Buying Sites For SEO Video

Here is my video from SMX Advanced. I had to back out because my wife is about to have our second child soon and really wanted to keep me close (very understandable and stupid of me to commit in the first place).

When Stephan Spencer asked if I would be willing to do a 10 minute video I was more then happy to do it. Working on the video though was pretty hard. I did it about 5 times and kept restarting after a minute… then just busted this out sent it to Stephan and he said he liked it so it went. I had not watched it at all since I recorded it.

I am happy to hear that nobody thought it sucked (yet). Its one thing to do a presentation in front of a ton of people and its another to pre-record one and have it played in front of all your peers where you can’t adjust for anything… eek…

Here it is!

Keep in mind I am not a professional SEO. All my opinions come from my real world, hands on, experiences.