Parting Ways With Webmaster Radio

by Jeremy Schoemaker on June 10, 2008 · 45 comments

After a conference call today with the owners of webmaster radio I decided it was time to part ways. I have had a great time doing the show for the last 2 years as tried to do the best job I could but lately its been a real challenge finding the time.

Really for me to do the show right I need to hire someone to do research and manage the guests. I have a pretty big back log of of great contacts that I want to bring on to the show but just never find the time to reach out or keep in touch with them. Also I used to write all the recaps of the show myself but I have not had time to do that lately.

I might do something eventually…. We will see what the future holds.

I would like to thank Webmaster Radio for the opportunity and wish them well in the future.

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1 Joost de Valk

Sucks, but can’t say I didn’t see it coming a bit… Ah well, we had fun while it lasted :)

2 team ray


i actually look forth to your show

by far your show was best show on there

the other show were zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

3 Paul

Well time is money. I really wanted to call in and speak with you, but you are right running a radio show is a full time job. I commend you for sticking it out.

4 petnos

Just do the best for yourself and also for your family. If doing something started to be a big wall on your way you have to thing what to do for your next move.

5 Dave

That’s too bad…can’t say I’m surprised though. The better shows on WMR are inconsistent to say the least. I guess that’s the problem with trying to get really successful people to commit to a radio show when they’re not getting paid.

I think you’d be better off on your own anyways…you could probably really clean up with just interviewing friends in the industry, talking shop, and then having radio ads from your blog sponsors.

6 Mark

Shoe. My company would love to provide you with whatever you need to do the show and compensate you. Email me please.

7 Chris

Well you put webmasterradio on the map. I am sure the are great full for all the awesome shows you did.

8 Raymond

Why don’t you just do the show yourself and take on sponsors?

9 james

and there goes 90% of webmasterradio’s listeners

10 Jagdeep


11 brent

That does suck, but you gotta priortize. The only other show I listen to on WMR is the Daily Searchacast. I hear Matt Cutts will be on it Thursday.

12 Sports Picks

Damn, last show was my first time and I really enjoyed it :(

13 Chris Bartow

Why don’t you do a podcast for yourself? You can try to do it weekly, but you can do it anytime that week so you don’t have to schedule yourself around it and you don’t have to worry about making it a certian length.

I think it would make the “show” much better just to be in this format.

14 Dave

Daily Searchcast is ok, but Danny Sullivan random-ness about different software/programs is kind of overdone. He’ll spend 10 minutes talking about things he doesn’t like about MS outlook.

15 theconcertaholic

I would tune into a new show for sure. Hey we all have the archives don’t we?
The right set up will appear for you… and you will be ready. Keep press’in on

16 Georgia

That sucks. WR was one of the first places I found out about your blog. I understand being busy tho.

17 forumistan

It sucks :)

18 Hustle Strategy

I thought they were good as well. sucks to see them going.

19 Nick

While there is already speculation in the comments about the effect this will have on WMR, do you see this as having any effect on you, your site, etc (well, aside from having more time to devote to other ventures)…for example, do you think you will get less traffic or fewer new visitors?

20 Samir

Your radio show was great. Hopefully, you find another way to get that information out. Maybe a few more videos?

21 Kevin Boss

That sucks to hear, I really enjoy listening to your show. Hopefully you’ll do something similar down the road.

22 MoneyBites

I like the idea of a Shoemoney Podcast that is say, produced in house and available only on the blog.

23 ppcPredator

I’m sure you’re thinking about doing this yourself somehow. I mean, THE BRAND MUST LIVE ON!

24 Mike

Sad to see you go. You definitely had the best show on there. Nothing else comes close. I can understand though as even though it is only a half hour show I am sure you need to do a lot of prep work. Hopefully a company will sponsor you to make it worth your time.

25 Richard Catto

I guess the problem is that you can’t work for free for them anymore and they weren’t prepared or able to pay you for your time.

26 Terry Tay

I can understand why you need to make this decision. I can imagine how busy you are with everything, plus you have a family that’s growing, so you’ll need more of your time for that.

27 Best Videos

Your talks were interesting.
Hope you get back soon :)

28 Andrew

I only just discovered and was finding all the shows, especially yours really interesting. It is sad that you are discontinuing this however at least we still have this awesome blog :D Lucky for me I have only listened to two episodes of yours (now I have 2 years of archives to catch up on)

29 Melvin

i thought you are the owner of it?

30 Sean Bannister

Yeah that sucks, I really enjoyed the show, best show on webmaster radio.

31 Geiger

Hopefully you’ll have time to throw more posts up here. I loved the idea of webmaster radio but an hour is more than my attention span usually.

32 MoneyBites

Agreed, not only that but I’m sure if Shoe trys real hard he could find some sponsors to make the show worth his time…

33 Apoorv

Not good according to many here

34 Goran Website

That makes sense, time is all relative to the worth.

35 Goran Website

The last one was also my first time and it was worth the look

36 Goran Website

I did not know that there were archives to go and try out, thanks for the heads up Andrew

37 Shoe Fan

Aw, man! Even though I’m a little behind on my listening, I really loved those shows–especially the early ones like in 2006 (when your sister was your co-host). Really funny shit and highly educational too. I hope you’ll do more podcasts or something in the future. Half comedy and half make money online education.

38 Sad Shoemoney Fan

Aw Daddy! No more “bringin’ on the bling” or “show me da money”. Boo hoo. I’ll miss those weirdass commercials too. It is truly a sad day on the internet. Who knows how many hearts you’ve touched over the years?

39 Start Blogging

Aw that sucks, hopefully you’ll get things sorted out.

40 team ray

they have an archive but his net income show you have to pay a fee to get all the parts

41 Jason

Man that does suck… I enjoyed listening in on that as well, always got some good insight.

42 Wes

You had the best show going on Webmaster Radio. What if you launched your own show and queued up some advertisers? I’m sure it could bring in some great income.

I would like to thank you for everything you have done and shared on the show and your blog. It has inspired me to bring my business to new levels that I would have never dreamed. Thanks so much!

43 Binary Ant

Surely you have new and interesting projects to work in. For people like you time is gold and must be well managed.

44 PPC

They’ll be poorer off without your show. At the end of the day one human being can only do so much and it is obvious that some time management load shedding was required. If this means more blog posts I’m happy for the change.

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