How To Kill With A Knife

I was watching a news story today about a man on trial for killing his wife and his 9 month old baby daughter. A very sad story. The big news making national headlines today was that the accused Googled for “How To Kill With A knife”.

Its amazing how mainstream press loves anything negative about Google now. Keep in mind the departed were shot and not stabbed and ZERO queries to Google involved a gun.

While many sites are speculating that Google volunteered the mans search results I have not seen one credible news source state that. In fact I would guess that the authorities got the results from his laptop (which they seized) from his browser history, cookies, or even his Google account if he was logged in (most likely).

Ohh btw from the story

A chemist also testified on Tuesday that Entwistle’s DNA was found on the handle of the .22-caliber handgun used in the shootings, while his wife’s DNA was found on the muzzle.

Its pretty comical how that is the last thing in the article… its like a after thought.