Jeremy Bentham – LOST Season 4 Finale

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If you have not seen it yet don’t read further.

The Lost Season 4 Finale was pretty good. Actually Season 4 ended up being pretty good. There were a few stupid episodes but then some that gave you that bone tingling on the edge of your seat LOST that we got so much of back in season 2 (enter henry gale, the numbers, the first station, Desmond etc etc).

Ok So first I was disappointed with a few things… It was pretty obvious what was going to happen to Sawyer (which was lame), Jin, and Kevin Johnson (Michael) all very very predictable. I guess that is part of the downside of seeing the flash forward episodes.

During the finale we keep hearing about this charector who is visiting all the oceanic six named Jeremy Banthem. When Sayid goes to visit Hurley in the mental hospital he does not even like to utter Mr Banthem’s name. At the end we see its John Locke.

If you remember early we saw Jack at a funeral for someone. The newspaper clipping was like J—– -anthem.

Then never showed who the funeral was for. I guess we know now.

Anyway what did you guys think?

btw nice one @jeremybentham || Jeremy Bentham

104 thoughts on “Jeremy Bentham – LOST Season 4 Finale

  1. Bryan

    Totally agree about a few lame predictable spots but definitely didn’t see Locke being Banthem. I’m also curious what the other group of people are doing that know what happened….the pilot, Desmond and Penny. Sun mentioned something to Widmore about others knowing…

  2. Michael D

    For those that missed it, while the DVD set (season 4) isn’t being released until December, ABC does have HD streaming of season 4 available online. Search “lost season 4 hd” or similar.

  3. syns0r

    I don’t think the person visiting them was Locke I think it was Jack’s dad. I was hoping to see Jacob.
    The whole just turn a crank and the island moves I thought was kind of lame.
    Ben and Jack was talking about how things went horribly wrong with the island I wonder if they went too far in the future or past, or heck maybe it moved to LA?

  4. Dave

    Anyone have a guess at what the hell that was in the basement of the Orchid? Reminded me of the rudder wheel from a ship. More ties to the Black Rock, maybe?

  5. Pat

    I thought this season as a whole was really good. The finale was good, but it didn’t have the same climatic punch that season 3’s finale did. I was almost suspecting that they were going to wrap up the whole series since it looked like everything was coming to a close (even though they’ve said there’ll be two more seasons). I was kind of shocked to see Locke in the coffin, that was a cool ending, but I hope he’s still around in the coming seasons since he’s a great character. It’ll be interesting to see what happened to Jin and Michael (if they’re dead or not), Jack’s father suddenly appearing before the ship blew up makes me think that things might not be the way they seem.

  6. ShoeMoney

    Yes of course its worth it to watch them. I wish I could go back before I ever saw any of it… season 2 fricking was awesome

  7. DotDriven

    I never let myself get into Lost when it first came out. I only caught part of the first episode then missed the next two and knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up so avoided it until I had time. A few months ago I rented the dvds and watched seasons 1-3 nonstop and it was awesome. I am glad I held out as it would have frustrated the hell out of me having to wait a week for each…hell even having to wait through commercials would have been annoying. But watching all three first seasons nonstop was great.

    I haven’t watched the last two episodes because of that lol. I saw it was multi part and held off so I can watch them back to back.

  8. akademiker private krankenversicherung

    They have ome that gave you that bone tingling on the edge of your seat LOST that we got so much of back in season 2 (enter henry gale, the numbers, the first station.I wouldn’t be able to keep up so avoided it until I had time. A few months ago I rented the dvds and watched seasons 1-3 nonstop and it was awesome. I am glad I held out as it would have frustrated commercials.

  9. Meg

    Did anyone do the research and find out who Jeremy Bentham was? He, just like John Locke, was an English philosopher concerned with truth and morales. it is fascinating to read about the two men and then put it in the context of the show.

  10. Mark

    Does anyone remember like 5 episodes ago when Ben wakes up in the desert with a winter jacket on?

    1. Tony C

      Yes…..And I think I remember his arm being hurt (before the Arab guys tried to capture him). Remember that he hurt his arm after slipping on the ice before he moved the island with that crank thingie….. I guess he was teleported to Tunisia (or wherever that was)

  11. Netmeg

    According to Good Morning America, they shot two other endings for it – but I missed it because I was getting ready for work when they finally ran it. My mom thought that one had Sawyer in the coffin, and she didn’t recognize the other guy, because she stopped watching last year. Who was it?!?!?

  12. Gary McCaffrey

    Thought it was great. Although a bit silly when Ben was turning that wheel, put me in mind of the depths of Mordor.

    I wonder will the next season be about Jack trying to get the 6 to go back, or flash back to what happened on the Island after they left. I suppose it’ll be both.

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  14. IMHustle

    The finale was excellent IMO. I think they’re going to have to return to the island next season. I hope they don’t jerk us around answering the John Locke – Jeremy Bentham question … the fate of Jin [I don’t believe Jin is dead – remember he was in that flash forward moment in the hospital], Michael & Sawyer and.where the island went.

    1. David

      Jin wasn’t in the flashback, it was a different flashback going on at the same time to fool you, if you watched the entire episode, you would see that Sun goes to Jin’s grave.

  15. serge

    I don’t think the writers of this show could have imagined it going like this. The premise of this show has really gotten weird. I like the show a lot, so I am not downing it. I just think somewhere along the way it went from a group of castaways to some off the wall sci-fi. Its a very addictive show though. Its worth renting all of the seasons and then watching them back to back.

    I think that Lock is not really Lock. I think its some kind of weird twist that will be revelled next season. The island moving was lame.

  16. Ace Hamilton

    No, Jin wasn’t in a flash forward. We were made to think it was a flash forward. turned out to be a flashback. One of the more pointless bits of this season. Very annoying. Overall a good season, though.

  17. Miguel Alvarez

    DUDE! I love reading your blog… but why the hell would you go and put out a spoiler like this? People in other countries not always get the season episodes at the same rate you do.


    1. Crystal

      well it says at the top if you havent seen it stop here duh dude dont cry if your not going to pay the frick attention

  18. David Breder

    LOL Alvarez, Thats true!!! The amount of trade that AXN Brazil introduced during the Lost is irritating, i prefer to buy the box of the season later. but it must avoid posts about…

  19. nicolask7

    Acutally i think that it would be great if they go back to the island, they would have to explain us how does it works

    @serge: yep the island moving was really lame

  20. Sean

    Jin was a flash back. but he may not be dead either. remember that they couldn’t see anyone in the water after the explosion? they may have been sucked out in a time warp seconds before the explosion

  21. Alan

    I wouldn’t watch it until the final season. That way you can watch everything at once, and not have to wait until February for the next season. The wait over the summer and fall is almost unbearable.

  22. Geiger

    I would be willing to bet they re-release the entire series a year or two after the series finale in chronological order.

  23. Jake

    At first i thought moving the island was really lame, but then i thought about the bunny rabbit and where they may have moved the island to. It seems like they may not have moved the island in space, they might have just moved it in time.

  24. Start Blogging

    I thought it was pretty good. The climax was when the island moved right before the 6’s eyes and they were going to crash into the ocean. That really kept me on my toes!

  25. IceBox

    good job on not paying attention. they clearly said bentham was the one visiting the oceanic 6 and then it clearly showed Locke was bentham. maybe next time u should open your eyes and accually watch the show

  26. Warenwirtschaft

    Coming from europe we will have to wait until fall, before Season4 even starts on TV.
    I loved the episodes so far and i dont want to spoil the suspense, so i only glanced at this post and the comments.

  27. Kaysha

    I think that Jin is still alive and stuck on the island which is why Sun wants to work with Whitmore. I think that Ben and his cohorts took the island over from the Dharma Initiative who is funded by Whitmore. Ben has such contempt for the work and experiments that they did. Ben also seems to be pretty willing to kill anyone whom he judges to be worth it, yet claims himself to be one of the good guys. I am sure Whitmore considers himself to be a good guy as well. I am a bit confused why it is so hard for Ben to find Whitmore’s daughter Penny considering he seems to be able to contact just about anyone, even the dead.
    I was a bit disappointed that Kate was so adamant about not returning to the island to aide her friends, the other survivors. This display is completely opposite of the strong, protective personality we have been shown for the last 4 years. I get the protecting Aaron thing, yet Aaron’s real mother is stuck on that island, and Kate knows it. It seems her reasons are extremely selfish, as if she doesn’t want to lose her perfect facade of a life, given to her by way of the island she so willingly abandons. Her decisions disappointed me. Her personality change disappointed me.
    Why everyone now refers to Locke as Jeremy is a mystery. Most people would still refer to him as the original name, or nickname, the met him as. So why the adamant name change? I figure a big storyline is ahead, and more than likely a bit confusing.

    Who is Jacob? Why is he so important? We were introduced to him in an earlier episode where he reveals he is dead and that he has been dead for a relatively short period of time. Why is he playing chess with Hurley and when did Hurley begin to see him.

    So many questions, so little time.

    1. David

      Hurly wasn’t playing chess with Jacob, he was playing it with Mr. Eko, a character who died in an earlier season on the island.

  28. Hale

    Ok, i dont think Lost is that awesome or great; it is good though. Sure, if you didnt watch it yet, many many people would recommend it. Well, producers said in the beginning that there would be nothing supernatural; well, goodbye for that… The thing is Lost regularly has great endings for each season but there are pretty ordinary and maybe boring episodes in the middles. This would be my reason for saying that Lost is not that great. Anyway, finale was good though the effects about the dissappearence of the island and the explosion on the boat was a bit unbelivable ; and island thing is , as it is said a few times, a bit lame.
    And, i gotta say, i am happy that Desmond is alive; it would be a great loss to lose a character like that.

  29. Wendy

    Is mr. Whitmore, Penny’s dad?!? I think I remember back when Desmond was having his flashbacks and he was looking for Penny he went to the auction to ask her dad where she was. It was Mr. Whitmore I think

  30. Wendy

    thats funny! I live in San Diego…noticed that too….we were all laughing about it at work today

  31. JDog

    I happen to think Lost is great. It is the one show that I can’t wait to watch every week. To set the record straight the producers did say there would be some sci-fi involved in the show. There has been stuff all the way back to season 1 so I don’t know why this stuff surprises people now. With that being said I did cringe a bit when the island did actually move last night. I thought that was a bit strange but then again that is what makes Lost great….just when you think you are figuring it out it throws you for a loop!

  32. None

    What happened to people who were neither on the helicopter nor on the island when the latter dissapeared? Why no one wonders what happened to them?
    I wish I knew the answer… Cause I love this show and they are usually careful about the details, so hopefully they will show what happened to those guys and explain why it’s so difficult for Ben to find Penny after all.

  33. The Verr

    Maybe the island has been moved back ages which may explain why that Richard guy spoke to Locke back when he was really young.

    Perhaps this caused Locke to take a different path and end up being Jeremy Bentham instead and committing suicide. Its 4:30 am and i just thought of this.

    Loved the finale. Id say now tho that time travel allows them to do anything and explain everything.

    I mean perhaps moving the island a millisecond fwd/backward removes it from that particular strand/dimension. If Faradays time differential suggests just how many times or how long the island is behind normal time. Maybe they just need to go on the same heading again to find the island.

    Hmmm my brain is overheating!

  34. Link Snitch

    Yeah, I have definitely been addicted since the first season. Very frustrated how there are still questions from the first episode. I guess I just need to accept that some things will never be answered.

  35. Olli

    Theories theories theories. Has anyone of u guys even have a clue who Jeremy Betnham is? Or why the Episode is called ” Another philosoph has gone? I have u tell this:

    Jeremy Bentham (IPA: [‘benθəm] or [‘bentəm]) (15 February 1748–6 June 1832) was an English jurist, philosopher, and legal and social reformer. He was a political radical, and a leading theorist in Anglo-American philosophy of law. He is best known for his advocacy of utilitarianism, for the concept of animal rights,[1][2] and his opposition to the idea of natural rights, with his oft-quoted statement that the idea of such rights is “nonsense upon stilts.”[3] He also influenced the development of welfarism.[4]

    He became known as one of the most influential of the utilitarians, through his own work and that of his students. These included his secretary and collaborator on the utilitarian school of philosophy, James Mill; James Mill’s son John Stuart Mill; and several political leaders including Robert Owen, who later became a founder of socialism. He is also considered the godfather of University College London.

  36. Olli

    Jeremy Bentham (IPA: [‘benθəm] or [‘bentəm]) (15 February 1748–6 June 1832) was an English jurist, philosopher, and legal and social reformer. He was a political radical, and a leading theorist in Anglo-American philosophy of law. He is best known for his advocacy of utilitarianism, for the concept of animal rights,[1][2] and his opposition to the idea of natural rights, with his oft-quoted statement that the idea of such rights is “nonsense upon stilts.”[3] He also influenced the development of welfarism.[4]

    He became known as one of the most influential of the utilitarians, through his own work and that of his students. These included his secretary and collaborator on the utilitarian school of philosophy, James Mill; James Mill’s son John Stuart Mill; and several political leaders including Robert Owen, who later became a founder of socialism. He is also considered the godfather of University College London.

  37. Michael

    The previous scene with Jin was a flashback? Okay. Had me thinking it was a flash forward. I can see Locke having a different name. Only 6 got off the island and the rest are dead (the story they tell). So Locke would need a different name so the lie wouldn’t be revealed.

    The island disappearing was odd, but not by too much. If you can believe the island has mysterious healing powers, then why not? Suspension of disbelief.

    I can’t imagine what the writers have up their sleeve for next season because what we’re left with now is; the 6 obviously go back (that should take half a season), the last scene with Kate let’s us know 3 years have past so that’s 3 years we need to be caught up on, we also need to know where the island went, and wondering what the end-game is for everyone (why they ended up on the island and why they need to go back.

  38. John Reese

    John Locke is NOT Jeremy Bentham. :-)

    If you do your research on Jeremy Bentham you’ll find that he was a guy interested in time travel (among other things). And if you dig deep enough, you’ll also find that one of the biggest “legends” about Bentham was that HIS HEAD WAS STOLEN from his corpse and had to be replaced with a WAX HEAD for his coffin.

    I think I figured out why the Lost producers showed Good Morning America that they had filmed alternate endings showing different characters in the coffin…

    They claimed it was so they could ‘alter’ the show of who died if the real ending leaked out. THAT WASN’T IT AT ALL. I believe it didn’t matter who they showed in the coffin at the end because IT’S NOT BENTHAM (whoever he is.) It’s a wax head that looks like someone else.

    The fact that Bentham’s head was supposedly stolen (in real life) and had to be replaced with a wax replica leads me to believe in this theory that the writers are using this to really mess with the audience. We’ll find out next season.

    I highly doubt that John Locke is Jeremy Bentham. As others have pointed out, why would Sayid, Hurley, and others even refer to him as that name and not John Locke that they’ve been going by for months on the island? They wouldn’t.

    1. A

      I think it made sense them referring to him as Bentham because if you remember the oceanic 6 are supposed to be the ONLY ones who got off the island. If they use Locke’s name freely word might get out that he was on the plane as well and somehow made it back. Bad conspiracies would pop up.

  39. mikee

    This may be a bit off, but if we acknowledge that the prodicers and writers of LOST are science fiction geeks as well as history buffs, there is a Space and Time connection to the use of the name Jeremy Bentham.
    During the last episode of the season, during a commercial break, a friend produced a book off his bookshelf. The title was “Doctor Who: The Early Years” by Jeremy Bentham.

  40. Computer Setups

    I agree completely. Season 2 was the best. All the good guys were all in panic because The Others were coming and had to prepare to fight them.

    I just watched the finale and really liked it. I’m still surprised there was only 14 episodes to this season…

  41. Sawyer

    I thought Locke’s head looked strange in the coffin! Albiet he was supposedly dead, but a wax head is purfectly plausable.

  42. NazguL2

    hello ???? didnt see u when Jin blows up with the boat ?? … Sun wanna work with Mr Withmore because they have the same enemy … Benjamim Linus ( he kills Jin !! thats the reason !! )

  43. Georgia

    Yeah, that was intense. I hate waiting for the next show each week and season. I wish I had the discipline to wait until the end of each season and just buy the DVDs.

  44. Erica

    To IceBox: i don’t see how they clearly showed locke as bentham, just by showing him dead and saying he had to come back to the island. What is the connection there?

  45. MCUBED90

    ok. this theory is pretty good. when i was watching the show i was trying to remember where i had heard of jeremy bentham. then it came to me… Humanities class.
    his head wasn’t stolen, his body was preserved (kinda like new age mummification) but when they did his head, is got terribly distorted. so his real head is in a box and his bady sits in some museum or something with a wax head on it. true story. not a legend.

    props on the wax head idea though.

  46. MCUBED90

    Locke might still be Bentham, just not really dead.
    Jack has met Bentham and he seemed to recognize the body as Bentham’s.

  47. Russ

    Don’t count characters like Jin as Dead so quick. If you notice–it seems that if you don’t actually SEE the bodies buried on the island, they may not be dead (Claire, John Locke when Ben shot him, the bad guy who works for Whitmore)..This could include Sawyer too…It is possible these people are still back on the island, wherever or whenever that is… Ahh, the wait until season 5.

  48. misko

    before Jack opend the coffin, you could see the report lying on the coffin and Jeremy Bentham was printed on it..

  49. ben

    people, i think you are missing some imporant points.

    Ok So Locke is Bentham… that will unfold in the future.

    The questions that are important here are:

    1: why is he off the island? if he is the new leader, why does he leave? Ben only left when he had no choice. Ben said that once he moved the island he could not return. So lets assume that if Locke left, it was in similar circumstances – ie the island was in danger and Locke had to move it, and leave forever.

    2:Who is in charge after Locke leaves? the island won’t let key people die. Michael (gun jams), Locke (ben shoots him but he survives), Mikael (dies in the sonic fence but lives again), Ben ( says that they will not kill him), and Tom who was killed by Sawyer for “taking the kid off the raft”, who then visits Michael in the hotel, So, if Locke is dead, then his position on the island must have been made redundant. someone else must have taken charge. Other wise, the island would make sure he does not die.

  50. Sean

    About midway through season 3 you could tell, the writers had NO idea where they were going. season 2 was all about the hatch, season 3 was all about these others. You had to think, what random thing could they base a whole season around next year.

    when they announced the writers wanted a specific end date, and got it, i knew it would pick up.

    and it did.

    The next 2 seasons should be pretty interesting. It is looking like the 6 will end up back on the island. maybe the real finale is everyone getting off the island, or at least, coming to peace about being on the island

  51. hector

    waht were you looking at? teletubbies? pleas you should be expeld from lost comunity, the episodes shuoldn´t arrive your home and de DVD sellers shouldn´t sell you a pice.

  52. keny

    About Jin: did anyone noticed those 4 peoples on the raft while Ben was moving the island and the bright light cames up, they shown people with lock in the camp, then Sawyer and that lady, then 4 other people in the see, one of them seems to be Jin, anyone saw that??

  53. Crystal (required)

    I totally feel the same about the people in the boat thats were off the island and not on the helicopter confused about where the heck they went…hmmm i really hope that alot of questions are anwsered its driving me crazy, I hope Jins still alive, i think Micheal is still alive because of Hurley and Walts conversation about protecting the people left behind like his dad, what ever happened to Desmin and Penny, whats going on with Sun and Mr. Whitmore teaming up? umm how did locke somehow turn into into Jeremy? When the Darma Inititive was a running community who were the others when Ben was a kid and how did they get to the island? hmmmm soo they have let alot open im just hoping that the next season will close some if not all of these questions anyone agree?

  54. Stan Reeves

    THe guys name was Bentham, Jeremy who at the time of his life was a very liberal philospher, who advocated many things including divorce, prison reform, outlawing of slavery and decriminalization of homosexuality… so I am wondering why they chose this name for Locke

  55. RainGiver

    Anyone else think that Jeremy Bentham could be Jacks father? If the real life Bentham was connected to the theory of time travel, and Jacks father on the show keeps showing up in key scenes on the show, doesn’t it stand to reason (maybe) that HE could be Bentham?
    But then again – who really knows?
    All I know is that I am addicted… and will never fly again

  56. Greg

    Locke is in the most recent episodes traveling through time. I wasn’t sure if they go forward time, but they might have. If Locke is the actuall person in coffin, he obviously makes it off. Also, don’t forget that Ben told Locke that he had to die to save his friends (or get them off- I’m not sure which he said).

  57. fernando

    I have a question. WHy do they always give john al the filosofical names? As you may know john locke is a famous filosofer and jeremy bentham is a famous economist amongs other things.

  58. forex

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  59. Dott

    Never followed Lost b4 then we had all 6 seasons downloaded in 2012 and for the past couple of months I have been watching them almost everyday from S1 and now just finish S4…2 more to go! Can’t wait to watch the next 2!

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