Trackur – Are Your Ears Tingling Yet?


Andy Beal pinged me this morning to let me know he was launching a new service called Trackur. I went over to the site to check it out.

I am always eager to help out friends especially those who *complete projects*. Everyone talks about doing stuff but very few ever do anything. There are probably a thousand people out there right now who think I am talking about them. What if I also said your stupid and ugly AND SMELLY!!??? Are you so vain you think this mini rant is about you?!?!

Then you need Trackur!!!!!!!

Basically Trackur is a 2.0 reputation management system. It has all the bells and whistles of Google Alerts but with a snazzy ajaxed out interface and features like sharing.

Whats the charge for this? Depends on how much you want to monitor. The basic plan starts at $18 per month and goes all the way to $188 per month.

In closing:

I gotta be honest at this point Trackur is not for me. I would have used it when we had AuctionAds going. Its vital to a company to not only know when someone else is talking about you but also being the first person to respond in comments. Perhaps we will have a product in the future where I would use something like Trackur.

Anyway great job Andy on your launch!

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