Looking At Yahoo’s New BOSS

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Yahoo recently launched a new service called BOSS (Build Your Own Search Engine/Service). Vanessa Fox has a great (and lengthy) writeup on the service on Search Engine Land.

I will cut right to the chase.

It appears to offer the same services as Microsoft and Google’s Custom search APIS but it will allow you to place more influence on how items are ranked… like by how many links they have from social sites or whatever algorithm you can come up with (to an extent). But really is this a needed service? It seems like we already have lots of search engines that rank according to social mentions.

From the BOSS blog:

What’s in it for users?
More choice. BOSS will enable a range of fundamentally different search experiences. These new search products will provide value to users along multiple dimensions, such as vertical specialization, new relevance indicators and ranking models, and innovative UI implementations. Our hope is that the resulting expansion in user choice will have the effect of fragmenting the increasingly consolidated search market in much the same way that cable TV dramatically increased programming choices for television viewers.

I am looking forward to playing with it when I have time. It is a interesting concept and I personally like the Yahoo API’s best out of all the major search engines.

Monetization wise currently you are permitted to monetize however you want BUT in the future they will be throwing in Yahoo Ads into your listings and you are required to show them.

Anyway I am always for api’s especially those with unlimited calls 😉

39 thoughts on “Looking At Yahoo’s New BOSS

  1. Winning Startups

    Looking forward to working with it. While I think it’s a technological marvel that Google can come up with so many searches so quickly, I think there is definitely a lot of room for improvement, and am interested in seeing Yahoo’s new product.

  2. Winning Startups

    They need to do something. I know my stats show very few results from Yahoo searches, mostly from Google. I think this is a step in the right direction for Yahoo

  3. Saad Kamal

    It would be interesting to see whether any individual or company can come up with a better ‘algorithm’ of some sort of use that to power another niche engine.

  4. Paul

    First time I have heard about this. This is really going to help us with our new feature for real estate agents. Thanks for the information! I always learn something new everyday that I visit. You’ve been an inspiration to me and my team.

  5. greg

    Search APIs are nothing new, but typically they’ve included rate limits, strict terms of service regarding the re-ordering and presentation of results, and provided little or no opportunity for monetization. These constraints have limited the innovation and commercial viability of new search solutions.

  6. Web Marketeer

    This is the best new news from Yahoo! for quite a while. Nice seeing that the Microhoo saga hasn’t stifled them too much. This will create opportunity for the community to tweak and develop their search offering. Good move, look what became of Firefox….

  7. Web Marketeer

    There is a comprehensive post about the ins and outs of Yahoo’s new BOSS service on Andy Beal’s Marketing Pilgrim Blog, for anybody desiring some extra info and insight. Enjoy!

  8. PPC

    Microsoft sure needs to get with the open source type mindset that is starting to dominate the internet…..

  9. PPC

    Thinking is really good….you should try it sometime….what was that comment all about? People like you give legitimate responses a bad name!

  10. Web Marketeer

    Please check my post two up. I did this one after it didn’t register, seems there is a delay on posts with direct links in, most prob 2 make sure that they’re not garbage?

  11. Steve Watts

    I don’t see how anything like this can really take off. The search APIs have always been a little hit or miss in terms of results and reliability. Will be interesting to play around with Yahoo’s version though.

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