Why I Won’t F’in Digg or Stumble That Page For You

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Intro from Shoemoney: A month a go I was talking on Instant Messanger with a very well known female SEO who also works for a very large and well respected SEO Firm and she expressed how she wishes she had a place to vent her frustrations on the industry. I told her I would give her a platform. She choose the pen name of SEOBitch. Please welcome her.

It seems lately that everyone wants their shit on the front page of Digg or Sphinn or wants to get those millions of StumbleUpon views. And yeah, the vast majority of what I see that people want to hit those front pages is just that, shit. And inevitably, many of these so-called social media experts and wannabes spam all their friends and frenemies asking for those precious votes. But want in on a little dirty secret? Those requests actually make me hit that tempting little “Bury” button, instead of voting you up by one. And know what else? I wield more power since those bury votes can do far more hurt than that single Digg vote would have done for you.
So want to know why I bury instead of Digg? Let me tell you tell you how you all piss me off when asking for those Diggs and Stumbles.

You’re only good for one f’in thing

If you instant message me, and your entire interaction with me is “Can you Digg this for me, thanks”, and especially when it comes complete with an obfuscated tinyurl so I can’t even see what it is you want me to Digg, like hell I will Digg it for you. If you can’t even bother to ask me how I am because you are too busy with your mass IM Digg campaign, like hell I will Digg it. IM the next sucker who is willing to bow to your every command, because you know what? That sucker isn’t me.

Bend over

If I haven’t heard from you in six months and I get a “hey, how are you?” out of the f’in blue, sorry if I am a little suspicious of your motives. Because chances are after I say how I am and then ask how you are, I’ll get a “fine, fine, hey can you Stumble this?” And yes, chances are pretty good that I won’t since you clearly didn’t give a shit about how I was, all you wanted was my popular Stumble account to show my Stumble friends that I thought your shit was actually worthy. So why don’t you just ask me to bend over too, while you’re at it? What you are doing is the same damn thing.

Shut the tweet up

If 80% of your tweets are asking for a vote of some kind, or worse, all your “New blog entry” tweets go straight to your Digg or Sphinn submission pages of that blog entry, surprisingly I won’t really feel that inclined to give you my vote. And chances are pretty good you will get an unfollow pretty quickly by me and many others too. At least combine some of your pathetic attempts to garner votes with tweets about something to mask the obvious, that you are only on twitter to use and abuse your followers.

F’in spam folder

Want to know the fastest way for all your emails to go straight to my spam folder? When you only ever email me when you want a vote or stumble. And just because I can’t see who else you emailed doesn’t mean you can fool me into thinking that you only emailed me and not the 80 other people you did. I might let it slide once or twice, but three times in a week? Your emails will start automatically going to my spam filter where they will never see the light of day. And bonus bury points to those who email me with nothing but “Digg” in the subject line and the URL in the body.

CC’in asshole

And if you forget to BCC and f’in CC us all? Well, let’s just say that is a pretty tempting opportunity to email you back, and yes, I will definitely CC everyone in on it, about what an asshole you are for exposing all those email addresses when many of them are blackhat spammers, if I don’t respond back to everyone with a nice little FU email instead. Trust me, your popularity will wane after that little stunt.
The moral of the story? If you are a friend I actually talk to on a regular basis, meaning conversations that don’t end with you asking “can you…”, I will pretty much Stumble and Digg anything you ask, and even the things you have blogged that you don’t ask me to. But beware, if you are one of those f’in so-called friends I only hear from when you want something from me, trust me, your spam campaign would be better off steering way clear of me and my bury, desphinn and report spam abilities. Because if you are an asshole to me, you are definitely going to get asshole back.

About seobitch

Seobitch is a pen name for a well known female expert in the SEO industry that most of you likely already follow. She has more than a dozen years experience and is a very respected expert in the field. Seobitch can be controversial but writes about issues that most people are afraid to talk about due to their employers, clients or friends. She also loves to tackle industry issues from a different point of view than what you normally see the "complainers" of the industry complaining about. She is also open to suggestions for future topics you would like to see the SEObitch tackle.

173 thoughts on “Why I Won’t F’in Digg or Stumble That Page For You

  1. Boug

    I get some shouts from fellow diggers. At least for now, they send good articles and not just their own self serving links. A little bit of courtesy and online etiquette goes a long way. Other than that, I agree with SEObitch, when abused, it is just like spamming.

  2. Tailgating Dave

    I could not agree with this post had I written it myself. Right on. Oh yeah, I was the one to submit this to SU not because you asked me to but because everyone on there should read it.

  3. Todd Mintz

    Yep…relationships are the basis for asking for Stumbles & Diggs and if you forget the relatonship, a negative response is to be expected.

  4. Commando

    Ha Ha, SEObeyatch!

    Lovely post from a woman who is only asking for a little respect. Is that too much to ask?

    Sing it with me, R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

    You’re beautiful, and a talented writer, and look smashing in those shorts.

    You’ve lost so much weight I almost didn’t recognize you.

    Uh, by the way, SEOb, could you digg my site?

  5. Rick Wilson aka CorpRebel

    You are SO “on the money” with your post. If people can’t take the time to at least know your name and what you actually do, then they certainly shouldn’t expect any “love” from you. Common courtesy and common sense are in short supply these days.

    Like those that ask for JVs and links. All those “Dear Webmaster” emails. Makes me want to JUMP at the chance to help them out – eh? At least know my name!

    Sheesh …

    Thanx for the rant!

  6. Elite Blogger

    Whahahahaha, that’s so funny. I get stuff like that all the time, people I don’t know from a bar of soap who just want me to Digg and Stumble stuff.

    Nice one Shoe!

  7. ivan

    I too despise getting CC’ed… a few times I even got “CC’ed” after replying. Some people! Sheesh.

    Anyway, I’d Digg and Stumble this if I were into that kinda’ stuff. Hahaha 😉

  8. TheBoredIT

    The problem with these sites is the abuse they suffer, making the posts lack respect.
    I for one agree with this article. The results on digg or stumble upon should be natural.

  9. Bret Frohlich

    SEO-B, you sound pretty bitter.

    Maybe you need a hug or a pet or something.

    I say, don’t let virtual losers ruin your day.

    Use your talent for something positive.

  10. Georgia

    She is so angry. Either she gets nothing but those time of request all day long or she is tense. I always help someone else out with a digg or thumbs up, but I only get asked occasionally.

  11. WTL

    I have to say I agree with the writer – I know a few people that do this to me, and it can be quite annoying. I propose this: Want a Digg? I want a Guinness, damnit.

  12. ivan

    I was thinking Lisa. I didn’t compare writing styles but the tone seems comparable. Either way, I like her plus I think we may share some of the same friends…

  13. Dave

    pretty lame post. seobitch is trying too hard. swearing over and over don’t make a post any funnier.

  14. Nick

    The thing I find interesting is because of practices such as those described in this post, the authority of those sites (at least in my opinion) is pretty low yet people still try so hard to get on the front page of them.

  15. Will

    Her anger got old after the first paragraph. The frustration is understandable but a boring post to say the least.

  16. Elizabeth Potts Weinstein

    Do regular (non-digg-fanatic) people still use digg? I found it was not useful except to find left-wing conspiracy theories or perverted videos or crap about iPhones.

    SEObitch, keep it coming.


  17. Mick Kopp | Success Secrets

    Wow, imagine what would happen if you focused all that energy on something else. Maybe something like forgiviness. Anybody can talk like that when no one knows who they are. I wonder what you’ve done wrong lately? Oh, I know, you wrote this horrible post.

  18. Goran Website

    I dont blame these poor women. I mean I know of a few of them but did not realise how you all thought about them. Puts a different perspective on things.

  19. Collin - Feed Flare

    If I want stumbles, I just buy them from a submitter site simply because I have no friends – seobitch…..I could use a friend but would you get mad at me if I sometime asked you about SEO stuff – if you would get mad then I don’t want you as my friend then – I can’t take that

  20. Mike B.

    Yeah – no one likes to be a DIGG bitch…but we are all guilty of the above mentioned to some degree. (some more than others) If you are active in social media then you have probably lobbied to your personal network for sphinns, stumbles, or diggs, at one point in time.

    Rules I go by:

    1) don’t abuse your network
    2) reciprocate when appropriate

    Many social ‘contacts’ we have are like ‘no strings attached’ relationships…..neither of us want a relationship, but we both have needs. Don’t see too much wrong if both parties understand the mutually beneficial nature of the relationship.

    *many of these ‘friends’ that just contact you for votes ect…. aren’t really friends. Redefine your expectations and you shouldn’t be disappointed when they only im you for that needed vote. (hopefully you are doing the same with them and it’s not one-sided)

    **if you cc your contacts you’re just an idiot!

  21. Matt

    I don’t think it’s Jane because she’s a Kiwi and should spell “asshole” – “arsehole”. My money is on Rebecca from SEOmoz despite her denials.

  22. anonymous

    For the most part, I agree. However, if you are in this field and have befriended people on Digg, Sphinn, SU etc…then you have to expect that. You carry over your friends list to each network, so it’s going to happen each time. I wouldn’t bury people because of this, then you would have to bury everyone. Just don’t click on it or don’t be friends with those people, it is as simple as that. I have to deal with this all the time, but I do have a choice as to whether I vote, digg, stumble, or whatever the case, their story. If it’s shit, then it doesn’t get my vote. But, to sabotage their efforts is not going to do anything or stop what is going on. Now I say don’t bury, but I do believe in burying stories that are duped, heavily self promoted on top of being shitty, or scraped. Anyway, like the name though, that is great!

  23. Rita

    Who peed in your wheaties, SEO Bitch? Maybe you should channel some of that anger into some zen habits and relax.

  24. Edgar

    Horrible? Maybe someone is finally honest! Focus anger energy on forgiveness? That must be a joke

  25. Rae

    Whoever thinks I wouldn’t have the balls to post something like that under my own name can go fuck themselves. Please. This post doesn’t have half the rage I get about idiots. It doesn’t even have half the rage I get about hitting a sand trap in golf.

  26. Lisa Barone

    I’ll just say that Rae, Becs, Jane and myself are not the types to hide behind an anonymous blog post. If we wanted to write this post, we would have done it on our own blogs and would not have used a censored “f’in”.

    You’re going to have be a little more creative with your guesses, gentlemen.

  27. Dave

    Anyone else notice that problogger does this a lot? highly annoying when its about Flipping photography which I have no interest in.

  28. Popular Wealth

    I would LOVE to know which “BIG SEO FIRM” she’s from because I have screenshots of one of the BIGGEST buying links… and I’m saving those for when this companies EGO gets a little too big which it flirts with every day. It would be ironic that she works for this company wouldn’t it?

  29. Popular Wealth

    BTW – I agree with Twitter being mostly spam and some of the other stuff… but I can’t get past an SEO working for a BIG COMPANY whining like a little school girl.

  30. firewire

    I get the same type of im’s but i just ignore them instead of wasting my time burying it. Why do that? everyones just trying to move up how ever they know how.

  31. Popular Wealth

    Why would they? A handful of power members control more than half the stuff that gets to page one or so I hear. Thats a classic example of spam imo. No thanks, I don’t want to read only what puts money in this groups pockets – thx.
    Full disclosure – I use Digg and follow some of these people too, so I’m likely more part of the problem than the solution. Sry.

  32. Drunk

    Great post homes…if I ever ask you for some help it will be with some cold hard cash in your paypal account, cause thats the way I roll…money talks!

  33. Talk Binary

    F’ing dugg this! Awesome article. :) You vent out to those who only want “friends” for one reason! And not for their friendship either…

  34. Terry Tay

    You’re going about this all wrong SEOBitch…
    If they send you an email to Digg Sphinn or whatever, reply with an invoice for your time and ask for payment up front. Tell them you charge a $60 hourly rate because your time is important and minimum charge is 3 hours even if it takes a minute to Digg. If invoice is not paid in full by such and such…it will be buried 😉

  35. Jane

    CY: Sugarrae would never censor herself and would put it on her own blog :)
    @Terry Tay: I like the way you think.

  36. melvin

    hahah.. thats a great post very entertaining to me… so basically you’re receiving and giving out assholes… 😉

  37. Bibokz

    I an be your friend SEOBitch just give me same treatment, dugg… forget them work with your own blog. What’s your blog url by the way if you have?

  38. Josh

    It isn’t suggarae, she has bigger balls then anyone else here and would have no problem posting this on her own blog. it isnt rebecca cos she has already had this rant, plus her nads are almost as big as rae’s.

    my money is on Jane or lisa. Jane because she is so nice and wouldn’t want to offend anyone, or Lisa cos she is scared of Bruce 😀

  39. SEO Bitch

    So, as for the anonymity thing, first I don’t have my own blog, just didn’t have a need for it until I wanted to stamp my feet and swear! Second, if I used my name it would still be tied to the company, regardless if I had a big ass disclaimer saying it’s my opinion and no one can take it from me, it’s mine dammit!

    And no, I will not confirm nor deny who I am, and it seems everyone has a guess, but let’s just say I have already been asked and already denied that SEObitch is me :-)

    As for the F’in part, I was going to say fuckin, and I originally had fuckin, but I didn’t want to totally offend those with uh more sensitive sensibilities who might see it on the RSS before clicking through.

    So what, should I do another SEOBitch bitchfest?

    @MLH You have no idea how much of a tigress I am, both in and out of the office.

    @Commando That is much more original than how requests are usually worded!

    @ChrisBartow Is it a chocolate cupcake with sprinkles and a cherry?

    @Joe I do have better friends than the ones I refer to, they are the ones I Digg and Stumble without ever being asked!

    @Geiger Funny, I was betting I would have scared everyone from Digging this!

    @BretFrohlich Trust me, my talents are put to extremely good use, this is simply my entertainment

    @Brandon You made deep link love just sound soooo dirty!

    @WTL You know, exchanging a beer for each Digg isn’t that bad of an idea!

    @Hyder At least I get something in exchange :-)

    @Collin Yeah, it is amazing how many SEOs are cheap bastards and won’t shell out a bit of moolah to buy their Stumbles instead of annoying all their IM contacts with Stumble requests.

    @Matt I don’t think arsehole is nearly as effective when a hot chick is saying it!

    @MartinBowling Thinking about doing some more rants if people want them, and yeah, I am definitely a hardcore chick, not Shoemoney in drag 😉

    @Rita That is a bit kinkier than I like it!

    @TalkBinary Some of these people who have commented have their ears burning, because a few of them are the guilty ones I am talking about.

    @PopularWealth Well I think all SEO companies have their dirty little secrets. You just keep imagining me in my knee socks and pigtails.

    @Drunk Yes, PayPal works :-)

    @Dave Yeah, it annoys me too, the photography ones which bore me to tears, the rest of his don’t bother me a tweet.

  40. Boss of SEO Bitch

    Whoever wrote this doesn’t know a ‘shit’ about internet marketing. You are lucky that you didn’t disclose your name…..cuz….it would be be suicidal if you did………Even though all the rest of the 100+ ppl over here who commented have proved themselves as gr8 ‘pu$$Y’z….by taking your ‘crap’ and not really saying anything to you becuzZZ— they are not ‘sure’ whether you are Jane, Jill or whatever. But Who gives a damn anyway? No matter who you are, I know you are a total looser and an attention whore…Today if this was some other blog…THE same peeps here would have flooded you with comments — criticizing you.

    But now no one wants to ‘say’ anything..cuz they don’t want to hurt the ‘mysterious lady’ who might be some big shot at the SEO industry…>>FUDGE u….you don’t even have the ‘pu@@Y’ to put up this shit up in your own space….and you have put it up in shoemoney blog so that you can get all attention….u wh0re

    so…sUmbody asked u to digg or stumble……big deal huh? …who the fudge are u anyway? CEO of some big company? No! You still ‘work’ for someone….you know ‘work’? Work means…..You ‘work’ and then you buy ‘dinner’! So no ‘work’ means no ‘dinner’! if you are also that ‘rude’ with your clients then no one will even ask u to ‘bend over’ for FREE. (if u knw what i mean )

    Dont be ‘too proud’ of whatever achievements you may have gotten already…. remember that you were ‘small’ once! I am sure a Wh0re like u had to give BJ to ppl to go where you are now….

    But now those ‘newbies’ are just asking for Diggs/stumbles…….and If you don’t want to help them…..its FINE…why do u have to make this such a ‘big deal’….U attention Wh0re!

    Don’t Delete this Shoe…I want everyone to see…

    Anyway SEOBitch YOu are FiRED…dont come to office 2moro..pack ur things and leave….

  41. Andrew

    Hey shoe, what is your IM address so I can ask you to digg my new post, LOL, just joking. Most of the time I just say yes but do not even click on the link 😀

  42. TeasasTips

    I agree with you SEO bitch. There is someone on my IM list that as soon as I log in to my IM account, he is there, will U Digg this? Will U SU this? I have since removed him from my list. Apparently, I’m not the only one who is pissed off about these requests.

  43. petnos

    This post is too hot. People are all open-minded to write what they have. And because of this i like this web site:)

  44. Lindsay

    First it was dozens of requests for link backs from spammy get rich quick sites. Now between the blogcatalog “friends” who are promising a million dollars from your website tomorrow, and these social tagging begs, it’s a pain to sort through my e-mail. Haven’t used the bury yet…maybe it’s time! Thanks for the inspiration!

  45. Josh

    I did read the comments, I just assumed you may be lieing :)

    from above: “but let’s just say I have already been asked and already denied that SEObitch is me”

  46. Binary Ant

    Yes, this post tells trues but nowadays the world is going that way. Here in Spain people don’t use Digg and Stumble so I can’t ask anybody for that, but people is doing it all the time.

  47. Rebellious Arab Girl

    I don’t like asking people to stumble for me, and I don’t use digg because a lot of the front page diggs are garbage and based on the number of friends you have in your clique. But it was very funny reading your article.

  48. John Loch

    Go whine where the audience actually gives a shit.
    If you cant take it, get out.

    Hmmm… now WHY did I waste my time reading that vitriol ?

  49. Ranked Hard

    There’s nothing wrong with asking people for diggs w/out going into a song and dance about whether you like the weather outside today. The probably arises when these people never digg your things in return.

  50. KushMoney

    SEObitch, I love your post and feel the same way. I would like to be your friend. I will never ask you to digg nor stumble my blog.

    P.S. Please post again sometime in the near future.

  51. Fil

    I agree with the message in this post.
    But is this aggressive verbal behavior really necessary ?
    This powertalk is not the right solution. You only create more aggression this way.

    Just talk to your friends and tell them how you feel about it.
    But in a nice way. I´m sure they will understand.

    Or is this the way typical SEO people handle difficult situations ?

  52. Jason

    OMG, this post had me rolling. That’s hilarious, I wasn’t aware at the amount of people begging for Diggs. Well, I figured it was happening, because some of the high Digg numbers you see on crap articles is amazing. That’s really funny though, you exposed them all!

  53. Jane

    It’s not be because I can actually string together coherent sentences. I’m offended that anyone would think I’m responsible for this drivel.

  54. Chris Edwards

    Hey Shoe,
    This wouldn’t happen to be the work of Jill Whalen would it? If possible to keep all parties under wraps could you give a nod via e-mail?

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  56. Julie

    I’m new to this whole social media scene, did as was suggested and registered my blog with a few directories and all of the sudden I’m receiving requests from users to subscribe, digg, stumble, etc. Heck, I’m just trying to keep my head above water! Great post Shoemoney/SEO Bitch!

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  58. Sean Maguire

    It doesn’t sound cogent enough to be coming from any self-respecting female blog writer I know of. I suspect it’s Shoemoney with another successful attempt to bait the SEO world.

  59. Hugh Janus

    Is there really any joy in venting such anger – why can’t you just reply to the requests with a standard message explaining why you will not be socially bookmarking anything that is sent to you?

    Chill pill please.

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  61. PPC

    Wow! Came across this fresh can of worms at a very advanced stage of the proceedings!
    SEObitch’s statements are true, but don’t you guys know the first thing about pulling the wool? SEObitch might well be a guy.

  62. Krayzie

    Hahaha great rant. I get that all the time, I signed up at socialspark and everybody asks for props or to comment their blog, If it looks nice and has something to offer me I’ll take a look at it. Dont bug me.

  63. Bryan

    I honestly could not have said it better. I have one or two people that are exactly like that. I don’t talk to them in months and magically I get a “How are you doing?”. It is to the point where I removed them from my buddy list. Sometimes I f with them and act like I am interested wasting fifteen minutes of their time to tell me about it and then I tell them I will vote and never do.

  64. John Newberg

    Funny how you don’t believe in stumble or digg yet in the end of your post you give people the option to post the comment to stumble, technorati, or del.icio.us
    you really a two faced blogger trying to get traffic to your site with various means while at the same time knocking those same means that are sending you traffic.

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  66. Geiger

    Has anybody had a well known digger submit a story for them? I’ve had good stories that went nowhere many a time because they are just flooded by BS.

  67. Sexy Social Marketing

    If you maliciously bury posts you should be banned for ever using any social bookmarking site ever again. This makes you no better or even part of the Digg mafia that is responsible for getting many SEO sites banned from digg. Don’t know what the Digg mafia is? Google it.

    They are a bunch of little bitches that go around burying posts and accusing sites of spamming Digg. You, my bury button clicking little piece of crap are the reason Digg has become a bad place to be.

    If I was a like you I would go find all your posts on every network and bury them just because you deserve what you give.

    Bad karma my little bury button clicker. You will get what you deserve and more just because of the bad mojo you bring on yourself. You are a negative person that will get negative results because of it.

    Nice mouth BTW, do you kiss anybody with that thing?

  68. Chris Lang

    I agree with the comment above mine, from Sexy. Reading this just brought a dark cloud over my day. This person is the type that accused my site of spam just because I wrote things critical of Digg.

    Don’t worry SEObitch, you won’t have to waste your time burying my site because the Digg mafia has already been by. My site will never be listed in Digg just because some piece of shit that does not even have the guts to show their face in public stabbed me in the back.

    I have to go now, you remind me of my ex wife a little too much and I am about to say things that are not becoming of someone in business that apparently was taught better manners than you.

    By the way everybody, if you have been buried by the Digg mafia, the person who wrote this is undoubtedly a part of their little band or simply no better. If we knew who you were your career in SEO would be over as fast as any posibilty of you being happy. You are a bitter unhappy person and you need counseling.

    This is the worst thing I have ever read on the Internet and you are the worst person (besides my ex-wife) that I have ever come across. That someone would publicly admit to intentionally burying anybody’s posts? You could just unfriend them and happily go on your way.

  69. John McGowan

    So let me get this right…

    Let’s say I join Digg and you send me a submittal to Digg. So you send me a shout saying something like:

    “Hello John, How are you doing this fine day. I hope you are feeling better. Can you please Digg this post for me?”

    Now let’s say I am of the nature to not like it when absolute strangers are overly friendly. I see such contacts as a mock-friendliness used as a ploy to manipulate people. So if I decided to bury your post on Digg just simply due to my not agreeing with your methods of contacting another person.

    C’mon now, SEOBitch, I can be a real “Net Bastard” but there limitations between being a tough Digger and a Total A$$. Even I won’t bury someone, or make a Spam complaint against them just because of the way they choose to word a shout. Now, at times, I would prefer to respond by using a comment such as “No, you ‘DIgg This’ !”, but even that is going a tad over the line.

    When joining a site like Digg, you are telling your fellow Diggers “Come Spam Me, it’s ok”. You are allowing them to shout at you for the sole purpose of promoting their submittals to obtain Diggs. If you don’t like the shouts, then ignore them or unfriend the person. You don’t become one of those mindless button-clicking Brownshirt types who hits the bury and spam button simply because you can. That can start board wars, which can get nasty.

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  72. SEO Bitch's Pimp

    You lost my interest when you spelled messenger with an “A”. Even if YOU don’t know how to spell, it’s on every bloody IM service around, d’uh…


  73. Courtney

    I just discovered this today, but uh..these (I’ve now gone through all 7) are some of the best SEO articles I’ve read. Not only are they easy to read, but they have so much personality! Rock on SEOBitch!

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