Akron SEO Sage Lewis of Sagerock WTF?


Akron SEO Sage Lewis took some swings at me in a strange post on Search Engine Guide with a post titled Shoemoney Spouts Off While Google Keeps Growing. Referring to my SEO has no future post.

I have zero problem with people attacking me but at least make a point…

Just look at this idiots video (which has a total of 18 views as of now):

YES … he actually agrees with me in the video… so what is the point?

Ohh I see… Sage Lewis is one of these dirtbag SEO’s who has never achieved anything… Even his company site despite using this amazing technique is not even listed in the top 100 for any of these spammy keywords

<a href="http://www.sagerock.com/ohiowebmarketing/">Ohio web marketing</a> 
| <a href="http://www.sagerock.com/ohiowebmarketing/ohio-search-marketing.html">Ohio search marketing</a> 
| <a href="http://www.sagerock.com/ohiowebmarketing/ohio-seo.html"> Ohio SEO</a> 

| <a href="http://www.sagerock.com/ohiowebmarketing/cleveland-search-marketing.html"> Cleveland search marketing</a>
| <a href="http://www.sagerock.com/ohiowebmarketing/cleveland-web-marketing.html"> Cleveland web marketing</a> 
| <a href="http://www.sagerock.com/ohiowebmarketing/cleveland-seo.html"> Cleveland SEO</a> 
| <a href="http://www.sagerock.com/ohiowebmarketing/akron-seo.html"> Akron SEO</a> 
| <a href="http://www.sagerock.com/ohiowebmarketing/akron-search-marketing.html"> Akron search marketing</a> 

| <a href="http://www.sagerock.com/ohiowebmarketing/akron-web-marketing.html">Akron web marketing</a> 
| <a href="http://www.sagerock.com/ohiowebmarketing/cleveland-search-engine-optimization-firm.html"> Cleveland Search Engine Optimization Firm</a> 
| <a href="http://www.sagerock.com/ohiowebmarketing/ohio-internet-marketing.html"> Ohio internet marketing</a> 

Its kind of sad because I thought most of the people at Search Engine Guide had a clue… then this retard comes along.

While he was scared to link to me (even though he agreed) because he might *fall* for my *linkbait* I will link to him. I will let people make up their own minds about this journalist.

115 thoughts on “Akron SEO Sage Lewis of Sagerock WTF?

  1. Bp

    Its guys like this that give SEO’s a bad name. As a professional SEO it burns my ass to see someone this ignorant think they have a voice.

  2. ShoeMoney

    I actually have never read their site but some of there authors I have a lot of respect for like Jennifer Laycock, David Wallace, and Li Evans

  3. Aaron

    LOL! I have dealt with this guy somewhat and regret it! Thankfully, only time was wasted!

  4. Melvin

    i think they guys know that you almost always bait to their links… like with the seonoobs saying you have to SEO your site and other stufffs… I think you have to expect more crappy posts about you

  5. Sage Lewis

    Actually, I would have linked to you. I don’t post those articles. I just make the videos.

    The code you posted was part of an experiment I tried years ago to see the effect something I see people do all the time. I often use my own site(s) for experimentation. Nice work digging it up.

    Of course I know who you are. But it is great to see that you are as charming as I imagined you might be.


  6. jim

    That guy has a really irritating way of talking… he’s over enunciating for the sake of the camera, it’s really distracting.

  7. Website Reveiws

    Shoe, I am very disapointed that you would call this guy a journalist. After looking at his website, this video seems to be his first attempt at real SEO. He got a link from you and who knows who else wil like to him!

  8. brent

    “This Shoemoney character is not worth our time”…LOL. Then why the F are you making a video about him? I’m surprised he didn’t rip on Shoe’s haircut.

    Why is he talking in a loud obnoxious voice? He looks like a really old Andy Dick.

  9. Georgia

    Don’t worry about it. I appreciate your free advice and opinions. Sometimes I don’t agree with you but I’ve read your blog long enough to know that you know what you are talking about.
    When you are at the top people will take shots at you and come gunning for you. It’s the way of the West cowboy. If it makes you feel better I think you just shot him dead in the street.

  10. Tom

    by the way… why didn’t you also mention is “SEO Has No Future – Rediculous!” (sic) video? Rediculous Shoe.

  11. Matt

    I want to see you two guys in the ring..If you guys are up for it I will sponsor it..let me know!

  12. Amin

    LOL? I don’t understand why you think Shoemoney is some infamous legend in the internet marketing world.

  13. sockmoney

    Ha! I just searched for one of his spam keywords from his website (cleveland search marketing) and your site (shoemoney.com) is in the top ten simply because you mentioned the links in the post above…

    His site is, of course, no where to be found.

    Too funny!

  14. samo

    Wow, someone’s spat their dummy out here haven’t they. I love reading this blog (it’s the only one I check daily) — and your like my idol! But this just makes you look right big headed. It’s a good job more of the 1000’s of people who don’t agree with everything you say make videos for YouTube — otherwise ever other post on here would be just you calling people retards and dirt bags and moaning like hell.

    “I have zero problem with people disagreeing with me but at least make a point… ” — that’s clearly not true. If you had zero problems, you would have made a post on your blog because a guy has 18 views in a video disagreeing with you. I would have thought someone who is such an internet celeb as you would be able to let tiny little things slide.

  15. Garrett

    Dude, I saw your head on the screen at SMX last week…it’s already pretty big. J/K. :p

  16. team ray

    lol funny vid

    idk if it was stage by somebody who is bald and lives in nebraska ????/

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  18. Internet Marketing

    Hehe SEO has no future, tell that to the companies that spend millions with those marketing agencies lmao, course it has a future, when about 70% of all your traffic goes through search engines how can it not? As for this man, who cares what he thinks about you, I thought this blog was a free tshirt site for ages.

  19. James Blogger

    I just have to “lol” at these kind of things. The internet is such a simple medium for idiocy – I liked in one of your last question/answer thingies was a question about how you would like it if the internet rolled over and died… (anybody seen that Southpark episode?)

    Anyways, I’d have to agree with your response; people don’t seem to understand the opportunities in real life. AND we wouldn’t have to put up with such expression of idiocy :)

  20. Chris Edwards

    LMMFAO! What a hack dude. How can someone who has any remote knowledge of internet marketing, let alone SEO no know the mighty Shoemoney.

    And does that guy really talk like that? He’s offending a lot of disabled people out in the world right now.

    I think he has been sleeping under a rock all these years (looks old as hell), maybe SageRock??????

  21. Joe

    He thinks he’s hip and edgy but he’s condescending and passive-aggressive. What a wuss.

  22. theconcertaholic

    From 18 views to almost 700 in hours… good work guys
    there is another video where he mentions the “small-minded” comment about seo being dead in the video description – then he holds the camera in the palm of his hand and slurs thru some seo speech…. I wonder what he does …like fulltime ? ; /

  23. Eric Lander

    This cat seriously launched the “SageRock Institute” and spews on and on for 2 minutes talking about why Akron Ohio as the best place to get “cutting edge marketing techniques”.

    Apparently “cutting edge” translates into “18 views on YouTube”.

  24. Geiger

    He does bring up a point about “Load Time” being part of Adwords Quality score. I’m sure that some SEO con-artists will bring that up as a point that requires $1k worth of analysis.

  25. Mark

    I always wondered what Dewy got up to after he left Malcom in the middle…..what a dork.

  26. Online Webmaster

    It’s funny. In the hip hop world to make a name for yourself you attack the biggest and most popular artist in hopes that he will respond in another record. Well, when you parallel it with this, you attack the biggest and most popular Internet marketer. You hope to get the pot stirring and get some intention. Sage has definitely got the attention, but don’t think it’s positive. This is backfiring because he’s not sure of what he’s saying.

  27. Sage Lewis

    You guys are pretty good at calling me names. But I find it interesting that in 70 comments not one of you addressed the issue, you just attacked the person. You would all make great politicians. :)

  28. Sage Lewis

    This is a good point. I will say this, as a web marketer, of course you have link baiting in mind. But I would have never made the video had I not felt passionate about the subject. So, as honest as I can be, I was compelled to make the video because I disagree with Shoemoney on this point. I knew Shoemoney’s point because of who he is in the industry. (for the record, I never said I didn’t know him). I apparently struck a nerve that others who commented on his post didn’t seem to strike.

    Honestly, I almost didn’t make the video at all because I felt it had been covered well enough already.

    I might, however, have been the only person to make a video on his post.

    The power of seeing someone disagree with you might be more significant than someone writing about how they disagree with you.

  29. Ed sullivan

    I actually think this guy is kinda hot does anyone disagree with me? I think he also isn’t that different looking from the shoe man himself lol….

    Seriously Though, I don’t think he is as stupid as he’s being made out to be. He
    obviously knows a lot about this..He isn’t picking fights for no reason. It takes balls to challenge someone’s popular opinion and I think the fact that he has taken the risk shows that he knows what he’s talking about…So to be honest I think shoemoney is just kicking up fuss about nothing probably because he;s bored with his blog…as evident in his Q & A’s which are more like “a condescending know it all gives a yes, no, maybe or grumpy answer round”
    The remark he made against the 14 year old was low now that i think about it!!!!

  30. Sage Lewis

    That’s just how I talk. I think I actually started talking louder after I quit smoking. I’m a loud guy.

    It annoys my friends too :)

  31. Ed sullivan

    I’m with you on this one….people aren’t looking at arguments their looking at the person and how there perceived here…unlike you they haven’t the balls to go against popular opinion even if they had a valid point….

  32. ps

    there’s one thing sage always has time for and that’s to talk about sage.

    he’s a legend in his own mind.

    to the rest of us, he’s a joke.

  33. Sage Lewis

    I’ve reread your post several times, Online Webmaster. I like your analogy a lot.
    To be clear on my point:
    The title of the post was: “SEO Has No Future.”

    I disagree with that. And I disagree that most SEO is spam.

    That is confusing language for people trying to make their way through the web marketing industry.

    This is still a very young industry and executives at major corporations are still highly suspect of it all.

    If we are going to continue to move into the mainstream marketing world we have to present a united front as online marketers. As online marketers, what we do is as effective or usually more effective than any other kind of marketing the marketing industry typically engages in.

    When they come across someone as influential as Shoemoney who says things like “SEO is spam,” it confuses the issue.

    Search engine optimization is optimizing for the visitor. That’s what it is now. That was what it was 10 years ago and that is what it will be 10 years from now.

  34. Terry Tay

    I’ve noticed this blog rank high fairly quick for keywords and terms posted within a post. Within a couple hours a post will be on the first page.

  35. Online Webmaster

    Hey Sage. Your June 11, 2008 3:46 pm post makes more sense to me than the video after you clarified your point. I think over the years SEO kind of evolved. I remember back in the days when earlier search engines used different algorithms to crawl content. At that time you had excite, dogpile, northern exposure, lycos, altavista, go network, etc. There wasn’t much consistency with relevant keyword search listings then as they are now. I’m thinking because most website owners weren’t sure how this whole thing worked. A lot of webmasters didn’t know that they had to have relevant content for the search engines. I remember when Flash Intros and landing pages was the big thing and that was horrible if you were trying to get indexed by the search engines because they couldn’t find you. So it’s been an evolution and a learning curve for most of us doing it. Now most of us have figured out to be relevant with the search engines, your pages need to be optimized, back links on sites that link to you need to be relevant, your anchor texts need to be optimized. So yeah, I agree that search engine optimization is optimizing for the visitor to get back relevant and popular keyword search listings. I believe the future for SEO is bright for those that are interested in having their site pulled through organic search. To me, unless your paying for it, I don’t see any other way for search engines to pull up your website through organic search unless your webpages and content keywords are fully optimized.

  36. Sage Lewis

    Right on. I couldn’t agree more.
    “I remember when Flash Intros and landing pages was the big thing and that was horrible if you were trying to get indexed by the search engines because they couldn’t find you.”

    I remember those days really well too. Vanity seemed to outweigh value. And unfortunately, I still see it happening. We have a client who has a nice front page with a decent amount of content. 40% of their traffic comes from organic search results. They are now having a designer come in and rework the whole front page as Flash. It’s not a splash page, in that there is content in the Flash. But it’s all invisible to the search engines.

    We told them that this could have major impact with a ton of their traffic. They don’t really care because the new design is so pretty. I thought America was the home of money and capitalism! So now we are scrambling to work some text in “below the fold” in some css div sections of the page.

    And these are people that know about and value search marketing.

    This is to say nothing of the visitor experience which is likely going to be significantly damaged. There were no usability tests, of course.

    There is still a lot of work to do to educate the business world on how the web works, It is not a tri-colored brochure,

  37. John Loch

    He strikes me as a wannabe. One of those individuals who ‘wants’ to be recognized, but unfortunately just comes off as a common know it all.

    But then, thats the beauty of social media isn’t it ??

    Truths emerge, bait or not :)

  38. Gary- Viral E

    not that he is generally that huge but he is posted about on some of the major websites and his alexa and other rankings are higher than most others

  39. Gary- Viral E

    Wow this old F should teach a class on how to talk in a monotone voice and talk in circles but really say nothing at all. If he did make a point maybe I was just too bored to notice it.

  40. Web Marketeer

    Hata off to the SHOE, for putting an H into SEO……hahahahah…….this fella got his own bit of linkbait from this post, maybe not too positive, but some link-lurve indeed!

  41. Web Marketeer

    In the world of business, in any industry, you will find cheats and charlatans who deliver very little value, yet claim to be the real deal. It seems another one has inadvertently been exposed…..

  42. PPC

    Ouch! Sage Lewis must surely rue the day he did this video and posted it. Talk about bad online reputation management!

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  45. Ben

    This guy’s voice is so irritating and he clearly is an idiot, but you have to give him some credit, he achieved what he set out to do and that is secure a link from your blog!

  46. akron seo

    Yeah I’ve lived and worked in Akron for years and run into people that know Sage. His office is about 2 blocks from my house. Reputation as a big mouth kind of abrasive personality.

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  49. sam

    1.) your pop up is annoying trying to sell me on your way of thinking. Already lost me with the interruptions every couple of minutes.

    2.) your a affiliate marketing person? that would explain the SEO angle. It’s kind of like a PPC person going on about organic search. What is in it for your company?
    3.)SEO is not dead nor did Matt Cutts ever say that. There is a difference between spamming and optimizing a site for visitors and relevant search links. Call it what you like.
    4.) Oddly I have never heard of you? seem to have a following. Kind of like Crammer’s Mad Money?
    5.I’m missing the attack part? who attacked who? Never heard of ether of you. Sage I have read on Search Engine Watch. I don’t see his articles as saying it’s the only way. You on the other hand seem to think Affiliate marketing is the only way. Certainly affiliate marketing can work, although for most of us it’s based on interuptive marketing (like your pop-up) and we want to engage the visitor not hit them over the head.

  50. John

    SEO is NOT dead. Maybe Shoemoney’s method of black hat SEO is dead but legitamte SEO absolutely works. I dod it every day for my clients. But please keep spreading the word that there is no future in SEO and that will be less competition for me.


  52. Alphonse

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