a more interactive environment. The downside as I see it, is that the “signal to noise” ratio is going to get thrown out of whack. You already get a lot of lame comments from people looking to score a “top commentators” spot, and now that will be heightened. Hopefully I’m wrong on this and people try to genuinely add to the conversation, but I’m doubtful.

80 Keith

Sweet contest. Some of the legalities come in how each state, country, whatever interprets a lottery.

81 Zak Show

yep, it will be shipped worlwide as J told me in the other post. and it’s also mentioned in the post.

82 Ryan

And people wonder why you are such a popular blogger.

83 Joe

I never win anything like this, but how cool would it be to win a Macbook AIR to break the streak? Thanks Jeremy and thanks ACS Consulting!

84 Zak Show

It’s not a crime or spam to comment in a blog to take the top commentators spot! Am I wrong?

85 Web Hosting Rebates

Really?? Come on man. When you comment, your name is listed. Don’t you see where it says “Zak Show Says” – that’s identifying you as the commenter. As for the avatar – you have to use

86 Zak Show

Jeremy is a great blogger because he really know how to make money online and that’s why people love to read his blog to find new tips, tricks and news that can help them out with their online business :)

87 McBilly

So you finally decided to go with the Macbook AIR! Pretty good choice Shoe! Great idea for a contest! :)

88 Web Hosting Rebates

I didn’t say it’s a crime. It just doesn’t add value to the conversation when people post stupid one line comments like, “great post shoe.” Really, what’s the point in posting that? On a post like this, I suppose it’s fine, because Jeremy is offering up a contest idea. For people to say they like the idea makes sense. Most of the time, however, it’s really annoying.

89 McBilly

Haha. Yeah. It is so very tempting Charles!

90 Yogesh Sarkar

Shoe thats a fantastic idea for a contest and a cool prize as well.

One problem though I would like you to know, when one click on Comment on this post to win a shirt in your rss feed, person gets taken to the homepage of your blog. I am not sure if it intentional but it is somewhat cumbersome to then find the post to comment on.

91 petnos

WOW! This sounds really good. I am not a lucky man all in my life but who knows maybe today my luck will be change its way dramatically:)

92 Francesco

That is a great idea. I wonder if you will share the system you are using to draw the daily winner, it would be cool to add to my wp!


93 McBilly

Indeed. You need to register at and upload a picture / avatar that would be shown here and on a lot of other blogs too that use the gravatar plugin. :)

94 Zak Show

I don’t see that and I don’t see even others commentators name. All what I can see is the date, the time and the comment. For every comment expect these commentators that use gravatar. Anyway thanks man for the gravatar info, I’ll test to see how it will work.
Have a nice day.

95 AffiliateObsession

Well, I guess we all have a reason to comment now, don’t we? Awesome idea and great fun of course.

96 Zak Show

Well, I think Im in the top commentators list and you can check all my comments, you’ll find that Im trying to add a value and post something useful. I try to the max to avoid these 5 words comments. Anyway I got your point :) Thanks for making things clear.

97 Rhys

Great competition! :)

98 Big Dave

That macbook air would rock Hope I win! Congrats on the new baby!

99 browie

I would love to win a prize.

100 Gabe

Sounds like a good time to start commenting.. Something I’ve never done on any blog.

101 Eric

Woo maybe I’ll win!

102 ThomasSchmidt

Awesome idea! Even i would only win the t shirt it’s worth it to participate!

103 Jarret

Hmm, wonder how many comments you are going to receive until the end of August for people wanting just to win the Macbook Air and not necessarily commenting because they have an opinion.

104 Chad Van Norman

Are you going to be coming back to the TAC set before the show ends?

105 Steven

Free is always a good price

106 damien Anderson

Hi SM$!

What a great way to incentivize genuine comments for articles!


107 Greg Ellison

A very cool contest. I want in.

108 Darcy Elliott

We’ve been doing contests on our site lately and have fun running them. Good luck with this idea.

109 ChipChup

Shoemoney for President! ;)

110 Chuck

Aww, i missed the soft launch. oh well, still a good idea!

111 Bryn Youngblut

Sounds awesome, I’ve been considering getting a macbook air.

112 Scott

I can always use a new t-shirt and a laptop would be heaven!

113 Markus Langenfeld

Wow! Very nice prizes and a neat idea.

114 Rasim

Great competition… However, now there are more useless comments. :(

115 Zach

This contest is truly a breath of fresh *air*. =)

116 Scott

That’s a great prize for one lucky punter!

117 Chetan

Still, its not the only reason for which i comment here.. I used to comment here before the contest too as i just love interacting with other Shoemoney readers here..

118 Rekzai

I would definitely wear a shoemoney shirt if i won it

119 Movies

Awesome contest Shoe!

120 Israel

This is cool, but are you making sure to fend off the commenters that post more than once? Will the system be filtering out duplicate commenters?

121 Eric

Winning the MacBook Air would be a great excuse for finally getting rid of the last Windows machine in the house…

122 Gaurav

This is just effin publicity stunt…. but i like it :)

123 Movies

he is the most popular in money-making field…at least, I don’t know any other that outranks shoe

124 Dj

Great news :) Count me in …
This is gonna be a long long chain of “woow, count me in” comments :D

125 Movies

you’re a lucky guy…be sure to take a picture wearing one of them and share it with us somehow when you will get it.

126 world of warcraft map guy

Won’t this drastically decrease the quality of comments? Or do you think that everyone already comments just to get their URL linked to?

127 Movies

as I understand it, 5 minutes before the midnight the system (a script) picks a winner from all comments from the posts made in that day. Correct me if I’m wrong

128 Movies

@Shreedhar, I believe you can participate in the contest. Shoe said that he will ship the prizes everywhere in the world where it’s possible to do so. This isn’t a contest only for a part of the globe or only for some countries.

129 Amanda

Apple > than my POS Dell… here’s to hoping! :) I love this idea btw great for the readers to become more involved!

130 santhosh

Wow!! Great ShoeContest. Great way to honor your readers.

131 Chris Rhoad

Spandex are a privilege.

132 santhosh

Great Contest. The best way to honor your readers.

133 Eric

Awesome competition – definitely will get people to join the conversation.

134 Wcnktm

Great Contest Plugin. Will you publish this plug in for wordpress community?

135 Planet Comic Book Radio

Tis gonna be an interesting month for Shoemoney

136 Amit Bhawani

Apple should also sponsor this :p because they get more advertising than the current sponsors :)

137 Ash

Great competition. Nice sponsor too :D

Good luck everyone!!

138 big jason

i hate mac people but i’ll take a mac book air for testing ;)

139 Scorpiono

Sounds cool, count me in!

140 kkim

I like free.

141 ajaz

Great contest, unbelievable prizes.

142 corey

speak for yourself! my pc just died and i’m on my girlfriend’s laptop!

143 Lawrence

I need to win this – so i can sell it to fully fund my startup

144 Zak Show

Me too, I was at the top commentators list many time before the contest is live. I love commenting in others blog.

145 Patrick

Awesome idea. Thanks for the contest.

146 Text Lingo

cool contest, i could use a new computer….

147 Boah

Awesome, good way to keep visitors too.

148 Robot

I never win these sort of things, but here I am, posting.

149 Abhijeet

Awesome !! I hope I win the contest ! :)

150 Kenny

Cool. I really could use a new laptop for college.

151 Kevin Boss

Awesome contest idea

152 Chetan

And we get encouraged when these kind of contests are launched.. They just add value to our comments ;)

153 Think Like An SOB

Yeah baby I am in! Never used a Mac, but would give it a try.

154 Josh

That’s a lot of commenters, wow. Quite a neat idea, with the automated script and everything.

155 TixXio

Great contest…hope I’ll win one of these days

156 Ray Ebersole

What a great idea and great way to increase readership! I could use the MacBook Air, but a shirt is just as good.

157 Martin

I guess you can ship it to Spain! :-)

158 anty

Wow, two MacBook Air are a real motivation to be active on your Blog. Good to see that you figured out how to ship internationally :)

159 Zak Show

Yes, for sure my friend :)

160 Matt

Nice one… I’m in from NZ!

161 RB!

Great idea; what script are you using, is it your own?

162 Daniel

wow that’s awesome! Hope I get to win something.
Thanks for the awesome contest Shoe!

163 portlandia

DANG! Timing is suboptimal as I was thinking about getting a MacBook Air to blog the Democratic Convention (I am a delegate from Oregon). But I can also take my elderly 12″ aluminum PowerBook – not as light, but fairly small. I’m in for the contest, what the hell.

164 KingMyron

MacBook Air you say. I say frickin awesome. I have a question though, does multiple comments get you multiple entires for that day? And can you win more then one day?

165 Shane

This is a great contest Shoemoney. I have been entering hundreds of contests on blogs over the past couple of months and sadly have not won a thing. So perhaps the universe will shine it’s abundance light on me down here at the Southern tip of Africa and send me a Macbook Air. I’m also pretty sure that the automated winner picker script will recognise the benefit of having me walking down a Johannesburg street wearing a Shoemoney t-shirt too. Here’s to the law of attraction…

166 OnlineGodfahter

That is an awesome idea for contest. Really nice thinking Shoemoney :)

167 David Dunn

Wow – nice idea Jeremy! I’d love to win the Macbook AIR and the shirts aren’t too bad either :P (just kidding). I will be commenting more often :-)

168 Andrew

Nice idea, I hope I win!

169 Web Hosting Rebates

Yeah, I wasn’t calling you out on this. I’ve got no problem if people actively comment on a blog and add to the conversation. In fact, I think that’s wonderful. In addition to the posts here, I enjoy reading the reaction people have to them, and the reactions people have to each others’ comments as well. I just don’t like when people comment EXCLUSIVELY because they have something to gain from it.

I view blog commenting as a way to draw traffic to your site, but also as a way to affirm and thank the author of the post… and I believe the best way to thank them isn’t to say “thank you” explicitly, but rather to further the conversation that they have begun. Anyway, that’s my take on the valued comment vs comment spam situation.

170 Web Hosting Rebates

That’s odd – what browser are you using? I see “Zak Show Says:” on all of your comments, even though you don’t have an avatar displaying. Weird.

171 Mike

If you’re going to kill dupes before picking a random commenter, it might not be a bad idea to post it to cut back on spam.
Then again, looking at the comments so far, I’m guessing there are already people posting one-liners under multiple email accounts in case you do kill dupes first.

Still cool of you no matter how it works out!

172 rich


173 Sam

Damn, sweet deal you have here shoe… ive been wanting a mac for the longest time.
They are so sexy.

174 Lyndon

Cool contest! At least you’ve made it pretty simple to win. Leave a comment and you’re entered. I’ve seen some contests lately, with some many rules and stipulations; Einstein couldn’t figure out how to win them.

175 Nick

Sweet, I could use a new Mac.

176 Anah

Hi Jeremy,

Obviously, I am one of your rss subscriber and your comment contest is pretty neat. MBA whoohoo-really cool. Anyway, I’d like one of your Tee. I already have a macbook air but won’t say NO with another one LOLS.

Happy Sunday!

177 Luisana

I really want one!

178 Luisana

why doesn’t my name show up?

179 suman

congratulations to me, for winning the mac book air ;-)

180 Pedro Sttau

..and this is how you captivate an audience. I would love to find out the ROI on something like this. I’m guessing that this will bring back a lot of people who posted in the past, and will turn a lot of “lurkers” into posters, but how would all of this translate into profit? Somehow I have no doubt it will. :D

181 Kieran Hawe

Contest are awesome….btw congrats on the baby

182 Nadiya

I’ve been an avid reader of your work and am always inspired with the knowledge that you share. Awesome on the news of your baby!

183 sean

cool! what a great idea.

184 chris

my prediction? more comments and more visits to leave said comments. nice shoe :-)

185 Diogo,

Great contest ! Good luck to all

186 Turnip

I think this is a great idea for a contest!

187 Movies

there are many people who only reads the feeds and not coming to the website…some of them will actually visit the website from now on because of the contest. Also, there are people who only visit the blog a couple of times per week to see what’s new…now, they might visit it daily

188 Robert

Hey Shoe,

Wow, I thought the T-Shirt was a great gesture considering the cost involved, but now the possibility of winning a MAC. Kool!

One thing though – Does the Mac come with Instructions? haha

189 Michael

I’ve been thinking about doing just this for quite awhile now! I’m looking forward to how it turns out for you, Shoe. Should be a huge increase in quantity of comments… but it will be important to keep the quality up to par with what you need. Otherwise, readers will become more and more annoyed with frequent “me too” commentary. Time will tell!

190 Tim

That’s awesome. Thanks Shoe!

191 Randomly Writing

A good contest is easy when you have awesome prizes to offer! Love it…

192 Melvin

This is good Jeremy… But I just wonder, as the number of your comments skyrocket so as the junk comments and those who do not add value… what do you think?

193 dktrooper

What? A Macbook AIR? Can’t believe this. Of course I’m very very interested into this. Going to post comment regularly then ;)

194 ShoeMoney Suport Line. haha

Sign me up Shoe!!! What ever I can do to help, let me know. Would love to add to this and help. Just let me know

195 Shannon

Awesome way to get readers to stay involved. I have herd great things about you,but today was my first visit. Just added you to my Google reader

196 Michael

Great idea! I love my MacBook Pro, but you can never have enough computers!

197 Darren

Wow this sounds like a great contest… very cool of a large company to sponsor the giveaway!

198 Donace

indeed i think better spam prevention methods would be needed now! but sounds like a brilliant contest and link bait:p

199 Sohan

your blogs getting a lot more replies already! good idea. did you make the plugin yourself? wouldn’t mind doing this on my blog.

200 Logy Laps

As if we need yet another reason :)

201 Marketing Navi

Interesting way to draw large audiences and comments.

202 Terry Tay

My eyes might be deceiving me, but I think I see the name Terry Tay on the box ;-)

Sounds like a great contest that is sure to boost commenting on your blog Jeremy!

203 yuga

One Macbook Air please! Thank you!

204 Hannes Johnson

OK, cool… so all you have to do is comment? Sounds good – I’m in :)

205 Philena

I’m afraid of Mac, I know, beat down by windows. So I figure, if I enter I’ll probably win just so I have to change my entire life.

206 Internet Marketing in SLO

I’m more interested in the stats that come of this contest than the prizes…although a shirt would be cool.



207 Nick Throlson

Hope You Get The Guniess World Record For Most Comments In One Post! Count Me In

208 Joe

I am IN! WOOOO Macbook AIR

209 Rick

This would be nice. But it will never happen with my Luck!

210 Tamsyn

Very cool idea, a Macbook Air would be amazing!!

211 Erica DeWolf

Extremely Generous! I hope I win!

212 Miguel Verissimo

I hate to add junk comments, but I can’t let this one pass. count me up!

213 Andy

I’d love to have a free shoemoney shirt, can put it on display with my Azoogleads shirt :-p

214 Lightening@Lightenings Blogworld

Thanks for providing a contest that doesn’t require people to jump through hoops in order to enter. I like nice and simple. :)

215 Josh

Rock on – great idea for a contest!!!!

216 Rich H

I guess I will be commenting more often now.

217 Jeff Finch

What a great prize. Could really use it!!

218 KushMoney

Another chance for me to finally get a macbook air. Thanks to the sponsor and shoemoney. Keep up the good work guys.

219 Amirulcyber

thanks for your nice.

220 allen stern

pick me pick me im cool pick me

221 Samer Bazzi

Big bucks no wammie, big bucks no wammie, STOP!

222 Kathy

Can I get a PINK Macbook AIR? Oh, never mind, any color will do! LOL

223 Nicholas

First time commenting, but I’ve been reading all along! I appreciate all of your posts.

224 Jonathan

Nice competition Shoe. Would love to get my hands on that Macbook air, while a t-shirt would be great also.

225 Jaseem Umer

Having about 200 comments on a post, how are you going to find the winner, Shoe? Want to appoint me for the job? I’ll help you to find the perfect winner for Macbook Air (Hopefully that is me).

226 shamess

Haha. It’s awesome how when the free stuff comes out, everyone starts to comment. Maybe I should give something away on my blog…

227 SEO Services (yes that is my url)

You realize you are going to get a massive amount of b.s comments for a few months I gather.
e.g I want a cookie… I mean Macbook Air.

228 Ashley Smith

Perfect I need new clothes and a laptop :)

229 Suzie Cheel

This a brilliant, and what a novel idea for getting for getting more readers and subscribers, I may even borrow this. As Lightening says simple is good as i learned a while back

230 top-affiliate-networks

Me too!!

231 otherdeb (Deb Wunder)

Please include me! Thanks!

232 Affiliate Confession

Winning another MacBook Air would be too cool, I’m in!

233 Collin - Feed Flare

Count me in Shoe :)

234 LayupDrill

Great Contest…would love to get a MacBook Air!

235 Suzie Cheel

This a brilliant, and what a novel idea for getting for getting more readers and subscribers, I may even borrow this. As Lightening says simple is good as I learned a while back. Complictated confuses people. She know she didn’t enter, clever girl

236 Jay

Pick me…… it would go nice with my new iPhone!

237 Fadli W

Wow… this is the easiest contents I have ever join.. Good luck for you, and of course me… (if I win…)

238 Fadli W

One MacBook Air Please…

239 Omar

good look for all but i want that Macbook :)

240 Martin Jones

Just curious, what you’re using to automate the selection process.

241 Michael

Awesome contest. It’d be nice if I won a Macbook :3 I’m in!

242 Michael

Count me in Shoe!

243 Frogdancer

Been lurking for a while, but thought that this was a pretty good time to de-lurk. That’s a very generous offer from ACS Consulting. The boys and I would be rapt to be so lucky!

244 River Girl

Oh, I love that black shoeshirt, but a Macbook Air in time to take to BlogWorld would be heaven!

245 Edgar

this is just a great idea,, I hope I win …

246 Steve Watts

Awesome prize. Better go buy an Australian charger because that lappy is coming to me :)
Any more info on posting rules, selection process etc?

247 Deelip K

Mac book air.
I haven’t even touched it yet.
I hope to win.

Deelip K

248 SEI Design Group

Jeremy – don’t forget the nice item we sent you for T-shirt Friday this winter :-) Fingers crossed for the MB Air!

249 Dayne

Awesome, about time you had a contest. I’m in!

250 DealDasher

Can’t say no to free clothes and a possible chance to win an awesome laptop.

251 Stanley Tang

Cool stuff shoemoney

252 Jeff

I love the chance to win, but I keep reading Shoemoney even if he doesn’t give me things. And since he never has (other than info), I have proven my point.

That’s got to be the worst sentence I’ve ever written.

253 Chetan

That was hard work in that contest where you had won a macbook air :) And here it going to be luck which has to play a role :) Lets see Alan!

254 Shaun Carter

This is a great opportunity, thanks for pitching in the laptops Neil!

255 Craig

Hopefully users from other countries will win, since you do not ship any shirts to Canada or others….

256 muchio

…shipping overseas will cost more than t-shirt itself :). Anyway, I enjoy reading Shoe’s “ramblings”, so I’ll place my bet.

257 Matt

Nothing beats free.

258 Ranked Hard

Filling a blog post to the brim with longtail keywords…always good. Why not say people have to comment 3 times a day in order to be eligible to win.

259 Mark

Thanks! Count me in!

260 Mark

I’m in!

261 Mario

Cool, I hope you can deliver that Macbook to Croatia ;)

262 melvin

this is insane because i cannot imagine the no. comments…

263 exgrafix

Great contest shoe. Hope I am the lucky one to grab the Air. Good luck to everyone!

264 Get Rich With PPC Coach

Very cool idea for a contest. I think you can judge what this will do to the comments count just by looking at this post:)

265 Marko Novak

I wouldn’t mind winning this macbook air. I just need some luck.

266 Darren

Great contest idea Shoe. Congrats with your new baby :)

267 Deineshd

Thats cool ,Contest and Macbook.

268 FavBrowser

Good luck

269 purposeinc

I think I am too late in the day, and missed the cut off. If I do win though, I am going to donate my mac air to Neil. :)

270 purposeinc

By the way Shoe, great idea on the contest. It is such a simple idea, yet totally unique and creative. Well done!

271 Flo

Really cool! I love winning contests ;-).

272 Hakasuro

Cool, i live those contest und hope your contest robot will do the right thing :-)

Greetings from Germany


273 Dick

I think that the excitement surrounding the competition will be great. Contests on popular projects – is always fun.And victory is not the main…

274 Olli

Good Luck and have fun ;-)

greetings olli

275 Movies

some kind of script he written in php…I’m also interested to know if it can be integrated with wordpress

276 Funky South

jee this contest will drum up alot of interest…you should post sum traffic stats shoe !

277 Bruno Silva

Well Well… My size is an L :D

278 bbx

Oooo.. I wanna win this!!

279 A Juggling Mum

What a great comp!!! I hope it gets you lots of new readers :)

Rachel xxx

280 The Favicon is Essential for Website Promotion

LMAO, Man the comment rate just tripled!

281 Tim Christie

Well I guess if you are going to give a way a laptop then it might as well be the Macbook AIr. What a competition. Lets hope I win

282 jk

I’m so gonna win this.

283 Scott

NIce idea … XXL – How many people still use PC´s here?

284 Devil May Cry

Good luck, folks! May the best man win! ;)


285 amber_s

very interesting indeed. i now cross my fingers…hard

286 M

Is there basis for worrying that giving away such lucrative prizes will lower the quality of the comments when there are some who deliberately post a seemingly professional/sensitive/thought provoking/heartfelt comment just to get their hands on one of the really hot prizes, whereas they usually wouldnt give much thought to it?

287 Archie Pennies

This is the coolest contest I have seen all summer. Every one is giving iphones but a Macbook Air… definitively the best contest.

288 letrodectus

great contest Shoemoney! And the grand prize is sooo tempting :) I would love to get the t-shirt as well :)

289 Forumistan

Very inovative Jerremy! Good Luck on the Contest.

290 knupnet

What a great idea. Good luck and I’d love this :)

291 VS

MMA is garbage… start watching boxing

292 Luke

Wow, I was just playing with a Macbook Air in Best Buy for the first time yesterday. Sounds like it must be fate! ;)

293 Tyler Ingram

Wow I don’t think I have had to scroll so much before just to comment. But I just remembered there is a link at the top to go directly to the Add Comment section.

294 M

Somehow my comment’s not showing up…

295 Ali

i love prizes

296 Protestant

I’m all in!!!!!!!!! Nice contest Shoe. ;)

297 feel reality

basically every _____ at 11:55PM CST a automated job. I’m assuming that was supposed to be day? Or is it Tuesday? Or is it Tuesday in the year 2040?

298 Myron Allis

Shoemoney your awesome! Hope the little one is doing good!

299 balibuddy

waks! mc air for me 3x . good luck for the contest ….

300 Andy Blackburn

I’d rather have the shirt ;)

301 Walt

…this will confirm whether I have a charmed life or not.

302 meethere

count me in..
I have no clothes :( :D

303 ES

Whew, what a beauty! I’d like a shot at it.

304 M

are you worried that giving away such nice prizes will lower the quality of the comments when there are some who deliberately post a seemingly professional/sensitive/thought provoking/heartfelt comment just to get their hands on one of the really hot prizes

305 Game Tester


306 nyst.wysrt

Thanks for the effort! Even I know that I won’t win the MacBook Air.

307 Moneybites

lol, damn straight, back off, its mine!

308 Bernard Griffiths

hmmm pretty interesting, always wanted to try a mac.

309 Michael

Shoe, your precious baby is a true blessing and thanks be to God that she is doing much better. Keep your head up and love your family everyday for love is the glue that holds a life worth living together.
Peace out!

310 Randomly Writing

I really enjoy it when the Haves throw a bone to the Have-Nots. 200 comments a day for a little less than 2 months? Should be very interesting.

311 Surfer Sam Life's a Beach

Apple is growing market share every which way but loose. In the Top Affiliate Content, my money’s on shoe’s team.

312 Kyle

Dang, 300+ comments and your page is broke (on my screen at least). I had to disable css to see the comment form. Count me in though……!

313 That One Caveman

No kidding. That’s a serious prize! This is definitely one way to get a huge comment count.

314 Winning Startups

Sign me up! I need a replacement for this crapbox Dell I’m currently using.

315 Tom

Uh, cool… I’m in. Been reading the blog for a while, only commenting occasionally. Will undoubtedly pick up the pace now.

316 Tom

Nice contest you are running shoemoney!
Good Luck to everyone, and myself :p

Kind Regards

317 Marko

Same here, im in! :)

318 Ken

“No purchase necessary?” – I’m in!

319 Zak Show

WTF! 320 comments! Im wondering why this post is not jumped to the most commented list in the top?

320 Shailendra

Do you read all the comments, specially comments on the post like this (contest) or let them in however.

321 Anuj Seth

Awesome contest!

Will anyone scroll down to the bottom of the page to read this comment? I guess I am 321 on the list!! ;-)

322 RacerX

#322 Woot! Last wins right? ;)

323 Nick

I need a replacement for my old Mac powerbook!

324 RacerX

PS…I do miss the old comment section that linked from the commentor to their page. I found some great blogs that way…

325 zk

Neil Patel ROCKS………

326 Kartik Talwar

This is my first comment on and i really need a personal laptop

327 DotDriven

I usually do as well. But at least it’s easy to enter lol

328 Enrique Flouret

Mi first big prize contest ever!!!

329 Rob

Nice Idea.

330 Jkl123

Oh I really want a macbook air! last year my macbook was broken on purpose… by my dad as a punishment … for buying an iphone… even though i got permission from my mom! and it was out of my own saved money! it was pretty depressing …. now there is no mac in the house… because both parents use windows…. its been such a terrible long year without one… and theyre like… we ca make an agreement… and its the most retarded thing! its called the “happy agreement” and they expect me to pay 1/3 of it… out of my allowance and I cant even get a job yet! they can be stupid like this sometimes! Im drooling in my mind looking at all of the macbook airs in that pic.!

331 Jkl123

anyways… please choose me!

332 DavidC

That is awesome! wouldn’t mind owning one :P

333 Jermaine

Sign me up! SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) has been wanting my Macbook and this will definitely get me some points!

334 JoshN

hurray macbooks!

335 Jason Brown

Shoemoney…you sure do know how to cause a stir with a quick write up. I call it “the money post”!

336 Barbara Baker

What an awesome giveaway your having…I could really use the grand prize but would also like to have one of your T-shirts…that would be pretty cool too. Actually, if you gave me anything, it’d be a good win :)

337 Chris Jacobson

I’m in! w00t!

338 crunkeee

Oh yeah, I’m in!

339 razvan

This is the only blog i am reading. i hope i will earn at leas a t-shirt because i am a big fan of shoemoney

340 54Bytes

Nice contest you got there. The page doesn’t even (completely) load for me.

Good luck all.

341 Randomly Writing

So my Firefox (3.0) blanks out after you scroll through 80% of the comments. And my Explorer (7.0.5730.11) doesn’t seem to show the names of anyone commenting. These are some interesting side effects of having too many comments. It also appears that a lot of people dropped out of the race after day one.

342 Dave

Nice contest. Id love a shot at it!

343 Julia

I’d even make out with a stranger for a mac book air! ; P

344 Matt J

Nice contest, I would do some pretty extreme stuff for a Mac book Air and here all i have to do is leave a post. Ha

345 erin

sweeeeet! gimme a free shirt!

346 1 Million in 365 Days

Well I have some clothes on right now. Not that many as I need more Air!:)

347 Imran

What a fantastic contest! Hope I win something :)

348 Geiger

Great! Now look at all the new comment whores!

349 Abel

Count me in for the Mac Air too! Thanks!

350 kevinl

that’s crazy! gimmeeeehhh!

351 Random commentator

I think it’s a shame that this competition is inspiring so many unintelligible comments. The spirit of the competition – I thought, was to initiate some real discussion. Having said that – I am also a culprit. ;-)

352 Wild-Bill

MacBook Air?? Whoa! Now that’s a nice giveaway. I’d love to win one. My 12″ Powerbook is on its last legs….

353 archel

oh!!!!that was great.. I wish i can have one of those prices that is giivng away..i want to have a laptop coz I haven’t got one…

354 Tim S

Amazing! What a great idea!

355 Lucy Harrison

YAYYYYYY i have always wanted one of these gorgeous laptops :)

356 Lucy Harrison

YAYYYYY i have always wanted one of these gorgeous laptops : )

357 Geiger


358 reid

I really love reading the stuff on this website, I don’t live to far from Omaha, I wish I could get the chance to meet up with you sometime and talk business. I’m trying to plan for my future!!! Thanks for creating and sharing such great material! Good luck everyone!

359 Knorr

Good luck to everyone, I just wanted to add that I visit the website often and that I really want to say thanks for all of the great content and material you share on your site! Keep up the great work, and I am happy for you and all of your success.


Is it open in Quebec ?

361 Bill

There’s no more room for comments, since Chetan and Zak Show abused the system and commented numerous times. I think they shoud be disqualified.

362 meethere

I am not able to win even a single daily prize.. no luck for macbook then :(

363 Cris A.

Thank you.

364 Simjihee

I WANT TO THIS SO MUCH ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ
SO I NEED IT…………….

365 Sim Ji Hee

Please give it to me..
You gave me a mac book, I will be so happy.

366 Sim Ji Hee

You gave me a notebook to me.
Because I don’t have notebook.
And I drop by shoe money all day~~~

367 Char

Wow…I definitely need an opportunity to win a prize. Winning something would certainly boast my winning-confidence, which as of now is rock bottom :(

368 Char

Thank you for the opportunity to actually win something

369 Christopher

Count me in if it isn’t too late.

370 Welder

i need a macbook, i’m a student struggleing to make it

371 Gavan

Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes,playing a poor hand well

372 Joann

WOW, I would give up my old PC for a Mac any day…

373 Darren Craft

. mac please . crossed .fingers . and ah. 1 . 2 . 3. hit it.

374 bhavna

is the contest still open????

375 bhavna

the contest is great and so is the prize…..i would love to win a mac book air

376 asma

v.interesting good luck everyone

377 kimmy

i hope i win the macbook ;)

378 Goggo

I wanna win this fabulous mac book air. I love it.

379 Veronika

You know, I fell in love with Macbook Air at the first sight. I really want to have but it’s not easy. Would you like to give one to me???. Terima Kasih

380 paul

i am a def. nominee for a free mac book air because i have never had anything of my own and i needed to share it with people but with it i will be more independent and it would just really help me.

381 paul

i love the mac book air it is awesome i need it

382 Brianna Boshque

I really need a macbook air! My family loves to go on vacations, but we can never check our emails because of not staying places where there are computers available. Our computers at home are very slow, but we cannot afford anything right now because well we are in a tight squeeze on cash, also a shirt would be great too because it shows we are a part of this cool contest! -Boshque Family. :)

383 Mariah

The mac book air will be awesome to have around so i can study on it and play around ILOVE MAC BOOK AIR

384 PandC09

The Macbook Air is one of the most advanced compact laptop computers of our time. One of the Coolest features is its ability to wirelessly connect to another Mac or PC and utilize its optical drive!

385 mary lu

me my kids 1 teen and two bang babies love computers, we don’t have one, we use one at a lifeskill center i volunteer at, my goal to get notebook, as we are always on the go and when we get home it’s down time, i need something that fits in my bag and we can zip away…lol the macair book looks like the ticket, how much does it cost?

386 Hein Win

HI , this is Hein. I would like to have a Mac books. It’s very impressive. All of my friend got a laptop, I’m the only one guy who doesn’t have laptop. Deliver the Macbook Air to me in Australia.

387 Naomi

Think of something quirky to get attention or tell the the honest, blatant, truth.
Hmm sadly I prefer the latter.

I commence my studies next year and my sole purpose is to teach in Africa as my backgroud incorporates numerous cultures and I have only so much as heard of the hardships of third world countries.

Anyway, I would love to receive a Macbook! As opposed to the internet cafe in town with all the sleazy, sleazy tourists. *shifty eyes*

388 Stephanie

i realllllllly want a macbook air. please randomly choose me!!! (:

389 Stephanie

i really need this. pretty please. ((((((:

390 TriNi

I don’t even know what a macbook is but it looks sexy ;) lol.

Besides I’m lucky number 400! Do I win? huh huh huh? Do I do I?

391 komal

dear sir i really need this laptop for my study
please i will be thank full to u if i win this i need is 4 my collage for my project and all please sir i am a computer but its broken
it be realy nice of u to pick me
thax for reading it sir
plz sir this is my last hope to get the laptop 4 me study

392 Jeremy

i think you are doing an awesome job, when i saw you were having a contest with a labtop for the winner i thought this was great because i need a labtop for school and they were just so expensive

393 ashley clifford

wow this is awesome. i cant believe it actually hmm so yeah a free computer would be nice i need one for when i start school in the fall! I just cant afford them. thanks

394 Eilis

i think this is a great idea, and a very generous one too.
I would realy love to win this laptop because it would be realy ideal for me to talk to my relatives far away and to keep in touch with them.
I would be very greatful if i won this.
Thank You! (:

395 martin

i think that music is awesome and i think that when things gets hard relaxs with some music lol

396 mark

i need macbook for my studies i just graduated this year and i’m going to collage so i need macbook.

397 Mary

this is a great idea

398 Soumya

This is an awesome giveaway. As a college student i know how expensive laptops can get. The screen on mine stopped working suddenly and now it’s hooked up to an olad CRT monitor. Oh well it was cheap $10 fix. This would be an awesome thing to win though!

399 Alex I.

Very cool giveaway!
Good luck everyone!

400 Jennifer Hill

I am really enjoying my new shiny Apple that I won in this contest, It is makes work a pleasure.
Thank you in Advance
Looking forward to your email

401 udit

well i think this is a great opportunity people to win macbook because not everyone in this world can afford to buy one.and i’m one of everyone should get a chance to try their hands on macbook!
I would love to own a macbook!

402 ladan

Great idea, very generous.
Good Luck to everyone.

403 Army_Wife

I think this would make a wonderful gift for my husband when he arrives from deployment, and see’s a brand new Apple sitting right next to his night stand. OMG how I would love to see the look on his face. CLASSIC!

404 John Douds

I really need a laptop. I would buy one but i cant afford it. If i dont get one i will get in trouble for not having one for school. PLEASE CHOOSE ME!!!!!!

405 Lilly Avocado

I love this. I wish I could afford a macbook. Pity I can’t get a job cos I have to put as much time as I can into my school work.

406 Katie

I think this is a pretty good idea and i would love to win a lapto because i will need one for school work.

407 dominovox

- what a great competition, – I’ve been struggling trying to revive/rebuild an old flat-lining mac desktop & a drive, – looks like I only managed to save the drive though. Now I’m dreaming, – of a white macbook – “just like the ones I used to know…”

408 alwin estareja

i’ll be leaving this september to pursue my college scholarhsip in china. i am really looking forward to win such portable and convenient laptop like the macbook air, that can make my once in a lifetine educational experience in china everything a student would wish!…

great site, it gives opportunities to those hopefuls like me…

409 aeSTARvirus

i would love to have that macbook your holding on the pic for my college study… i believe that a macbook air can effectively accommodate my school stuffs… so that i will not anymore rent a computer in a cafe just to accomplish my homeworks and projects… such a useful tool.

410 Lawrence Currie

I haven’t a prayer to win with so many competitors. Thanks for the oppertunity!

411 andy123

if i cud win a macbook air. i wud be so happy.
ive never had technology
im at a friends house
so if i won
i wud be so dam happy

412 Christine Bray

An apple a day keeps the doctor away….
An apple Mac prize how’s that for size…
This apple don’t crumble it could never be humble. Win a Mac book air and don’t think I’ll share!


☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ I would love to win this ‘Macbook AIR’ not for myself but for my husband, He’ll be back from deployment in about 3 weeks just in time for his birthday (Aug 26) and what better gift to give him than the sexiest beast known to man… an ‘Apple Macbook AIR’. do you know how long he’s been craving for it? unfortunately the Army doesn’t pay enough for us to splurge on one. So I’ll be impatiently waiting for your reply in hopes you choose us.

ψPlease take us out of gateway hell! ψ lol

ღArmy Wifeღ
☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

414 molly

i really really really would love to have a macbook air. i’ve been wanting a laptop forever. going to college is hard enough financially and not if i could give one to my sister before she left it would be a dream come true.

september 1 is my birthday. this is really what i want if you could please please consider me it would be gratefully appreciated.

415 SD

it would be so cool to get a mac book air i hope i win

416 Dan

Shirts look amazing! Wouldn’t mind getting one of those…. or a Mac!

417 deemac

I love contests and what better prize than a cool T-shirt that could lead to the ultimate sexy accsesory, a Mac. Boys if you haven’t figured it out yet the girls go wild for a guy with a Mac.

418 tiff vee

i really need a macbook for high school and i dont have enough money i hope i win. it would change my life.

419 Cory

apples are so sexyyy.
i want to buy one so bad

420 Rhuesel Cole

I am a momma trying to help my Son make the music that God sent him to make. I love to here that boy play. A Macbook Air would make that happen. He would created those beats that make cars bump, thump and sometimes Jump.

421 Shannon

No way… getting a laptop, especially a MacBook would be amazing. I’ve always wanted one but they’re too expensive!

422 Anna

I am 16 years old I lost my father at 13 I hve a big sister who has moved out… I miss her a ton! Anyway I am an aspiring photographer you can go to my website and check out some of my shots. the main problem is that I don’t have the equitment I need to learn and get better a mac would help me SO much I would have so many new opertunities to edit and improve my pictures.

423 Antigone

This is a really great contest, and perhaps I am just saying this because I am a broke college student, but it is really appreciated!

424 xiong

I want the macbook air
please give me
It would been a dream come true if i win :D

425 lucky24

i want a mac please :(
i need one
pick me pls!!

426 luck24

please please
a labtop would be nice
so i won’t share with my family!
please please!!!

427 Pierce

i dont want to sound desperate but i really am,

i dont have enough money to pay for things like this and i really need a Mac Book Air!

So if you have a heart could you please give me the laptop!

hope to talk to you soon

428 Shereen

I want to win Win a Macbook AIR for real :D
I want nobody nobody but you
I want nobody nobody but you
How can I be with another
I don’t want any other except YOU
My Precious AIR

429 Justin

I dont need the laptop but i really want it. If you can vote for me thats cool, but if you cant i understand i wont feel bad if i lose. Thank you love, justin

430 Chris Turk

I have been wanting a macbook air for a very long time, there’s just no way I can afford it, and I don’t need it bad enough to spend my money on it.

431 gooeyhen

I love apples cos they’re healthy.


finally i need one for school (college) i cant afford it though

433 DannyS

is this contest still on??

434 CharlieM

Good luck everyone. What a great concept.

435 Monique

I’m graduating highschool this year.
I will be starting college a month after graduation day.
I’m going into Graphic/Web Design.
And having a passion for it and all…I know that Macbooks are the best and recommended computers for this type of artwork.
However, I cannot afford to buy one, and I will need one soon.
Therefore, I would like a Macbook AIR.

436 Leigh White

i BADLY want an apple macbook. but i just can’t afford one, it sucks. time to start praying to baby jesus >.<

437 cameron

pick me i love apple

438 david yeddu

yeah its cool,i got addicted to that

439 Thomas lee

Choose me

440 Lola

Hey what my bro spilled beer on my macbook so I guess I will try for this mac air my fingers are crossed

441 Caleb Laboucane

I love the Apple and everything it offers!



443 David Cornell

MacBooks are the best computers in the world! I could really use one for school.

444 devendra

sory! i unable to write corecet english. MacBook are the best laptops in the world. Apple softwere is very lovely. i need a laptop

445 Savanna

I really need a labtop for my schooling and I can’t afford one and this is would be a great way I could save money for college. Not everybody has the money to just go out and buy one right off the back.

446 Celeste

apple apple apple pick me

447 Isela Ranno

I saw a lot of website but I believe this one has got something special in it in it

448 Tetyana

Truly hope it is gonna work)

449 Mary

I really hope that i win :)

450 Clarence C. Samson ( cool )

i really want those things ive been dreaming for it because of its awesomeness and it is the best for my photography

451 kymani

i wat the apple mac air so bad i wanted since i heard bout but no won would bye it so that is y im goin to try to win it off this site

452 Website

advertising and *********** with Adwords. Anyway I am adding this RSS to my email and could look out for much more of your respective interesting content. Make sure you replace this again soon..

453 lane

hope hope hope

454 Ray

After reading your post, I felt that I just need to take a bet on this, although the chance is very very slim. This contest is much simpler than other websites which requires you to answer a technical question, twitter, like their webpages, or even get 20+ referrals. Simple contest but “chance” have the final say on the result. Anyways, an interesting contest! keep it up!

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