Buying Sites For SEO @ SMX Advanced

When I was asked last month to be apart of the “Buying Sites For SEO” panel on June 3rd at the SMX Advanced panel I instantly replied yes! This was a subject I really wanted to speak on and had a TON of first hand experience in purchasing thousands of expired domains (not parked, the ones that truly were in limbo) over the last 4 years. I also wanted to talk about how its changed … a lot… anyway…

Then as time has slipped by and my wife has gotten closer to her due date and made it very clear to me that she wants me closer to me as we expect our 2nd child I have had to come back to reality and cancel on the speaking engagement. I was pretty bummed. Its the first time I had canceled on a speaking engagement ever.

BUT then the panels moderator Stephan Spencer, who knew how excited I was to be apart of this, emailed me and said I could do a video portion of what I was going to present and that seemed like a plan! So I wont be there in person but I will have a short video in my stead!

The panel is stacked with other experts with tons of experience in the field.

Should be very educational for those looking to buy domains for there SEO value.