WordPress 2.6 New Under The Hood Features

by Jeremy Schoemaker on June 24, 2008 · 69 comments

EDIT: Looks like WordPress 2.6 Beta 1 has been released today.

Been playing with WordPress 2.6 alpha for a bit with the new features. To the users it will appear like nothing really has changed on the surface but under the hood there are a bunch of new features.

My favorite new feature is the post revisions. I can’t tell you how many times I have had the same post open in multiple windows and accidentally over written a previous post. The only thing worse then doing a job is doing the same job over…

Here is a screen shot :

Image Credit

Here is a full run down of the features with links to sites for more information about a specific feature:

  • Post Revisioning
  • A “Press This” bookmarklet for tumblelog style quick posting
  • Caching of static files with Gears for faster Admin page loads
  • A new and improved image editing dialog that offers lots of control over the images in your posts
  • Theme previewing as seen on WordPress.com
  • Built-in word counting in the post editor
  • The ability to disable remote publishing for the security conscious
  • XML-RPC API for changing blog options
  • Better SSL support for the Admin
  • Hierarchy-aware paging in the Manage Pages and Manage Categories admin pages.
  • The ability to relocate your content directory
  • The ability to move wp-config.php out of your web root
  • Drag-and-drop sortable galleries
  • Customizable default avatars
  • Bulk delete, activate, and deactivate for plugins
  • Check box range selection with shift-click
  • TinyMCE with lots of bug fixes
  • jQuery 1.2.6 with some nice performance improvements
  • jQuery UI 1.5

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1 bob cobb

I can’t wait for it to be final. There are some awesome features in 2.5, but I think they rushed it. I’ve had so many issues, especially with one of my sites where users contribute posts

2 Nicholas Mercer

Having tested and toyed around with 2.5 for many months before it was officially released, it was a much needed change and a great upgrade. But it’s very similar to that of KDE 4 where it’s a new foundation, but the future releases are going to truly make or break the application.

3 Stak Loaded - How to make money doing nothing!

looks cool, i’ll check it out

4 Bryan

One of the great features of WordPress, besides the fact that it is free, is the dedication they have to their users. They continually roll out with more great features. Thanks for the update!

5 Paul

I hope that there is no huge problems with the roll out.

6 Rajaie AlKorani

That was a bit quick in my opinion… But I’m sure it’ll be a while till the final version is out

7 Collin - Feed Flare

I love wordpress, everytime they upgrade it is that much better. Goog job wordpress team.

8 TEmelie

I will wait for the final release to come. No more beta for me … no no

9 Zander Chance

Took me awhile to finally upgrade all of our sites to 2.5.1, and now 2.6 is on the horizon?! DOH!

Hopefully it won’t be a bug-ridden clusterf*ck like 2.5 was..

10 Glenn A

I was pleasantly surprised by 2.5, although I just started using it a few weeks ago. The upgrades were meaningful and intuitive. Glad to hear they are working on images, I get tired on wrangling them on WP. Yeah, I’m a bit weary of all the versions, though.

11 CVOS man

A dozen posts on wordpress – are you an investor? Hired as their PR agency? Trying to kill competing products?

12 just Fred

A dozen posts on wordpress – are you an investor? Hired as their PR agency? Trying to kill competing products?

or a fan, there are many of us

13 Melvin

I think it has still some flaws.. been also playing with it and I like the new features especially the fix of errors in tinymce…

14 spidro

can’t wait for the new veriosn, but what about automatic plugins install over web? i read about this new feature before

15 jatt

it was a fast development by the wordpress team. Maybe we all just wait their final release.

16 jatt

He is not an investor..is he?hehe

17 Small Dogs

Any guesses as to the official release day?

18 Geiger

NICE, the revision thing is going to be great. I am looking for some better user management to be built in too though.

19 Geiger

An update to the post editor would greatly improve things as well. TinyMCE definitely needs the upgrade ;)

20 Crunch Now Dot com

I need a good wordpress blog Just never was a wordpress man

21 Ovidiu - GuitarFlame.com

Is it me or there are a bit too many updates on WordPress?! I barely upgrade and I see an other one.

22 Jagdeep

its good that they keep upgrading, at least it doesnt cost us any money

23 FavBrowser

Where’s 2.5.2?

24 Tom

I’m thinking of switching to Word Press so that I can have threaded comments. Even though I don’t get any comments on my blog, I’m just anal and it bugs me that I can’t have it with expression engine… Yes I know I can buy it for $30.00, but their plugin sucks compared to the one that you use.

Word Press should have included threaded comments in the build on their new release. It is a very popular and much needed feature.

25 Geiger

I hate to downplay any one community, but I think WordPress is moving a lot faster than PHPBB ever did. I understand how hard it is to move big projects like these. Kudos to the Wordpress crew!

26 Geiger

I like the idea of threaded comments too! It’s like a blog and a forum mixed together!

27 Melvin

but not all themes support the threaded comments right? just like my blog..wtf!

28 ShoeMoney

the brians threaded comments i use is heavily modified to do what I want it to do and also be a lot more lightweight and speedy then the default

29 Sports Picks

Sweet, diff for wordpress bloggers!

30 FavBrowser

It will also allow you to update wordpress automatically :)

31 SEI Design Group

Shoe, I know just what you mean with the open windows – that sounds great. Hope they do something to fix the color bug. I have a very hard time changing link colors within blog posts in IE and Firefox (seems to work okay in Safari). In Safari, I have a hard time adjusting images which works fine in IE and Firefox).

32 super blogger

Too fast for me to catch it up…
More upgrade…

33 revenue

Looks Like the new wordpress 2.6 beta 1 interesting,but do we need to upgrade it ? :)

34 Keith Cash

Thanks for the inside scoop. I look forward to 2.6, it just seems like yesterday that 2.5 came out. I am glad WP is proactive in their development

35 Bill Hartzer

They still need to do something about all the duplicate content that Wordpress is notorious for generating (archives, archives by date, categories,). I would like to see more SEO-related features in newer versions.

36 MB Web Design

I must say, I really wish they’d build caching into the next build. Having wp-cache and wp-super-cache as plugins are nice, but that functionality really ought to be there out of the box.

37 Austin(Cowsgonemadd3)

That sounds really good. I could use a couple of those features for sure.

38 Forumistan

Wow 2.6 is just really nice, I always prefer wordpress.

39 Web Marketeer

WordPress is heading up the pack, and it is obvious that hey are not resting on their laurels.

40 Web Marketeer

Custom development is king! Will you ever make some of your special custom wordpress developments available to the community as a whole?

41 Michael Johnson

I look forward to the new features. Better image controls and the word count will be useful to me. I hope it runs a little faster, my wordpress blogs can really bog down at times.

42 OSx86

I’m currentlyl live testing Wordpress 2.6 Beta 1.

43 philip

Word press is awesome, but it will never be better than Joomla!

44 philip

word press is awesome! but it will never be better than Joomla!

45 Arthur

this is a welcome development for us wordpress bloggers but I would wait ’till 2.6 becomes stable enough to use.

46 Mayank Rocks

I agree. I didnt upgrade also for one of my blogs. I am waiting for 2.6 now.

47 Mayank Rocks

Cant wait for this. It looks beautiful.

48 Mayank Rocks

I usually stay away from beta versions. Their 2.5 stable version was out and in 1 week, there was a security update. So betas would be risky.

49 Mayank Rocks

Exactly. No beta! :p

50 Mayank Rocks

I second that. Just sometime ago was 2.5…however 2.5 had bugs. The thing that was pretty weird that a security update in 1 week of stable version release.

51 Start Blogging

Ah jeeze I really need to upgrade my wordpress. I’m extremely lazy.

52 Geiger

What the heck is Joomla?

53 Zak Show

I still use the old WP version, I don’t find the time to upgrade and the plugin stuff it’s too boring. I sould hire someone to help me with these things.

54 Dick

The screen shot is very inspiring. However the beta version fills me with misgivings. I think that it’s better to wait till the final version appears.

55 Shelly Borrell

Thanks for the detailed information. I was wondering about it. I’m still using the earlier version and wanted to learn more before downloading.

56 Елена Макарова

Где-то я уже нечто аналогичное читала, причём практически один в один… :)

57 Forumistan

Wordpress is best at all

58 Working Man Design

I think WordPress is determined to upgrade every week just to make life difficult. I was happy with 2.3!!!

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