Jeremy Bentham – LOST Season 4 Finale

If you have not seen it yet don’t read further.

The Lost Season 4 Finale was pretty good. Actually Season 4 ended up being pretty good. There were a few stupid episodes but then some that gave you that bone tingling on the edge of your seat LOST that we got so much of back in season 2 (enter henry gale, the numbers, the first station, Desmond etc etc).

Ok So first I was disappointed with a few things… It was pretty obvious what was going to happen to Sawyer (which was lame), Jin, and Kevin Johnson (Michael) all very very predictable. I guess that is part of the downside of seeing the flash forward episodes.

During the finale we keep hearing about this charector who is visiting all the oceanic six named Jeremy Banthem. When Sayid goes to visit Hurley in the mental hospital he does not even like to utter Mr Banthem’s name. At the end we see its John Locke.

If you remember early we saw Jack at a funeral for someone. The newspaper clipping was like J—– -anthem.

Then never showed who the funeral was for. I guess we know now.

Anyway what did you guys think?

btw nice one @jeremybentham || Jeremy Bentham