And Iran So far Away

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How did I miss this?

31 thoughts on “And Iran So far Away

  1. browie

    That was amazing. I have missed SNL lately too. I need to hit that up on my DVR from now on so I don’t miss stuff like that. Freaking hilarious

  2. ASD

    That’s funny? Mmmkay.

    I’d rather we focused on the home-grown terrorists and torturers – still got another 8 months of them.

  3. TEGS

    It’s good to see good humor coming from SNL. Its been too long.
    Is it just me or does Sandburg sound a little like LL Cool J?

  4. Terry Tay

    SNL isn’t what it used to be, but they have their moments.
    I don’t watch SNL so this probably would have been funnier if I watched it when it originally aired after when Mahmoud came to the US. For some reason I didn’t really laugh.

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