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by Jeremy Schoemaker on June 4, 2008 · 81 comments

Here is my video from SMX Advanced. I had to back out because my wife is about to have our second child soon and really wanted to keep me close (very understandable and stupid of me to commit in the first place).

When Stephan Spencer asked if I would be willing to do a 10 minute video I was more then happy to do it. Working on the video though was pretty hard. I did it about 5 times and kept restarting after a minute… then just busted this out sent it to Stephan and he said he liked it so it went. I had not watched it at all since I recorded it.

I am happy to hear that nobody thought it sucked (yet). Its one thing to do a presentation in front of a ton of people and its another to pre-record one and have it played in front of all your peers where you can’t adjust for anything… eek…

Here it is!

Keep in mind I am not a professional SEO. All my opinions come from my real world, hands on, experiences.

full disclosure

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Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker is the founder & CEO of the ShoeMoney Blog, Elite Retreat Internet Conference, & the PAR Program. In 2013 Jeremy released his #1 Amazon Best selling Autobiography titled "Nothing's Changed But My Change" - The ShoeMoney Story. Jeremy currently lives in Lincoln Nebraska with his wife and 2 daughters.

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1 Apoorv

Great Video Shoe, Really interesting one, and had 10 minutes of fun.

If you are not a real professional SEO, how did you make $132,994 From adsense ??

2 Jagdeep

typing error there jeremy


3 Zafar Ahmed

@Apoorv – it just depends on your business strategy and your ideas from making money online, it’s not necessary only SEO can make thousands of dollars. Anyone can do it with strong busines plan and good management.

4 Kieran

301′ing domains and other “grey hat” tactics still work very well – but there is a risk like you mentioned. However, that is why it is my practice to only do it to sites that I consider to be secondary in terms of revenue – meaning if they got d-listed it wouldnt be the end of the world. My main money driving affiliate sites / blogs I am much more careful with.

5 Jagdeep

i think keyword domains are far better than any aged domains and in future i can see google removing all PR value of expired domains in the future. Registering an old domain and trying to cash in on its inbound links is kind of making google look stupid unless your gonna use the domain for the same niche it was previously used for

6 team ray

shoe i like video but i hate the non disclosure bit you say in each vid about your various project

just dont bring it up to begin with lol

7 Kieran

In terms of SEO value a keyword rich domain is one of the many “nice to have but not a necessity”. Why? Because google knows that is what used to work very well for SEO and spammers.

8 Collin - Feed Flare

I never thought of branding this way before. Maybe I should start building branded sites just to sell them off later….could be something worth looking into.

9 Georgia

I have a few domain names. It would be great if some of them were worth something some day. I wonder how long we’ll keep using domain names. If it is another 30 years then I guess I’ll make out all right. If it’s only another 5 then who knows.

10 Chetan

Hmmm first time seeing that you claim not being a professional SEO.
Anyways when your wife is delivering the second child.. Dont be in deep thought of “Oh my god! What have i done?” which you did during the first child birth ;)

11 Website Reveiws

Great Video, I am glad that you responded to our requests to see it. It was kind of funny to see you thank those on the pannel as if you were sitting next to them!

Do you think buying a “” domain with great links and 301ing them to my “” domain is still a good idea? They are very much related and targeted!

12 Website Reveiws

He made that money threw great marketing and adwords, do a search, he has a post that explains it. SEO IS NOT the only way to get visitors to your site! In fact, most visitors that have ever been to this blog did not come from Google (I believe he said something like 4%)

13 Geiger

How can somebody programmatically query the whois database? I thought it was even more difficult now. Every where requires a captcha.

14 Geiger

…also I think the same kind of “Link Age” applies to Adwords. Older AdGroups and Campaigns seem to have a higher quality score.

15 Bill

Shoe, were yo dropped from the SERPs at the same time you got that check??

16 Sean - the net is my playground

good video! I knew you had some other tricks going besides “building services people need” ;)

17 petnos

In Turkey youtube is blocked and i think the video is hosted on youtube and i cant watch it
now. Is there anyway to unblock youtube to watch this video? Sorry:( for asking that right here.

18 Ealtamira

Nice video, where is that amazing tool?

19 lawrenceq

I plan on doing a deleted domain test myself. I found a few niches that are wide open, I just need to figure out a plan of attack.

20 Urban Wear Addict

Great video… Where do you find expired domains?

21 ShoeMoney

seriously? its been on almost every post I have ever done about SEO

22 eligio

The method of acquiring expired domain with linkage to edu site still bring some good cash, this kind of domain is selling like a hotcake in any webmaster site. Great video Shoe!

23 eligio

@Urban Wear Addict
It’s already explain in the video :D

24 Start Blogging

Pretty good video Shoe, I’m sure the audience will enjoy it when presented to them as well!

25 Best Videos

interesting video, thanks for sharing.
i am also recently in market to buy lot of cheap sites. :D

26 Hustle Strategy

hahaa. true. i really enjoyed this video. This gave me some insight on how to think outside of the box in trying to do things online.

27 Hustle Strategy

for those that did not watch, it is definitely worth it. this is probably the most “CONTENT” i have seen in a post on any blog in a long time. btw, he mentions ballpark figure on what he paid from…

28 Goran Website

Well we did not need to go, trust you to share the knowledge. Enjoyed the video especially on building brands as oppose to registering keyword rich domains

29 Goran Website

Well noticed. I actually lost track of what was said earlier and actually thought there were people their, hahahaha.

30 Michael D

Was funny to see this on the big screens at SMX. Hopefully someone will have a good summary of the video content and other speakers. Some very good tips were shared.

31 Paul

I like that you have your hands in several different things at once. But how do you keep from having a nervous break down?

32 Rúben M.

Nice videocast, few years ago you know how to have fun :)

greetings for Portugal

33 Steve

Nice video, Shoe. It does amaze me how you can have so many things going on at once, but I guess that is why you are you. Thanks for the info.


34 Joe

I’m assuming this was a paid presentation and you let us all in on it anyway. Thanks Jeremy.

35 Dom

The video “is no longer availible” shoe :(
Did youtube take it down?

If so, maybe you should start using another service like Revver? You’ll only make about $10 probably but at least the vids are unlikely to get removed.

36 Dom

And now it’s working again… strange!

Never mind me then :P

37 Jack

Thanks for the video, Shoe!

Do you think changing the domain registrant can hurt a site’s ranking?

38 Edward

Thanks for the video!

I was disappointed not to see you there, though. :(

39 Zak Show

Great video even if you look a little bit nervous in the beginning :)
Anyway the expired domains techniques still work but as you said people have to be carefull and go step by step.
Burning the steps to get to the top too fast will get you banned in everything, That’s sure !

40 MoneyBites

Great video. Your a good presenter but I would say I think seeing you live would be a lot better :D

41 tyler dewitt


That was a great post that is the type of stuff that makes you money thinking outside the box and then innovating it to your advantage. I have done similar things to what your talking about on test domains and etc the thing is I don’t really think Google knows as much as what they try to front, but if someone says something or knows what your doing then they have a human check it.

I wouldn’t doubt it though if they have some type of graph they look at up there that shows who’s gaining links faster over time ,but I think a lot of the stuff on the web is humanly check.

42 Gary- Viral E

Really good Video. I guess it depends on what you want to spend your time on, espically if your a one man operation. I just started a contest this month for my blog that is a year old. Im giving away a $300 Blackberry and so far have got posted on 3 or 4 major sites in my Niche and one that I have never been on before and is an Alexa top 10k. So hopefully the subscribers and return visitors will deffanitly pay off long term for me.

43 Terry Tay

Good job with the video and some great info!

There were domains I wanted in the past that were taken and I just kept a list of when they expired and I managed to pick up a few that way. I like your way of finding expired domains a lot better.

44 Web Marketeer

Those figures are awesome. The internet is like a big popularity contest, and Shoemoney is doing well! Hitting good organic rankings on your chosen keywords is the holy grail of SEO, here we’re shown the other way to attract traffic.

45 Web Marketeer

It’s all about clever marketing at the end of the day….

46 Web Marketeer

Keyword rich domains are definitely the ticket for spot on optimisation for your chosen keywords. Aged domains are wonderful, if you can lay your hands on a relevant one at a fair price, but I would rather spend the dough on a keyword rich domain.

47 Web Marketeer

ExSEOllent video, Jeremy. As mister non-SEO you sure have some good points to make and interesting advice to dispense. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.

48 Apoorv

Could you tell me the techniques to get traffic with doing SEO ? Do not tell anything in blackhat, keep it white :)

49 Bob

thanks for the nice video!!

50 petnos

5 minutes ago i could watch it and i got some really good points to improve my SEO knowledge a little bit more. But i have to wtch it once more to understand it clearly. Not knowing english very well causes this kind of situations sometimes.

Thanks you very much.

And hope your baby is healthy.

51 Jagdeep

even though only 3% traffic comes from seo, whose to say how much of that traffic turned into direct traffic? in reality search engine traffic could account for around 30% i think

52 Rita

are you eating something or chewing gum in the beginning of the video?
Very interesting ideas on the SEO topic. I bet Google will now be more on to the tactics, though.

53 Hustle Strategy

4% is low… i guess most are repeats/direct?

54 Nick

Hey, great video! I actually feel like I learned something

55 Apoorv

Well, There are many traffic sources and if we go to see the White hat then SEO is probably the most commonly used. We can also get some traffic from social bookmarks etc. and also by blackhat i.e Spamming etc.

56 Apoorv

We can also get traffic by participating in forums, I see your blog gets high traffic from forums like dp etc.

Could you tell me what marketing methods are you talking about ?

57 TechWiz

Yeah, government censoring sucks.
The Chinese seem to get past their Great Firewall by using things like proxy servers or Tor. Look up Tor, that should do the trick for you, good luck!

58 TechWiz

Yeah, government censorship sucks.
You can try using a proxy server or Tor.
Look up Tor, it’s probably your best bet. Good luck!

59 Secret Affiliate Code

This is some serious info you are unleashing here. Thanks for the video, and, wish your wife the best and let me be the first: Congrats with your newborn :) (Nobody can beat me to it ;) )

60 Terry Tay

It would have helped if you added your URL to the comment form so I can click your name and check out the contest on your blog ;-)

61 Cassie

What the deuce!? It says the video is no longer available.

62 Website Reveiws

It has been a while since Shoe has posted, I wonder if there is a second shoemoney baby now? If so, let me the first (on this post at least) to say CONGRATS

63 Bibokz

Buying domain is better than picking fresh one, but always consider the background of the domain before acquiring.

64 David Rabello


65 Marc

Video was great, thinking like a search engine to build a spider was brilliant,
Please keep them up your insight and experience are invaluable to us.

66 Robert

I’ve been investing in some expired domains lately, hoping for some good traffic. Shoe, I suck at programming, I’m just a script scraper. If there’s a script that exists that does something close to what you’ve done by hand, can you point it out? Or at least the right search term?

67 Web Marketeer

The 301 redirect is open to much debatye at present, but it still seems like a viable SEO technique. Use it while you can though, as the nature of SEO is such that today’s successful technique is tomorrows much villified black hat technique that the search engines are actively on the lookout for.

68 Web Marketeer

Manually works fine, unless you need to do bulk lists, but haen’t ever had the need for this myself.

69 Web Marketeer

SEO encompasses on page optimization, that ideally has to be integrated at the time of designing your page. It is rather difficult to reverse engineer a site to be optimised. Then your off page optimization factors come into play, and here you primarily want good quality links, from relevant high PR sites, as many of them as possible.

70 Web Marketeer

Primarily link building, in its myriad of forms. Blog and forum posts and comments, directory listings, customer referrals, etc….

71 Ela Milson

You say a good information! Thank you! Older AdGroups and Campaigns seem to have a higher quality score. ….nice video!

72 forumistan

Great video, thanks.

73 Erik Peterson

Thanks for the video — very helpful.

74 Portland window cleaning

I thought the video looked good.

The fact that it was rushed didn’t affect the quality in my opinion.

75 Lineas eroticas

the video

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