Akron SEO Sage Lewis of Sagerock WTF?

Akron SEO Sage Lewis took some swings at me in a strange post on Search Engine Guide with a post titled Shoemoney Spouts Off While Google Keeps Growing. Referring to my SEO has no future post.

I have zero problem with people attacking me but at least make a point…

Just look at this idiots video (which has a total of 18 views as of now):

YES … he actually agrees with me in the video… so what is the point?

Ohh I see… Sage Lewis is one of these dirtbag SEO’s who has never achieved anything… Even his company site despite using this amazing technique is not even listed in the top 100 for any of these spammy keywords

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Its kind of sad because I thought most of the people at Search Engine Guide had a clue… then this retard comes along.

While he was scared to link to me (even though he agreed) because he might *fall* for my *linkbait* I will link to him. I will let people make up their own minds about this journalist.