SEO’s Still Dominating Digg

There was a recent study on popfail which showed the last 500 stories to hit the front page of Digg. An impressive 1/3 of the 500 were controlled by 10 users. Of those 10 users many are recognized in the SEO industry.

  1. MakiMaki – 42
  2. msaleem – 23
  3. jaybol – 15
  4. SirPopper – 14
  5. optimusprime01 – 12
  6. badwithcomputer – 12
  7. dagorret – 11
  8. mklopez – 10
  9. MookieBlaylock – 8
  10. irfanmp – 8

For those who do not recognize any of the monikers or do not know any of the secret handles of the Digg users I am not going to out them.

SEO’s are creative and very good at gaming systems (if they can game Google they sure as hell can game Digg) and as much as Digg tries to combat them I think they are hurting their overall user experience.

There are always going to be people who know how to “optimize” better then others and Digg should just accept it and stop thinking of it as a flaw or a bug IMO.