Thanks Jeff Hood … I Think

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Last week when I was having issues and noticed my twitter account was deleted I also tweeted that someone had registered the account shoemoneymedia impersonating me and that it was NOT me.

I got a email shortly after that post from Jeff Hood aka HoodMonkey which had the passwords for the shoemoneymedia twitter account and also the shoemoney friendfeed account.

Jeff had asked me about a week earlier how much I would pay for the friendfeed account and I said probably not much because its pretty easy to get these accounts if you want them from the company owner especially when you have registered trademarks like we do.

Reguardless though it was pretty awesome of Jeff to just send me the email with the account passwords.

Then a friend emailed me and said Jeff’s infatuation with “shoemoney” goes way beyond just registering social accounts and impersonating me… They showed me this website where Jeff has photo shopped my face onto a girls body with pigtails. He said Jeff also has photoshopped several other pictures of me in woman’s clothing.

Jeff Hood

I actually had always pictured myself as a blond but whatever. I guess Jeff has always pictured me as a brunette?

There are some fans out there that you are glad to have met and there are some out there that make you wonder if they will find you, cut your head off and make love to your headless body. I try to avoid the later.

47 thoughts on “Thanks Jeff Hood … I Think

  1. Zak Show

    Gmad to hear that you got that pass for free, anyway the picture look good and don’t worry about this, just let him photoshop whatever he want, Only the stars who get all that interest!

  2. Jeff

    At least the word Super prevents you from being overly exposed. Dodged a bullet there.

    Anyway – creepy is all I have to say.

  3. Joe

    …or else it gets the hose again.”

    Too funny (though I’m a little disturbed that I can remember those lines). Quick question, am I doing something wrong? I can’t see any of the names of the commenters. Is that intentional to get people to get an avatar? Thanks.

    (sorry if that’s been answered a million times somewhere else)

  4. Terry Tay

    That is terrible…There is no Shoemoney shirt on it!

    I guess it could be worse, couldn’t it?

    I wonder if you’ll see a spike in these types of pics being created now?


  5. PPC

    Rather! He seems to have something for you Jeremy! Brave of you to put it up here, shows this dude to be the tosser he truly is!

  6. RacerX

    My stalker is lazy. Everyday i have to go over there. look in her window, call her non stop, ask her out repeatedly, get her name tattoed on my back…oh wait.. you said stalker, not stalkee..Sorry my mistake

  7. Kevin

    The tattoo was scary but this just weird. What did you do to piss this guy off? I would say he hates you shoe. You must have made sweet lovin’ to him mom back in the day or something like that.

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  10. a

    Ah, so that’s the sHOEmonkey that i’ve seen spamming sites with mindless fodder. Hilarious.

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