Twitter Customer Support Rocks


Even with all the issues they are having, a national holiday, and the weekend twitter customer support responded to my emails pretty promptly and restored my account.

Pretty sweet!

55 thoughts on “Twitter Customer Support Rocks

  1. Chetan

    Welcome back Jeremy :)
    I was online yesterday, and noticed you adding a few of us so knew about this yesterday itself.
    So how are you going to add the people whom you used to follow earlier?

  2. ShoeMoney

    While it does not show I am following people…. i am seeing tweets from everyone I used to follow. Might be a bug in their restoration. I am happy either way. btw congrats on winning the comment contest during the beta lots are winning heh

  3. Tyler Ingram

    With the issues Twitter has I’m surprised many people (including myself) still use it. I’m addicted to it and will not leave. I have faith that they will be able to improve their service! I’m tired of seeing that whale! I can’t use the otehr ones like Plurk, Pounce etc but that’s perhaps because I use the web version of twitter, Twhirl, and tweetberry.. Ah well still sort of reminds me of the IRC a bit.

  4. ShoeMoney

    I agree. Michael Arrington refers to it a lot as a utility service much like the phone company or cable tv.. not sure I would go that far but its problems are good problems to have. Anytime people love your service so much you can’t keep up with it shows your moving in the right direction… as long as you continue to grow.

  5. Zak Show

    Oh, I just knew about the comment contest and I bookmarked the contest winner page.
    Cool one, but can people outside US apply? I mean can you ship the T-shirt worldwide? I’d love to have one of these T-shirt especially in this time, summer time :)

  6. Yoon Ho Um

    My question is Are You Willing to Pay to Use Twitter…? You’ve heard how Twitter’s not for sale to be gobbled up by Google or Yahoo(MSN anyone?) but they plan on being self-sustaining… are you willing to pay to keep Twitter alive especially NOT to see the FailWail ever again?!

    What say you peeps?

    God Bless Your Family,

    P.S. Ken is SO not a spammer…

    P.P.S. I <3 Plurk… ; P

  7. Chetan

    Yep that’s what i got in the mail.. That T-shirts would be mailed worldwide.

    And Jeremy, so what did you decide for the monthly grand prize?

  8. Chetan

    Its just like a blog, microblog, where you can post 140 characters update of what you are doing etc.. and people who follow you, get the updates that you publish there.
    It can also be used as a good way of promoting any links if you have good number of followers :)

  9. Chetan

    Check Twitter Tools 1.0 by and also Twitter Updater (a WordPress plugin).. You might search google with those keywords and find it.

  10. Web Marketeer

    It is gratifying to see that Twitter sorted your issues out, and that you’re giving them your full support and endorsement, Jeremy. They are trying, which is good.

  11. Web Marketeer

    That is a good question! Am also interested to see how they deal with that entity. Is there an avenue where one can report such transgressions to the powers that be at Twitter?

  12. Chetan

    Yes, you need to tweet regularly, not always spam, and also you have to keep promoting your profile to get followers :)

  13. PPC

    Twitter seems to be trying hard, which is really good. If one starts relying on services and they disappoint in their service delivery it is gratifying to have mistakes like this sorted out ASAP. It shows their commitment to service delivery and customer support, which should lead to improved service delivery. Good on you for dishing the praise out as well, Shoe!

  14. Kevin

    I am slow to get on the twitter bandwagon. It just does not seem to appeal to me and they have a lot of outages.

  15. Geiger

    I too am pretty slow to get on the bandwagon. I think that this is a great thing for kids AND for anybody that already has a band of followers. Me, not so much right now.

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