Answers to questions round 8

Stan Seaton asks:

Hey Shoe,

Got a couple of questions, hope you don’t mind:

1) I spend half my life looking through analytics reports. How do you gather stats? Do you have any automation techinuqes for pulling reports from GA, since they don’t have an API?

2) What movies get you pumped for work? just finished Wall St, Boiler Room and Glengerry Glen Ross… wondered if I’d missed anything…

3) Same for books.. I know you did a post on this a while back, but I wondered if you’d read (or heard) anything good lately?

ShoeMoney: We have our own inhouse tools. GA is a good start but you need to make a custom solution tailored to what you really care about and then have it delivered to you automatically. Your other 2 questions – just search for them already been posts made.

DJJB asks:

of these 5 Producer Beat makers who is your favorite? Please list them in order of your favorite on down….. Dr Dre, Pete Rcok, Just Blaze , 9th wonder , or Timbaland?

ShoeMoney: Justblaze, dr dre, timebaland no cue who the others are off hand.

DC asks:

you mentioned in a recent post that you’ve run the same offer through different networks with very different results. i’ve had this happen to me as well. same offer, same keywords, same search engine – 40%+ difference in conversion rates. do you think this is due to a crappy pixel or is it deliberate? it’s interesting that the network with the highest payout for an offer is usually the one with the lowest conversion rate….

ShoeMoney: As I said in the post mostly due to crappy tracking, isp black lists, anti-spyware programs.

Ravish Ahuja asks:

Do you prefer to buy websites with traffic & revenue or almost dead websites for domain & Search Engine authority?

ShoeMoney: I would much rather buy a site that is completely nowhere to be found on google but has revenue and great word of mouth traffic vs a site that has great search engine authority but makes no revenue.

Rajaie AlKorani asks:

Why do you have your blogs logo at the bottom of your pool?

ShoeMoney: Its not my “blog logo” its a logo I have been drawing since I was 10 years old. Its somewhat my identity and something I am really proud of.

WPblogger asks:

Have you ever thought of doing a Shoemoney membership site that would teach aff marketing, arbitrage, etc?

ShoeMoney: Yes

JB asks:

Did you ask Dellanave to stop blogging about the business?

ShoeMoney: I did… his walkthrough about how how we made $10,000.00 a day while sitting on the beach was just too much had to cut him off. Errr no.

Luke asks:

I have Adsense on my sites and it does well – but still only pays pennies a click. But cause of my big traffic numbers it adds up and i do nicely. I cant seem to get anything else to pay higher though.

What would you test instead of adsense, if you were me? What ad networks do you recommend? I heard you say some sites charge $15/cpm for banner ads – id be happy with $10/cpm?

ShoeMoney: No clue without seeing the site.

Stak Loaded – How to make money doing nothing! asks:

Does having your keyword in the URL help at all with SEO and if so is it significant enough to justify doing it?

ShoeMoney: Yes

Chetan asks:

Haven’t you tried Entrecard yet? Or tried and didn’t like it?

What would be the best applications that i should use in my mac?

ShoeMoney: I used entrecard for a while. I just did not have time to keep up with approving sites and all that stuff. I think its a great thing for people looking to expose themselves. Hmm apps for the mac? I really like skitch. I use terminal, or firefox 90% of the time

Altek asks:

did you sell nextpimp? and if not how much would you sell it for.

ShoeMoney: No comment.

Craig asks:

Where do you see Google heading or at in the next 5 years?

ShoeMoney: Continuing to land grab properties to put advertising on.

MusicRoadMan asks:

What music do you have on your iPod???

ShoeMoney: A lot of mid-late 80’s early 90’s rap mixed with some top 40

Brian Cox asks:

Right now, what is your biggest income from the web and what type of work are you doing to promote this?

ShoeMoney: Currently its not something I want to disclose but I will post about it later this year.

Pyjammez asks:

When starting a new website idea, what are the important steps to take, starting from the initial idea and all the way to the official launch of the website.

The answer I’m seeking would be similar to something like:
1. think of the idea 2.define the purpose of the site 3. write a list of all the features 4. determine target audience 5. draw a draft layout 6. think of marketing ideas 7. who will design it (if not yourself) 8. where to host 9. write 30 days worth of content to make sure you don’t run out…. ETC ETC.

So in other words, is there a general system you use or know is the best for constructing a website from start to finish?

Kind regards,


ShoeMoney: perhaps someday.

Cheng-Hao Liang asks:

which field should i focus more on..? Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, or E-commerce ?

which one do you think will make more money?
let me know thanks

ShoeMoney: Find something your passionate about and like doing even if it makes zero money

Kristi asks:

Given a newbie with a $100 budget and a goal to make $1000/month, how would you suggest they start?

ShoeMoney: I would probably buy/sell on eBay. If you know a certain niche well its still IMO the easiest way to make money.

MoneyBites asks:

Do you like a h ands on approach (do it yourself) or are you more inclined to let your employees do it now that you have them?

ShoeMoney: hands on

Jagdeep asks:

are you coming to any uk affiliate events?

ShoeMoney: I would like to its just never worked out. And currently nothing planned

Justin asks:

On your last Shoemoney show you were talking about subscriptions and you mentioned something about a book. I’m in the process of creating a site that deals with subscriptions and I would like to know; what book(s) do you recommend to learn more about subscriptions?

ShoeMoney: Read everything Seth Godin has ever written.

Dan Schawbel asks:

In terms of making money by blogging, what do you think the greatest source of income is? AdSense, Amazon, Yahoo, Banner ads or indirect sources such as speaking engagements and consulting fees?

ShoeMoney: Indirect sources. This blog makes decent money but the opportunities that have opened up because of it are worth a 1000 times more.

Alex asks:

How large is Your Advertise page says 20,000 unqiues a day, but your stats from last year say 4000 per day

ShoeMoney: GA last year was just on certain parts of (just in index.php I think) so none of the gallery/forums/single article/marketplace/serps hits were recorded. The pages the banners are on get between 20-25k uniques a day.

Vince Liang asks:

yea because um.. i own a blog/forum for webmasters at i am thinking of referring users to affiliate programs.. so i earn their percentage.. do you think that will make more then affiliate marketing?

ShoeMoney: No to be honest. The big secret about affiliate networks is that only a small few make the majority of their income. You can either spend all your time hoping 1 newbie affiliate signs up through you and you make 2% of what they make OR you can try to do something yourself.

Tim Linden asks:

How do I make money online? J/K =P What do you dislike about blogging? (besides people asking that question)

ShoeMoney: For me I love to be transparent. I love to share how stuff works. The only issue is a lot of times people will take what you say out of context (see question about stats up above)

Josh asks:

How do you scale a $1000/profit day affiliate business to $10,000-$30,000/day?

ShoeMoney: Attend the elite retreat.

Trizzo asks:

Can we get a video tour of the shoemoney offices and shoemoney estate?

What are your plans for monetizing Will you be sponsoring any MMA fighters?

ShoeMoney: When we finish the new shoemoney offices we will probably do a video. I doubt I will ever do one of my house. As far as goes we are sponsoring events and fighters.

Mitchell Blatt, JSB asks:

Does Commission Junction suck, and if so, why?

ShoeMoney: It all depends on what you are doing. I have had bad experiences mostly due to their horrible reporting.

Jason asks:

What area of Des Moines did you live in?

ShoeMoney: On grand street downtown I forget the cross street (it was like 6 years ago)

uGuX SEO asks:

“There are an extraordinary amount of opportunities to make 100$ per day. I mean I can think of probably 50 off the top of my head.” – (

How would you mind sharing these ideas on your blog since you won’t be using them? 😉

ShoeMoney: already answered like 20 times

D Wills asks:

Are there really 1932 “current users online” on 🙂

ShoeMoney: Actually right now 2319

Jim asks:

Why do you keep posting about how much you hate SEO? Do you keep retrying because you never make a convincing case?

ShoeMoney: Probably because people like you who are confused and think I actually hate SEO when I have never once said that. So many thing skin SEO people are like “OHH LOOK ANOTHER I HATE SEO POST” when they don’t even read it. Just listen to any of my shows when people call in and want to argue with me about SEO but they never dispute 1 thing I say ever in the articles…. As far as convincing.. Since most of the respected SEO’s have agreed with me I think that speaks for itself.”

Remember the silence asks:

As I understand from your previous posts you also had MFA sites (arbitrage). Well, I did and of course I got the letter from AdSense last year and got kicked out of adsense (I wonder if they would allow me back now that one year has passed). My question is, have you ever been banned from AdSense or AdWords? How did you get back in?

ShoeMoney: I have recieved several warnings from Google Adsense but never been banned from AdSense or Adwords (and the warnings were not for arbitrage). I still continue to arbitrage on a smaller scale and have never had any issues.

Sulli asks:

For a media business (i.e. internet marketing, etc) will any CPA do? Is it important for a CPA to have specific knowledge about your industry? Any specific questions that should be asked when interviewing a CPA for your media/internet company? Any pointers are appreciated.

ShoeMoney: I think its important to get a accountant who has experience with e-commerce. Things like paypal and stuff can be very confusing

Dan asks:

Are there any networks that buy business leads for non-financial products, e.g. someone looking for an accountant, looking for a building contractor etc

ShoeMoney: I am sure there are.

Brent asks:

Do you follow WEC? Faber or Pulver?

ShoeMoney: Faber. This fight is a joke Pulver will get destroyed.

Tim asks:

What are your opinions regarding the pros cons of lead generation CPA offers with fixed payouts vs pay per sale percentage of commission? Which do you favor (do you even favor one over the other??) and why?

ShoeMoney: I prefer whatever one converts at a higher margin.

jim asks:

Give any more thought to your paintball and petrol idea? you have a bit more capital nowadays, perhaps it’s time to give it a go 🙂

ShoeMoney: If I really thought I would ever do it I would have never posted it publicly.

themonkeyone asks:

Is it now ok to forget about users with 800×600 monitors, and just design sites for 1024+ ???


ShoeMoney: Yes. The stats on lower res windows are greatly influenced by popup windows and stuff like that.

carl asks:

Do you have a formula or a system of when to drop a project? I mean, have you ever worked on something you thought was going to be a windfall and it turn out to not even be worth the effort? Most of us are one man shows and we can’t keep dumping good money and time after bad. How do you know when to cut and run?

ShoeMoney: Yes totally. I think when it becomes apparent that its something you can’t be the best at then kill it.

Dustin asks:

What do you feel about the Elite XC mma fight going prime time last night on CBS? Good for the sport or a joke with Kimbo Slice being the headliner?

ShoeMoney: I think its great for the sport. All fighters should be thanking kimbo for helping them get better future paydays.

Simon asks:

Why do you think has so much traffic already? Any marketing secrets? Or just a great interactive website?

ShoeMoney: We have done a lot of grass roots marketing. Sponsoring fights, fighters, events, radio ads. A lot of offline advertising.

Michael Grimm asks:

What would you do with an extra 100k in your pocket? Invest in website, business, etc or diversify with real estate or such?

ShoeMoney: put it in the bank until I want to buy something with it (like acquire websites or something). I absolutely hate the stock market and would much rather invest in myself.

JB asks:

What do you think is the best (free?) tool for tracking affiliate sales/leads? Do you think a (part-time/small fry) blogger trying to monetize with affiliate links should get into the stats (what pages converted, bounce rate, etc) very heavily, or do you think it is really only PPC people that should worry about it?

ShoeMoney: Google Analytics is the best free one. I think everyone should be interested in their stats.

hoodmonkey asks:

Someone told me they might have saw your pool logo while flying out of LNK.. I will try to get a picture.. but was that a ploy to get a place mark on Google earth?

ShoeMoney: The current Google earth picture of my house is from 7 years ago. I doubt they will update it because I now have a removeable shoemoney logo.

Devil May Cry asks:

How many vBulletin powered forums do you own? Also, any chance of having them all listed, too? Just curious!


ShoeMoney: I think we have 14 licenses.

Michael D asks:

What ad platform do you currently use on your site and how did you decide upon what banner sizes to offer?

ShoeMoney: We use Google Ad Manager. I try to offer sizes that do not hurt the user experience.