Its Joslyn

by Jeremy Schoemaker on July 6, 2008 · 102 comments

We decided to go with Joslyn for the name of our new baby!

Here is me and my new daughter:

My older daughter Juliet (who just turned 2 last week) wanted to listen to Joslyn’s heart:

Juliet says mom and baby are doing great.

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1 big jason

wow! she is amazing. what a beautiful name. can’t wait to meet her bro. good job.

2 Tyler Dewitt

Great Stuff!

3 Mrs. Micah

She’s adorable! :) Congrats.

And Joslyn’s a good name. Not too common but not something that’ll confuse people either. Solid choice.

4 Paul

My daughter, who just had her second also, says it feels like they went from being a couple with a child, to a family. Congratulations.

5 Novice SEO

You’re not at all proud are you?? LOL……. what a great looking family. Being a new dad is one of the best memories of life……. My son is 12 and it seems like yesterday I changed his first diaper. Congrats…………… eric

6 Nicholas Mercer

Congrats on the new baby! She’s absolutely adorable!

7 Joe

Most excellent looking family. Congrats again Jeremy!

8 Chad

congrats on the baby and great name choice. I am sure you will be busy for a while but would like info about advertising when you are back at work.

9 mcQ

Congratulations !!!

10 Erica DeWolf

She is so precious! Congratulations and enjoy these next 18 years!

11 Eduard Blacquière

Beautiful pictures, congrats again and enjoy!

12 Alex D.

I suggested Jocelyn! close enough, Joslyn is even better!

13 HipHoper

Yo! Shoe Congratulations!

14 ShoeMoney Suport Line. haha

Congrats and I love the picture of your daughter Juliet checking the heart beat. Picture Perfect.

Congrats again

15 ShoeMoney Suport Line. haha

Congrats!!! I do not see my first post so doing again.
My favorite picture is the Juliet taken the heart beat. Picture Perfect.

16 team ray

pretty family

again congrats

17 me

congrats , great pics

18 Nick Throlson

Congrats Shoe Great Pics

19 Pierre

That’s a great name. I don’t know many Joslyn’s so it’s going to stand out.

Congrats Shoe!

20 Dena

Love the name!!! Such a cute family. You’re a very lucky man. Congrats!

21 Mikkel deMib Svendsen

Contrats Shoe! Hope you will still make it around to San Jose :)

22 Carl - BeABetterBlogger

Just wanted to be one to offer my congratulations to you! Very cute, wish you the best for the future.


23 Scott Fillmer

Congrats! Beautiful name you guys decided on, great pics too

24 Hustle Strategy

Agreed. The name is good as well.

25 Mary Yatti

Your daughters are beautiful!!! Juliet has long eyelashes just like her daddy…she won’t need to wear mascara. Congratulations to the new parents.

26 Lawrence

i wonder if a two year old realizes what a baby is?

27 Webmaster Forums

Wonderful. Wish good luck to the new born.

28 Melvin

man, the feeling of having a new angel makes me cry… bcoz of joy… wtf

29 Sohan Tanna

Congrats Jeremy and the best of luck to you!

30 Zak Show

too sweet and it’s really wonderful to get a second child. Congratulation and Happy 0 birthday Joslyn

31 David Dunn

Aww – how cute :-)


32 Margie Fisher

Beautiful daughter, name and family.


33 Loren Feldman

Mazel Tov. Good health to you all. Just great.

34 Tyler Cruz

Congrats Jeremy, and nice pictures :)

35 Lawrence

Loren, you’re jewish – i didn’t know that, that explains your rants

36 DotDriven

lol, I suggested Jocelyn as well…didn’t see yours. Such beautiful name.

37 logosamurai

A pretty name!

Congrats on your cute girls!

38 Start Blogging

Love the name! I think it’s perfect! She’s so tiny!

39 BluEy

Time for a new shoe aye.

40 Gary- Viral E

Congrats Shoe!

41 RKF

Awesome, Shoe!

I have a 2 yr old daughter (Jaedyn) who just loves little babies. I’m sure Juliet will be VERY involved with Joslyn.

BTW – love the name!

42 Darin Carter

Shoe, Joslyn is BEAUTIFUL and that is a BEAUTIFUL name for your new baby girl. I wish you and the family all the BEST!

43 River Girl

Cute pics. Best wishes to all.

44 Jenstar

J looks fabulous as always :) Congrats on finally choosing the name, I know it can be pretty hard to find the perfect name, especially when you are picking from only one first letter in the alphabet!

45 Tina of MyGoodFinds

Such precious photos. Congratulations and best wishes Jeremy and Family! Welcome to the world Joslyn! Big Sis Juliet must have been very excited to finally hear her Lil Sis heart.

46 Freelance Web Cartoonist

Those pictures are just beautiful. Cute and sweet. Cheers for your family.

47 T

Congratulations Shoe ! Best Wishes !

48 LGR

Congratulations! She looks beautiful!

49 Sergey Rusak

I am happy for you!
New blogger was born? is available!

50 garg

Congrats! This is awesome news.

51 Christopher Rees

Congrats Jeremy.. Having a loving family makes all the hard work worthwhile, doesn’t? Two daughters will certainly keep you on your toes! :)

Glad to hear everyone is doing well, and best wishes to you and your family!

52 Robert

Bro, those are great pictures. Bless you man, and bless your family.

53 Affiliate Marketing

CONGRATS man! :) That’s awesome.

54 Burgo

Congrats Shoe… may there be plenty of love for you and yours :)

55 Demon

Congrats on the baby Shoe ;]

56 Nicki B.

Congratulations! You have two beautiful doll-faced daughters. It’s wonderful to see such a happy family these days. Best of luck!

-Nicki B.

57 Michael Kwan

You’ve got yourself a couple of adorable daughters, Jeremy. Congrats.

58 Hyder

Congratulations Jeremy!

Now all you need is Jeremy Jr.

59 Eva White

Congrats on the new addition. I guess the family is now complete. Unless you want a JR.

60 Movies

Congratulations! You have a great family

61 Jim

congrats jeremy you have a beautiful daughter

62 Max

Congrats, so cute ! #3 should become a runner up for the most viewed photo

63 Amir Ahmad | MindValley Labs

Congrats Jeremy!

64 Pog Ads

Congratulations, looks like you have one happy family :)

65 Tom M

Great pictures and congratulations on the new family member! She is a cutie like her older sister. Glad both mother and baby is healthy!

Good luck in 11 to 13 years when they hit the teen years! LOL Have you ever heard the old saying ” Teenagers are the punishment for having sex years ago.” ;)

66 Angela

What a beautiful family! Congratulations!

67 PPC

Congratulations are in order! Are you planning any more additions to the Shoemaker family? Surely you still need a boy or two? Cheers mate!

68 Forumistan

Nice family, you are successful in real life, too…

69 Working Man Design

Great photos Shoe! You have a lovely family! Congrats!

70 Cygnus

Congrats on a healthy baby girl Shoe; she looks great.

71 Debby Phillips


You have a beautiful family! I love the name! You are going to have your hands full when they hit the teenage years for sure. :)


72 Rick

So Cute!!!! Congratulations! My Daughter is coming any day now also! cant wait!

73 Austin(Cowsgonemadd3)

Wow those are some cut pictures. Very good camera work ha ha

74 Austin(Cowsgonemadd3)

Ha ha. Thats what a lot of parents say. I didnt know I was that hard to handle ha ha

75 Austin(Cowsgonemadd3)

Yeah you need a boy. A lot of only children also want a sibling. When they get one they fight all the time. I know I have a sister.

76 Austin(Cowsgonemadd3)

That’s awesome news… and a fantastic name!!!


78 Andrei Buiu

Congrats Jeremy!
A very special and beautiful name!

79 Paul


80 Search Engine Optimization Journal

They are absolutely beautiful. Congratulations Shoe!

81 Jimmy Ramos

Congrats on #2!

My daughter also turned 2 a couple weeks ago. They grow quick!

82 Marcus

Congratulations Jeremy!!

83 Steve

Congratz. Beautiful pictures of your new baby girl. Excellent choice of name as well.

84 Winning Startups

You have a beautiful family! Congratulations!

85 Derek

Congrats :) I love the dirty look she’s giving on her face in the 2nd pic, like who the heck is this bald mofo anyways? lol

A piece of advice, with two girls, do yourself a favour and buy your Daddy’s Shotgun now rather than waiting until their almost teens. That was my mistake, I thought I had lots of time but the way kids are these days I needed one by the time mine was 11.

86 Pedro Sttau

What a lovely beautiful baby! Congratulations Jeremy!

87 Erin

Jeremy she is beautiful!!! Looks like Juliet is going to follow in your wife’s footsteps…let me know if she starts a blog

88 Internal Link Building - On Site SEO

Wow, that is so great, Congrats Shoe, there is nothing like a new baby!

89 Goran Website

Well done on your new baby. Mazeltov.

90 Greg

Congrats Shoe … enjoy every minute, they grow up so fast.

91 Joe

Congrats, mate – very cute kids!

92 joslyn

wow my name is joslyn too
when shes older she might be called jo my hoe lol somtimes somthing like that
my friends call me jo all the time

93 Matt Kho

congrats =]

94 DJ Hassoo

Congrats Dear really nice name

95 Cristiano Ronaldo

maybe she will be better at photoshopping checks than you..

96 order medications online

it was no doubt that the baby will grow beautifully, her mom and sister are really beautiful……congratz for the new baby!

97 Geiger

Congrats buddy! The picture of your daughters with the stethoscope is amazing.

98 Mayank Rocks

Your daughter is really cute!

99 Mayank Rocks

He didnt rant?

100 lowasampsonite

Congrats! She is a beautiful new addition to the family.

101 Kristie Chiles

This is a precious time in your life that you will always cherish, enjoy every moment of God’s precious gift to you!

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