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So getting closer to naming our new baby. So much in a name. We have limited ourselves to female J names and there are not many options. We want to have a name that is nice and cute for a little girl but at the same time we do not want to cripple her later in life with a name that will leave her never being taken seriously professionally.

Its almost like picking a domain name. Often times early its attractive to pick a name that is catchy and cute but later as the site grows it can come back to haunt you. For instance when I started NextPimp (pimp out your nextel phone) I had no idea it would become what it has. I can’t tell you how many times I have sat down with executives or financial companies and explained what NextPimp is pretty much embarrassed that I picked that domain to start with.

So much in a name….

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  1. Fredto

    I suppose you have explored the “standard” names? Janet, Janice, Jinny, Johanna, etc…?

    Maybe you should try looking into J names from other countries, like Jasmina, for example.

  2. john

    Jessica and Jennifer is a middle income white girl name so you could be normal.
    Jasmine is mostly lower income white girls, 11 grades of schooling etc.
    Mix it up J’s are not as popular anymore, try grace, ansley, or ellla. Those or predicted to be upper class names.

  3. Krsto

    :) This is so funny. I think you should wait for the baby to grow, and ask her what name would she like. If only things were that way…
    Seriously, I think Jessica is a good solution, as of for my country, the most common J names are Jelena and Jovana. Jelena is a very nice name, but I don’t know how do people over there like it.

  4. Rooket Media

    I’d suggest that you keep it simple with the first name and leave the creativity to the middle name this way she isn’t crippled in years to come. Congratulations and best of luck!

  5. Joe

    I like Jessica, but Jenna is good too.

    It’s good to see people still use old school names. I don’t know why people think they need to make a statement about themselves by naming their kid Flower, Venus, or some other nutty thing.

  6. Charlie

    A 2nd girl… now you HAVE to make some shoemoney.
    Naming it TOUGH… My wife and I were practically pulling our hair out to name our daughter. (We went with “Courtney”.)
    You might want to consider “Jennifer” Its the name chosen by a lady who wrote a book “50,000 Names for your baby” or something like that. You can benefit from her research!
    Then she could go by “Jenna” anyway.
    Congrats on the new baby. It is an awesome feeling.

  7. Dan

    yea i mean if you want your daughter to be successful as an exotic dancer, definitely go with one of those…

  8. Dave

    Out of the options given so far, I’d say Jenna is by far and away the best. You could really expand your options by using other letters in the alphabet.

    If that’s an option, I like Ava or Annie.

  9. Eric

    For heavens sake don’t pick a name with weird spelling, it’ll drive her nuts when she has to spell her name to everybody!

    How about something nice and simple, like Kate or Elizabeth (beth or Liz).

  10. Jenn

    Jenna = porn star name
    Jade = porn star name
    Jezebel = obvious connotations

    Stay away from “creative” spellings – there’s nothing lamer than having to explain to people that Qxugn is pronounced “Jennifer” or Asswipe is pronounced “Az-wee-pay.”

    I like Johanna and Julianna.

  11. matiasn

    if you can afford the “cost” of a hispanic name… there are some great.
    congrats !! im xpecting my second ( boy both ) and looking for nombres with M ( matias and melina , and the elder boy is called manuel ) ….

  12. Marc

    What about Gemma. Spelled with a G but sounds like a J. The name of an old girlfriend of mine. I always liked the name. Very rare in the US but more popular in Europe.

  13. Nick

    I was going to leave some suggestions, but it looks like most everything I have thought of has already been mentioned.

    Did anyone mention Jamie?

  14. Stockerati

    Shoe, I like yours and John Chow’s blogs mainly for the bantering which goes on between you guys. As for me, I just started a financial and stock investment blog ( and your website has been inspirational and informational.

  15. Stockerati

    Good luck in your name hunt. FWIW, you are on my blog roll. dude. I agree a name makes a lot of difference. Infact i’d to wait for 6 months to get But it’s been worth the wait.

  16. randfish

    Mystery Guest and I recently became friends with a woman named Jori. It has all the attributes I like in a name – unique, but not completely unpronounceable or confusing, sweet, short, and reminiscent of intelligence and beauty without pretension.

  17. scooby

    Many will think this is a bit corny, but it’s just a suggestion..

    What about JULY ?

    (ps) My wife wanted my son’s name to be “Danger”, so we settled on Drew. lol

  18. Dena

    Congrats on the new addition. Sometimes people pick names and when the baby comes the name doesn’t fit right, so you have to find what is right for her. I’m sure you will come up with just the right one.

  19. DotDriven

    Jeremy, I’ll let you borrow my planned girls name since I probably wont need it for a while at least ;).

    Jocelyn – I just find it beautiful. And daddy could always call her jocy or joey (I always liked “boy” nicknames for girls for some reason).

  20. Hos-To Affiliate Marketing Guides

    That is so funny, I was just talking with my son about picking out names and how important it is to pick a name that is not going to cause the kid problems, especially at school, like out next door neighbor, whose a man and his name is DAWN

  21. Jack

    How about ” Jacquelyn “. Has a lot of class, sounds faintly french. Jacquelyn Kenndy
    was a cool lady. Good nick name of “Jackie ” will go well in a prep school and later in
    Yale, Harvard, Princeton or Smith.

  22. Cath Lawson

    Congratulations Shoe – I’m glad you’re putting a lot of thought into the name and won’t be sending a poor little Janeypimp, or Jodypimp to school.

  23. Ryan.

    I’m relatively new to reading your blog, so I have a question you may have answered somewhere else. Is this your first child?

  24. Dick

    There are some point that you should take in to account while giving a name to your baby: First, the first name should fit the last name and together they should sound nice. Second, you should think how the name would influence your babies life.  And at last, both parents should like it.

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  26. Mayank Rocks

    I like the name Jean a lot too. I have an online friend named Jean. And I remember it from Xmen movie too. She was good looking in the movie, the lady who played character Jean :p

  27. Richard Catto

    I like French first names because they’re exotic and have a touch of sophistication about them.

    I looked through a list of first names (beginning with J) over here.

    Of the French first names listed there (and there are many other nationalities too), the one that I found most appealing was JOLEE., which means cheerful and pretty.

    However, many French first names are double barrelled, so for a second name, I like ANGELIQUE which means like an angel.

    So my suggestion for a name is JOLEE-ANGELIQUE.

    This name also presents her with an incredible array of variations she (and you) can use as a nickname, some of which are: Jo, Jo-ann, Joey, Angi, JA.

  28. RacerX

    You picked a great name….Any relation of the name to all of the supported art in Omaha and Lincoln ala the Joslyn Art museum?

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