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When I was asked last month to be apart of the “Buying Sites For SEO” panel on June 3rd at the SMX Advanced panel I instantly replied yes! This was a subject I really wanted to speak on and had a TON of first hand experience in purchasing thousands of expired domains (not parked, the ones that truly were in limbo) over the last 4 years. I also wanted to talk about how its changed … a lot… anyway…

Then as time has slipped by and my wife has gotten closer to her due date and made it very clear to me that she wants me closer to me as we expect our 2nd child I have had to come back to reality and cancel on the speaking engagement. I was pretty bummed. Its the first time I had canceled on a speaking engagement ever.

BUT then the panels moderator Stephan Spencer, who knew how excited I was to be apart of this, emailed me and said I could do a video portion of what I was going to present and that seemed like a plan! So I wont be there in person but I will have a short video in my stead!

The panel is stacked with other experts with tons of experience in the field.

Should be very educational for those looking to buy domains for there SEO value.

43 thoughts on “Buying Sites For SEO @ SMX Advanced

  1. Jacky Supit

    you are really my inspiration on the online world shoe. congratulation for your coming baby. glad to know this blog, and have your feed on my reader :)

  2. Michael D

    I’m looking forward to this presentation at SMX. Curious to know how much things have changed in buying expired domains. Bought a few today, but not for seo purposes.

  3. Newbie

    Quality of your post is your value shoe, you’re is an inspiration that give spirit to me how make a blog with quality and useful post.

  4. Terry Tay

    Hey, a video may even be better if they have you on a huge screen. It’ll be bigger than life, well, except that little life you’re bringing into this world. Congrats :-D

  5. wrbpilot

    Kudos on your 2nd child. Children should always be a higher priority than any speaking engagement. Submitting your thoughts and wisdom via video is great. It is as close as anyone can get to having their cake and eating it too.
    Again, congrats and best wishes for your next child!!!!

  6. wrbpilot

    kudos on your 2nd child!!!! Picking your next child’s birth over a speaking engagement shows you have your ducks in a row. The video presentation is just icing on the cake!!!
    Best Wishes

  7. chicago web design

    That’s good timing if you can share the video. I was just talking to this guy was going to pay $5000 for a web site that someone just registered two months ago so he really needs some help otherwise he’s going to spend all the money he’s supposed to be saving for college because he thinks he can make money on this really stupid website. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about making money on crappy domain names.

  8. Georgia

    Shoe – I had my first child six months ago – my wife actually had him but you know what I mean – and life has been a roller coaster. I would like to see a post on how to raise a family while still being managing your businesses.

  9. Web Marketeer

    That must rate as the ultimate juggling act. If you’re self-employed, however it is a bit easier to plan one’s time around spending some quality moments with the family. My one mate makes a point of fetching his girls from school and having lunch with them every day, something that would’ve proved nigh impossible if he was working for a boss.

  10. Georgia

    There’s no doubt that this new economy (Internet / Tech) is making it easier to be flexible. It won’t be long before I start working from home more days anyway as gas prices rise.

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  12. PPC

    Gas prices are a universal challenge. As the cost of bandwith comes down the price of fuel rises. I’gd rather work from home and save the fuel, myslef.

  13. PPC

    Long term this seems to be the best solution, if I must say so myself. Conventional, traditional SEO seems to be heading for extinction.

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