Win a Macbook AIR – Comment Contest

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macbook AIRI love contests and had the idea for a comment contest for a while. Basically every at 11:55PM CST a automated job would randomly pick a commenter as the winner for that day. The daily winners will win a free ShoeMoney T-shirt and we will ship it anywhere in the world that we can legally. Winners will all be notified by email and also posted on the contest page. You must reply to the email within 48 hours. Most of the emails are getting flagged as spam or bulk email due to the contest wording so make sure you white list if you plan to participate.

Then at the end of the month we would have a drawing for a grand prize which the system would automatically choose from all the daily winners.

I somewhat soft launched the comment contest system last week and as you can see some days have more then 1 winner.

A couple of companies noticed also and asked about sponsoring the grand prize. I tried to fend them off for now saying it was in beta and I was not sure what we were going to do for prizes.

acsThen Neil Patel made me a offer I could not refuse. He said he would give the winner a Macbook AIR for the months of July and August. So on September 1st we will draw from all the daily winners and the winner will receive a Macbook AIR courtesy of ACS Consulting.

Again open to anyone anywhere in the world as long as its legal for us to do so.

Hopefully if it works out we will continue the contest after september 1st πŸ˜‰

Good luck!

464 thoughts on “Win a Macbook AIR – Comment Contest

  1. Chris Bartow

    Just when I read that I need a Mac with an Intel processor to use the SDK for the iPhone, you announce this. I guess I need to start spending more time on your site. πŸ˜‰

  2. shamess

    Anywhere legal? Is that just Canada and the US? A lot of competitions are restricted to just those countries (I’m not sure why though…).

  3. Zealot

    Great contest, and greater picture….it looks like you standing over an Apple hamster cage after a long weekend. “Look dad..they had BABIES!!!’

  4. Kevin L

    That’s what I call a “call to action.” Comments should go way up. Most other gurus would make you join their list. Nice change of pace doing it this way…less junk mail.

  5. Daniel

    I hope anywhere except Iran, Iraq, N. Korea, and such is ok…
    By the way: won’t this contest lead to excessive spam? πŸ˜‰

  6. ThomasSchmidt

    That’s a really good point starting commenting. I would never comment if there wasn’t this contest. Sounds like an opportunity to me! Great!

  7. Dustin

    Great contest! T-shirt would be awsome! So would a mac book air to go along with the new iPhone 3g! Thanks for the contest Shoe.

  8. josh

    Very nice. I wonder how many comments a person would need to leave to gain a statistical advantage…

  9. Ian Fernando

    shoe hows life – hope everything is great with your new born and too bad we could not chill more while at TAC – but it was great while I was there

  10. Tagliaerbe

    OK, let’s try.
    (i have already the Black T-Shirt… but i’d like to receive the white one! (and the Mac Book Air, of course πŸ˜€ )

  11. Eze

    Hope i Win…I am Dying for the Mac Air…don’t have enough money though :( here is a great chance. :)

  12. Jeff

    Very cool, I always wanted a AIR, but can’t justify buying one…winning one however that is a different story.

    And great idea on the contest every day. That is one awesome way to get people talking on your site

  13. Ingoal

    Awesome! Good to see that you always find someone willing to put up the cool stuff….MAC Book Air…I would LOVE to have one…but a t-shirt would be a good start, too πŸ˜‰

  14. Dana Mark

    Your brain must never stop trying to come up with new ideas. This idea will obviously get a lot of people interested. Thanks for offering a contest where a lot of people can at least win something, like a cool t-shirt! I love free t-shirts.

  15. Tom

    Wow Shoemoney, talk about a way to increase comment activity on your site. You will now have people coming back day after day and making a daily comment just so they can win a shirt and/or a bigger prize. Is there any criteria about the quality of the post? Also, can a person win more than once and thus have multiple entries into the bigger drawing?

  16. Chetan

    Yep this idea is really unique and the script is also his own, selecting one winner daily automatically. And Susan Baron, from Shoemoney Media Group is good at replying to winner’s emails :)

  17. Shreedhar

    Hi Jeremy,
    I had been watching ur blog since a month now and am really impressed with the design and ur presentation.
    By the by congrats for ur baby .
    Only thing that bothers me is since I am from india I cannot take part in any offers or competitions which u sponser.
    well better luck me next time.

  18. Make Money Talks

    Just one question, i saw my name on daily prize winners for 09.july.2008 but i never got any email, i just checked my inbox (nothing in spam two). Is this going today (emails) or i miss chance to get tshirt because “48 hours gone”? Thx!

  19. jim

    That’s awesome man, great to see Neil/ACS is sponsoring the comment contest. That Cheta fellow isn’t going to need to do laundry ever again at this rate. :)

  20. jim

    hahaha you would know, having won three shirts so far! :) in all seriouness, she’s very responsive and courteous

  21. jim

    Oh, I remember reading a news article recently about how a specific state’s department was suing a contest (offline) because “games of chance” (where winning depends on chance and no amount of skill) are considered gambling and subject to restrictions in certain areas. That’s why so many contests say “Void where prohibited” as a blanket disclaimer. You might want to put that somewhere.

  22. Chetan

    I think you missed it, as i checked that and also shoemoney pinged me on twitter and asked to check the bulk folder, and i found it in the spam box.

  23. Zak Show

    I have a question and sorry if it out of the topic. Why I don’t have my picture in the comment avatar space even I have mybloglog profile open and cookies enabled?

    And how the system will pick me if my comments are anynomious, Nobody can know that Zak Show is commenting as I don’t have something referring to it in my comment space.

    Im not asking for something but Im confused about this from long time ago and I think it’s the right time to make it clear for me :)

  24. Web Hosting Rebates

    Great contest idea and a great prize being offered! This should have some great positive implications for your site – encouraging people to visit the site, instead of just reading the RSS feed, encouraging more active commenting, and making the blog a more interactive environment. The downside as I see it, is that the “signal to noise” ratio is going to get thrown out of whack. You already get a lot of lame comments from people looking to score a “top commentators” spot, and now that will be heightened. Hopefully I’m wrong on this and people try to genuinely add to the conversation, but I’m doubtful.

  25. Joe

    I never win anything like this, but how cool would it be to win a Macbook AIR to break the streak? Thanks Jeremy and thanks ACS Consulting!

  26. Web Hosting Rebates

    Really?? Come on man. When you comment, your name is listed. Don’t you see where it says “Zak Show Says” – that’s identifying you as the commenter. As for the avatar – you have to use

  27. Zak Show

    Jeremy is a great blogger because he really know how to make money online and that’s why people love to read his blog to find new tips, tricks and news that can help them out with their online business :)

  28. Web Hosting Rebates

    I didn’t say it’s a crime. It just doesn’t add value to the conversation when people post stupid one line comments like, “great post shoe.” Really, what’s the point in posting that? On a post like this, I suppose it’s fine, because Jeremy is offering up a contest idea. For people to say they like the idea makes sense. Most of the time, however, it’s really annoying.

  29. Yogesh Sarkar

    Shoe thats a fantastic idea for a contest and a cool prize as well.

    One problem though I would like you to know, when one click on Comment on this post to win a shirt in your rss feed, person gets taken to the homepage of your blog. I am not sure if it intentional but it is somewhat cumbersome to then find the post to comment on.

  30. petnos

    WOW! This sounds really good. I am not a lucky man all in my life but who knows maybe today my luck will be change its way dramatically:)

  31. Francesco

    That is a great idea. I wonder if you will share the system you are using to draw the daily winner, it would be cool to add to my wp!


  32. McBilly

    Indeed. You need to register at and upload a picture / avatar that would be shown here and on a lot of other blogs too that use the gravatar plugin. :)

  33. Zak Show

    I don’t see that and I don’t see even others commentators name. All what I can see is the date, the time and the comment. For every comment expect these commentators that use gravatar. Anyway thanks man for the gravatar info, I’ll test to see how it will work.
    Have a nice day.

  34. Zak Show

    Well, I think Im in the top commentators list and you can check all my comments, you’ll find that Im trying to add a value and post something useful. I try to the max to avoid these 5 words comments. Anyway I got your point :) Thanks for making things clear.

  35. Jarret

    Hmm, wonder how many comments you are going to receive until the end of August for people wanting just to win the Macbook Air and not necessarily commenting because they have an opinion.

  36. Chetan

    Still, its not the only reason for which i comment here.. I used to comment here before the contest too as i just love interacting with other Shoemoney readers here..

  37. Israel

    This is cool, but are you making sure to fend off the commenters that post more than once? Will the system be filtering out duplicate commenters?

  38. Eric

    Winning the MacBook Air would be a great excuse for finally getting rid of the last Windows machine in the house…

  39. Dj

    Great news :) Count me in …
    This is gonna be a long long chain of “woow, count me in” comments πŸ˜€

  40. Movies

    as I understand it, 5 minutes before the midnight the system (a script) picks a winner from all comments from the posts made in that day. Correct me if I’m wrong

  41. Movies

    @Shreedhar, I believe you can participate in the contest. Shoe said that he will ship the prizes everywhere in the world where it’s possible to do so. This isn’t a contest only for a part of the globe or only for some countries.

  42. anty

    Wow, two MacBook Air are a real motivation to be active on your Blog. Good to see that you figured out how to ship internationally :)

  43. portlandia

    DANG! Timing is suboptimal as I was thinking about getting a MacBook Air to blog the Democratic Convention (I am a delegate from Oregon). But I can also take my elderly 12″ aluminum PowerBook – not as light, but fairly small. I’m in for the contest, what the hell.

  44. KingMyron

    MacBook Air you say. I say frickin awesome. I have a question though, does multiple comments get you multiple entires for that day? And can you win more then one day?

  45. Shane

    This is a great contest Shoemoney. I have been entering hundreds of contests on blogs over the past couple of months and sadly have not won a thing. So perhaps the universe will shine it’s abundance light on me down here at the Southern tip of Africa and send me a Macbook Air. I’m also pretty sure that the automated winner picker script will recognise the benefit of having me walking down a Johannesburg street wearing a Shoemoney t-shirt too. Here’s to the law of attraction…

  46. David Dunn

    Wow – nice idea Jeremy! I’d love to win the Macbook AIR and the shirts aren’t too bad either πŸ˜› (just kidding). I will be commenting more often :-)

  47. Web Hosting Rebates

    Yeah, I wasn’t calling you out on this. I’ve got no problem if people actively comment on a blog and add to the conversation. In fact, I think that’s wonderful. In addition to the posts here, I enjoy reading the reaction people have to them, and the reactions people have to each others’ comments as well. I just don’t like when people comment EXCLUSIVELY because they have something to gain from it.

    I view blog commenting as a way to draw traffic to your site, but also as a way to affirm and thank the author of the post… and I believe the best way to thank them isn’t to say “thank you” explicitly, but rather to further the conversation that they have begun. Anyway, that’s my take on the valued comment vs comment spam situation.

  48. Mike

    If you’re going to kill dupes before picking a random commenter, it might not be a bad idea to post it to cut back on spam.
    Then again, looking at the comments so far, I’m guessing there are already people posting one-liners under multiple email accounts in case you do kill dupes first.

    Still cool of you no matter how it works out!

  49. Lyndon

    Cool contest! At least you’ve made it pretty simple to win. Leave a comment and you’re entered. I’ve seen some contests lately, with some many rules and stipulations; Einstein couldn’t figure out how to win them.

  50. Anah

    Hi Jeremy,

    Obviously, I am one of your rss subscriber and your comment contest is pretty neat. MBA whoohoo-really cool. Anyway, I’d like one of your Tee. I already have a macbook air but won’t say NO with another one LOLS.

    Happy Sunday!

  51. Pedro Sttau

    ..and this is how you captivate an audience. I would love to find out the ROI on something like this. I’m guessing that this will bring back a lot of people who posted in the past, and will turn a lot of “lurkers” into posters, but how would all of this translate into profit? Somehow I have no doubt it will. πŸ˜€

  52. Nadiya

    I’ve been an avid reader of your work and am always inspired with the knowledge that you share. Awesome on the news of your baby!

  53. Movies

    there are many people who only reads the feeds and not coming to the website…some of them will actually visit the website from now on because of the contest. Also, there are people who only visit the blog a couple of times per week to see what’s new…now, they might visit it daily

  54. Robert

    Hey Shoe,

    Wow, I thought the T-Shirt was a great gesture considering the cost involved, but now the possibility of winning a MAC. Kool!

    One thing though – Does the Mac come with Instructions? haha

  55. Michael

    I’ve been thinking about doing just this for quite awhile now! I’m looking forward to how it turns out for you, Shoe. Should be a huge increase in quantity of comments… but it will be important to keep the quality up to par with what you need. Otherwise, readers will become more and more annoyed with frequent “me too” commentary. Time will tell!

  56. Melvin

    This is good Jeremy… But I just wonder, as the number of your comments skyrocket so as the junk comments and those who do not add value… what do you think?

  57. dktrooper

    What? A Macbook AIR? Can’t believe this. Of course I’m very very interested into this. Going to post comment regularly then πŸ˜‰

  58. Shannon

    Awesome way to get readers to stay involved. I have herd great things about you,but today was my first visit. Just added you to my Google reader

  59. Donace

    indeed i think better spam prevention methods would be needed now! but sounds like a brilliant contest and link bait:p

  60. Sohan

    your blogs getting a lot more replies already! good idea. did you make the plugin yourself? wouldn’t mind doing this on my blog.

  61. Terry Tay

    My eyes might be deceiving me, but I think I see the name Terry Tay on the box πŸ˜‰

    Sounds like a great contest that is sure to boost commenting on your blog Jeremy!

  62. Philena

    I’m afraid of Mac, I know, beat down by windows. So I figure, if I enter I’ll probably win just so I have to change my entire life.

  63. Andy

    I’d love to have a free shoemoney shirt, can put it on display with my Azoogleads shirt :-p

  64. Jaseem Umer

    Having about 200 comments on a post, how are you going to find the winner, Shoe? Want to appoint me for the job? I’ll help you to find the perfect winner for Macbook Air (Hopefully that is me).

  65. shamess

    Haha. It’s awesome how when the free stuff comes out, everyone starts to comment. Maybe I should give something away on my blog…

  66. Suzie Cheel

    This a brilliant, and what a novel idea for getting for getting more readers and subscribers, I may even borrow this. As Lightening says simple is good as i learned a while back

  67. Suzie Cheel

    This a brilliant, and what a novel idea for getting for getting more readers and subscribers, I may even borrow this. As Lightening says simple is good as I learned a while back. Complictated confuses people. She know she didn’t enter, clever girl

  68. Frogdancer

    Been lurking for a while, but thought that this was a pretty good time to de-lurk. That’s a very generous offer from ACS Consulting. The boys and I would be rapt to be so lucky!

  69. Steve Watts

    Awesome prize. Better go buy an Australian charger because that lappy is coming to me :)
    Any more info on posting rules, selection process etc?

  70. Jeff

    I love the chance to win, but I keep reading Shoemoney even if he doesn’t give me things. And since he never has (other than info), I have proven my point.

    That’s got to be the worst sentence I’ve ever written.

  71. Chetan

    That was hard work in that contest where you had won a macbook air :) And here it going to be luck which has to play a role :) Lets see Alan!

  72. Craig

    Hopefully users from other countries will win, since you do not ship any shirts to Canada or others….

  73. muchio

    …shipping overseas will cost more than t-shirt itself :). Anyway, I enjoy reading Shoe’s “ramblings”, so I’ll place my bet.

  74. Ranked Hard

    Filling a blog post to the brim with longtail keywords…always good. Why not say people have to comment 3 times a day in order to be eligible to win.

  75. Dick

    I think that the excitement surrounding the competition will be great. Contests on popular projects – is always fun.And victory is not the main…

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  77. M

    Is there basis for worrying that giving away such lucrative prizes will lower the quality of the comments when there are some who deliberately post a seemingly professional/sensitive/thought provoking/heartfelt comment just to get their hands on one of the really hot prizes, whereas they usually wouldnt give much thought to it?

  78. Luke

    Wow, I was just playing with a Macbook Air in Best Buy for the first time yesterday. Sounds like it must be fate! πŸ˜‰

  79. Tyler Ingram

    Wow I don’t think I have had to scroll so much before just to comment. But I just remembered there is a link at the top to go directly to the Add Comment section.

  80. feel reality

    basically every _____ at 11:55PM CST a automated job. I’m assuming that was supposed to be day? Or is it Tuesday? Or is it Tuesday in the year 2040?

  81. M

    are you worried that giving away such nice prizes will lower the quality of the comments when there are some who deliberately post a seemingly professional/sensitive/thought provoking/heartfelt comment just to get their hands on one of the really hot prizes

  82. Michael

    Shoe, your precious baby is a true blessing and thanks be to God that she is doing much better. Keep your head up and love your family everyday for love is the glue that holds a life worth living together.
    Peace out!

  83. Randomly Writing

    I really enjoy it when the Haves throw a bone to the Have-Nots. 200 comments a day for a little less than 2 months? Should be very interesting.

  84. Kyle

    Dang, 300+ comments and your page is broke (on my screen at least). I had to disable css to see the comment form. Count me in though……!

  85. Tom

    Uh, cool… I’m in. Been reading the blog for a while, only commenting occasionally. Will undoubtedly pick up the pace now.

  86. Anuj Seth

    Awesome contest!

    Will anyone scroll down to the bottom of the page to read this comment? I guess I am 321 on the list!! πŸ˜‰

  87. RacerX

    PS…I do miss the old comment section that linked from the commentor to their page. I found some great blogs that way…

  88. Jkl123

    Oh I really want a macbook air! last year my macbook was broken on purpose… by my dad as a punishment … for buying an iphone… even though i got permission from my mom! and it was out of my own saved money! it was pretty depressing …. now there is no mac in the house… because both parents use windows…. its been such a terrible long year without one… and theyre like… we ca make an agreement… and its the most retarded thing! its called the “happy agreement” and they expect me to pay 1/3 of it… out of my allowance and I cant even get a job yet! they can be stupid like this sometimes! Im drooling in my mind looking at all of the macbook airs in that pic.!

  89. Jason Brown

    Shoemoney…you sure do know how to cause a stir with a quick write up. I call it “the money post”!

  90. Barbara Baker

    What an awesome giveaway your having…I could really use the grand prize but would also like to have one of your T-shirts…that would be pretty cool too. Actually, if you gave me anything, it’d be a good win :)

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  92. Randomly Writing

    So my Firefox (3.0) blanks out after you scroll through 80% of the comments. And my Explorer (7.0.5730.11) doesn’t seem to show the names of anyone commenting. These are some interesting side effects of having too many comments. It also appears that a lot of people dropped out of the race after day one.

  93. Matt J

    Nice contest, I would do some pretty extreme stuff for a Mac book Air and here all i have to do is leave a post. Ha

  94. Random commentator

    I think it’s a shame that this competition is inspiring so many unintelligible comments. The spirit of the competition – I thought, was to initiate some real discussion. Having said that – I am also a culprit. πŸ˜‰

  95. Wild-Bill

    MacBook Air?? Whoa! Now that’s a nice giveaway. I’d love to win one. My 12″ Powerbook is on its last legs….

  96. archel

    oh!!!!that was great.. I wish i can have one of those prices that is giivng away..i want to have a laptop coz I haven’t got one…

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  99. reid

    I really love reading the stuff on this website, I don’t live to far from Omaha, I wish I could get the chance to meet up with you sometime and talk business. I’m trying to plan for my future!!! Thanks for creating and sharing such great material! Good luck everyone!

  100. Knorr

    Good luck to everyone, I just wanted to add that I visit the website often and that I really want to say thanks for all of the great content and material you share on your site! Keep up the great work, and I am happy for you and all of your success.

  101. Bill

    There’s no more room for comments, since Chetan and Zak Show abused the system and commented numerous times. I think they shoud be disqualified.

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  107. Simjihee

    I WANT TO THIS SO MUCH γ…œγ…œγ…œγ…œγ…œγ…œγ…œγ…œγ…œγ…œγ…œγ…œ
    SO I NEED IT…………….

  108. Sim Ji Hee

    Please give it to me..
    You gave me a mac book, I will be so happy.

  109. Char

    Wow…I definitely need an opportunity to win a prize. Winning something would certainly boast my winning-confidence, which as of now is rock bottom :(

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  111. Veronika

    You know, I fell in love with Macbook Air at the first sight. I really want to have but it’s not easy. Would you like to give one to me???. Terima Kasih

  112. paul

    i am a def. nominee for a free mac book air because i have never had anything of my own and i needed to share it with people but with it i will be more independent and it would just really help me.

  113. Brianna Boshque

    I really need a macbook air! My family loves to go on vacations, but we can never check our emails because of not staying places where there are computers available. Our computers at home are very slow, but we cannot afford anything right now because well we are in a tight squeeze on cash, also a shirt would be great too because it shows we are a part of this cool contest! -Boshque Family. :)

  114. Mariah

    The mac book air will be awesome to have around so i can study on it and play around ILOVE MAC BOOK AIR

  115. PandC09

    The Macbook Air is one of the most advanced compact laptop computers of our time. One of the Coolest features is its ability to wirelessly connect to another Mac or PC and utilize its optical drive!

  116. mary lu

    me my kids 1 teen and two bang babies love computers, we don’t have one, we use one at a lifeskill center i volunteer at, my goal to get notebook, as we are always on the go and when we get home it’s down time, i need something that fits in my bag and we can zip away…lol the macair book looks like the ticket, how much does it cost?

  117. Hein Win

    HI , this is Hein. I would like to have a Mac books. It’s very impressive. All of my friend got a laptop, I’m the only one guy who doesn’t have laptop. Deliver the Macbook Air to me in Australia.

  118. Naomi

    Think of something quirky to get attention or tell the the honest, blatant, truth.
    Hmm sadly I prefer the latter.

    I commence my studies next year and my sole purpose is to teach in Africa as my backgroud incorporates numerous cultures and I have only so much as heard of the hardships of third world countries.

    Anyway, I would love to receive a Macbook! As opposed to the internet cafe in town with all the sleazy, sleazy tourists. *shifty eyes*

  119. TriNi

    I don’t even know what a macbook is but it looks sexy πŸ˜‰ lol.

    Besides I’m lucky number 400! Do I win? huh huh huh? Do I do I?

  120. komal

    dear sir i really need this laptop for my study
    please i will be thank full to u if i win this i need is 4 my collage for my project and all please sir i am a computer but its broken
    it be realy nice of u to pick me
    thax for reading it sir
    plz sir this is my last hope to get the laptop 4 me study

  121. Jeremy

    i think you are doing an awesome job, when i saw you were having a contest with a labtop for the winner i thought this was great because i need a labtop for school and they were just so expensive

  122. ashley clifford

    wow this is awesome. i cant believe it actually hmm so yeah a free computer would be nice i need one for when i start school in the fall! I just cant afford them. thanks

  123. Eilis

    i think this is a great idea, and a very generous one too.
    I would realy love to win this laptop because it would be realy ideal for me to talk to my relatives far away and to keep in touch with them.
    I would be very greatful if i won this.
    Thank You! (:

  124. mark

    i need macbook for my studies i just graduated this year and i’m going to collage so i need macbook.

  125. Soumya

    This is an awesome giveaway. As a college student i know how expensive laptops can get. The screen on mine stopped working suddenly and now it’s hooked up to an olad CRT monitor. Oh well it was cheap $10 fix. This would be an awesome thing to win though!

  126. Jennifer Hill

    I am really enjoying my new shiny Apple that I won in this contest, It is makes work a pleasure.
    Thank you in Advance
    Looking forward to your email

  127. udit

    well i think this is a great opportunity people to win macbook because not everyone in this world can afford to buy one.and i’m one of everyone should get a chance to try their hands on macbook!
    I would love to own a macbook!

  128. Army_Wife

    I think this would make a wonderful gift for my husband when he arrives from deployment, and see’s a brand new Apple sitting right next to his night stand. OMG how I would love to see the look on his face. CLASSIC!

  129. John Douds

    I really need a laptop. I would buy one but i cant afford it. If i dont get one i will get in trouble for not having one for school. PLEASE CHOOSE ME!!!!!!

  130. Lilly Avocado

    I love this. I wish I could afford a macbook. Pity I can’t get a job cos I have to put as much time as I can into my school work.

  131. Katie

    I think this is a pretty good idea and i would love to win a lapto because i will need one for school work.

  132. dominovox

    – what a great competition, – I’ve been struggling trying to revive/rebuild an old flat-lining mac desktop & a drive, – looks like I only managed to save the drive though. Now I’m dreaming, – of a white macbook – “just like the ones I used to know…”

  133. alwin estareja

    i’ll be leaving this september to pursue my college scholarhsip in china. i am really looking forward to win such portable and convenient laptop like the macbook air, that can make my once in a lifetine educational experience in china everything a student would wish!…

    great site, it gives opportunities to those hopefuls like me…

  134. aeSTARvirus

    i would love to have that macbook your holding on the pic for my college study… i believe that a macbook air can effectively accommodate my school stuffs… so that i will not anymore rent a computer in a cafe just to accomplish my homeworks and projects… such a useful tool.

  135. Lawrence Currie

    I haven’t a prayer to win with so many competitors. Thanks for the oppertunity!

  136. andy123

    if i cud win a macbook air. i wud be so happy.
    ive never had technology
    im at a friends house
    so if i won
    i wud be so dam happy

  137. Christine Bray

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away….
    An apple Mac prize how’s that for size…
    This apple don’t crumble it could never be humble. Win a Mac book air and don’t think I’ll share!

  138. ARMY_WIFE

    β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜†

    ΖΈΜ΅Μ‘ΣœΜ΅Μ„Μ¨Ζ· I would love to win this ‘Macbook AIR’ not for myself but for my husband, He’ll be back from deployment in about 3 weeks just in time for his birthday (Aug 26) and what better gift to give him than the sexiest beast known to man… an ‘Apple Macbook AIR’. do you know how long he’s been craving for it? unfortunately the Army doesn’t pay enough for us to splurge on one. So I’ll be impatiently waiting for your reply in hopes you choose us.

    ψPlease take us out of gateway hell! ψ lol

    ღArmy Wifeღ
    β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜† β˜… β˜†

  139. molly

    i really really really would love to have a macbook air. i’ve been wanting a laptop forever. going to college is hard enough financially and not if i could give one to my sister before she left it would be a dream come true.

    september 1 is my birthday. this is really what i want if you could please please consider me it would be gratefully appreciated.

  140. deemac

    I love contests and what better prize than a cool T-shirt that could lead to the ultimate sexy accsesory, a Mac. Boys if you haven’t figured it out yet the girls go wild for a guy with a Mac.

  141. Rhuesel Cole

    I am a momma trying to help my Son make the music that God sent him to make. I love to here that boy play. A Macbook Air would make that happen. He would created those beats that make cars bump, thump and sometimes Jump.

  142. Shannon

    No way… getting a laptop, especially a MacBook would be amazing. I’ve always wanted one but they’re too expensive!

  143. Anna

    I am 16 years old I lost my father at 13 I hve a big sister who has moved out… I miss her a ton! Anyway I am an aspiring photographer you can go to my website and check out some of my shots. the main problem is that I don’t have the equitment I need to learn and get better a mac would help me SO much I would have so many new opertunities to edit and improve my pictures.

  144. Antigone

    This is a really great contest, and perhaps I am just saying this because I am a broke college student, but it is really appreciated!

  145. Pierce

    i dont want to sound desperate but i really am,

    i dont have enough money to pay for things like this and i really need a Mac Book Air!

    So if you have a heart could you please give me the laptop!

    hope to talk to you soon

  146. Shereen

    I want to win Win a Macbook AIR for real πŸ˜€
    I want nobody nobody but you
    I want nobody nobody but you
    How can I be with another
    I don’t want any other except YOU
    My Precious AIR

  147. Justin

    I dont need the laptop but i really want it. If you can vote for me thats cool, but if you cant i understand i wont feel bad if i lose. Thank you love, justin

  148. Chris Turk

    I have been wanting a macbook air for a very long time, there’s just no way I can afford it, and I don’t need it bad enough to spend my money on it.

  149. Monique

    I’m graduating highschool this year.
    I will be starting college a month after graduation day.
    I’m going into Graphic/Web Design.
    And having a passion for it and all…I know that Macbooks are the best and recommended computers for this type of artwork.
    However, I cannot afford to buy one, and I will need one soon.
    Therefore, I would like a Macbook AIR.

  150. Leigh White

    i BADLY want an apple macbook. but i just can’t afford one, it sucks. time to start praying to baby jesus >.<

  151. Lola

    Hey what my bro spilled beer on my macbook so I guess I will try for this mac air my fingers are crossed

  152. Savanna

    I really need a labtop for my schooling and I can’t afford one and this is would be a great way I could save money for college. Not everybody has the money to just go out and buy one right off the back.

  153. Clarence C. Samson ( cool )

    i really want those things ive been dreaming for it because of its awesomeness and it is the best for my photography

  154. kymani

    i wat the apple mac air so bad i wanted since i heard bout but no won would bye it so that is y im goin to try to win it off this site

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  156. Ray

    After reading your post, I felt that I just need to take a bet on this, although the chance is very very slim. This contest is much simpler than other websites which requires you to answer a technical question, twitter, like their webpages, or even get 20+ referrals. Simple contest but “chance” have the final say on the result. Anyways, an interesting contest! keep it up!

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