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Yesterday my copy of Problogger’s book – Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income arrived in the mail from Amazon! Now everyone knows I cant read a book so I would be lying if I said I have read the whole thing or am going to read the whole thing. But it has topped the stack of books for “on the can” reading and also “while cooking breakfast”.

My initial reaction thumbing through the book is that it looks pretty good. It looks to be a great walk through on everything from blogging software to getting started to finding profitable niches.

Actually I really like the chapter on finding profitable niches. There are some really good tips there.

Also it uses a lot of real world blogs to show case studies. I saw eMom Wendy in there…. hmm no mention of shoemoney (whats up d?). Its all good though.

The book is only $19 on amazon. Congratulations to Darren Rowse and Chris Garnett. Its been a really hard process for me writing the shoemoney playbook and I give major props to these busy guys getting this done!

I highly recommend buying this book.

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