How To Kill With A Knife

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I was watching a news story today about a man on trial for killing his wife and his 9 month old baby daughter. A very sad story. The big news making national headlines today was that the accused Googled for “How To Kill With A knife”.

Its amazing how mainstream press loves anything negative about Google now. Keep in mind the departed were shot and not stabbed and ZERO queries to Google involved a gun.

While many sites are speculating that Google volunteered the mans search results I have not seen one credible news source state that. In fact I would guess that the authorities got the results from his laptop (which they seized) from his browser history, cookies, or even his Google account if he was logged in (most likely).

Ohh btw from the story

A chemist also testified on Tuesday that Entwistle’s DNA was found on the handle of the .22-caliber handgun used in the shootings, while his wife’s DNA was found on the muzzle.

Its pretty comical how that is the last thing in the article… its like a after thought.

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  1. jason

    with out google it would have been another murder story – i guess sometimes you have to stretch to put a good spin on a story

  2. Hustle Strategy

    I didn’t take the article as a slam on google, but rather a piece on the dude. if yahoo were a better search engine they would be in the story. this might even be an ad for google, that you can even find information on X.

  3. Hustle Strategy

    I imagine you could do a few things in this case, click “home” right beside the image. You could click the backspace button on your keyboard, the 5th button on the mouse (depending on how you have it set up), or you could start all over and google shoemoney, and then click on the link.

  4. Jagdeep

    nobody likes to see huge companies earn lots of money, google are gonna get slated in any way possible

    its only gonna get worse

  5. Sean

    10-15 years ago what book someone browsed at the library or magazine stand was not tracked or admitted into court. The novelty of this new admissable circumstantial evidence is the driver and not to attack google necessarily IMO. If people actually searched yahoo or LIVE for this information then do you think they would be “picking” on google?
    If google doesn’t want this kind of attention then maybe they should cede the search market πŸ˜‰

  6. BigPappa

    Uh ohhh. I think we may have a knife problem in this country now? Do we need to enact stiffer knife laws? What can we do to keep knives out of the hands of criminals and children?

    Oh wait, it was a gun that killed her. Ok I guess we don’t need anymore gun laws. But I am starting to wonder about baseball bats. I have been seeing a lot of them lately. AND they are in the hands of children. They even have plastic ones that can go through airport and school metal detectors

  7. Bradley Moore

    Bah! The media always make news about nothing, literally, every company hates google for some reason. Also, who needs to learn how to kill someone with a knife? or better yet, who teaches people how to do it.

  8. datter

    The key thing to remember when trying to understand the media is that their primary focus is not to being the news to you, it’s to bring you to their advertisers.

    That simple but fundamental difference explains a lot of things, if you think about it.

  9. Paul

    True. They twist things anyway they can to get your attention. Even if is bending the truth. Don’t blame Google blame the parents πŸ˜‰ Some peoples kids I tell you.

  10. Nimic

    At least the next time this tragedy happens, you’ll be ranked #1 for the search term, lol. Maybe the next guy will start a successful affiliate empire.

  11. Geiger

    Gun = Shoot and Knife =Stab. Now ShoeMoney is going to get blacklisted for sure. Maybe should have a “How to Fight” article.

  12. Sports Picks

    Maybe the media just wants google raise flags and send alerts to homeland security and local authorities everytime a search like this or related to terrorism is done…

  13. R Donnelly

    Please read the entire story you clown. It’s death by a gun shot not a knife. he googled “kill with a knife” and apparently decided to go another route.

  14. brevetoxin

    Clearly it’s a comment on the relevancy of Google’s search engine results. He didn’t find what he was looking for, so he had to use a gun instead. πŸ˜›

  15. Rasim

    It’s not gonna hurt google anyway… Just shows that the man was researching before he did it, there are probably tons of people searching for that phrase, doesn’t mean that they are trying to kill somebody…
    Nobody is charging google with anything, just something that was along the lines. If he would be searching for “car insurance” would it mean that the guy killed his wife because of the bad driving record?

  16. Michael D

    Related searches: How To Kill With A Butter Knife, How To Make a Killing With A Knife eBook, How To Kill An Appetite With A Dirty Knife

  17. Nicole Price

    Hey, surely the inference to be drawn here is that he googled “how to kill with a knife”, did not find what he wanted and then decided to use another method, so how is that search even relevant??!! I dont get how google would be involved one way or the other.

  18. petnos

    In every country these kind of things happening everyday, i think. But why? Whats happening to all these crazy people?

  19. Warenwirtschaft

    “How to kill with your hands” and “How to kill your girlfriend” would have brought more relevant search results.
    That just shows that it is important to learn to work with google.

  20. Bryan

    It is definitely like the media to hype up something and put a company in the limelight. Who cares if he googled that, he shot his family. This is one of the main reasons why I never watch the news.

  21. Winning Startups

    People are freaking NUTS! I’ve also noticed there are lots of stories about women and children getting killed, but never a story about a man getting killed. And a story about a black man or Hispanic getting killed? Forget it!

  22. Binary Ant

    People kill people since ever but nowadays TV and Inet let us know it. This news, not this post, is totally stupid and there are worse howto’s in Google’s index than how to kill with a knife. Press always wants to attract attention even if there is nothing interesting in it.

  23. Mark Hankins

    Sensationalism sells news. Admired brand names are sensational. Shoot someone with a cheap saturday night special and its brand won’t get a mention. Use a Colt Python with a laser scope and that fact is going in the paper. Running someone down in an F-150 is not as interesting as doing it in a Hummer. Google is the big dog in search. Duh. Add to the sensation the fact that people assume their searches are ephemeral … but crime buffs now know that almost everything we do on the ‘net is stored *somewhere*.

    Plus, those searches show the formation of intent, and perhaps even put a date to it. “Malice aforethought” (premeditation) is an element of first degree murder. Without it you’re looking at second degree … drop malice out entirely and you’ve got manslaughter.

  24. Geiger

    Mark, I like that quote “Sensationalism Sells News”. Sensationalism: subject matter, language, or style producing or designed to produce startling or thrilling impressions or to excite and please vulgar taste.

  25. Warenwirtschaft

    Only no news is bad news. Google gets a lot of coverage from this story and is firmly attached to the word “search”.
    From the marketing point of view this is perfect for google.

  26. PPC

    Can’t agree with you more. Why the issue of the search phrase “how to kill with a knife” if the deed was done with a firearm?

  27. Empire Info

    Sad thing to happen. Kind of dumb to search for “how to kill with a knife”. Duhhh…maybe he was looking for Brian Adam’s “Cuts Like a Knife:.

  28. Pearls

    see this is the stuff that shows not only how stupid the media is but police aswell…
    Iam a pearl dealer and a few months ago a local person out here bought a custom order pearl necklace from our website. 2 days later his wife is found dead in her car on the side of the road about 600km north of Vancouver, she was strangled.
    Now I don’t know if the husband actually did it but the cops seized the guys computer and found the necklace order so they came knocking on my door asking for a pearl necklace to compare the markings, I have them the one he ordered and told them It had not shipped yet as it was a custom order… In the end I asked the cop to do me favor and deliver it for me.

  29. Eva White

    Its like saying that google taught the man to kill. Please let the man take credit and punishment for his ghastly action rather than get side tracked about google access.

  30. Dick

    Indeed, there are a lot of large companies that don’t like Google. However, we should think very well what is the Google? It is just a name, an advertising sign for press.

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