And Iran So far Away

by Jeremy Schoemaker on May 6, 2008 · 31 comments

How did I miss this?

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1 Michael D

Wearing that red dress on the piano is just wrong, wrong I tell you.

2 browie

That was amazing. I have missed SNL lately too. I need to hit that up on my DVR from now on so I don’t miss stuff like that. Freaking hilarious

3 Teen Business Forum


I should watch SNL again. I don’t know why I stopped…

4 Rekzai

<3 Iran

5 Bill

You guys have a weird sense of humour that side of the world…….

6 Jamersan

Samberg and these digital shorts are about the only thing that’s keeping this show funny.

7 Web Marketing Man

Hahahahah…..seeing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad getting down and having a boogie is friggin hilarious….love political spoofs!

8 Jamersan

It’s too early to type, of course that is Sandburg


That’s funny? Mmmkay.

I’d rather we focused on the home-grown terrorists and torturers – still got another 8 months of them.

10 WebCosmo Forums

Hillarious :) Need some red lipstick with the read dress though.

11 jim

But oh so right… haha that was great

12 Debo Hobo

Yikes, what happened to his pedicure and lipstick.

13 Dr. Bardou

No, Iran is so near to us…

14 Cassie

I think that’s even better than Dick In A Box with Justin Timberlake.

Jim Caviezel.

15 Paul

and dear to us… Dr. Bardou

16 Hustle Strategy

i agree, but he is in new york now


Didn’t understand, is that a real president?

18 Nick Throlson

Hahahaha good post shoe made me laugh so hard almost cried some people just gotta have a sense of humor and laugh once in awhile

19 Paul

Your joking right?

20 Genuwine - Cheap Laptop Computers

GREAT!! Thanks I needed a laugh!!

21 Luisana

Jajajajajaja. OK,


It’s good to see good humor coming from SNL. Its been too long.
Is it just me or does Sandburg sound a little like LL Cool J?

23 sorryman

Sorry guys but you Americans suck at humour. You really suck guys…

24 Terry Tay

SNL isn’t what it used to be, but they have their moments.
I don’t watch SNL so this probably would have been funnier if I watched it when it originally aired after when Mahmoud came to the US. For some reason I didn’t really laugh.

25 Web Marketing Man

Hmmm, on a more sober note, it is graveyard humor. Am just concerned that a new figurehead isn’t going to change much…..

26 Web Marketeer

It definitely isn’t, however imagine the outcry if a western head of state was spoofed like this?

27 SnoopBloggyBlog

“Like a very hairy Jake Gyllenhaal to me” – Haha, I love this video.

28 Andy Samberg

Wow you must have been living in a cave for the last year!

29 Moldova

Nice video.

30 The Affiliate Post


Thanks Jeremy.

31 Zak Show

loool , cool video and nice post shoe :D

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